December 21, 2017

Trudeau the first PM to break anti-bribery laws — but the Media Party barely cares

Rebel Staff

As we reported back in January, the prime minister accepted a massive personal gift from someone he hardly new: a luxury vacation for Trudeau, his family and other Liberal insiders, on a private island in the Bahamas, owned by billionaire religious leader, the Aga Khan.

Then Trudeau cut a $55 million cheque from taxpayers to one of the Aga Khan’s projects.

And Trudeau and his staff illegally hid it from the Ethics Commissioner, and lied about it to journalists.

Yesterday, the Ethics Commissioner released her report:

Justin Trudeau broke the Conflict of Interest Act on four counts. He's the first prime minister in history to break this law.

I'll take you through her report, but here's just one key point:

Trudeau claimed he was old friends with the Aga Khan, knew him from when he was a kid. But the truth is, other than a handshake at his dad’s funeral, Trudeau hasn't had any "private or personal interactions with the Aga Khan between 1983 and the fall of 2013, a span of 30 years."

So what did Trudeau have to say yesterday? He sounded like a stumbling, bumbling buffoon. His written response wasn’t much better.

The Ethics Commissioner waited until Parliament was over for Christmas to release this report. It could have come out a week earlier, or waited two weeks. But it was released in the dead zone of Christmas.

It’s an inside job, isn’t it?

It’s not just Trudeau and his staff.

It’s the whole rotting system, including the Media Party:

Half of them are already burying this story, and by January they'll be calling it boring, old news...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Fernando Menendez brings us an update on the deteriorating situation in Venezuela; Claudia Rosett comes on to discuss Trump, Netanyahu and the UN vote.

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