July 31, 2018

Premier Ford works at the speed of business — not bureaucracy

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Ezra Levant is back in London, reporting on the verdict on Tommy Robinson's appeal. David Menzies guest hosts...)

There’s something decidedly different about Premier Doug Ford’s style of governance:

The Ford PCs are moving at the speed of business, not bureaucracy. No wonder those on the progressive left are losing their minds.

Last Thursday night, Ford said he was gutting Toronto’s municipal government by cutting the number of city councillors from 47 to 25 ahead of the October 22 municipal election.

And when the shock wore off, out came the over-the-top pronouncements from the left:

That Ford’s move was undemocratic. That it was a thinly-veiled personal vendetta against Mayor John Tory. That there was no consultation. That the changes were being done just too darn fast.

That last complaint is the funniest.

You see, the Toronto election is almost three months away. For those in the private sector in which decisions must be dealt with on a daily basis, three months is an eternity. But for many politicians, a three-month deadline is like asking for a task to be completed yesterday.

By the way, the very fact that the Ontario legislature is sitting during the summertime speaks volumes, too. The PCs won bigly on June 7, and 22 days later they were already hard at work in the House when most MPPs are heading to cottage country.

If the city of Los Angeles, with a population of almost 4 million people, can be governed with a 15-member city council, then why is it so inconceivable that the city of Toronto, with a population of 2.8 million, cannot possibly function with a 25-member council?

Moving forward, instead of braying at the moon like a pack of frenzied werewolves, I suggest the old-school, same-old, same-old political elites in the province of Ontario get with the program and adapt to the fact that there really is new sheriff in town.

NEXT: Climate Depot Founder Marc Morano comes on to talk about the idiotic ban on plastic straws.

THEN: Artist and illustrator George Peter Gatsis joins me to explain why he decided to create a collectible Trump statue, as an alternative to all the anti-Trump art out there today.

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commented 2018-08-02 11:29:26 -0400
“Alberta Maga commented 9 hours ago
Andrew Stephenson yes he does, government is inefficient and highly wasteful. "

Yes, that’s a common talking point, but there’s no indication that this particular initiative will achieve thee stated goal of reducing it. You might save some money, but that’ll be eaten up n the chaos of trying to reorganize a ten billion dollar a year organization in a matter of a few months. Doug’s talk of it being a gong show is ironic given how much contribution he had to that, what with his zany schemes involving monorails and whatnot.

“Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt commented 12 hours ago
Well Andrew, care to take a stab at the win for Ontario when it comes to Hydro CEO resigning and the Board following suit….and it didn’t cost the province millions like msm warned?!!!
Could it be there was something to uncover and later sue these thieves for?!! "

What did it achieve? It was purely a symbolic gesture, and there are order-of-magnitude discrepancies in the actual cost estimates of doing so. Ontario’s hydro prices don’t arise in Hydro One, which is merely a distributor.

You might argue that cancelling hydro contracts had a bigger impact, but we’ll see if legislating yourself out of cancellation penalties stands up in court, and how doing that affects future government contracts (would YOU work with someone that has a history of unilaterally canceling contracts without recourse?)
commented 2018-08-02 02:15:15 -0400
Andrew Stephenson yes he does, government is inefficient and highly wasteful.
commented 2018-08-01 23:49:58 -0400
Well Andrew, care to take a stab at the win for Ontario when it comes to Hydro CEO resigning and the Board following suit….and it didn’t cost the province millions like msm warned?!!!
Could it be there was something to uncover and later sue these thieves for?!!
commented 2018-08-01 17:46:51 -0400
That Ford doesn’t understand the difference between government and business is clearly evident in the way he’s leading, although I doubt a stunt like arbitrarily canceling contracts, or spite-motivated meddling, would go over well in the business world either.

“Paul McCullough commented 5 hours ago
- I keep asking those opposed to Ford’s move what the proper number of councilors is & why on social media. I have yet to get an answer”

Mostly because they’re changing the rules halfway through the writ period. If they had done this for 2022 it would be a foregone conclusion (although the benefits are probably overstated, 25 is still too many for effective governance without political parties, and the stated savings make no provision for the increased workload of the remaining councillors – just a simple elimination of half of council and all their support staff).

The way it was handled is doing nothing but causing chaos and holds essentially no benefit over a more relaxed implementation, unless you’re Doug Ford and your spite has urgency, or you’re worried about giving your opponents ammunition in the 2022 elections.
commented 2018-08-01 15:40:21 -0400
Ontario moves forward. TruGrope is still AWOL………..
commented 2018-08-01 12:22:41 -0400
- I keep asking those opposed to Ford’s move what the proper number of councilors is & why on social media. I have yet to get an answer. Apparently cutting the number of councilors is bad because feelings. Of course they want things to move slowly – slowly to the point where nothing gets done. Amazing how these big government leftists think. When they’re in power they do as they please. When they’re not in power everything the government does illegal & immoral.

- California, where knowingly infecting someone with HIV is no longer illegal but having plastic straws can get you fined or even thrown in prison. They’re currently in an uproar because it’s been deemed legal to have gun plans for 3D printers – what happens when they find out you could use that same 3D printer to make bendy straws? The issue that launched a million memes.

- Trump has taken on the multi-billionaire elitists & the most corrupt of America’s politicians & all their lackeys. I can only imagine how many billions of dollars have been poured into the anti-Trump campaign. George Peter Gatsis may want to talk to someone like Keep and Bear for a distribution deal. Just a thought.
commented 2018-08-01 09:20:10 -0400
Well, we’ll see how tough Ford is when OFA, CFFO, NFU, and Grain Farmers Ontario go whining to him for crop risk management programs and more money for corn-sourced ethanol. They’re already in full moan mode.
commented 2018-08-01 08:21:01 -0400
Recommend we bring back the penny in a limited edition. This would be to symbolize our turdos accomplishments. The coin would of course have two faces the PM on both sides. Never loose a coin toss again. To capture the PM motto the penny would cost a dollar to make but only be worth a penny. This would be sold by the mint as a great investment in Canada’s future.
commented 2018-08-01 06:35:53 -0400
The career politicians in Toronto are scrambling. According to the Liberal Party sponsored news an injunction is or has been filed in an attempt to save their useless asses.

Liberals just don’t get it (and never will) , “fiscal responsibility” is needed in all levels of government if Ontario is going to dig itself out of the mess the Liberal Party put us in. And taxing already overtaxed Ontario taxpayers is not the answer.

Doug Ford has brought a breath of fresh air to Canadian politics and I enjoy watching the loony Lieberals squirm and whine.

Now if we can just rid ourselves of the The Clown Prince Trudeau all will be right with the world.
commented 2018-08-01 04:42:32 -0400
Kieth, I am on twitter and watching for Ezras tweets. Tommy’s verdict is tomorrow at 10:30 am. I think that is 4:30 am, my time and I am watching. It’s an hour from now…
commented 2018-08-01 04:22:07 -0400
Seems to me May would be better trying to figure out what her 26,000 Islamic terrorists are up to.
commented 2018-08-01 04:14:49 -0400
If Mayor John Lefty didn’t like it, Ford must be right on target.
commented 2018-08-01 02:20:59 -0400
Amy Lynn the mayor did not like it too much.
commented 2018-08-01 02:19:58 -0400
Keith Barnes you do not need an account to read tweets.
commented 2018-08-01 01:46:37 -0400
Bruce Atchison.. Bravo!.. And I am still wondering why some entrepreneur doesn’t market “Boy Blunder Nose” sour pickles?…
commented 2018-08-01 01:31:25 -0400
Apparently one of the reason for a straw ban is that they end up in the noses of sea turtles. Who knew sea turtles did blow!

On a matter related to “global warming” and saving planet earth, did you ever get your Ontario rebate cheque for your electric car?
commented 2018-08-01 00:44:20 -0400
I only have a coin with the presidents depiction. This could help me make a shrine with action figures
commented 2018-08-01 00:05:08 -0400
way to go Menzies this was your best yet – keep it coming!
commented 2018-07-31 23:59:37 -0400
Amy Lynn—-Tks for quoting the Toronto Star on 67% approval of Fords plan. We Far Westerners don’t get to hear when Hog town citizens actually agree with common sense, and it takes too long to look up everything.

If only someone changed Vancouver City Hall. Their Councillors actually banned doorknobs on new houses. It’s obvious that they have a lot of time on their hands.
commented 2018-07-31 23:50:23 -0400
In 2015…Justin Trudeau’s Election slogan was…Real Change…

How Ironic…that with Doug Ford…that’s exactly what we are getting!!!…
commented 2018-07-31 23:06:40 -0400
I can’t hear this video?!!!
what do I do?
commented 2018-07-31 22:45:10 -0400
Not sure who’s complaining so much? The Toronto Star agrees with Doug Ford’s cutting council. 67% of its readers polled also support Doug Ford’s cuts.
commented 2018-07-31 21:43:18 -0400
A couple really good ideas, Bruce, especially the toilet paper.
commented 2018-07-31 21:20:31 -0400
The Rebel should also market a Justin Trudeau dart board.
commented 2018-07-31 21:12:04 -0400
Just wait until the plastic freaks go after medical supplies! It shouldn’t be long now. What with the globalists focus on tidying up the world, using abortion and euthanasia, and destroying all modern conveniences, that have improved life expectancy and all. Of course they look for the low hanging fruit, like plastic straws first. But ultimately, this is an attack on products that have improved our standard of living, and plasitic is in almost everything. So where does this madness end?
commented 2018-07-31 21:07:27 -0400
What I wish I could market is Justin Trudeau toilet paper. Imagine the glee my senior friends would feel if I put a roll of that in the men’s room.
commented 2018-07-31 21:07:05 -0400
Great to see Doug Ford taking getting so much done so quickly.