January 30, 2018

Muslim immigration minister says Canadians are getting more hateful. He's the real bigot.

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of a horrible mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque. The trial has not yet occurred, but the accused murderer, Alexandre Bissonnette, has not been charged with terrorism or a hate crime, but with multiple counts of murder.

The political-media establishment say he is a terrorist, an Islamophobe, that he's far-right. But the only evidence offered up is who he "liked" on Facebook: Trump, Marine Le Pen — but he also "liked" Jack Layton, and feminist and atheist groups.

A trial could confirm that this was an Islamophobic attack — or it could up-end that. Just like the hijab hoax a few weeks ago in Toronto.

Yesterday, Ahmed Hussen, the Muslim migrant who has become our immigration minister, tweeted:

"We must all acknowledge & stand together against rising hatred & Islamophobia in Canada.”

I know there are a lot of Islamophobia hoaxes.

But you've got a Muslim migrant who is now a senior cabinet minister — isn’t that proof that Canada is not hateful?

Canada’s Muslim population has doubled in the past ten years — mainly through immigration. If we’re a hateful place, why are so many Muslims coming here? Why are they thriving here?

But we’re all hateful, except them. So it’s time for us to shut up, and to submit.

Do you know what the word "submit" is in Arabic?


NEXT: I continue exploring this issue with Christine Douglass Williams, author of The Challenge of Modernizing Islam.

THEN: The number two man at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, is out. Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com comes on to talk about what this means for Trump. 

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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commented 2018-01-30 21:31:53 -0500
The Challenge of Modernizing Islam is insurmountable! Delusional and dangerous to think so. Islam is Islam and gas been so 1400 years, there are no modifiers.
commented 2018-01-30 21:18:18 -0500
It is kind of hard to defend ourselves when half the government, municipal provincial and federal, our police force, judiciary and academics are now Muslim. I think we are kind of hooped for the time being. But eventually we need to uncover the back grounds of each and every one of these Muslims in positions of power in our country and identify if their agenda is really what Canadians are willing to live with.

We had better not wait too long and get on it the minute Justin is out of office. If the conservatives won’t do it we have to form a government which will. Accepting Muslims into the country to live with us is one thing, but Canadians shouldn’t have to put up with being lied about and bullied by them. This Islam supremacy is what we won’t stand for.

We must continue to use our words and peaceful actions to demonstrate to the Trudeau government that we are not happy with his alliance with Islam against average Canadians. They have forgotten who they work for.
commented 2018-01-30 21:11:05 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,688 Attacks, 225,692 Killed, 305,213 Injured that we know of.

No updates since yesterday.
commented 2018-01-30 21:09:37 -0500
… The true hatred of the Left for their own country, it’s culture and citizens, is becoming more obvious every day.
… That is really their only agenda, their only motivation.
… Everything else is lies. And, Trudeau is the worst.
commented 2018-01-30 21:06:24 -0500
We have to stop saying, “it may be, we don’t know yet”
What it is, is bloody unlikely! Especially in light of the part Mohammed Khadr plays in this story. No one knows exactly what role that is but it is a factor not to be ignored, as much as they want it to go away.
commented 2018-01-30 21:02:00 -0500
I would question getting more hateful, but getting more and more pissed off by all this pandering to the Muslim community and there various organizations, especially, NCCM, formerly, CAIR-Canada!
commented 2018-01-30 21:01:55 -0500
Screw you and screw the horse you rode in on Hidden. Sick of these mail order Muslims stirring up hate where it doesn’t exist.
commented 2018-01-30 21:01:22 -0500
I have been meaning to post a request for Ezra, please ask Joel Pollak to silence his phone during interviews…chiming is loud and distracting. It happens multiple times during every interview. Thank you.
commented 2018-01-30 20:59:37 -0500
On free speech, we’ll be free someday to agree with the government and whatever they want us to think. Seems like 1984 to me. Just like with the New Speak dictionary, the elites are using words as weapons of psychological warfare against their opponants. As long as I can afford to, since the government is robbing me of money to pay for the CBC, I’ll support The Rebel.
commented 2018-01-30 20:43:00 -0500
Edward Jobin, this alleged Islamophobia attack was featured on our local CTV broadcast this evening. I’m waiting for video surveillance footage to shed some light on this.

Trudeau & Hussen have a horrible pattern of publicly casting Canadians as hateful….it’s unfounded and a disgraceful.
Criticizing Islam, an ideology, is not Islamophobia, knowing the facts about Islam doesn’t equal bigotry.
Excellent segment with Christine Douglass Williams.
commented 2018-01-30 20:40:39 -0500
Note from Shafiq Qaadri MPP, When the House returns, I will introduce a motion to proclaim January 29 a Day of Remembrance and Action against Islamophobia in ON to honour the memory of the lives lost in the 2017 Quebec City mosque attack. We need to stand together in our fight against intolerance and hate.
commented 2018-01-30 20:31:03 -0500
To the immigrants that don’t like it here…. go back to your country.
commented 2018-01-30 20:28:10 -0500
What I hate is people from away coming here from countries that have stupid, homophobic, misogynistic, moronic laws and they try to give us moral lessons. Why did they not stay home and fight for change there. We have enough local politicians that are as stupid as those foreigners. If those foreigners are offended by Christmas I’m offended by charges of Islamophobia. Trudeau looks at most Canadians as stupid low lives if they are not as rich as he his.
commented 2018-01-30 20:11:32 -0500
OK I heard about another alleged attack on a Mosque today and as much as I hope this didn’t happen I cannot but help be a little suspicious. OK maybe I am becoming a little too cynical when the “attack” just seems odd. Some plastering pictures of Adolph Hitler all over a Mosque in Ottawa. Sorry if I feel like this just feels a little too contrived considering I am unaware of Hitler having any disdain for Muslims and if anything he had military alliances and a shared dislike of Zionism. I’m only surprised the people who plastered these pictures didn’t write the words far right for added impetus,
I would also think that anyone pulling this kind of hate/defacing/destruction of property these days would have the brains to figure most of these Mosques would most likely have some kind of security camera in light of real situations that have occurred and would risk exposure. That is unless they were aware that there wasn’t and who would know better the security system status more than someone who attended that facility. I may be 100% wrong but after so many false alarms one does tend to become a little hardened especially knowing that there are some people who will do anything to score propaganda victories if it helps their cause.