January 25, 2018

Trudeau doubles down on his war against Christians

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We told you about this bizarre new requirement to get a summer jobs grant in Canada.

Basically, this grant program is a subsidy for small companies, or non-profits, to hire young people for the summer. 

But there's a pecking order. Employers already had to say what race job candidates are, or what languages they speak.

And then, as we reported, the Trudeau Liberals added that companies and organizations had to swear they agree with Trudeau on moral issues, especially on "reproductive rights" —meaning abortion.

Our docile national media doesn’t much mind, but some religious leaders do. Catholic bishops across Canada are instructing their followers not to sign the attestation.

So this week, the Liberals put out what they call a "clarification" on the subject. Tonight I'll walk you through it, as they torture words like "mandate" and "respect" in weird ways.

This "clarification" was obviously written by people who have never a.) gone to a church or b.) run a company.

In other words, Liberals.

If I were a religious summer camp, or any other organization, I’d say: don’t take the money. The time it takes you to fill out all the forms, the invasiveness of it all — use that time to run your actual business and be free.

There are other things in life besides money. Freedom is important, and so is the rule of law, and limited government. They’re at risk.

I care — and I hope you do too.

NEXT: "It's like Trudeau ranks pro-lifers as worse than jihadists":

That's Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter's take on this issue, and tonight he joins me to talk about whether or not the prime minister's attitude will backfire on the Liberals.

THEN: New Brunswick PC MLA Brian Macdonald comes on to talk about the Nova Scotia fracking ban, which is costing his province dearly in terms of jobs and revenue.

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commented 2018-01-25 21:36:05 -0500
He a muslim terrorist basically just doing what he’s told by the muslim brotherhood and that other muslim terrorist organization ….the UN
commented 2018-01-25 21:31:46 -0500
Justin Trudeau begins to sound like Joseph Stalin, more and more, every day. He needs to be taken to a Mental Hospital to find out if he has a normal brain or just Camel Dung. We cannot wait until the next election because by the time that it is due, Canada will have become a Dictatorship. There will be no more Elections and before very long there will be no more White Canadians. As Katie Hopkins stated in one of her speeches. Old people, in the UK, are saying that they are happy that they are old, because they will not be around when the worst happens. Trudeau is following the same route.
commented 2018-01-25 21:30:46 -0500
There is a reason why somebody like Tommy does not want to be behind a pay wall. It is because most people will not see him.

Same thing applies to any guests to the rebel. Is it worth their time to come here, if they can only be seen by people that fork over the money?
commented 2018-01-25 21:26:11 -0500
Hadju and Trudeau clearly don’t understand what a Mission Statement is. LPC is insisting on a policy which is unconstitutional, churches and other organizations should band together and sue the government. This Attestation will not withstand a court challenge.

Excellent interview with Lorne Gunter, he is one of the few journalists who says what needs to be said. His article in the Sun a couple of days ago is very cogent. I am re-posting the link

Space Moose, you have already confirmed you don’t want to pay for a premium content subscription, so, you will only get a short clip tomorrow on the interview with PC MLA Brian McDonald. Too bad for you, it was a very interesting interview. Enjoy your clip!
commented 2018-01-25 21:25:15 -0500
I’m worried about this attestation form idea. What if it’s not only added to our tax forms but for pensioners like myself. Some government bureaucrat could raid my Facebook page and decide to cut me off disability because I hold the wrong views. I’m almost blind but that won’t matter to the thought police. My age, Christian beliefs, sex, and skin colour also would work against my continuing on disability in this Orwellian country we find ourselves living in. Will we see hoards of unpeople in the streets being conveyed to re-education camps? I sure hope and pray not.
commented 2018-01-25 21:21:37 -0500
Catholic Bishops (and all Christian leaders) should be advising their parishioners not to vote Liberal. Trudeau is anti-Christian.
commented 2018-01-25 21:13:13 -0500
This is how Liberals stack the system to ensure that those ideologues who don’t agree with them get squeezed out while promoting those who do. Yes comrade some of us appear to be more equal than others.
commented 2018-01-25 20:56:17 -0500
- Mark 8:36 – For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Globalist hate that passage. They’ve sold their souls for far less. Trudeau is a globalist & globalists want to exterminate Christianity. Trudeau doesn’t care if it’s moral or legal – his puppet masters pull the strings & he dances. The media party may as well stop pretending they are anything other than Liberal party hacks. The Liberal party is the party of the murder of innocents. We should expect them to act like decent people? To hell with the Liberal blood money. Baron Justin von Noveltysocks – love it.

- Contradictions – homeless people, some of them first nations people, some of them veterans are ignored while fake refugees are given housing & welfare as quickly as the government can get it for them. The water is still undrinkable on many reserves but the Liberals have tens on millions of dollars to hand out to convicted terrorists. These are Liberal values in action.

- Canada could be joining with the US to become an energy superpower, but the Trudeau Liberals are in charge. Fracking is safe. It’s a proven technology. The people of the Maritimes need to stop voting for the people that are turning them into parasites. That’s actually true of many parts of Canada come to think of it. Patrick Brown resigned today so perhaps there’s some hope in Ontario – we’ll see.

- The Liberals are committing a form of lawfare against the Canadian people. They bring in laws that are unconstitutional & then someone will have to take them to court to overturn them. A long drawn out & expensive process. This is absolutely disgusting.
commented 2018-01-25 20:50:54 -0500
If it creates jobs and makes money, don’t do it! ~ The Liberal Government.
commented 2018-01-25 20:45:44 -0500
Well of course no one is saying anything against the attestation there all Liberals and will not go against his holiness Trudeau 1
commented 2018-01-25 20:23:29 -0500
… Like that Ezra is focusing more on Trudeau and Canada.
commented 2018-01-25 20:14:59 -0500
Oh good. Conservative politicians are still coming onto the rebel to do interviews.

I really like it when the rebel gives much needed attention to the Maritimes.