July 18, 2018

Radio host in hot water after offending the transgendered community — by saying THIS (Guest host: David Menzies)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(David Menzies guest hosts while Ezra Levant is covering the Tommy Robinson appeal in the UK...)

Remember when a radio morning man was supposed to be funny and daring and – I kid you not – he was actually supposed to say controversial things?

Well, here's more proof that the days of being politically incorrect on the airwaves are long gone, given the suspension of Winnipeg morning man Dave Wheeler, who had the temerity to utter a harmless observation about the ever-so-precious transgender community.

Here's his offending statement, made when talking about actress Scarlet Johansson being forced to drop out of a film role, in which she'd be playing a fake man:

“People act and pretend to be different things. Kinda like what you’re doing! Really! In the grand scheme of things.”

You know what?

That statement is equal parts clever and funny and, well... true...

NEXT: Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun columnist, comes on to talk about his provocative new piece, claiming that the Trudeau Liberals "are becoming the 'Mean Girls' of Canadian politics."

THEN: Furey's Sun colleague, reporter Joe Warmington, joins me to explore the growing problem of gun violence in Toronto, and what's really causing it.

FINALLY: A clip from Ezra Levant's reporting from London today, where he was covering the Tommy Robinson appeal from inside the courtroom and the streets outside. See all his reports at TommyTrial.com.

Then, as always, your messages!

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commented 2018-07-19 18:06:16 -0400
- I was at a Bill C-16 meeting last night. It’s the thing of tyranny. From what I can see, they’re empowering the most unstable members of society in order to destroy what free speech we have. I don’t expect much from Rogers or Bell. BTW – if gender is non-binary what does the B stand for in LGBT?

- Leftists start screaming “racism” as soon as they run out of things to say (which is why they do it so often). The Liberals Have reached a level of corruption & incompetence that their media party lapdogs can no longer cover for. Trudeau has made several trips to the US over the last few years to meet with Democrats & develop a strategy to turn things around …………… which is bizarre when you consider the ongoing failures of the Democrats.

- We’ve accepted a flood of illegals into the country at a time when the hug-a-thug crowd is doing their be kind to criminals thing & the murder & crime rate goes up. It’s a mystery as to what’s causing it. When you keep telling people that they’re victims for something that might have happened to their distant ancestors you end up with some people who feel that they can do no wrong.

- Prayers to Tommy & his family.
commented 2018-07-19 02:58:28 -0400
I think this is the first time the Ezra show leaded with a Winnipeg story.

It has been a long time since I tuned into 92 CITI FM. I have no plans on tuning in any time soon.
commented 2018-07-18 23:53:21 -0400
I remember there was a time when any actor who played a mentally challenged person got the Oscar that year. I guess now only mentally challenged people can play the same now. Acting is no longer a craft but an appropriation of a character and therefore politically incorrect. Hollywood Celebrities can only play radical leftists who hate Trump now in every role they play. Does a racist character need to actually be racist now for fear of offending someone? I think that’s my point of how ridiculous this all is.
check out all the appropriation at
commented 2018-07-18 23:04:47 -0400
What was once understood as an obvious delusion is now being forced on us as something to be cheered and championed. In fact, a time will come when “trans deniers” will be put in asylums and considered insane. It happened in the Soviet Union and I’m sure it will happen here if we don’t stand against such absolute nonsense.
commented 2018-07-18 22:13:54 -0400
Interestingly at the same time as the DJ was removed from his job for saying what is true and not illegal a movement is started to free a Canadian woman in Germany who is being held for saying what is false and illegal (holaucost denier)
“I attest” that positive politics is anything but
commented 2018-07-18 21:08:55 -0400
What do militant LGBTQ2+ and Islamists have in common?
Answer: Intolerant ideology & the belief people should be punished for criticizing it.