December 29, 2017

SPECIAL: Lorne Gunter on Alberta's past, present — and future

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Between Christmas and New Year's, we're reviving a tradition we began last year: Bringing you in-depth conversations with some The Rebel's most popular, fascinating and knowledgeable guests.

Tonight: Senior Columnist with the Edmonton Sun Lorne Gunter joins me for a long-form interview.

I've known Lorne for over 20 years, going back to our days working for Alberta Report magazine, where many careers in Canadian conservative commentary were launched.

(In fact, Lorne's family welcomed me into their home back when I was in law school, and he shares a reminiscence about that!)

One idea behind the Alberta Report is one we've carried on here at The Rebel:

That what happens in that province impacts all of Canada.

Lorne explains how Alberta has changed over the years. He debunks some myths about the province's politics and culture, reviews Premier Notley's time in office, muses on Jason Kenney's chances for success, disses the "smug, pretentious" Alberta Party — and talks about so much more.

Even if you're not an Albertan, I think you'll find Lorne's comments thought provoking!


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commented 2018-01-05 18:08:32 -0500
I’d love to see the NDP lose their party status in the next election.
commented 2017-12-30 18:30:35 -0500
Miss the Alberta Report. Greatest little news journal at the time. From what I remember, Papa Doc hated the Byfields even more than Baby Doc hates Mr. Levant.

Other note, McKenzie County, just North of me, is having a Natural Gas supply problem that did not exist previously. This during -35 to -40 temperatures. Just want to congratulate Marg, the invisible energy minister, for being successful in her policy to create energy short-falls which create real hardship for real people, the true NDP policy. Also, the even more invisible MLA, if that is possible to be more invisible than Marg, from High Level whose riding this crisis is in. “Ideology before human suffering”, the motto of the New Demoncratic Party. I was glad Mr. Gunter did not say these two absolutely useless MLAs were the two likely rural ones to be elected.

But then, those two are looking towards employment in BC like the invisible energy recommended to out of work blue collar workers due to NDP policy, right Marg?
commented 2017-12-30 16:10:29 -0500
… CVraig: Excellent quote from a movie I have seen too many times!
commented 2017-12-30 14:00:10 -0500
Ian Foulds & Deborah Graupner ( and others) I applaud your comments as you’re right on the mark !
I would caution all of us however that we simply cannot take for granted that Kenny will steam roll Notley even though I hope &. believe he will we still need to fight the good fight & motivate as many as we can against the tyranny of this NDP Liberalism socialism experiment .

There a difference between us . You think people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it !
William Wallace
commented 2017-12-30 13:26:15 -0500
Ron Joseph ,It’s a start . Only a start.
commented 2017-12-30 13:04:19 -0500
when Jason becomes premier will he invoke the notwithstanding clause against any federal carbon tax? with all the talk about health care by the ndipsticks they sure like to to do their best to downgrade it outside of their areas of their base of support…check out what they’ve done to rural health care centers…
commented 2017-12-30 13:02:06 -0500
Multa Ween—-said, “Notley and her gang of Communists have to be politically destroyed, obliterated, humiliated, decimated and annihilated.”
BC did that to the NDP in 2001, leaving them with 2 seats. One of them was Carol James, who we didn’t think was too threatening because she couldn’t add or subtract.
Now James is the NDP FINANCE MINISTER. We have a rough ride ahead.
commented 2017-12-30 12:50:05 -0500
… If Notley and Trudeau had achieved their agenda of destroying Alberta’s fossil fuel industry, most of us would have been wiped out by this week of brutal cold.
… Resignation is what a decent person would do.
commented 2017-12-30 12:33:54 -0500
Deborah Graupner—Very accurate post on Notley’s destruction where you said, " They have done everything they can to cripple our economy. but I think they are going to ramp up the destruction."
I believe she will ramp up the destruction with a 12cent increase on gas, starting tomorrow. That is going to hurt Alberta even more than it would hurt BC, as so many Albertans have to drive trucks, while in BC many of us do what I did and bought a 50 MPG car to use when I don’t need my truck.
commented 2017-12-30 12:26:03 -0500
I think Jason’s political experience at the federal level can only help us. The liberals handpicked Andrew Scheer to steal the opposition party, and Canada could not be in a worse situation under this weak link. I cringe at what is going to happen under junior the globalist puppet, who is worshipping Islam, in order to destroy Canada. He certainly isn’t smart enough to do it on his own, he’s been bought and paid for, and is being used to distract those who foolishly believe that government cares at all about the citizens. They care about feathering their own nests, and the power they have over the people. It’s shameful how we are allowing the liberals, NDP and the UN to run roughshod over our country.
commented 2017-12-30 12:11:54 -0500
Running up the score isn’t thought of well in sports .but in Alberta politics , that is exactly what is needed!
Notley and her gang of communists need to be politically destroyed,obliterated ,humiliated ,desimated and anhilated.
Nothing short of this is acceptable!
If we are going to turn this made in Canada disaster around ,Alberta has to be the start.
Conservatives throughout Canada need to join in the effort . Moral support, financial support and even volunteer support if necessary to politically finish off Notley.
commented 2017-12-30 11:14:01 -0500
IAIN FOULDS, I agree “Scheer is just a Mr. Dress Up, when our country needs a William Wallace.” There are other variations on that theme. Another I have heard is ‘We need a bulldog, and, instead, we have a Cheshire cat’. I would suggest, ‘The CPC has a Neville Chamberlain as a leader, when our country needs a Winston Churchill’. Saw the movie about Churchill, Darkest Hour: yesterday, which included a great line from Churchill in reference to one of his cowardly opponents, as being ‘a sheep in sheep’s clothing’.
commented 2017-12-30 10:53:58 -0500
Excellent interview with Lorne Gunter, as always.
commented 2017-12-30 10:44:03 -0500
… Deborah: The tide has turned. However, due to it’s relative isolation and protection by the States, Canada is possibly the slowest country to catch on.
… That is why there remains dinosaur of the Left like Notley and Trudeau.
… Our best hope for 2018 is a new leader for the federal Conservatives. Scheer is just a Mr. Dress Up, when our country needs a William Wallace.
commented 2017-12-30 10:31:17 -0500
I can’t wait until the fireworks begin in our legislature in 2018. Being that Jason Kenney accomplished what nobody else dared, and pulled it off to a tee, I agree with Lorne, I’m optimistic that we can correct the train that’s gone off the rails under our commie leader Notley. The devastation that she has caused will take decades to recover from.She and her destroyers need to be exposed for the traitors that they are. They’ve done everything they can to cripple our economy, but I think they are going to ramp up the destruction. I’m thankful that we actually have a voice in Jason Kenney, and I’m hoping Notley is shaking in her boots right now. Though I suspect Trudeau is assisting her behind the scenes, along with the wicked witch of the east. Kenney must expose the level of corruption and deceipt that encompasses, not only Alberta, but Canada as a whole. We are on the eve of destruction under Notley, the clown prince Trudeau, and their partners in corruption!
commented 2017-12-30 10:05:09 -0500
… Great to see Lorne supporting Rebel.
… Not like all those other pathetic “conservative” politicians and columnists.
commented 2017-12-30 01:00:49 -0500
Only have a future if we boot out Notley.
commented 2017-12-29 23:17:24 -0500
I appreciate Lorne sticking with us. He always seems to surf above the fray. Awesome interview with, as Ron Voss says, one of the few seriously normal journalists out there.
commented 2017-12-29 21:30:35 -0500
Lorne Gunter one of the few seriously normal journalists out there.
commented 2017-12-29 21:27:15 -0500
I subscribed to Alberta Report magazine for many years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ted Byfield was a great common sense Conservative commentator. I have a wonderful book called The Book of Ted which is a collection of his editorials