February 21, 2018

“Weird and childish”: Trudeau's India trip “a cosplay fantasy dress-up party”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Why is Justin Trudeau wearing so many costumers on his India trip?

I don’t mean the occasional tip of the hat to a local ethnic custom of requirement. Every politician does — every person would. If you go to a Jewish synagogue, you put on a little yarmulke, but you’re not pretending you’re Jewish.

It's a dress code really — like, you wouldn’t go into the Vatican wearing short shorts and a halter top.

But Justin Trudeau isn’t just going on a tourist’s junket through India — he’s doing some weird dress up thing, too.

Just how many costumes did Trudeau bring to India? He clearly put more time and planning into this week-long fantasy cosplay party than he did into any business or diplomatic purposes in India.

It’s also weird because he doesn’t quite get it.

Look, there are eccentric, vain people who are very rich. Just think of weird rock stars and their indulgences. But Trudeau isn’t a billionaire or a rock star. On his own, he couldn’t get the Taj Mahal shut down, inconveniencing 35,000 people, just for a photo shoot.

No, he can only do that with the resources of our Canadian government.

He’s trading on our reputation in the world, to live the Kardashian lifestyle. It's weird and childish.

One moment he’s playing the role of a party boy at a gay pride parade. The next moment he’s dressed in traditional Pakistan garb, in a hard-line mosque.

Canada's Media Party loves to play along. Because I suppose it’s more fun for them, too, than trying to think of smart questions to ask about economics or diplomacy or military matters.

And now add in the promise that every Canadian journalist is about to get a big bail-out from Trudeau.

It’s embarrassing that our media has gone along with it. Were it not for the rebellion of India’s media this past week, we’d have no critical coverage of our costume party playboy prime minister at all.

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Breitbart's Joel Pollak and I talk about the media's reaction to the Mueller indictments; then Billy Hallowell, senior editor of FaithWire, comes on to discuss gay Olympic skater Adam Rippon's snipes at VP Mike Pence.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-02-25 20:27:02 -0500
Looks like cultural appropriation on steroids.
commented 2018-02-25 20:25:13 -0500
Looks like cultural appropriation on steroids.
commented 2018-02-24 10:52:24 -0500
I see a disturbing pattern emerging here. Hanging with Khadr and Khadr’s brother-in-law, Boyle and, now, Atwal. Who’s next and who DON’T we know about?
commented 2018-02-23 13:10:57 -0500
Atwal, Trudeau, Boyle, Homolka, Bernardo, Magnota, Hitler, Goebles, Mengele and others of the same ilk: birds of a feather!
commented 2018-02-23 00:34:45 -0500
commented 2018-02-22 21:09:00 -0500
Mark Sherman… our own Ken doll…, good one!
I think Ken is equipped with a string that when pulled and released will utter a limited series of responses such as: ‘diversity is our strength’ and ‘Mr Speaker, unlike the previous government’. And unlike that Ktel offering of old, not many more, well you get the idea. Well I gotta go and rethink some things as basic as Space and Time!
commented 2018-02-22 17:50:48 -0500
I notice some comments already picking up on the Griswold parallel to the Canadian PM’s Indian Vacation. Our Australian PM has some faults of his own, but I must say Clark W Trudeau makes him look like Churchill.
commented 2018-02-22 16:30:37 -0500
All us rebel fans will all be called Nazis again by tomorrow .
Where are all the Liberal trolls gone ? Can still hear my cousin saying I like him when Trudeau first got in . Not much lately I wonder why ?
You think some one would tell little potato to get back in the box .
commented 2018-02-22 13:44:51 -0500
On the other hand, sarbjit kaur @sarbjitkaur1 thinks our PM’s Indian costumes are super cool. Check her Twitter Page for ‘support’ photos of herself and others wearing saris. Example:
My own tribute to Indian garb given @JustinTrudeau epic trip and fashion choices. With my sis-in-law @mistymeeks
commented 2018-02-22 13:36:10 -0500
All the best Prime Ministers came from Quebec according to the resident moron occupying the position.
Well he certainly is breaking that tradition
commented 2018-02-22 13:21:14 -0500
I bet that Gerald Butts secretly subscribes to your show, maybe even Trudeau. Otherwise, why does Butts mention The rebel so often. It must drive them both nuts to see a media outlet that criticizes them both so openly when they have most of the MSM in their pockets.
commented 2018-02-22 12:01:09 -0500
What an embarrassingly mentally ill Cuck
commented 2018-02-22 11:59:37 -0500
Butts isn’t going to be happy, some “alt-right Nazis” over at The Daily caller have picked up on the Trudeau Disaster in India. Ottawa Bureau Chief David Krayden has written an article called “Sikh Terrorist Convicted of Attempted Murder Gets Invite to Dine With Trudeau”.
commented 2018-02-22 11:50:07 -0500
- Trudeau can’t seem to help playing dress up wherever he goes. That’s what he cares about. He lives in a fantasy world, untouched by the consequences of his policies & unconcerned about his position as Prime Minister. It’s party time for him, paid for by the Canadian taxpayer.

- The reaction to Billy Graham’s death is disgusting but predictable. For the left it’s open war on Christianity. Yet they embrace the very people whos goal is to stone them to death, behead them & throw them off the tops of buildings. Leftism is a mental disorder & they prove it every time they open their mouths these days.

- The Mueller investigation is all about optics at this point – maintaining the illusion of their being a Trump scandal for the mainstream media (who ignored the endless scandals by the Obama administration).
commented 2018-02-22 11:31:34 -0500
And in keeping with Trudeau’s love for Terrorists or as he calls them; “returning foreign travelers”, Trudeau flew a Liberal supporting celebrity Chef from Vancouver to India to put on the Ritz for his entourage and Khalastani terrorist. Anything to keep the party rocking – on our dime.
According to a Liberal spokespeople, it is an “appropriate” & “accepted practice”. Entitled to their entitlements, is everything that is wrong with this Liberal Government.
#MTADTA (Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again)
commented 2018-02-22 11:11:20 -0500
Namaste Justin, may the bird of paradise fly up your______, ( insert choice of orifices)
commented 2018-02-22 10:31:08 -0500
Say it ain’t so. The Canadian Left Stream Media is being forced to report that Junior’s dinner invite to a Khalastani terrorist in India is an “embarrassment”. Ooh that’s really gotta hurt. Junior’s little vanity trip is starting to look a lot like the Hidenburg Disaster. Oh the humanity!
commented 2018-02-22 10:25:11 -0500
Appears as though the tax payer funded nuts trolling the Rebel are in silence today. (It’s a beautiful thing.)
There is simply nothing they can say to cover for Trudeau.
CBC and CNN are even reporting it in a big way. Although CBC does their very best to point out that Atwal, the convicted attempted murderer was in India on his own business. (Ya that’s why there are pictures with Sophie and Atwal from earlier in the week).Not buying it, sorry.
commented 2018-02-22 10:02:58 -0500
The economic harm this pm is actually doing to Canada, while running up the biggest debt ever, and making us the laffing stock of the world is pretty well out there for everyone to see .
The other world leaders are treating him like a forest GUMP , they’re just patting him on the head and rolling their eyes , and that folks is why he is known as Canada’s CRIMEMINISTER
commented 2018-02-22 09:37:44 -0500
The difference between liberty and freedom…. Freedom is when you find a cage door open and you can leave… Liberty is when you annihilate the one who tried to cage you.. Please quit using the term freedom and please use liberty..!!
commented 2018-02-22 09:35:39 -0500
“…we have to get Andrew Scheer elected as PM in 2019. He may not be trendy or flashy, but he does at least have a functioning brain with an IQ about twice that of PM Dressup…:

Not me, TED. I’ll be staying home or voting Libertarian.

Andrew Scheer
A Liberal steer
Dressed himself in blue.
Then took his stand
On climate change,
Just like turdo la doo.
commented 2018-02-22 09:11:59 -0500
Our own Ken doll…comes with an endless wardrobe, for any occasion.
commented 2018-02-22 09:06:52 -0500
John Williams. I wonder where all the academia and leftists are as well. They are usually all over anyone who they feel is appropriating someone else’s food, looks, history etc.
Stephan Harper’s statement that JT just isn’t ready. Can now be expanded to JT will never be ready.
If the east votes in the liberals in the next election. In my opinion the west will have no other option but to separate . In order to preserve our freedoms and western Canadian culture.
commented 2018-02-22 08:35:43 -0500
FYI there is a good article on the Canada Free Press site by Arthur Weinreb entitled “Trudeau: People who are cynical about institutions are lazy”. It contains video of a forum in India in which Junior was once again in front of a group of students.
commented 2018-02-22 08:19:30 -0500
My only hope is that this the last PM that we ever see from QUE.
commented 2018-02-22 07:32:57 -0500
Canada’s Peter Pan, who just can’t grow up. Every time something bad happens he reaches for his happy thought ( think meds), and then schools us pesky citizens on the virtues of love and harmony. Meanwhile the ship continues to sink.
commented 2018-02-22 07:28:01 -0500
I read somewhere that cows are treated as gods in India and these sacred cows can go where they please in that country.
If you try to prevent a cow from entering your home, you are committing a crime and can face legal charges and may even end up in jail.
Does that mean that princess Hasnobrains can go wherever she wants?
Can she enter any building she wants?
commented 2018-02-22 06:38:18 -0500
Mark Chadwick- the Griswolds indeed. Only this isn’t a movie; it is the tragicomic ruination of our country.
commented 2018-02-22 06:27:37 -0500
I was just thinking… Lord their three kids must be embarrassed by such a cheesy dad trying hard to be ‘cool’ and cosmopolitan.
commented 2018-02-22 06:23:50 -0500
This is what you get when you let a former part time drama teacher run a country (into the ground).

Trudeau makes an ass of himself everywhere he goes and all of Canada is embarrassed beyond belief.