January 05, 2018

Minimum wage meltdown: Wynne picks fight with Tim Horton's — but she's the real “bully”. PLUS what was Joshua Boyle really doing in Afghanistan?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander


Last week the minimum wage in Ontario was $11.60/hour. This week it’s $14/hour. That’s a 21 per cent jump.

According to the Bank of Canada, this will kill 60,000 jobs in the next 12 months.

Which brings us to the case of Tim Hortons.

I have my political beef with Tim Hortons: A couple of years ago, Tim Hortons banned ads from Enbridge, the pipeline company, from their in-store TV channel.

So we did a campaign called Boycott Tims. Thousands signed the petition, and I hand-delivered it to the CEO, who wasn’t too pleased.

But that’s one thing. The fact that they have been hit by this 21 per cent hike in labour costs is another.

And that hits franchisees — the people who work 18 hour days and pay the franchise fees to the Brazilian masters who actually own this "Canadian" company.

So what can those franchisees do? Maybe they’ll bring in McDonald’s-style touch screens?

For now, they’re making staff pay for their own uniforms and not paying for breaks anymore.

So Kathleen Wynne, the premier of Ontario, raged at these franchisees — in particular, singled out one named Ron Joyce Jr., whose dad actually started Tim Hortons.

Wynne called Joyce a "bully."

A Liberal premier can raise taxes or run a deficit, and what are you going to do — leave the province?

But a coffee shop can’t run a deficit or force customers to pay.

If you were Tim Hortons, would you expand your franchises in Ontario?

Because Kathleen Wynne isn’t done with her minimum wage hikes — another one is coming in 360 days...

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid joins me to talk about the "Lethbridge Green Challenge," asking locals to "use reusable shopping bags, take shorter showers, unplug electronics devices, eliminate vehicle idling and eat less meat" for one month.

But there's another NDP "green" plan in the works that you have to hear to believe...

THEN: Here's a conversation you won't hear anywhere else:

Lee Humphrey, president of James International Security Consulting in Washington, DC, tells us about his troubling encounter with ex-hostage Joshua Boyle.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-01-05 21:23:01 -0500
James Crocket. The article doesn’t state if the jobs gained are good ones, bad ones, full time, part time etc. like such results usually do. So it has to be taken with a grain of salt til we know more.
commented 2018-01-05 21:13:33 -0500

The Left’s policies don’t work, so they invariably try to fix them, by stacking more bad policies on top. Wynn wouldn’t have to hike the min wage, if ppl had better paying jobs to move up to, but she and McGuinty chased away about 500,000 middle class jobs. So first they chase the better paying jobs away, then try to fix it, by hiking the min wage. This is what happened in Venezuela, and that’s where we’ll end up as well. The middle paying job have been hollowed out. Even the Left talks about this, but they talk about it like it’s some phenomenon that “just happened” and their policies had nothing to do with it, and of course, like the elites in the US, they don’t care about these ppl anyways. Notley demonstrates with her taxes that hurt the poor she cares more about her ideology than people.

Socialism is for ideologues. It’s capitalism that’s"for the ppl" Being able to keep what you earn is “for the ppl”.
commented 2018-01-05 21:10:53 -0500
This summer I went to a McDonald’s with touch screen ordering. I am a bit old fashioned so I went up to the till to order 3 iced coffees and a carrot muffin. Then I got into a fairly lengthy line and saw an overhead screen with numbers for the orders which plodded along. While I was in the process of making my small order in a relatively short line at the till, I realized afterwards that all kinds of orders ahead of me were being made by the multiple touch screen terminals. So I waited, and waited…and waited… Finally after 20 minutes I went up to the till and demanded my money back. This brought a supervisor around who said she could take care of my order but that if I wanted My. Indy back I could. After waiting all that time, I said okay but that I wouid never come back to that McDobalds again! So much for fast food.
commented 2018-01-05 21:04:03 -0500
When the minimum wage goes up…so do income taxes on that increase…that’s a Win…for Wynne…

Now…when businesses need to raise prices to cope with the additional costs of the minimum wage increase…so will the HST revenue rise…Wynne Wins again…

It’s a Win Win for Wynne…how about that???…

So now Wynne wants to deflect by creating a War between the Lowly Minimum Wage Worker…and the Evil Greedy Rich Capitalist Business Owners(sarc)…and she already has the OFL waging War for her…

She’s the Real Bully…she reminds of a School Yard Bully sealing lunch money…
commented 2018-01-05 20:58:39 -0500
Shocking ,I never knew that Trudeau refused help from the Americans with the 2 hostages that ended up with severed heads! I wonder if the families know that? The U.S. knows Trudeau for what he really is and trust is at zero ..
commented 2018-01-05 20:54:27 -0500
Wynne is a full blown Marxist…Ontario has suffered!
I find it interesting she included the sum of what the company was sold for, while berating the Joyce’s and calling them bullies. This was intentional and a disingenuous.

Very interesting interview with Lee Humphrey, I recall reading an article some time ago, in it, he confirmed the conversation with Boyle and explained he did everything possible to dissuade him.

NDP will usher in as many taxes as possible before they get the boot; will legislate even more Bills that will need to be repealed and debt that will take years & years to recover from. It is the scorched earth Party!
commented 2018-01-05 20:53:11 -0500
- Wynne was warned that this policy would be an economic disaster but she proceeded anyway. Just like she did with Ontario’s “green” energy scam. That’s what socialism is all about. Repeat the same failed policies over & over again & then deny the policies failed because they’re bad ideas to begin with. Why should the government care though. When these criminal politicians leave office they’ll have big pensions & will end up working for the cronies they’ve been feeding while in office. As usual it’s the little people that pay the price. Wynne is clearly disconnected from reality.

- The more I learn about Boyle the more he seems like a completely useless pile of crap. It’s no surprise that he’s a pal of Trudeau. Weak minded & arrogant. They both make me sick.

- “Should a sin tax be added to meat purchases?” – we have a sin tax on the air without even paying for the air in the first place (in the form of a carbon tax) so I’m surprised some leftist fool hasn’t tried to implement this yet already. It seems Notley’s worried that the people of Alberta just don’t hate her & her NDP enough yet.

Looking forward to the new show. Hopkinsworld looks like a great addition to The Rebel lineup.
commented 2018-01-05 20:46:12 -0500
Mr. Lee Humphrey hammers another nail into POS Trudeau’s proverbial coffin.
I wish it was a real coffin.
Trudeau isn’t fit to claim that he is a human being leave alone the PM of Canada. What an utter failure as a human and as a government official of a country like Canada – what an utter failure!
I am loathe to call this POS a man.
commented 2018-01-05 20:40:13 -0500
The company who own Tim Hortons now actually called out the franchises for what they feel is unacceptable.

They called the action of the franchise stores “reckless” and “unacceptable” – siding with Wynne. It really is pathetic considering the money Tim Hortons makes every year. This is not a company that is struggling

commented 2018-01-05 20:18:36 -0500
Didn’t Tims merge with Burger King, and relocate their head office into Canada to avoid taxes?
commented 2018-01-05 20:17:33 -0500
… Wynne is an ugly, dishonest, disgusting human being. Exactly like Notley.
… To bully employers into cutting back, and then blaming employers for cutting back. Those two premiers will rot in hell.
commented 2018-01-05 20:13:03 -0500
Ezra, three months ago I was told that either Wynne or Notley wanted to tax Companies that replaced employees with these Touch Screens or Robots just like an employee. Even Payroll taxes.
Both of these despicable women will likely try it.