February 05, 2018

Trudeau's townhall trainwreck: The three stupidest things he said (that the Media Party ignored)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As I get older, I’m more careful about calling people stupid. So, I hate to say it, but:

Our prime minister, Justin Trudeau — I actually think he’s stupid.

This stupidity was on display at one of his recent "townhall" event.

For example, a woman in the audience asked him a smart, compassionate, but pretty softball question, and she used the word "mankind."

But for some weird reason, Trudeau felt like, before answering, he had to put that woman in her place. He had to mansplain to her — a woman, who was talking about maternal love — that she was being sexist, that "we" now say "peoplekind."

That's not a thing. “Humankind” is sort of a thing. But there is no such word as "peoplekind." And, no, “we” do not say it. No-one does — I checked.

TONIGHT I'll show you what I mean, and share some other clips, much worse, from Trudeau's townhall that should really get you mad:

Trudeau doing the same emotional bullying to an army vet, and Trudeau equating Italian and Greek Canadians to ISIS terrorists.

Every single major TV network was there, covering this townhall. Did you see this on any newscast? Of course not.

Is Justin Trudeau stupid? No, actually, I take that back. He thinks we are.

He thinks we are dazzled by his selfies and how “woke” he is.

He thinks he can equate ISIS terrorists with Italian-Canadians; he thinks he can give $10.5 million to an Al Qaida terrorists, but fight veterans in court over a few thousand bucks.

And he’s gotten away with it so far.

Yeah, maybe he’s not the stupid one after all — maybe we are.

NEXT: Author and commentator Andrew Klavan and I talk about how times have changed since the Watergate era — these days, journalists have found themselves defending the "Deep State" they used to rail against, all because Trump is the president now.

Andrew calls it "the scandal within the scandal" that is "Obama-gate".

THEN: We're so proud and honoured that Dr. Sebastian Gorka has joined us here at The Rebel.

You've already enjoyed his first daily video reports — I can watch them again and again. 

Tonight, Dr. Gorka joins me via Skype to talk about his impressive background, his time in the Trump White House, the president's challenges going forward, and so much more.

FINALLY: Your messages to me, about Friday's monologue on M-103 and more.

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commented 2018-02-07 16:53:17 -0500
We say “people kind!” Who is the “we” he’s referring to? Him and his globalist tribe in the liberal party, or was he speaking for all Canadians, like he tends to do. He doesn’t and never will speak for me!
commented 2018-02-07 14:50:08 -0500
Trudeau now says his peoplekind correction was just a joke ha ha. I’m not laughing. He was dead serious and he is trying now to walk back his bizarre apperance at the town hall.
It’s all around the world and it’s just a tad late to be trying a recovery.
He is such an embarrassment to the Nation.
commented 2018-02-07 08:44:59 -0500
Did you see the CBC segment covering these horrible gaffes?
Me neither. Fox news and pretty much the entire internet covered it.
Weird, huh?
commented 2018-02-07 02:49:09 -0500
Henry Vee Vee… My youngest son and his bride, both Canadian born, now live and work in Perth, W.A…. I can only hope and pray that reality prevails when they start a family… Up to now Australia has been a pillar or common sense… That’s the Ozzie spirit over the centuries… And they have East Asia above them as a daily reminder of what can happen to individual freedom when not protected… God help you…
commented 2018-02-06 23:03:48 -0500
As a new Aussie subscriber, in the southern state of Victoria where we have a premier, Daniel Andrews, who models himself after Traudeau I feel out of touch locally…I voted against Mark Latham, and I stand by that, as I think he was only “red pilled” after that loss to John Howard, who was, apart from the Iraq WMD debacle, the best PM we had since Menzies *Robert not David – and so, although I am using Canada as a kind of early warning system, alongside the UK, I really would appreciate a voice of reason from the south, on the Rebel, and maybe you could tell Mark he hasn’t made any new content this year, which is rather disappointing. Congratulations on getting the Gorka – that guy is engaging, savvy, and loves life – you have to smile sometimes, but we do live in evil times. Just an update on my state: since Andrews has come in we now have homosexual “marriage” as well as euthanasia and FULL TERM abortion. This is the most dangerous place in the whole world to be under 9 months old.
commented 2018-02-06 16:11:06 -0500
Brian Smith: Please do not denigrate peanut butter and jam, one of my favorite sandwiches………..
commented 2018-02-06 15:46:45 -0500
The moniker “Trudope” does not just apply to the obsession with marijuana……..
commented 2018-02-06 14:02:51 -0500
"peoplekind"is not a word, just like islamaphobia, however, imbecile is a word.
commented 2018-02-06 13:22:06 -0500
"peoplekind"is not a word, just like islamaphobia, however, imbecile is a word.
commented 2018-02-06 12:56:13 -0500
Trudeau and Stupid, like peanut butter and jam.
commented 2018-02-06 12:43:51 -0500
Something I’ve noticed about PM Small Potatoes. When speaking publicly, he mostly attempts to keep his voice soft and comforting, only raising it when he feels the need to out-emote another person. He can’t really do that in the House of Commons, which is probably why he spends so little time there.
commented 2018-02-06 10:26:09 -0500
You will notice how the Tater Tot always pronounces Omar Khadr’s name and other Arabic words so precisely. He doesn’t do it for Greeks, Italians or Portuguese. Go back and listen to him again. When he gets to Khadr he uses the guttural “Hchadr”. No surprise that he prefers ISIS terrorists over Canadian veterans. Here is the video that put me on to this preference:
commented 2018-02-06 10:16:34 -0500
Canada was once a proud nation. Our troops fought well above their weight. Our scientists produced wonders like the A.V.Roe Arrow; the Allouette-1 satellite that, despite NASA’s fears, performed for 10 flawless years ( and is probably still in orbit); Canadian scientists helped put Armstrong’s foot prints on the moon and pioneered the CANDU heavy water reactor system, still the safest reactor system in the world. Canada excelled at everything her citizens tried; from the beaches of Normandy, where our troops advanced further and faster than any other nation’s, to the shores of the Sea of Tranquility, CANADA lead the way.

And now, with so many accomplishments to celebrate; with Canadians daily, not following in, but making the foot prints of giants; now we are shamed by this fool in Ottawa. Our nations proud history, her record of pioneering where others fell behind, her CANDU spirit ( ha ha) and her generations of questing, achieving Canadians are all shamed by the stupidities of this ignorant we must call Prime Minister.

But not for long. For in Canada we no longer say ‘Trudeau’. We say go back to your Laurentian elites and stay there.

commented 2018-02-06 10:13:12 -0500
I hope the conservatives are just biding their time. When the election comes I would love to see clips turdo with omar and his stupid comments all put together. Even my dog hates this POS. He barks at the TV and turdo knows what he is saying. I think the dog may be arrested under M103 for Islamophobia.
commented 2018-02-06 09:52:43 -0500
The Tater Tot is both stupid and evil. A deadly combination.
commented 2018-02-06 09:52:40 -0500
Note to voters, especially Ontario; CAN WE PLEASE ELECT AN ADULT NEXT TIME?!
commented 2018-02-06 09:52:30 -0500
Note to voters, especially Ontario; CAN WE PLEASE ELECT AN ADULT NEXT TIME?!
commented 2018-02-06 09:48:08 -0500
Canadians deserve the government they get.
commented 2018-02-06 09:26:37 -0500
Junior is not stupid but he is not all that bright either. He is trapped in a world of far left SJW and environmental extremism. He is an ideologue who does not have the real world experience, insight or intellectual acuity to perceive the fatal flaws of his various positions. He cannot navigate his way out of the Liberal echo chamber he finds himself in. He believes in Liberal dogma as exposed by Gerald Butts and he acts upon it faithfully. Sad.
commented 2018-02-06 09:21:32 -0500
Krispy Larue – he’s definitely entertaining in his arrogance and stupidity. If I wasn’t a mother and grandmother, and didn’t care about what the future holds, I would be just like that simpleton. But having lived through his father’s reign, we the adults need to step it up and keep this lunatic on a leash, in order to protect what is left of our democracy.
commented 2018-02-06 09:20:32 -0500
EZRA , super great show last night.
The CRIMEMINISTER is finding out that an increasingly number of his town halls are turning into woodsheds .

DR GORKA : what a prize !!!
commented 2018-02-06 09:12:30 -0500
Junior is just the puppet, the distraction for those who are really running our country into the ground. Trudeau is not smart enough to pull off this take over of Canada by himself. He probably doesn’t even dress himself, he’s so childish and immature. The last election was stolen from Harper because there are people though out our government and institutions, like Elections Canada, and more importantly the UN, through the unions, that ensured that this snake was elected. He’s never finished anything in his life, and was raised to look down on the masses. Anything he says is lie, which is why he can’t speak in question period without his earbud. I’ll bet Gerald the traitor is feeding him his lines, trying to keep him from looking like the complete idiot that he is.
commented 2018-02-06 08:44:30 -0500
Liberals! Your government has turned hard socialist on you. Open your eyes and think for yourselves. Trudeau is a special kind of stupid. Please don’t ruin this once great country by voting him in again.
You (liberals), may call the conservatives alot of things. But in the end, you will call us RIGHT.
commented 2018-02-06 08:22:22 -0500
You should have shown a tiny bit more of the “people kind” clip, Ezra. To me the only thing more embarrassingly stupid than Trudeau’s condescending remark was the pathetic brain dead crowd that actually cheered him on for putting down the woman trying to have her question heard.
commented 2018-02-06 07:20:50 -0500
Trudeau made Fox News again this morning with his “mankind” issue at the town hall.
Just think .If he is scolding people for using language not in his vocabulary, imagine when he is empowered by Sharia 103 .
At least the moron is being showed up as the fool he is in the American media.
commented 2018-02-06 06:42:14 -0500
After watching quite a few of the Clown Prince’s videos it appears he has a standard scripted answer to almost any question. And it rambles on and on. That answer doesn’t make sense to almost all the questions posed. Yes, I believe the Clown Prince is either very stupid or just over his head.

Either way , he has to go and soon.
commented 2018-02-06 03:56:05 -0500
Rebelation Rebelation commented…
“No Ezra, it’s both – Trudeau is so stupid, he thinks we’re stupid. And we’re not stupid, but the ppl that voted for him are.”

Haven’t you heard? Justin’s got all the answers. We’re just not wise enough to “see the light”.

Deborah Graupner commented…
“His absolute arrogance makes my skin crawl! Trying to make sense of his nonsense is crazy making at best. How can anyone understand his foolish babble.”

But you have to admit, it’s great entertainment! Great fodder for small talk at the water cooler the next day.
commented 2018-02-06 03:42:33 -0500
“Actually, we like to say people-kind, not necessarily man-kind.”

Unreal. Who is “we”? JT is a walking parody. Let’s call him Prime Minister Newspeak.

FYI Trudeau, there have been Italian and Greek communities across North America since the 19th century. Just south of your Townhall event in Nanaimo is the Juan de Fuca Strait, discovered in 1592 by what you might call the first Greek-Canadian Ioannis Phokas, aka Juan de Fuca.