August 27, 2018

Why the Conservative Party convention was “a gong show”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I’m back from the Conservative Party of Canada’s convention in lovely Halifax. I was there with Sheila Gunn Reid, our Alberta bureau chief, and two of our staff, Eitan and Efron.

We covered a lot of ground. And we had a meet and greet for Rebel supporters, and hundreds of people came out. It was so jam-packed, the hotel was afraid we'd violate the fire code.

But the convention itself — well, that’s a different matter...

As you know, on the eve of the convention, Maxime Bernier quit the Conservatives, and said he was contemplating setting up his own party.

Had Bernier simply delayed his exit by a few days, it would have helped him — he could have pointed to the gong show of the convention as proof that he had to leave it.

I call it a gong show for a few reasons.

First: Andrew Scheer has made protecting Quebec’s dairy cartel his signature issue. The dairy cartel literally had 25 lobbyists in attendance. I can’t imagine that any other group had more than one or two.

We know this because a huge dairy lobbyist binder was left on the table of a restaurant, and it was found by a regular party member, who made the contents public. And these documents make it clear that the whole thing was a stitch up from the start. We spoke to many delegates who thought they actually had a chance to shape the party’s direction; they were infuriated by these rigged rules in the dairy cartel's favour, by the way supply management was intentionally placed at the very end of the agenda, making a real debate on the issue impossible.

And of course, Andrew Scheer banned The Rebel from the conference. Even some of his staffers opposed this, and told Scheer this to his face. It didn't make any difference.

I’m absolutely certain that the only real reason why Scheer banned The Rebel is because the other media bullied him into doing it. That’s not just a theory, either, as I'll explain tonight.

Anyway, as promised, I delivered our petition of 10,000 party members demanding that we be allowed in to the convention — but Scheer had a six-member security team watching us the whole time. When we walked to the door, they sent someone to block us, but not even a Conservative staffer. Instead, they sent out... a student intern from the convention centre. Again, so weird.

Look, Justin Trudeau needs to be replaced. The only party that can replace him is the Conservatives. (Maxime Bernier doesn’t yet have a new party, and it won’t win.

Perhaps Scheer thinks that means any conservative in the country is trapped, and must support him.

That’s what Patrick Brown thought, too...

I will make a prediction and it’s an unhappy one:

Unless Andrew Scheer finds some courage somewhere, and realizes that his true enemy is the liberal media, he will lose the next election.

And the Conservative Party will be much more divided, much smaller and much weaker than the one he inherited from Harper.

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief, Sheila Gunn Reid, comes on to talk more about the Conservative convention, and the issue of birthright citizenship, which is now under scrutiny after a leaked Liberal memo.

THEN: One of our favourite guests and experts, Manny Montenegrino, joins me to talk about Trump's trade deal with Mexico, and what Trudeau's Liberals are doing while this important deal is taking place.

FINALLY: Your messages to me! 

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commented 2018-08-28 15:15:30 -0400
A breath of fresh Spring air on wispy warm skies
I sit and contemplate on Cyber’s disguise
Where those behind touch screen are brave and so loud
And shout with a fork tongue nothing to be proud.
Brutality’s intent in words spat with malice
Does the person they attack deserve evil’s chalice?
Would remarks be so forthright whilst met face to face
With those who’s sound honour they online disgrace.
No pause for a calm thought so briskly fierce typing
One you’ve clicked send there’s no time for rewriting
The act is done one poison instant posted
Your wicked intentions will not be warm toasted.
For those who receive hate I indeed sympathise
Not all who inhabit virtual realms are so wise
Ignorance is a blight of their own self creation
That drives them to comments far beyond their station.
Rise above their deeds do not take a bite
For attention and backlash is what they’ve in sight
Report their cruel actions and move onto others
With more positive notions leave trolls to the gutter.

© Mack 2014
commented 2018-08-28 14:48:41 -0400
Not hardly Flatwater. Let’s see what he’s got.
commented 2018-08-28 14:36:26 -0400
Robert unfortunately you already have
commented 2018-08-28 14:34:50 -0400
Yes Carole, Freeland is no match for Trump that is for sure. But she and her EU thugs are ganging up against him. Its funny how Freeland calls Trump a ‘protectionist’ when Trump said he’d be good with no tarrif’s. Canada are being the protectionists. She wants to redistribute the free worlds assets through her ‘multilateral rules based international order’. Trump says,’ in that case, no way, we’ll keep the fruits of our labour. thanks.’
commented 2018-08-28 14:27:54 -0400
Bernier’s twitter feed shows a pic of him at a secluded location in Quebec filling out the necessary papers for election Canada, and having a vacay. Fair enough. He has a lot to figure out. We are all waiting with baited breath, to see what plan he can lay out to convince us that this will be worthwhile. I cannot imagine he isn’t calculating this carefully.

Bernier is not bought and paid for, so he will be a very large thorn in the liberals global agenda. Somebody has to help us save ourselves from this upcoming train wreck.

Read Freeland’s words to Germany, " Canada and Germany must work together to defend the multilateral rules based international order".

Rules based international order? If that doesn’t make your hackles go up I don’t know what will. They are signing our country up for corporate global government. A choreographed globalist utopia in all its totalitarian madness on a grande scale.

It is the reason that the deep state in the US is trying so hard to extinguish Trump. Don’t play along, at your own peril as Trump is finding out. The globalists don’t care if its Justin or Scheer in Canada, they have bought both of them. Bernier and indeed the rest of us who want to fight this, are going to have a big one on our hands.
commented 2018-08-28 14:23:15 -0400
Well said Carole.
commented 2018-08-28 14:20:05 -0400
I agree with Mr. Montenegrino analysis. Trump has played his cards very well and has put Trudeau in a box with no way out. In a negociation, you always go after one thing that you know the other parties will not abandon, to get the other thing that you really want. If we had an experienced and serious gov’t, instead of a trust fund pot head as a PM, we wouldn’t be in that position. The Trudeau gov’t never stop insulting Trump to please the « International Order » and it’s the Canadians who will really pay for it.
commented 2018-08-28 14:12:14 -0400
Don’t get me wrong, Max is a great guy, but I’m not taking my eye off the big prize.
commented 2018-08-28 14:11:10 -0400
RON CHRISTENSEN commented 9 mins ago
“ The Ballot is stronger than the bullet “ Abraham Lincoln And with all the rigged voting nowadays that quote might have to be reworked !
How ironic. Didn’t old Abe catch one of those?
commented 2018-08-28 14:10:52 -0400
Flatwater, the Ontario PCs had exactly the same problems, then they got a new leader, problem solved.
commented 2018-08-28 14:06:41 -0400
Robert you are blending my words… Don’t do that..! The CPC party has been around for a long long time so I look at it like this… Any true conservatives will jump ship as now they have the chance to walk away from the corruption unabated and unscathed … any that stay support the status quo of the internal rot.!! Any fence sitters are just that and they are in it only for themselves. It really is just that simple. Doug Ford is a good man and the party knew that the people were upset and the parties personal agenda is on the back burner at this time but when it gets the opportunity it will seize back what it gave up. Don’t kid yourself… Keep in mind that the party insiders knows exactly what Andrew is doing and he is not being chastised or punished for it so what does that tell you.?? It tells me that is the agenda they, the insiders support .!! The party wanted Patrick Brown but the people didn’t but they didn’t have a choice but to dump him when he screwed up… The people didn’t want Scheer either and there was a lot of questions raised in the vote and the paperwork was immediately destroyed… Kinda reeks of corruption and rot… hmmmm That party is done get over it… They must die a natural death and rebuild themselves to be a viable alternative as a party.!
commented 2018-08-28 14:01:36 -0400
“How long until Smilin’ Andy backs down. Any bets?”

No bets, it is a surety. Guessing …soon as CBC runs with the story so sometime between now and the election next year.
commented 2018-08-28 14:00:07 -0400
“ The Ballot is stronger than the bullet “ Abraham Lincoln And with all the rigged voting nowadays that quote might have to be reworked !
commented 2018-08-28 13:45:37 -0400
Don’t think so Flatwater, Doug has a long track record, he is his own man, no muskeg creature be he.
commented 2018-08-28 13:44:14 -0400
That is a disturbing link Ron. You can see what Justin Trudeau is intentionally working towards, total collapse of the Canadian economy while blaming the United States. But it is not a great shocker, Pierre hated the United States with a passion for in his earlier years he was banned due to his communist activities. Like father like son?
" …All he had done was attend a Communist meeting in Moscow as a guest of the Communist Party at the head of a Communist delegation. All he was doing now was publishing his thanks. He couldn’t understand why in 1953 he was barred from entry into the United States. The Eisenhower Administration was then getting ready to admit some Soviet secret policemen to attend a meeting of the World Council of Churches – but poor Pierre they kept out. Why? Pierre later explained that while in Moscow for the conference he actually threw snowballs at Stalin’s statue – and remember that Stalin was still alive. Isn’t the man’s overwhelming masculinity overwhelming? But Toronto Telegram correspondent Peter Worthington checked the meteorological records and found that there was no snow in Moscow during that conference in April, 1952. Worthington published that fact, and for some reason Pierre has since been angry at him."
commented 2018-08-28 13:28:47 -0400
If you didn’t get nothing back in Ontario… You got a reprieve with Doug Ford but don’t kid yourself there’s forces at work on him to toe The globalist agenda agenda line .
commented 2018-08-28 13:26:18 -0400
Ron.. like I said the fallout from this job loss would lead to catastrophic event .
commented 2018-08-28 13:01:15 -0400
Dear Mr. Bernier, I donated some money on the day you announced your new Party. Right now, I am waiting to see your plan, and if minutely acceptable, I will donate more.
I know that you have my e-mail address, so I will be watching. So far, all I have heard are rumors.
commented 2018-08-28 13:00:27 -0400
Ezra, Proportional Representation would ensure the Permanent Leftist Governance and Anti Semitic, Anti Freedom, Anti Liberty Curse on our Country – aka, the Soviet < poo hole / hell hole > Union .
commented 2018-08-28 12:55:08 -0400
John Galt, now I’m hearing the Pillsbury Doughboy when he’s poked in the tummy ( I guess something like this “ hmmm, hmmm “ ) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

JOHN GALT commented 3 mins ago
Andrew Sheer aka Pillsbury doughboy.
commented 2018-08-28 12:53:17 -0400
Just call me thick headed Flatwater. We got our party back in Ontario and we can do it on a Federal level as well. If we fail, there is always Mad Max.
commented 2018-08-28 12:48:05 -0400
Andrew Sheer aka Pillsbury doughboy.
commented 2018-08-28 12:44:43 -0400
don’t you fellas get it… There is no “getting your party back”… That part is over. The depth of corruption and rot is too deep and cannot be fixed surgically and this party will probably not be fixed within your lifetime.!!
commented 2018-08-28 12:42:50 -0400
Andrew M.. of course Trump will win in the end but how many people will suffer and how long will they have to suffer ( possibly years ) because of liberal and PC loyalty to the dairy cartel..?? There are well over 150,000 manufacturing jobs at stake and that’s just the auto manufacturers… What about the spinoff from that and the industries that are supported by these jobs right down to and including people like taxi drivers beer producers and even the cartel themselves when 150,000 families can’t buy milk and bread and eggs.. what about the bank that hold mortgages to the auto industry workers homes.?? What about the special-needs people that these families have. The trickle down effect will be catastrophic.!!
Trudeau needs to go and Andrew must not replace him .!!
commented 2018-08-28 12:36:30 -0400
Brian Sumner, I stopped donating right after Scheer whipped the vote for the Paris Accord.