January 08, 2018

These Liberal MPs are promoting the countries of their birth — not Canadian interests

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Two of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal MPs — one from Iran, one from China — do not seem to be putting their oath of allegiance to the Queen into effect.

In fact, they seem to be championing the values and causes of the tyrannies they left behind.

The first is Majed Jowhari, the Liberal MP from Richmond Hill, Ontario — born in Iran. He was caught lying about his credentials — he said he was a professional engineer. But he’s not. That’s like saying you’re a doctor when you’re not. He had to write a public apology, and he paid $5,000.

Jowhari has also been pushing like mad for Canada to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran.

Not sure how that is anywhere in the top ten issues of the good people of Richmond Hill, Ontario. But it sure seems to be a focus for Jowhari:

In the middle of Iran’s brutal crackdown on democracy protesters, Jowhari tweeted a statement claiming that Iran's dictatorship is actually a legitimate, elected government.

Then there's the Liberal MP from the Greater Toronto Area, named Geng Tan. Born in Beijing.

The Globe & Mail reports:

Liberal MP Geng Tan hand-delivered a letter to a top official at the Canadian embassy in Beijing and personally spoke to Chinese authorities on behalf of a Liberal Party donor who has been charged with money laundering and the fraudulent sale of hundreds of millions of dollars in securities to Chinese citizens.

China routinely interferes in Canadian affairs — not just through industrial espionage, but through politically bullying of Chinese-Canadians.

Iran does the exact same thing — but I think, with more menace. Because of course Iran is linked to terrorist groups and Muslim jihadists.

And both spend money to recruit political friends.

How is that different from Justin Trudeau taking a bribe for a luxurious secret vacation from the Aga Khan?

Jowhari and Tan aren’t actually the problem.

They’re the symptom — the problem is Justin Trudeau...

NEXT: Marc Marano of ClimateDepot.com has a lot to say about Al Gore's viral tweet regarding what (allegedly) caused the recent record-breaking cold weather snap.

THEN: John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms joins me with an important update on the case of the Battle River School Board's attacks on a Christian school. The relevant court documents are below.

Please VISIT TheRealBigots.com to learn how you can join this fight to preserve religious freedom in Canada.

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commented 2018-01-11 02:42:06 -0500
When you have Climate Change and the Planet’s surface is increasing in temperature, you can expect Colder Weather. According to geniuses like Gore and Suzuki. Under the same light, if we were going into an Ice Age we could expect record High Temperatures. Yep! Makes sense to me.
The best one I heard was that Climate Change is responsible for Terrorism. I wonder if Climate Change is responsible for so many of these ASSHOLES being created?
commented 2018-01-09 13:32:07 -0500
I beleive that the problem lies within the riding that these MPs of been voted in and are accountable to the people who but them their . More attention needs to be needs to go into whos lobbying these MPs to what purpose and how does it effect the people in their riding , Thats why calling back their MPs back to their riding and confronting them on issues that have nothing to do with the riding would be a good start .
commented 2018-01-09 12:32:08 -0500
Lately, I have been experiencing a bit of a reawakening concerning my Christian walk and I have realized something, the Scories, Notelys, Wynes, and Trudeaus are exactly the enemy here but the symptom. Dont get me wrong, what these people are doing is out right satanic and need to be removed from power post haste, but railing against them hasnt really done anything. Meanwhile the Great Comission goes unfulfilled and people are dying in there sins and end up in a devil’s hell. I feel we can be more productive in achieving change by doing what is commanded of us and that is to share what Jesus has done for us with others. If that takes civil disobediance than so be it, they will show their true colours of being petty and cruel, locking us up like they did Paul. I will say though that I thank the lawyers for stepping up and being the shield bearers they are called to be so that the school can focus more on it mission, readying youth to take the Gosple to a sin sick dark world.
commented 2018-01-09 12:22:52 -0500
- Trudeau is a globalist with a love for dictatorships. His party has become a reflection of this.

- If it’s cold it’s global warming. If it’s warm it’s global warming. If it snows it’s global warming. if it doesn’t snow it’s global warming. If you get cut off in traffic it’s global warming. If you lose your keys it’s global warming. There is an almost endless list of failed doomsday predictions related to global cooling/warming/climate change. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows it’s a scam. I think a big part of Trumps’ motivation is that he loves a challenge.

- A school board decided that a Christian school must essentially censor parts of the bible that the school board doesn’t like. Nope, no war against Christianity going on here. Just move along people. Nothing to see here.
commented 2018-01-09 11:50:50 -0500
Richard Schmidt—-The Supreme Court would rule exactly as you suggest if they were not biased Liberals.
I am hoping that some day soon, we can fire these Judges and replace them with computers. Computers are now Chess Champions, so why not Judgement experts?
commented 2018-01-09 09:28:51 -0500
Are there any "Islamic/Muslim " schools in Alberta ? My understanding of that religion would suggest that their teachings wrt to marriage ( incl. age , # of wives, treatment of females, etc, etc,) are much more extreme and thus would require immediate closure of same. Never mind their view on infidels, governance, etc.
If there is a negative ruling against this school I would hope this would go to Supreme Court who would issue an immediate closure of all Islamic schools (and maybe even the Mosques that fund them)!
commented 2018-01-09 09:21:59 -0500
Two days sick with out a note is normal in the corporate world.
commented 2018-01-09 03:10:46 -0500
The best term to describe what is happening (or has happened)to Canada is Balcanization.
It’s obvious that Trudeau’s desire is to destroy the root culture of Canada replacing it with some United Nations style non cultural non citizenship no character model.
It’s a mess and we may very well have lost our Canada and our heritage because of this twit.
commented 2018-01-09 02:40:37 -0500
Too bad Christopher Wilson was not here to give us one of his rants against China.
commented 2018-01-08 22:59:31 -0500
As reported by Sheila Gunn Reid, Laurie Skori, chair of the Battle River School Division, falsely claimed that she had received threats and had reported the same to the RCMP.

Skori forgot to demand that Cornerstone Christian school remove the biblical commandment that thou shall not lie (You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour).
commented 2018-01-08 22:39:57 -0500
The situation in Iran is the Epitome of the hypocrisy of the left.
commented 2018-01-08 22:22:24 -0500
All political parties, over time, seem to lean more and more to the Left. The CPC is now like the Liberals, with an erection.

Al Gore is an idiot. He, some time ago, admitted that the video he made re climate change, contained errors. Now he jumping up and down, trying to get back on the Band Wagon. Stand up to your name Al, go find a Bull to play with.
commented 2018-01-08 22:06:47 -0500
Ezra, It is so obvious that Cornerstone will win the lawsuit against The Alberta Government. On tonight’s show you, in a fooling around way, gave 3 times the evidence needed to win the case.
Then you ask for donations as the case is expensive, which I have no problem with.
Here is my point; why not sue for $500,000.00 extra for Court Costs and Damages???
Everyone that sues you seems to go after these costs. In 5 years, I have never seen you go after these costs and damages.
commented 2018-01-08 22:05:07 -0500
Send all these tyrannical POS back to the sh*tholes they come from, & take that POS PM TruDope with them!!
What about that Monseth b**ch? She’s not even legally in Canada – yet is there making islamic laws against Canadians!
It’s time for the leftist Libtards to be expelled from Western society. The whole of this Lieberal government are a bunch of treasonous, lying POS criminals. Line them up against the wall before a military firing squad! This will have some positive result in these criminals promoting their lawless BS in Canada!

As for that POS PM TruDope he needs a special firing squad made up of Canadian citizens who he has oppressed with his lunatic fixation on islamic jihadists
The absolute arrogance of this Lieberal government is beyond belief & needs to be wiped out of Canada. And all you filthy Libtarded Climatards will be held to account, one day & it won’t be any wishy washy BS occurrence. Fraudsters will be punished, harshly!

Remember all you treasonous tyrants, treason is still punishable by DEATH. Be rest assured it will come to fruition. Common Canadians have had their fill of all this tyrannical BS!

That Eagan POS is a Marxist – who is pulling off his filthy heathen crap with the blessing of that filthy heathen skank Nutley – they need to start counting their steps!
commented 2018-01-08 22:02:07 -0500
Leadership is not a title or position, it is action and example.
commented 2018-01-08 21:38:37 -0500
Leave it to Rex Murphy to bring some common sense into the picture, “Too frigid for global warming? This is why they rebranded it ‘climate change’”:

Murphy makes reference to our “Climate Superheroes, Mr. Trudeau and Ms. McKenna, bring(ing) in the new, higher carbon dioxide tax”. Sadly, our so-called ‘conservatives’ in the Conservative Party of Canada, while not ‘climate superheroes’ are, nonetheless, ‘climate heroes’. In a cowardly display of bowing to political correctness, in June 2017, the CPC MPs present in the House were whipped (except for Cheryl Gallant) by Scheer to support a Liberal motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord, an Accord which the Liberals point to as the reason that they must introduce a carbon tax! This tweet by Gore would be such a gift to the Conservatives to mock Climate Barbie and the Trudeau Liberals for their climate change policy. Unfortunately and sadly, an opportunity lost!
commented 2018-01-08 21:19:07 -0500
Of course Trudeau sides with the Iranian regime, he converted to Islam!!

The Christian school should charge the Gov and the Board with fraud. When you pay for a product or service and the provider refuses to hold up their end of the bargain, it’s fraud. They pay school taxes for the purpose of having a school. The gov is not offering them their money back, and is refusing their right to some of the money slated for schools. Technically, that’s fraud.
commented 2018-01-08 21:18:03 -0500
In 2007 then head of CSIS Richard Fadden said that China was in the process of buying up as many Canadian politicians as possible. This was an astonishing statement because it was honest and true which is unheard of coming from one of the highest bureaucracies in Canada. The Liberals and the MSM establishment hit the roof and pounced all over it immediately and declared the statement of course surprise “racist” ( the quickest and most effective way in Canada to silence anyone )
Richard Fadden was sent into retirement shortly afterwords and the MSM and the politicians on the take made sure the plug was pulled on that story.
commented 2018-01-08 21:07:19 -0500
Liberals – the scourge of Canada.

Nothing but trash.

I suspect there is a large amount of criminal activity being hidden behind the scenes.

There will never be an investigation.

commented 2018-01-08 21:03:23 -0500
Very disturbing there is a growing list of MP’s acting in their country of origin’s best interests over serving Canadian interests and that of their constituents. LPC has recruited some very unsavory characters.
I posted this link last week, re-posting here as it adds another piece to the puzzle

Thanks for the update John Carpay, as always, I enjoy your interviews on the Rebel. Keep fighting the good fight.
commented 2018-01-08 20:59:55 -0500
JCCF became one of my new monthly non-partisan charities after cancelling charities that became partisan. And JCCF is non-partisan, they went to bat for a mosque, just like they are going to bat for the Christian school.

Also, for those interested in parental rights in Alberta, make sure you check out Parents for Choice in Education and support them. The regressive left have drawn the battle line, and both JCCF and PCE are at the front.
commented 2018-01-08 20:56:30 -0500
OMG. Katie Hopkins was just on Tucker Carlson tonight.
commented 2018-01-08 20:53:48 -0500
Al Gore – Climate Soothsayer!
commented 2018-01-08 20:52:54 -0500
Wonder about the deafening silence on the Iranian anti Islamic protests from our “feminist” PM ….now you know why.
Check out the top donors to the Trudeau foundation…….they are all Chinese state and non state actors most of them involved with money laundering through real estate in China and Canada. Every level of “our” government is fully aware of this.
The entitled trust fund baby moron Trudeau and his Islamic posse cabinet is corrupt to the core …..they don’t work for Canada and Canadian citizens are not even a remote afterthought to them…Un ethical, corrupt and entitled does not even begin to cover it.
Dispicable treasounos swine
commented 2018-01-08 20:45:58 -0500
One of the disciples of climate alarmists cult was on Tucker Carlson the other night where he was explaining how the cold weather we were experiencing in North America really didn’t mean anything because it was isolated to North America. Well, I was on the Drudge Report site and I spotted an article from The Daily and Sunday Express dated Jan. 8/18 reporting that part of the Sahara was covered with 15 inches of snow. Climate alarmists have a whole lot more splainin to do.
commented 2018-01-08 20:22:43 -0500
You are too kind by saying Baby Doc has poor judgement. He is both morally corrupt, like any socialist, and intellectually stupid.