January 08, 2018

These Liberal MPs are promoting the countries of their birth — not Canadian interests

Rebel Staff

Two of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal MPs — one from Iran, one from China — do not seem to be putting their oath of allegiance to the Queen into effect.

In fact, they seem to be championing the values and causes of the tyrannies they left behind.

The first is Majed Jowhari, the Liberal MP from Richmond Hill, Ontario — born in Iran. He was caught lying about his credentials — he said he was a professional engineer. But he’s not. That’s like saying you’re a doctor when you’re not. He had to write a public apology, and he paid $5,000.

Jowhari has also been pushing like mad for Canada to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran.

Not sure how that is anywhere in the top ten issues of the good people of Richmond Hill, Ontario. But it sure seems to be a focus for Jowhari:

In the middle of Iran’s brutal crackdown on democracy protesters, Jowhari tweeted a statement claiming that Iran's dictatorship is actually a legitimate, elected government.

Then there's the Liberal MP from the Greater Toronto Area, named Geng Tan. Born in Beijing.

The Globe & Mail reports:

Liberal MP Geng Tan hand-delivered a letter to a top official at the Canadian embassy in Beijing and personally spoke to Chinese authorities on behalf of a Liberal Party donor who has been charged with money laundering and the fraudulent sale of hundreds of millions of dollars in securities to Chinese citizens.

China routinely interferes in Canadian affairs — not just through industrial espionage, but through politically bullying of Chinese-Canadians.

Iran does the exact same thing — but I think, with more menace. Because of course Iran is linked to terrorist groups and Muslim jihadists.

And both spend money to recruit political friends.

How is that different from Justin Trudeau taking a bribe for a luxurious secret vacation from the Aga Khan?

Jowhari and Tan aren’t actually the problem.

They’re the symptom — the problem is Justin Trudeau...

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