January 23, 2018

Two accused terrorists hired as “anti-radicalism consultants” — and you're paying their salaries

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Shocking news from Quebec: 

"Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali, two Montrealers acquitted of terrorism after three months of trial and over two years incarceration, will be consultants for the Center for Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRMV), learned La Presse.”

Now, it’s technically true that these two men were "acquitted of terrorism" — just last month, actually.

But one was convicted of having explosives, and both are banned from a number of terrorist-oriented activities.

And just last week, the crown appealed, so they might yet be convicted.

Even if they win their appeal — how can you have them consorting with other would-be jihadis, when according to the Toronto Star that’s one of the prohibitions that still apply to them?

The fact that these two have pled "not guilty" shows they have not acknowledged their evil and repented. The opposite. They say they did nothing wrong; they fought their first convictions, they’re fighting this appeal.

So who is this group, the CPRMV?

They're taxpayer funded, for one thing: $1.2 million from the Ministry of Public Security in Quebec. Another $700,000 from the city of Montreal.

This is the Liberal Party’s approach to accused terrorists.

Justin Trudeau himself said that these jihadist terrorists coming back from Syria have a lot to offer.

And if you disagree you’re an Islamophobe.

This story was in French, in La Presse. What do you think the odds are that it will make the news on CBC’s The National tonight, or be on the front page of the Globe and Mail?

Or are they too busy distracting you with their punditry on Trump to let you know what’s being done to our country?

NEXT: Who better to help us dig deeper into this disturbing story than Quebec broadcaster Eric Duhaime?

THEN: Author and commentator Andrew Klavan comes on to explain why he thinks the "Democrats are playing women for fools."

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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commented 2018-01-23 20:59:56 -0500
Common people, Justin is playing us like a fiddle. His directives from the Open Society is to destabilize. Everything is says and does in parliament is supposed to outrage us and divide us. When we are broke and divided, we are super pliable.
commented 2018-01-23 20:58:12 -0500
I don’t mind you talking about President Trump because all the leftist media are smearing him. People become confused by inconsequencial issues like him saying a swear in private but they ignore his stellar performance in getting America working again. And this low-information viewer is exactly who the Marxists want to infect with their illogic. It’s like in Animal Farm when the sheep kept bleeting, “Four legs good – two legs bad!” Just mention Donald Trump and people will start fuming and sputtering in irrational rage. Why? Because that’s how they’ve been programmed to behave.
commented 2018-01-23 20:54:17 -0500
If we replaced Trudeau with patient from an Institution for the Criminally Insane, would anyone notice?
commented 2018-01-23 20:53:50 -0500
Hey Ezra. We all love Eric. Can you please bring him back to do regular individual talking head videos?
commented 2018-01-23 20:48:18 -0500
I would love to keep hearing about Trump from you Ezra, especially the contrast between his and Trudeau’s policies, at least keep reminding myself that a great leader is ruling right next door.
commented 2018-01-23 20:46:26 -0500
We are buggered, but then, we have been buggered ever since Pierre Trudeau was elected to head the Liberal Party of Canada.
commented 2018-01-23 20:44:30 -0500
The more stupid things the gov’t does the more hate they foment for strangers/refugees.
I get to hate the Liberals more and more; is that permitted?
commented 2018-01-23 20:44:01 -0500
About getting new Canadian reporters at the Rebel: Whatever happened to Christopher Wilson and Holly Nicholas. They are great reporters, but they haven’t posted anything since the first part of December.
commented 2018-01-23 20:40:07 -0500
About getting new Canadian reporters at the Rebel: Whatever happened to Christopher Wilson and Holly Nicholas. They are great reporters, but they haven’t posted anything since the first part of December.
commented 2018-01-23 20:37:36 -0500
Liberals and their ideology concerning radicalized Islamists & jihadists is dangerous and undermines our safety & security. This latest decision is another example of very poor judgement in order to advance a false narrative.
CBC will report on Trudeau’s Davos sock choice!

Excellent interview with Eric Duhaime.

Andrew Klavan made some very accurate observations about Trudeau and his “feminism”.

Phil, good luck with your book.
commented 2018-01-23 20:36:08 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,665 Attacks, 225,454 Killed, 304,788 Injured that we know of.

No new updates available since yesterday.
commented 2018-01-23 20:34:05 -0500
They wanted to give him $10M but that would offend Trudeau too much.
commented 2018-01-23 20:14:15 -0500
Hiring Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali to combat terrorism, is like hiring the fox and his brother-in-law to guard the hen house.