February 22, 2018

Trudeau says veterans want too much — but look what he has money for now

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As you know, Justin Trudeau's townhall a few weeks ago went shockingly wrong.

Yes, he said "peoplekind," the gaffe that went around the world.

But that story drew attention away from something else Trudeau said at the same gathering, something much more important.

I'll show you the part when a Canadian Forces serviceman asked him about funding for our veterans.

See, Trudeau is fighting veterans in court. Because they’re "asking for more than he can give."

He didn’t fight Omar Khadr in court — Trudeau paid him $10.5 million. And he paid out three other people accused of having links with terrorism — $10 million each.

Now here's today's news, from the Ottawa news website Blacklocks:

The military proposes to install wind farms on army bases and encourage staff to bicycle to work under a climate change program.

How is this any different from the announcement earlier this month, that there will now be a “gender analysis” of military decisions?

By the way, it goes without saying, wind turbines are stupid. They don’t work when it’s not windy — or when it’s too windy. You need back-up power for the 95% of the time, so you’re really just buying two power systems.

You don’t want wind turbines near airforce bases — planes might hit them.

It’s the kind of stupid only Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna could think up.

Sorry, veterans. You’re just asking for too much, more than we can give.

Shut up now please — we have some global warming to stop...

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commented 2018-02-22 20:23:20 -0500
Canada – soon to be the new Sweden.

And do not blame the leader of the country.

Blame the Canadian voter that put him there.

The eastern “welfare provinces” went clean sweep liberal.

Kebec and Whine-terrio solidified it.

A few western seats and the land of loons on the west coast simply provided the icing on the cake

While I hope I am wrong, I believe he will be re-elected.
commented 2018-02-22 20:21:54 -0500
I wonder if there will be any military vehicles that will be replaced with bikes.