August 29, 2018

Trump tried to phone Trudeau on Monday — but Trudeau refused to take the call.

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Monday, Donald Trump revealed that he had negotiated a very detailed bilateral trade agreement with Mexico. "Bilateral" just means two sides — the U.S. and Mexico. As in: Canada’s not part of it.

Well, Trump wanted to talk to Trudeau about it. And Trudeau refused to take the call.

Of course, I only learned about that from the foreign press — our own CBC would never report something so embarrassing, or so revealing, about our dear leader.

Trudeau’s official schedule from Monday is just marked: "Private Time." (Of course, he’s had more than 20 vacation days so far in 2018, on top of regular weekends and statutory holidays.)

And this morning, "diplomat of the year" Chrystia Freeland was invited for a meeting with the U.S. Trade Representative. And Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and the consummate Trump "fixer," was there too.

And here’s how that went:

Jared Kushner just walked in for the meeting with Canada. The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs is not here. She is late. #NAFTA

She flew in yesterday. Did she get lost? Did she hit the snooze button?

Was this not the most important meeting in her life? And for the lives of 160,000 people working in Ontario's auto industry?

No notice, no warning, no courtesy, no diplomacy, no explanation. We’re just not showing up.

Do you think Donald Trump means it when he says he wants to put on tariffs on our auto industry?

I do. I think Trump wants a trade war, to relocate those factories to the U.S.

The crazy thing is, Trudeau is behaving like he wants a trade war, too.

Justin Trudeau already killed of Canada’ oil and gas and pipeline industry, with the help of Rachel Notley. Now he’s going for Ontario’s auto industry.

Unless something changes in the next 48 hours, I think we’re heading into a deep recession in this country, courtesy of our diplomat of the year, and her man-child boss.

NEXT: Broadcaster Michael Knowles talks about the Catholic Church scandal, and "what the Pope knew."

THEN: Regular guest T. Lee Humphrey is seeking the CPC nomination for the riding of Calgary Centre. He comes on to talk about a story Sheila Gunn Reid reported yesterday, of the cop killer whose PTSD (which he got after shooting the police officer!) is being treated thanks to funding from Veterans' Affairs.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-08-30 02:12:00 -0400
I think that Trudeau is doing exactly what he has been instructed to do by his puppet master Soros. He is doing everything to destabilize Canada. I know that you do not subscribe to conspiracy theories however one does have to look at everything that he has done since he took power. He has turned right into wrong and wrong into right. He is basically following the consumerist manifesto with a Marxist twist. The question is will Donald Trump fall for Trudeau trying to set him up as the bad guy? Will the public suddenly forget all Trudeau’s corruption and focus on Trump? You know it appears that George Soros is trying to recreate how Hitler took over Germany but times are different on many levels in Canada. We have the internet where there was NO outside information. The people only knew what their propaganda machine pumped out. I am going to be optimistic and say that George’s plans along with his useful tool, Trudeau, will fail. We will be in for a rough ride and we are experiencing the start now. I do not think Andrew can win. He is too unknown and weak. He has alienated core conservatives with his, quite frankly deceit, by ignoring them and catering to the left. It will be a hard slog but I think Bernier is the best bet at beating Trudeau. Trudeau will stop at nothing to try and win including how to rig the election. We need to be very vigilant and we need to pray. and when the liberals are defeated we will need to start fixing and repairing all the damage that this corrupt monster has done.
commented 2018-08-30 02:10:24 -0400
It is incredible how you people here will stop at nothing to bash Islam. But somehow, christianity is off limits. Whatever happened to the conservative value of free speech? Or does it not apply when it comes to your own sacred cows.

Do you believe that some con artist claiming to be the son of god is going to save your sinning soul from damnation? I bet if you tithe some money to the church, then you will certainly go to heaven. And then all those priests and nuns can take your money and use it on their defense fund for when they go to court on charges of molesting children.

We need to purge our country from any references to christianity. Take it out of the schools, the national anthem and get the crosses off the hospitals. The less christ there is, then the less people will use the bible on others as a form of social control. Spare me the jesus reason for banning abortion. Let homosexuals get married.

And don’t give any sort of tax breaks to churches.

Above all, lets take the delusion of needing to believe in god out of us.
commented 2018-08-30 01:57:04 -0400
Jan G. You are wrong!! the Catholic Church began with pagan worship of BAAL!!
commented 2018-08-30 01:55:37 -0400
I find Freeland oddly sexy.
commented 2018-08-30 01:54:06 -0400
TruDope is Trump’s bitch!! So suck it up you Libtarded lunatics = but get this Trump will kick TruDopes teeth in !!!
commented 2018-08-30 01:19:38 -0400
Flatwear: I wrote along explanation but my computer froze.
So, I’ll condense it.
Why do you agree?
Are you one of those people who chose to ‘leave the Catholic Church’ because of menial reasons?
Christianity started with the Catholic Church (I’m simplifying it here, ok). 2000 years.
WHAT is there to question about the Catholic Church?
Have you listened to Scott Hahn? or any of the other Evangelicals who have converted to Catholicism? They can say it far better than I.
Ron Shea, along with so many are lured into these churches, and I don’t blame them for wanting to continue their faith in God. But then they BASH the Catholic faith because they are told to do so and because THEY DON’T KNOW CATHOLICISM.
In this era when Christians are discriminated against, persecuted and bashed, we must ALL support each other.
I would always stand up for and defend another Christian or Jew, no matter what their denomination. But comments, such as Ron Shea, is so anti-Catholic….it leaves us breathless.
commented 2018-08-30 01:00:24 -0400
Old saying goes something like; “There is no way to make Hell appealing but the road there can be attractive”
commented 2018-08-30 00:57:59 -0400
And am I the only Canadians that doesn’t get a “warm and fuzzy” feeling every time I see Krystia Freeland stomping into a NAFTA meeting??…
commented 2018-08-30 00:55:25 -0400
commented 2018-08-30 00:54:24 -0400
So, reality prevails, as it always does sooner or later…. Anybody notice that the Canadian dollar cannot get above 76 cents US in spite of obvious attempts by Ottawa to “buy up” in recent days??… Stay tuned folks…. Stay tuned…
commented 2018-08-30 00:54:12 -0400
commented 2018-08-30 00:52:34 -0400
@ Allan Peterson commented 11 mins ago

I CURSED when TruDope was called the “winner”!! That POS (PeeAir) dad of his did my family in – and now that turd of a POS TruDope is doing the same to my offspring!! PHUCK TruDope & his gang of Bolsheviks!!!
commented 2018-08-30 00:52:15 -0400
Big news. The church is under scrutiny. No other assembly has ever been judged as much. What could satan want more? It’s been under attack for 2000 years yet the gates of Hell will not prevail. It’s been infiltrated by the freemasons for at least 400 years and more recently by the marxists. No man is infallible.
His words live forever
commented 2018-08-30 00:38:11 -0400
Dislike of his stupidity is NOT a Derangement Syndrome
commented 2018-08-30 00:37:43 -0400
Sorry Rebels but your Trudeau Derangement Syndrome has no cure in sight.
This “cute” reversal of names to score cheap points is idiotic. There is no “Trudeau Derangement Syndrome.” Obviously someone does not know what a Derangement Syndrome is or just doesn’t care and likes the equivalency that the term creates.

Here is a close definition:
Urban Dictionary defines Trump Derangement Syndrome as “a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason.”

This derangement is seen in people crying, shouting, writhing on the floor, huffing and puffing when his name is mentioned. They can usually give no reason for theseoutvursts other than stating vague generalities like. He’s a racist or misogynist or whatever. They can never give an example of these accusations.

This does not happen with opponents of Trudeau. Dislike of his stupidity is to a Derangement Syndrome. But it sure spins well. I would dare our troll to find an example of anyone crying etc when Trudeau got elected.
commented 2018-08-30 00:16:48 -0400
Maybe Trudeau had more pressing issues to deal with.
Like cutting another cheque for 10.5 million to another Islamic terrorist.
Or welcoming more illegal boader jumpers
commented 2018-08-29 23:31:00 -0400
Why doesn’t that POS PM TruDope acknowledge the FILE that President Trump handed him when he walked out of that shaming game G7 summit TruDope held in TO?? – when the POTUS was heading to the NK summit.That stupid POS Bolshevik TruDope is gonna pay big time – oh wait that is us Canadians who are gonna pay!! Pi$$ off Amy Lynn twunt Bolshevik! Go knob TruDope before commenting
Chrystia Freeland was just out whoring – like all those Libtard twunts!

Maybe Trudope had better start concerning himself with all those PSDT veterans he’s always pi$$in on!

Ezra – Scheer’s corruption is evident on his wobbling on the Paris Climate Fraud!! Scheer is a globalist POS!
commented 2018-08-29 23:18:48 -0400
Tammie P-Z…..said"How is it Freeland went from looking like a frumpy Granny to wearing unprofessional dresses that fit like a sausage casing?!! "

Tammie, no need to worry about the American men jumping out of their shoes to get a glimpse of Freeland, just because she is wearing a more normal dress. She would need much more, and she couldn’t afford it all.
commented 2018-08-29 23:18:25 -0400
Sorry Jan… I agree with Ron on this one.
commented 2018-08-29 23:04:24 -0400
Anyone who thinks Catholic Priests don’t speak of the Gospels, has never heard a HOMILY. What do you think Homilies are based on?
In the Mass, there are 3 readings: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Gospels.
I think you may have been brainwashed to believe the Catholic Church is ‘whatever’. There are 35-45000 denominations of Christianity. WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY ALL CAME FROM? If you want to attend a ‘church’ that is based on one, individual’s personal interpretation of the Bible, then go for it, but DON’T bash the Catholic Church from which these thousands of denominations have evolved from and don’t forget to give credit to what started the whole ball rolling.
If your wife or whomever (because most men convert to other forms of Christianity/Protestanism because of their wives) convinced you to convert to another church, or you had simply not had the ’’’’’s to stand up for Catholicism when you were a Catholic’, then you need to do some true soul searching. Listen to the Journey Home, with Marcus Grodi, and hear those who converted to Catholicism from other denominations of Christianity.
DON’T EVER, don’t ever bash Catholicism. In doing so, you are bashing every other denomination that has ever evolved from Catholicism. Because all those denominations evolve from Catholicism, the same as Catholicism evolves from Judaism.
Have you EVER heard a Catholic bash Judaism?
????????? That would be like bashing Jesus Christ.

Peace be with you.
commented 2018-08-29 22:54:36 -0400

Interesting, and this from a left wing site:
“The election of Donald Trump created an atmosphere verging on panic in Ottawa. How else to explain the Trudeau PMO decision to bring in disgraced former Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney — he of the Airbus payoffs in brown paper bags — to advise them on what to do about the Trump promise to kill NAFTA.

Justin Trudeau and his close advisers fully expected to be dealing with Hillary Clinton following the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Secretary Clinton had been brought to Canada as a guest of Canada 2020, the think-tank close to Team Trudeau.

With Mulroney advising, and the Business Council of Canada and its president John Manley calling the shots, Team Trudeau opted to get out in front of Trump on NAFTA by calling for a renegotiation of the three-way treaty."

Yet with all that assistance he still is inept and ineffectual, and pissed off Trump intentionally. Sad.
commented 2018-08-29 22:47:08 -0400
Amy Lynn commented 21 mins ago
Seems Ezra is lying here.

Take your LIAR Bolshevik BS propaganda back to Syria or wherever your sorry a$$ is from – you knobgobblin TruDope knobber.
Are you Climate Barbey?? The stupidest Climatard alive???
& Take your 72% of Canadians & stuff it where the sun don’t shin you Bolshevik ho!
You phuckin LIAR!
commented 2018-08-29 22:46:14 -0400
2019 . . . Canada keeps the Dairy Cartel . . . loses the entire Auto Sector to Michigan!

Trump is playing 3D Chess . . . . Justin and Christia are playing Checkers.

So Sad that 39% of Dopy Canooks, the Media and UNIFOR put us in this fix !
commented 2018-08-29 22:42:25 -0400
“To be honest, I am actually surprised that Trudeau has some balls here.”

Balls? Trudeau? No, he is all show and no go.

i.e.: If he “had balls” he would have talked hard during the meeting but instead he waited for Trump to leave then trash talked about him behind his back, ever so childish.

“Suggestion to world leaders: If you have something to say to President Donald Trump, say it to his face, not behind his back. Doing otherwise could cost you “bigly.”
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau learned this lesson the hard way when, following Trump’s early departure from the G-7 economic summit over the weekend, he held a press conference to take a few digs at his American counterpart.
During the presser Trudeau dinged Trump over proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, saying that “Canadians did not take it lightly that the United States has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry.”
He also complained that he found the tariffs “kind of insulting.”
Before the conclusion of the press conference the Canadian prime minister added that he was “happy to announce that we have released a joint communique by all seven countries.”
Though Trump had originally backed the joint statement (or communique), that changed once he heard about his Canadian counterpart’s remarks.

In a series of scathing tweets posted Saturday evening, the president backed out of the communique and excoriated Trudeau for his backhanded behavior: Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2018 PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, “US Tariffs were kind of insulting” and he “will not be pushed around.” Very dishonest & weak. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2018"

Trudeau wants to intentionally tank the economy.
commented 2018-08-29 22:20:54 -0400
Seems Ezra is lying here. He doesn’t give a specific source for Trudeau refusing Trump’s phonecall (on record, Trudeau called Trump Monday). Ezra, mind telling your readers what specific “Foreign Press” claimed this? As of right now looks like more Trudeau Derangement Syndrome propaganda.
commented 2018-08-29 22:14:53 -0400
So far, here are the facts:

1. Trump and Trudeau spoke Monday afternoon. It was Trudeau who called Trump.
2. 72% of Canadians polled believe that Trump is at fault for the current Canada/US relationship.