August 24, 2018

#CPC18 SPECIAL: Scheer vs. Bernier, the Media Party's Rebel obsession & looking ahead to 2019

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Conservative Party banned The Rebel from their convention in Halifax, but of course, we're here anyway!

The big story, of course, is Maxime Bernier's resignation from the party, reportedly to start his own.

Tonight I'll explain why I think this was a bad decision, not just for the Conservatives, but for the country — especially with a federal election looming next year.

But there was another big story, at least according to the Media Party — that's right, it was about us!

Believe it or not, today the Globe & Mail reported on this earthshaking scandal:

That Hamish Marshall (who helped me start The Rebel Media in 2015, and now works for Andrew Scheer) said hello to Sheila Gunn Reid! Twice!

I'm not joking. The Globe & Mail is Canada's national newspaper of record, and they called this a "top story."

As funny and ridiculous as this "story" is, it indicates a serious problem — and not just with the Media Party's bias and weird priorities.

The Conservatives themselves are indulging in some bizarre "spin" too: I'll tell you what they said about The Rebel after this "news" went viral, and it doesn't give me much confidence in the party's ability to fight to win.

If they think they have to go into damage control after casually greeting former conservative colleagues in public, do you really think they have what it takes to go up against Trudeau and the Liberals?

Except Andrew Scheer’s worst enemy in the 2019 election will not be Justin Trudeau, possibly the laziest man in Canadian politics, whose schtick — the dancing, the selfies, the costumes – is wearing thin on Canadians.

Justin Trudeau is not Scheer’s opponent.

The Media Party is...

NEXT: Sheila Gunn Reid is with me here in Halifax, and we've got her interviews with two convention delegates and grassroots conservatives, Clinton P. Desveaux and Prem Singh. They discuss the divide that sometimes exists between ordinary members and the party establishment.

We'll have more coverage of the convention to come over the weekend.

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commented 2018-08-26 15:25:38 -0400
Ron Christensen commented 24 mins ago
I’ve already told over 100 people in the last 3 days to check out Maxime Bernier and haven’t heard anything even remotely negative back from anyone . Trudeau is toast in 2019 ! "

How many of them were already planning not to vote for Trudeau in 2019? How many are former Liberal converts?

… Probably very few. Meaning the net effect is quite small.
commented 2018-08-26 15:06:34 -0400
Trollin trollin trollin I just keep on scrollin
I like the sound of that jingle.
commented 2018-08-26 15:04:29 -0400
I can’t wait to get tired of winning !
commented 2018-08-26 15:00:35 -0400
I’ve already told over 100 people in the last 3 days to check out Maxime Bernier and haven’t heard anything even remotely negative back from anyone . Trudeau is toast in 2019 ! Can’t wait to tell the next 1000 people I know . All my friends are joining and donating to Maxime . Freedom for the people .
commented 2018-08-26 14:42:25 -0400
Listen to it very closely Flatwater..Flatearth, he clearly states what the others support.
commented 2018-08-26 14:21:00 -0400
There isn’t much to decide Robert… I would say take the time and watch three videos if you are unsure and the three videos I am referring to are the ones that were posted below
commented 2018-08-26 14:20:02 -0400
Yes I did… At 3.28 he was discussing incentives for developing our natural resources
commented 2018-08-26 14:13:30 -0400
I haven’t felt so many good vibes about any politician and true conservative ideas in a very long time . I’m with Max 100% . I’ve already made donations with no tax credits to Maxime and when the new party is formed I will max out my allowable amount . That’s how committed I am .
commented 2018-08-26 14:12:02 -0400
Ditto Flatwater..Flatearth. Am hoping Bernier can get this new party up and running in time, if not then some fringe group will get a pity vote.

The conservative party under Scheer should be renamed the New Liberals, the Trudeau Liberals should be renamed the New NDP. I don’t feel sorry for the Dippers the Liberals made them redundant long ago.
commented 2018-08-26 13:55:51 -0400
I still haven’t decided on the vote. I’m waiting to see what happens.
commented 2018-08-26 13:53:50 -0400
Did you catch what he said at the 3.28 mark of the video? Talk about shining a light. I wager the vast majority of conservatives watching that event back then did not pick up on it and probably still don’t.
commented 2018-08-26 13:45:13 -0400
Robert M… I am done with the CPC… I will not donate I will not support and I will not vote for them .!! I am behind max 100%
commented 2018-08-26 13:42:50 -0400
Hyacinth thanks for the video.. The more I see, hear and watch this man the more respect I have for him and the more support I will give him…
commented 2018-08-26 13:38:17 -0400
Flatwater, I will not donate, volunteer for or support the CPC until Smilin’ Andy is gone. Ezra felt that, unlike Brown, their were no internal scandals in the CPC to justify regicide. The fix was in for the Quebec milk marketing cartel at the convention and Smilin’ Andy rubbed it into the faces of the grassroots by guzzling some milk. Pretty stupid conduct for a guy who only won by one per cent.
commented 2018-08-26 13:31:31 -0400
I hope the people of Alberta do not forget that Jason Kenney threw the good people of this province under the bus to support and in support of the NDP that have destroyed this province .. He also came here to completely absorb for the Conservative party at the expense of the wild Rose, the success and the potential success of the wild Rose… After sucking the life out of that party the dried husk was thrown to the roadside so that the progressive Conservatives would have a base and a platform to work from. Jason Kenney believes in temporary foreign workers that pay wages that only seems acceptable to people from Third World countries as well as supporting man-made climate change…

He is narcissistic and condescending in his comments towards Derek Fildebrandt for. starting a new party to represent the true conservatives in Alberta. Kenny like Hillary use his personal attacks because he can’t say anything bad about this man’s platform… Alberta conservatives… Derek Fildebrandt does not believe in and is vocally opposed to a carbon tax and climate change as well… High on his list it has platform to represent the west is the transfer payments that Pierre Elliott Trudeau so thoughtfully gave to all his buddies in the form of corporate welfare.
Please support Derek Fildebrandt in his effort to represent and rebuild this great province of Alberta .
commented 2018-08-26 13:14:29 -0400
Robert… Exactly… I believe that is exactly what would happen if it came to that.. Andrew would team up with the liberals.. which might not be a bad thing destroying the rest of the pretend CPC base… which is why we have one year to get behind Mac’s and get a conservative government in this country once again .. if Andrew did that and it was un-successful he would never be representing anybody in parliament ever again.!!! We may need to suffer a little short-term pain for long-term game… Remove all of our support from the CPC and they will have no choice but to listen… But do they really listen or do they just bide their time until they can do things like this again and again and again.. They are so corrupt and they have proven many times over that they do not represent us and only look out for the interest of the party.
commented 2018-08-26 13:08:05 -0400
Ron’s answer was to difficult.
Just calling it “theft” might be proving to hard too as it contains 5 letters.
commented 2018-08-26 13:05:31 -0400
Hyacinth excellent video… everybody who thinks that the conservative party under Andrew sheer is our only hope against Trudeau should watch that video… It’s something we all suspected but like the elephant in the room nobody wanted to see it.. Andrew sheer supports everything that isn’t Canadian while being hypocritical at the same time convincing everybody that he’s here for our not his best interest… The money that leaves this country for some ungrateful wealthy countries must stop and the identity politics that follow with it must stop as well…
Voting Trudeau out just to vote Andy in is not a good enough reason to vote for the present CPC government as there won’t be any real difference from our present Liberal government .
I hate to use the word “change” to describe what we need because that’s what every rogue government across the country at both federal and provincial levels used to fool people into getting the governments we have now… What we need is a rebuild .
commented 2018-08-26 12:39:38 -0400
Here is a fun thought. Max forms a Quebec centric conservative party and takes the bulk of Quebec seats. (this is quiet achievable). Smilin’ Andy manages to take enough seats that he can form a government with Max (OK a bit of a stretch). Andy has to go cap in hand to Max.
Never mind, Andy would rather link up with Junior.
commented 2018-08-26 12:21:26 -0400
Liza… I watched that video with Frank and it’s entirety and I must say there is a lot of support for Mr. Bernier and his new party and I can’t wait to hear what he calls it… Andrew sheer has been pretty good with the smoke and mirrors for distraction and considering he’s receiving emotional support from Gerald butts confirmed his ties to globalism… I also found it very disturbing his ties to the supply management cartel and have to wonder if they had a hand in destroying the leader ship vote paperwork so quickly before a recount. In the video Frank was talking about that when Bernier left Gerald butts tweeted Andrew sheer saying hang in there buddy everything is going to be OK.!! WOW…. are you kidding me.?!! Good video… I think Bernier’s base may just grow geometrically and if that happens quickly it may empower and embolden the MPs at the CPC realizing they could be on a sinking ship.!!
Frank is right about many things including for people to say “we must vote CPC to defeat Trudeau” just isn’t good enough because they can’t say why they’re voting in sheer other than to defeat Trudeau.! His policies are almost identical.!!
He is also right about the name calling for the Liberals such as “Turdo” or
“The liebrels” and so on… he is right.. we must do everything to outshine them on every turn when we are challenged and we will be challenged and insulted and challenged again and we must always look better than them always.. In deed and in the word.! Wow
So there you have it… cancel memberships and let’s realize what we’re doing and why were doing it.. 2019 Bernier in Trudeau out.!!
It can be done but replacing Trudeau with Andrew sheer who is another left-wing globalist is not acceptable.. Go Max Go.!!
This is our country not theirs and we will have our way.!!
commented 2018-08-26 11:43:34 -0400
I hope Bernier doesn’t form a new party or if he does, a Quebec centric party. We need to take the CPC back from the CINOs.
commented 2018-08-26 11:41:12 -0400
Fair point Ron, maybe I was trying to hard to be optimistic.
commented 2018-08-26 11:36:02 -0400
ROBERT MCCLELLAND commented, “ Smilin’ Andy marks the apex of the Conservative apologists and appeasers. Just remember will have Ford in Ontario and Kenney in Alberta. We can work from there.” Don’t forget Kenney threw the folks who chanted ‘lock her up’ at a Rebel anti-carbon tax rally at the Alberta legislature under the bus. Threw the Rebel under the bus like Scheer. Like Scheer he supports or at least doesn’t criticize the notion of man-made climate change. However, a whole lot better than the socialist Notley. Interesting that a libertarian Derek Fildebrandt once part of the UCP has firmed a new party, the Freedom Conservative Party. Now Bernier a libertarian once a part of the Conservative Party of Canada is forming a new party.
commented 2018-08-26 11:08:00 -0400
Trollin trollin trollin I just keep on scrollin. I may not be the smartest guy on the site, but even I can tell their useless droppings. Thanks to all the rest I read all your comments.
A year in politics is an eternity and I think we will see changes in the conservative
party. Trudeau has to go.
commented 2018-08-26 09:36:59 -0400
I agree Ron Shea, When a cop isn’t going to do anything about an antifa thug you have to do something yourself. Antifa just makes noise to try to bury posts, conversation gets lost, putting out the fires they start. Take them out instead, they are scum if this is the only work they can get. Apologists for the enemy, and sad to say, there is an enemy.