August 23, 2018

Terrorist Omar Khadr visits Parliament Hill — and if you don't like that, you're a bigot

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Ezra Levant is covering the Conservative Party Convention, so David Menzies is guest hosting...)

Convicted terrorist Omar Khadr visited Parliament Hill in June, when Trudeau was speaking at an Eid al-Fitr celebration.

How does that grab you? Especially given that the last time an Islamist jihadi went to the Parliament Buildings it resulted in the brutal murder of Nathan Cirillo?

But don't panic, folks. The Globe and Mail reports:

“The Liberal government took steps to bar Omar Khadr from attending a celebration near Parliament Hill in late June where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the keynote speaker, even though Mr. Khadr was not on the guest list for the invitation-only event.”

The story goes on to note that the Prime Minister’s Office said Omar did not meet with the Prime Minister or any Liberal cabinet ministers. (It doesn’t say whether or not Omar met any backbench Liberal MPs, and I guess we’ll never know.)

Omar’s presence on Parliament Hill prompted Conservative Senator Leo Housakos to demand answers from security officials.

Well, you can guess what happens next:

The Globe decides it’s time to demonize Conservatives. They sought comment from Omar’s long-time lawyer, Dennis Edney, who accused the Conservatives of singling out Omar because of his religion.

So there you have it, folks. If you take issue with the likes of an Omar Khadr walking the hallways of our federal government, then you’re obviously a bigot. And a racist. And an Islamophobe...

NEXT: Sheila Gunn Reid is in Halifax covering the Conservative Party convention, and joins me to talk about what she's seen so far.

THEN: Ben Davies and I talk about the new blockbuster movie, The MEG.

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commented 2018-08-26 21:49:17 -0400
Gwen Rutherford, I did not hear about this case…IMO there are many cases being suppressed.
commented 2018-08-25 16:01:37 -0400
@ Amy Lynn . . . . by international law . . . . you mean the Geneva Convention !
Geneva Convention does NOT apply to non-uniformed Combatants aka Terrorists !
Too bad the GI that came across this scum did not give him a double tap on the spot would have saved the US & this country a lot of time & money.
commented 2018-08-24 23:56:56 -0400
Amy loves this country the way Omar does, and why not?
commented 2018-08-24 23:54:12 -0400
" Dennis Edney, who accused the Conservatives of singling out Omar because of his religion."

No Dennis, you cluck, I single him out because he is a murdering terrorist and convicted confessed murderer, who should be stripped of his citizenship and sent packing back to Pakistan where he basically grew up,.(except to come back for dental, medical and stay for the required time so he could retain his citizenship, thanks to the diligence of his doting mother) My god what fools Canadians are. We are such an easy touch. Ignorant, self flagellating pathetic fools.

All that is coming to an end. The Omar case is another example of why we need to shake the CPC up and do some housecleaning or bring in a party that will put a stop to such atrocious abuse of our stupidity/ thoughtless hospitality. His family with their terrorist links never should have been allowed into the country in the first place. Never mind that the remaining family members that weren’t killed fighting infidels or are now sitting in jail, are allowed to live in Canada on our dime. Not only that, but now thanks to Justin’s payout, living in the lap of luxury. All that has got to come to a great big end. Trump just threw out the last old high ranking Nazi out of America. I can’t wait for the day we can purge Canada of Justin’s Islamic terrorist friends. I think Khadr’s flavour was Al-Qaeda. What is worse, a high ranking Nazi from the second world war or an Al Qaeda terrorist butcher born and bread. Specialties, bomb making. It makes me sick that he walks our streets, and his family still resides in Canada.
commented 2018-08-24 22:08:24 -0400
@ Amy Lynn commented 14 hours ago
Revelation – ur wrong on two counts. International law states that child soldiers are under 16.

Also, I love this country. I love that Khadr got justice. Seems ur the one upset at Canada. Argentina is south. Pack ur bags.

commented 2018-08-24 21:14:52 -0400
" Dennis Edney, who accused the Conservatives of singling out Omar because of his religion."

The standard and expected reaction from a radical leftist. Namecalling. Right up there with Trudeau calling that Canadian lady a racist because he refuses to answer a simple question about funding illegals.

Religion?? What “religion”? How the hell are we supposed to know what “religion” somebody belongs to just by looking? Khadr is singled out because he is a treasonous ISIS member and supporter. WE have to assume that by "religion: Edney means Islam and Muslims. It is no wonder that Muslims are looked at as terrorists and Islam as dangerous. That is how they paint themselves.
commented 2018-08-24 18:42:43 -0400
Better a bigot than a terrorist !
commented 2018-08-24 15:36:00 -0400
- How often can you call people racist before it loses all meaning? The left really have nothing left. Now convicted terrorists are welcome to parliament? Wasn’t the whole “uninvited party crasher” thing used for a certain past terrorist Trudeau was pals with?

- The problem with Scheer is that he’s not playing to win, he’s playing not to lose. That’s not a winning strategy. Realistically, Mad Max cannot build a party in time for the next election – if he could, I’d be voting for it. The CPC is the only game in town, like it or not.

- If you want a hit movie, make one that the critics hate. That seems to be the winning formula. Funny how the countries that the left usually pander to actually admire so many of the values that the left hate.
commented 2018-08-24 14:49:32 -0400
A hypothetical thought: Maybe khadr felt a twinge of guilt about receiving all that money. So he asked his lawyer what he could do, and the suggestion was that he could donate a portion of those monies to a charity. What better charity to donate to than the muslim brotherhood of Canada. (just to keep it all in the family).
commented 2018-08-24 14:35:54 -0400
The islamification of Canada by Justin trudeau. A book he is writing and soon to be released.
commented 2018-08-24 13:28:35 -0400
DEBORAH GRAUPNER, exactly. Omar is giving us the middle finger. If he wanted to go quietly into the night with our millions, he wouldn’t be flaunting his ass at our Parliament Buildings. We have to find out who he met with.
commented 2018-08-24 12:44:55 -0400
Sorry, but I really can’t care what the Media Party thinks. Omar wasn’t “singled out” because of his “religion”. He was singled out for his crime of murdering a Medic in combat.

‘A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian’. “We believe very strongly that there should be only one class of Canadians, that all Canadians are equal, that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian from coast to coast to coast…” Unless of course you are a Quebec grandmother, then you don’t deserve to be a Canadian. So… Uhh… Like GET OUT!!!…
commented 2018-08-24 12:19:31 -0400
Omar was there to rub Canadians faces in it! It was like giving us the one finger salute. Don’t fool yourselves, Trudeau invited him to do this.
commented 2018-08-24 11:13:02 -0400
Amy Lynn..If you think what Khadr got was Justice the are a complete idiot. Justice would have been 10,500,000 volts not $’s.
commented 2018-08-24 11:09:16 -0400
Paul Taylor..100% correct this disgusting animal walking free in Canada is a disgrace Trudeau should never be allowed to live down.
commented 2018-08-24 10:05:53 -0400
Maybe the confessed, convicted terrorist Omar went to check out where his seat will be in the Senate, when his buddy the Prom Minister gives him the nod. After all diversity is our strength.
commented 2018-08-24 08:22:47 -0400
Call me what you want but letting a convicted Muslim terrorist remain in Canada is treason, let alone let this animal roam around Ottawa.

Quite frankly I’m surprised this scum bag is still breathing.
commented 2018-08-24 08:18:26 -0400
Revelation – ur wrong on two counts. International law states that child soldiers are under 16.

Also, I love this country. I love that Khadr got justice. Seems ur the one upset at Canada. Argentina is south. Pack ur bags.
commented 2018-08-24 03:21:35 -0400
Actually i say they should have let Khadr go to any public appearance of Justin, maybe something will happen!! How can they justify preventing him form attending anyways? Isn’t he a victim they love and want around Canadians??
commented 2018-08-24 03:19:59 -0400
I see Amy Lynn is still butthurt and angry about reality.
commented 2018-08-24 03:18:46 -0400
Facts for the Troll
-Khadr was not a soldier he did not wear a uniform.
-The Taliban were the invaders , the US were the liberators.
-Khadr was afforded far more due process than Tommy Robinson.
commented 2018-08-24 01:14:11 -0400

I have to agree, because Scheer has disavowed Rebel, and they’ve just disavowed Max. Will Max give them interviews now? Not likely. Rebel keeps stepping in it. They should’ve taken a wait and see approach. It was premature to take sides. And why side with someone that hates you? Rebel can’t blame Scheer for sucking up to their enemies when they’re doing the same thing now can they? Max expresses the values Rebel does. They’re too worried about this election. The 2019 election is lost. Fagetaboutit! Follow your values Rebel!
commented 2018-08-24 00:55:46 -0400
Really disagree with David and Sheila about Bernier, disappointed to hear them not getting behind him. The conservative party no longer supports conservative values, we need to put our weight behind the man that wants support the voice of Canadians. He cannot unite within a party that kicks him out of the shadow cabinet and publicly denounces him for speaking out against multiculturalism.
commented 2018-08-24 00:35:44 -0400

If you despise this country, you should find another one to live in. Be the globalist you claim to be, search the globe, pick your country and move!!
commented 2018-08-24 00:34:40 -0400

You’re right that grenades get lobbed, bullets fired, all in the name of trying to kill each other. That’s how war works. And it’s all legal to-boot.

What Khahr did wrong was fight on the enemy side. If you’re a Canadian citizen, you can’t fight for the enemy when we’re at war. It’s High Treason if you’re 14 or over according to international law. (child soldier is under 14 Amy).
commented 2018-08-23 23:19:49 -0400
Maybe its time that Khadr receives the Order of Canada for humanitarian services rendered. Why not since it has long become a meaningless bauble of leftist do-gooding. That should have the trolls salivating.
commented 2018-08-23 23:13:18 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented 13 mins ago.
Careful Amy…………..
I fully agree with you Tammie. Grubs like this thing Amy should tread very carefully when talking about the Military. They always have friends who will look after them.
Take heed Troll.
commented 2018-08-23 22:59:17 -0400
PETER BABICH commented 20 mins ago
I understand that The Philippines wanted to buy $300 million worth of helicopters…..
Choppers are very good for picking up weary Jihadi’s heading up toward the Canadian Boarder. Perhaps Justin should invest in some for his friends.
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