December 27, 2017

SPECIAL! “Canada's leading public intellectual,” Dr. Jordan Peterson, looks back on his extraordinary year

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Between Christmas and New Year's, we're reviving a tradition we began last year: Bringing you in-depth conversations with some of The Rebel's most popular, fascinating and knowledgeable guests.

Tonight: Dr. Jordan Peterson has been one of my fave interviews this year.

He's Canada's leading public intellectual, and I believe he's making a bigger, real life difference on people's lives than almost anyone I can think of.

I remember when I first saw Peterson surrounded by a screaming mob on the University of Toronto campus, and standing up to these social justice warriors instead of cowering.

If you're anything like me, you love hearing Dr. Peterson speak, so enough from me: Watch and enjoy!

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commented 2018-01-05 17:04:50 -0500
Dr. Peterson is one of my favorites. A Canadian university professor – you’d think he’d be a Marxist tool not a defender of basic human rights. I’ve seen a bunch of his videos at this point. Great stuff. I have his book on pre-order. Been following the Bible series as well. I would recommend it as well.
commented 2017-12-29 22:44:17 -0500
Judy I could not agree more.
Mike K. ( and Jordan Peterson) you are correct, making concessions to the left is as pointless as making deals with the devil. Blood in the water. They will devour anyone who shows that sort of weakness.. ‘Never apologize for what we say, believe and know is right’. I become more resolute everyday partly because of Jordan Peterson and partly because of the Rebel and Ezra. I believe we are indeed in the fight of our lives and these two from their different corners are leading the fight. Peterson becoming emotional has happened a few times when he is speaking from the heart which he always does. His humble passion never fails to produce a lump in my throat. He is a shining light in these troubled times, a real beacon. I have no doubt that this new endeavor will be a wonderful addition to education with real value for our society. Jordan Peterson gives me hope. God love him.
commented 2017-12-29 20:05:30 -0500
Space Moose, If you don’t “get” why we like Jordan Peterson, there’s no point trying to explain it.
commented 2017-12-29 16:02:19 -0500
Love, like this pouring out of the heart of Jordan Peterson, is embedded in the heart of those on the right. Sad that the ‘world’ is against it and yet we all know that the world will hate those who really care about others. Many here may not agree, this is my own view, but I have always believed that the left is demonic, and that those entrapped do not necessarily realize they are trapped by wrong ideology, envy and hatred. The main reason for my belief is that the leaders lie with impunity, deliberately, spitefully, and knowingly to lead people astray and to devour them. I always thank God for any person who stands up to them. The left’s hatred of humanity and human creativity, such as that found in the form of laissez-faire capitalism, is proof of their source: the enemy of mankind.
commented 2017-12-29 03:00:11 -0500
Dr. Peterson – a compassionate, intellectual rebel who clearly sees a need, as evidenced by the letters he has received, and is taking action. He’ll be there when post secondary institutions implode. He’s on to something that will benefit future Canadians. I hope he becomes insanely rich.
commented 2017-12-28 15:04:35 -0500
I enjoy Dr. Peterson’s interviews, lectures and videos. He is an incredibly smart and precise individual.

Marxists don’t particularly enjoy what he has to say, he is a truth teller; he identifies why, who, where & how society has been corrupted.

I look forward to release of his latest book – 12 Rules for Life

Jordan B Peterson – YouTube channel (many excellent series of talks)
commented 2017-12-28 13:41:37 -0500
Great interview with Jordan Peterson! Thanks Ezra.
commented 2017-12-28 11:49:47 -0500
I see greatness in that man, Jordan Peterson.
commented 2017-12-28 02:39:00 -0500

Building a Just Society
ETFO is a catalyst for promoting dialogue and action on equity and social justice in classrooms, schools and communities. Along with professional resources and training on human rights issues to assist members in building inclusive classrooms, ETFO publicly promotes social justice causes and supports coalitions and grassroots groups with similar aims. Its overseas programs advance education interests and the rights all people, especially women and girls.
commented 2017-12-28 02:14:24 -0500
Thank you Prof. Peterson and thank you Ezra for having him on. There are many things to take from that interview, but one stuck with me. It may not be the most important, but I agree that we should never apologize for what we say, believe and know is right. Once we try to apeize by apologizing, the leftist regressives win and it’s seen as a sign of weakness to them.
I also find Prof. Peterson very easy to listen to contrary to what has been said below. He’s articulate while not speaking as if he’s above you and rarely if ever an “um” or an “ah”.
commented 2017-12-28 01:13:58 -0500
He is one smart man. Hard to believe there are idiots who attack him and call him ignorant while thinking Justin is smart.
commented 2017-12-27 23:55:53 -0500
Thank you Ezra, great interview. How the leftist discourse and education are demoralizing our young people and destroying their motivation and intelligence is such a shame. Many thanks to Dr. Peterson for his work and dedication.
commented 2017-12-27 21:56:59 -0500
Great interview, Ezra. In spite of what Space Moose says, Dr. Jordan Peterson is brilliant, engaging, informative, extremely knowledgeable in his field of study, and very interesting to listen to. Not by trolls perhaps, but certainly by anyone with even a modicum of intellectual curiosity.
commented 2017-12-27 21:25:25 -0500
Enjoyed the interview. This is the way any interview should lean towards… the host letting the guest speak. (and I would think that in this medium, such a thing is more viable than commercial ladened time tables)
I’ve enjoyed listening to Jordan Peterson for the last year. I’ve listened to over 3/4 of his stuff. I guess I have a longer attention span than some others who have made comments.

Frankly frees speech and freedom of religion are the two sides of the same coin. I’m glad to see what he and other who are working with him are accomplishing.
commented 2017-12-27 21:04:19 -0500
Dr. Peterson alluded to a future video with two Wilfrid Laurier University professors and that video was actually released yesterday (Boxing Day) with noticeably improved production values compared to his previous releases.
commented 2017-12-27 20:53:10 -0500
OMG that was a great interview Ezra. Can we get Dr Jordan Peterson an award or crown to wear.
With the right finance minister Dr. Peterson would make the best PM of Canada.
Happy New Year.
commented 2017-12-27 20:07:57 -0500
I find the professor to be very boring. I watched a number of his videos, watched him on the rebel, and even sat through when he co hosted the Andrew Lawton show. He is long winded and, too academic, and is not all that good of a communicator.

I don’t see what is so special about him. Aside from the trans thing, what else has he really done?