August 21, 2018

Poll: Support for immigration now the lowest in history. Will Trudeau listen? Will Scheer?

Rebel Staff

A new Angus Reid poll shows that the number of Canadians who want fewer immigrants coming into our country is now 49 per cent. That's a record high.

Those who want to increase immigration now account for only 6 per cent. An historic low.

And those who say the current level is fine is also at a historic low: 31 per cent.

It’s not surprising that Conservatives are the most opposed to open borders. But look at the Liberals polled: They oppose higher immigration by four to one.

By province, Quebec is the most hostile. They have a Liberal government, by the way. That is bringing in a ban on burqas.

So that grandma who was heckling Trudeau the other day — she’s not extreme. She’s the norm in that province. Trudeau insulting her six times? That’s what’s extreme. It’s Trudeau who’s deeply out of step.

Can we please have an opposition party that stands with the people — with the 94 per cent who don’t want more migrants? An opposition party that says: We’re pretty full; let’s absorb the million people we admitted in the past 36 months.

And can we just cool it on immigrants who are not a cultural fit — people who want to bring sharia law here, and niqabs for women, and the like?

Because everyone is against more migration — except Justin Trudeau and the Media Party.

So what about Andrew Scheer?

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