August 27, 2018

Why the Conservative Party convention was “a gong show”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I’m back from the Conservative Party of Canada’s convention in lovely Halifax. I was there with Sheila Gunn Reid, our Alberta bureau chief, and two of our staff, Eitan and Efron.

We covered a lot of ground. And we had a meet and greet for Rebel supporters, and hundreds of people came out. It was so jam-packed, the hotel was afraid we'd violate the fire code.

But the convention itself — well, that’s a different matter...

As you know, on the eve of the convention, Maxime Bernier quit the Conservatives, and said he was contemplating setting up his own party.

Had Bernier simply delayed his exit by a few days, it would have helped him — he could have pointed to the gong show of the convention as proof that he had to leave it.

I call it a gong show for a few reasons.

First: Andrew Scheer has made protecting Quebec’s dairy cartel his signature issue. The dairy cartel literally had 25 lobbyists in attendance. I can’t imagine that any other group had more than one or two.

We know this because a huge dairy lobbyist binder was left on the table of a restaurant, and it was found by a regular party member, who made the contents public. And these documents make it clear that the whole thing was a stitch up from the start. We spoke to many delegates who thought they actually had a chance to shape the party’s direction; they were infuriated by these rigged rules in the dairy cartel's favour, by the way supply management was intentionally placed at the very end of the agenda, making a real debate on the issue impossible.

And of course, Andrew Scheer banned The Rebel from the conference. Even some of his staffers opposed this, and told Scheer this to his face. It didn't make any difference.

I’m absolutely certain that the only real reason why Scheer banned The Rebel is because the other media bullied him into doing it. That’s not just a theory, either, as I'll explain tonight.

Anyway, as promised, I delivered our petition of 10,000 party members demanding that we be allowed in to the convention — but Scheer had a six-member security team watching us the whole time. When we walked to the door, they sent someone to block us, but not even a Conservative staffer. Instead, they sent out... a student intern from the convention centre. Again, so weird.

Look, Justin Trudeau needs to be replaced. The only party that can replace him is the Conservatives. (Maxime Bernier doesn’t yet have a new party, and it won’t win.

Perhaps Scheer thinks that means any conservative in the country is trapped, and must support him.

That’s what Patrick Brown thought, too...

I will make a prediction and it’s an unhappy one:

Unless Andrew Scheer finds some courage somewhere, and realizes that his true enemy is the liberal media, he will lose the next election.

And the Conservative Party will be much more divided, much smaller and much weaker than the one he inherited from Harper.

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief, Sheila Gunn Reid, comes on to talk more about the Conservative convention, and the issue of birthright citizenship, which is now under scrutiny after a leaked Liberal memo.

THEN: One of our favourite guests and experts, Manny Montenegrino, joins me to talk about Trump's trade deal with Mexico, and what Trudeau's Liberals are doing while this important deal is taking place.

FINALLY: Your messages to me! 

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commented 2018-08-28 12:27:44 -0400
Brian, Smilin’ Andy may need to fail before we can get our party back. Don’t forget to give the CPC grief when they call you for support.
commented 2018-08-28 12:09:55 -0400
I supported the CPC under Stephen Harper to the tune of 11 large. Under Scheer I’ve stopped donating. Thru this convention I’ve totally lost confidence in Scheer’s ability to lead this Party regardless of Harper’s and Kenny’s claims that it is united behind him. After the huge effort by conservatives and Mr. Harper to bring conservatives together for the sake of the country we now have Lieberal Lite in the form of CPC. I won’t donate, work for or vote for them now. Sad Sad Sad. Perhaps Mr. Bernier can do something better.
commented 2018-08-28 11:54:50 -0400
I can see the trolls are fat and bursting at the seams… Who cares who we think “it” is and to put it past name to “it”… “It” already has a name and “it” is “troll”.!! The one thing that we can see "it"terrified of Bernier and will stop at nothing to demonize him. When will we learn to not engage it directly.?? There is no logical debate with “it” because like any Marxist or fascist “it” doesn’t play by any set of rules except “the end justifies the means”.. “It” will always mis-quote you, bend your words and “it” attacks your ego for the easiest attack on your emotion and it’s almost guaranteed a reaction… Every time that happens “it” scores a point. Who cares what they say don’t engage them and there’s nothing for “it” to reply to.
commented 2018-08-28 11:41:02 -0400
Scheer can cater to his corrupt dairy lobby all he wants, Trump will force Canada to dismantle the socialist dairy, supply management system or he will put tariffs on Canadian dairy AND the auto industry.

Trump will win either way, either we cave on our unfair trade practices or Trump will bring the factories back to the US by making it unprofitable for auto makers to produce and dump their products in the USA. Canada’s total auto sales are less than California’s. Where do you think they will go?
commented 2018-08-28 11:32:10 -0400
Hyacinth, The troll’s posts are like the unabomber’s manifesto. Easily identifiable with all the same words, phrases ,politics and warped logic.
There is always an implied air of superiority like I’m smarter than all you dumb unenlightened conservatives .
Hopefully nobody engages in fruitless banter with him.
commented 2018-08-28 11:27:21 -0400
Flatwater, I did not mean I would necessarily vote for Smilin’ Andy, I meant I will not give up on the CPC just yet. It has all the organization and funding already in place, I will not abandon it because we have a CINO in charge at the moment. However, I do wish Mad Max well because I think he can be the instrument to change the situation.
commented 2018-08-28 11:25:53 -0400
FE FE , I agree we all have to do more to change the coarse of this destruction and from what I’ve seen it’s already building momentum and if we stay in the game I think it could and will happen . I have spoken to many people in the last few days and it seems that if you have the right message they will listen . So it’s the little things that make the difference . Hard work and determination usually pays off .
Well said Ron.!!
commented 2018-08-28 11:25:33 -0400
Ron Shea said: " Sounds like Ford is willing to work with Bernier."
It didn’t sound that way in the Convention. I realize that Ford can’t say bad things about Scheer right now, but it looked like he was hugging Scheer harder than Trudeau hugs him.

I was watching Ezra comment on last nights Jimmy Reece Show that Supply Management wasn’t one of Ezra’s top concerns, and neither was it Harpers. Can you visualize Harper or Ezra ever going to the Grocery Store and buying or pricing Milk, Cheese or eggs?

Myself and millions of men and women go across the border and pay $4.50 for a block of cheese and 99cents for 18 large eggs frequently on special.
We come back and that same cheese is $30.00 and 18 eggs are $4.50.
$34.50 compared to $5.50 for 2 items. The savings on filling the tank with US gas usually pay for the trip.
If Bernier could cut some Canadian prices in half, most Canadians could relate to this and vote for him.
commented 2018-08-28 11:20:04 -0400
Robert Mcllelland… If you do that and promote that U2 are part of the problem.!! ( vote CPC for the name )
commented 2018-08-28 11:16:44 -0400
Doug Ford didn’t stab President Trump in the back just a few minutes after Air Force One took off after the G-7 meeting .
Larry Cudlow mentioned it last night on The Angle ,with Laura Ingraham.
Trudeau owns this mess .He just can’t play in the big boys playground.
commented 2018-08-28 11:14:37 -0400
Faith is not a Nazi and I wish we would just let that story die. She was a journalist covering a news story and all she did was make some observations that were accurate and report on them like journalists are supposed to do.
commented 2018-08-28 11:11:16 -0400
Looking back at a couple of slightly older threads, Crock[ett] is no more, however there are two new moniker replacements that the Leftard Troll is now using: Jimmy Reece and Bill Maciura.
commented 2018-08-28 11:06:38 -0400
I think both Ontario and Quebec will be inclined to vote for a conservative candidate come the next election.
commented 2018-08-28 11:04:47 -0400
Remember, Ron S., that Ontario is now “Ford Nation”. After 15 years of McGinty/Wynne, these folks are wise to the old Liberal tricks and don’t fall for them easily. I wouldn’t be so sure that Ford will get the blame on this one.
commented 2018-08-28 10:54:48 -0400
“We are willing to work with ANYONE who is committed to protecting Ontario workers, Ontario industries and making sure a deal on NAFTA is reached.” Doug Ford, yesterday.

Sounds like Ford is willing to work with Bernier. Doug Ford’s political career is on the line if U.S. tariffs are placed on Ontario made cars. The people of Ontario will blame Ford not Trudeau, if the auto industry collapses. And the Federal Liberals are not doing anything to help him because they want Ontario to return to Liberal control provincially.
I think Trudeau is going to throw the auto workers under the bus. I can’t see him shutting the door on the cartel in Quebec. He needs Quebec to win, even though he called all Quebecois racists. Granted, he needs Ontario to win as well but those in Ontario know or should know, he is a groper. He probably hopes he can drum up enough “I hate Trump” support across Canada to put him over the top so he can grow the economy from the heart outwards. I can’t see Scheer condemning supply management either, after the cartel drove a dump truck filled with money onto his driveway for backing them up at the convention. However, Max would sack supply management. This morning he called the Liberals and Conservatives “Libcons” on Twitter.

Trudeau wants to stay in power, whatever the cost.
Scheer wants to gain power, whatever the cost.

A Kleptocracy run by oligarchs either way.
commented 2018-08-28 10:53:27 -0400
Smilin’ Andy: “Gosh, there must be an election coming, I had better start pretending that I’m a conservative.”
commented 2018-08-28 10:52:39 -0400
Jimmy Reece commented
Well you “called it” wrong. Why would anyone want violence? It will exciting enough without the need for violence.”

Two new monikers now, good to know. Back to your old tricks of twisting posts real quick too I see, get a new handbook troll you are way too predictable.
commented 2018-08-28 10:51:25 -0400
Ron Christensen commented
“I will always vote against communism along with all its many forms and failed ideologies .”
Ron Christensen commented
“FW FE , Faith would be better than most people and I hope she wins .”

Though she has strength and courage as well as intellect and beauty there is a fly in the honey jar. If one believes lamestream media (MSM) that Faith switched her political ideologies and is now in the Neo-Nazi camp then you cannot ideologically support her. Why? Neo-Nazism is left. Think about it, we all know Nazism is Left, it is not right wing, yet everyone is saying neo-nazism is further right than conservatism (far right wing)????

Some of the professors in the Political Sciences through their created buzzwords of neo, alt, etc. have intentionally muddied the political landscape and are probably enjoying the seeds of chaos that were sown.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
― Adolf Hitler
On the political spectrum, the furthest to the left, the more totalitarian the government is. Centralized planning and governmental control over the lives of individuals is characteristic of all forms of socialism, whether Communist or the Nationalist variety, (fascism) and the state assumes preeminence over individual rights when taken to the extreme.
The furthest to the right on the political spectrum, the more individual liberty is advanced. Taken to its extreme is anarchy [anarchy is total lack of government]. When analyzed logically, then, National Socialism and fascism are wholly incongruent philosophically and practically to the right of the spectrum. Those who refer to Nazism as “right-wing” are politically ill-informed and have fallen for Stalin’s tactic of referring to them as such. One scholar makes the point that Nazism is to Communism what Pepsi is to Coke: basically the same but with a little different flavor.
commented 2018-08-28 10:40:47 -0400
Robert, when the wind shifts, so will Scheer…it’s a running theme for him.
commented 2018-08-28 10:12:38 -0400
Whenever I feel I have to “people-up”, I think of that quote Ron.
commented 2018-08-28 10:00:16 -0400
Isn’t it Ron? We need Ron Voss to check in. Where are you at Ron V.?
commented 2018-08-28 09:54:09 -0400
Robert M , that is a good quote .
commented 2018-08-28 09:49:28 -0400
Same Peter, have a profitable day. Chat soon.
commented 2018-08-28 09:43:15 -0400
Jimmy said, “Which liberals are those that you almost respect. Please clarify the distinction between one set of liberals that will be voting for Trudeau and the other set of liberals that will be voting for Trudeau.”

Once again, you misquote me, and then expect me to reply that that.

I said, “Not all Liberals are as much of an a-hole as you. Some are actually almost respectable.”

The comparison is between Liberals that are almost respectable and those that are not such as you. For whom they vote was not something I even mentioned.

Can anyone but Jimmy answer me, why do the trolls twist what you say? Are they all stupid, or just a-holes?

In any case, I have to pay the bills. Nice chatting with you Ron & Robert.
commented 2018-08-28 09:39:19 -0400
The Boy Blunder is a complete train wreck and even hard core liberals know it.
commented 2018-08-28 09:36:34 -0400
Ron, you are right the Liberals are jumping from a sinking ship. The other prancing peacock, Singh, will split the far left vote. Anything can happen, stay tuned.
commented 2018-08-28 09:34:02 -0400
Ron, don’t forget:
Burke-“The only thing necessary evil the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” Of course we all know that the Boy Blunder would insist that the non-word “peoplekind” be used instead of “men”.
commented 2018-08-28 09:30:59 -0400
“ If liberty means anything at all , it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear “ George Orwell
commented 2018-08-28 09:24:57 -0400
Jimmy R , go look on social media and you will see many liberals are jumping from the sinking ship that they drilled the hole in ! Lol