December 15, 2017

Want a government grant? Pledge belief in Trudeau’s politics on transgender “expression”

Rebel Staff

We’ve shown you Paul Wolscht before. He’s a 54 year old, husband and dad with a bunch of kids that one day decided he wanted to be a six year old girl.

He’s a troubled man.

You don’t need to be mean to a troubled man. Most importantly, you want to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself, or other people.

I'm sure his family's been through a lot, and they might have some things to say about him by virtue of their connection to him. But you and me, strangers?

Well, I take the libertarian view — don’t bug me, and I won’t bug you, and let’s hope this guy finds some peace.

But the libertarian idea of everyone minding their own business, isn’t really allowed anymore in Canada.

With the passage of Bill C-16 this summer, you now have to accommodate Paul Wolscht for his gender identity and gender expression — Zhe and zher.

That’s what got Professor Peterson so revved up — he opposed being compelled to say things he didn't believe. That’s a violation of the most basic principles of personal liberty.

Just like you can’t force Paul Wolscht to think a certain way, he can’t force you either. That’s the main point of the Charter which binds government conduct.

But the news now is that there’s an “attestation” that all employers must sign in order to receive a job grant to hire people for the summer.

Why should you have to confirm Trudeau’s political opinions before you can get a jobs grant?

This isn’t about protecting someone from being beat up or protecting someone from genocide, or even about stopping discrimination against the Paul Wolschts of the world, and I’ll prove it to you.

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