June 06, 2018

NEW Rebel book makes “The Case against David Suzuki” (Guest: Author Sheila Gunn Reid)

Rebel Staff

Tomorrow the University of Alberta will give David Suzuki an honorary degree. That’s a disgrace. David Suzuki despises Alberta — he boycotts it, insults it, encourages lawbreaking against it.

Imagine inviting in such a man, to bestow upon him the university’s highest honour. And not just any time. Right when the debate over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is at its apex; when the lack of a pipeline is causing a bottleneck that costs tens of millions of dollars a day, not just to workers, but to government coffers too.

For the unemployed men and women in the oil patch, the U of A has no time. But for their tormentor, David Suzuki, they’ve got an honorary degree.

There was a backlash — protests, petitions, donors cancelling their money. But the U of A dug in.

The thing about Suzuki is, opposition to him is dissident. It’s underground. Because who would dare contradict him? No-one at the CBC, the largest media company in Canada, for forty years.

They’ve been Suzuki’s PR machine, pumping him out not only over the airwaves, but also into classrooms and the popular culture. He’s ubiquitous. But he’s never been properly vetted.

At his events, at his speeches, for which he charges $30,000 a pop, he rarely takes questions, and if he does, they’re almost always pre-screened.

David Suzuki lives a double life:

Someone who condemns capitalism — but has literally five homes. Someone who condemns fossil fuels — but travels globally, non-stop, and even has a business deal with an oil company. Someone who claims to be progressive, but treats young women as sexual objects.

Now our own Sheila Gunn Reid has published the authoritative guide to Suzuki — it’s called The Case Against David Suzuki: The Unauthorized Biography.

It’s a quick read — less than 100 pages. But meticulously footnoted. So you can check all the facts for yourself.

And we’re giving it away, absolutely FREE, as an ebook at SuzukiBook.com

The idea being: have as many people as possible get the truth about Suzuki. Do the kind of research that the U of A didn’t do — and then refused to do, when they were called on it.

TONIGHT I'll share a few examples of Suzuki’s worst conduct, then Sheila will join me to talk more about what she learned, and collected, in the FREE e-book, The Case Against David Suzuki.

NEXT: On the eve of the Ontario provincial election, Candice Malcolm, founder of the Truth North Initiative, comes on to talk about some of the radicals running as NDP candidates.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-06-07 15:03:31 -0400
Couldn’t get the book. Signing up claimed the email was already taken! W.T.F.!
commented 2018-06-07 14:02:14 -0400
- I downloaded the book. Looking forward to reading it. I still remember the “interview” you did with Suzuki when you were with Sun News where Suzuki ran away & locked himself in his car. Hilarious. The guy’s a fraud & a scammer.

- U of A gives a fake degree to a phony climate scientist in the field of pseudoscience. Kind of appropriate in a way. I’m thinking the U of A president wouldn’t be digging in his heels if this was about freedom of speech for students on campus.

- Even the CBC polls are showing a likely PC majority at this point. Advanced polls have the PCs at about 43%. People have had enough of the far left in Ontario. PC supporters are more likely to get out & vote. A lot of the NDP support is coming from Liberals who are not happy with the Liberal party right now – more likely to not vote at all. I could be wrong – we’ll find out in a matter of hours now.
commented 2018-06-07 11:06:47 -0400
I may have to start calling the Boy Blunder the Girl Groper.
commented 2018-06-07 10:04:12 -0400
Space Moose—Your opinions about Manitoba’s CINO Premier Pallister are accurate. You could add that he loves Open Borders which takes resources away from the poor in a already poor Province, and invariably weakens the security of the other Western Provinces. When you allow Somali people to walk across your Southern border , you are getting the worst of the worst.

The Lack of Security in Western Canada is a much larger problem than wasting our time on an 83 year old man who talks about Fruit flies.
commented 2018-06-07 03:56:29 -0400
Eh! David Suzuki – remember the Chinchauga Wildlife Reserve??? Way up in NW Alberta …
Well we welcome you back!
We have arranged an anointing event – where you can sacrifice your sorry sick a$$ to a few of our Grizzly friends – who we’ve been starving a bit – just for this event! Be a man of your faith & comply.
Prove to the world that you are nothing more than a big stinking (grizzly) SHIT! …like your fruit fly bullshit.
commented 2018-06-07 03:18:20 -0400
Read your book Sheila, I like books like that, took me about 30 minutes to finish. Really good, proof positive that “The Suzuk” is a Lying, Hypocritical, Elitist, Money Grubbing, Old Creepy Guy. He was a scientist about half a century ago, then money became more important. His field of science wasn’t anything to do with climate science but he caught on fast, that the real money was in legalized fraud. Climate change is about 3 things, Power , Money and Control. That is what motivates the climate crazies .And “The Suzuk” Is responsible for a lot of damage influencing those crazies that threaten people and property, supposed to care about the environment, yet they leave behind their garbage at a protest. I’m sure that they are happy that the pipeline project has been stopped. I wonder what they will protest next?
commented 2018-06-07 02:11:59 -0400
David Suzuki also makes fine case against David Suzuki.
commented 2018-06-07 01:59:28 -0400
So should we listen to Menzies, and not vote for the progressive conservative party?

Look at what happened here in Manitoba now that we have a pro con provincial government:
- Steven Fletcher got punted out of caucus;
- Emergency rooms in hospitals have been closed;
- Chiropractic subsidy has been slashed;
- The rest stop on the Trans Canada west of Winnipeg is getting shut down;
- And most importantly of all, we are still getting a carbon tax.

The only reason I bothered to vote, was because I thought the pro cons were the best bet against the carbon tax.

I am glad our premier broke his arm.
commented 2018-06-07 01:10:28 -0400
Canada is Racist War Criminals, Sexist & Xenophobic’ ? Name another Country’ any country. Go drink your Orange Wave Kool Aid in that Land’.
commented 2018-06-07 00:27:08 -0400
KEITH BARNES, Attached link is Nigel Farage throwing Tommy under the bus, and congratulating Judge’s decision. Go to minute 29
commented 2018-06-07 00:17:40 -0400
Jagmeet Singhs brother obviously hates cops. Who else holds up a "F*** the Police sign. Where does Jagmeet stand? Maybe his brother will be the next Minister of Social Development? Please Ontario, avoid the NDP! NDP candidates are nuts.
commented 2018-06-07 00:04:34 -0400
Looking forward to a CONSERVATIVE WIN IN ONTARIO on Thursday to stop Ontario’s slide into societal and financial catastrophe that the Liberals and NDP have pursued relentlessly over the last two decades.

Ontarians: Election on Thursday! Vote CONSERVATIVE!
commented 2018-06-07 00:04:09 -0400
A photo of David Suzuki should be next the defition of “hypocrite” in Webster’s dictionary.
commented 2018-06-06 22:18:16 -0400
Space Moose,

“And we’re giving it away, absolutely FREE, as an ebook at SuzukiBook.com”
commented 2018-06-06 22:15:36 -0400
The book is free?
commented 2018-06-06 22:03:00 -0400
Alberta is enjoying the Socialist agenda, Ontario has had Liberalism rammed down their throats for to long. Alberta has to wait for a while but tomorrow, Ontario has a chance for change. I hope they make that change.
commented 2018-06-06 21:49:23 -0400
Canada has become a nightmaric cesspool for working class Canadians. We have been betrayed to the globalist filth and swine that has infected everywhere. Just look at BC , unless you’re a fytenal dealing money laundering foriegn criminal you can’t even afford to live in the lower mainland. All this was not only sanctioned by “our” politicians but actively encouraged because it lined a few pockets and they could couch it in “diversity”.
Execution for treason would be too good a fate for the majority of “our” politicians.
They are worthless swine.
commented 2018-06-06 21:12:45 -0400
It’s criminal that the people in the oil patch are forced to pay these murdering killers in that piece of crap of a University while they work behind their back to get rid of them. Not one SOB of politician will stand up and try to put a stop to it. Vote Alberta independence in the next election, and that won’t again if we can rid of all these traitors.
commented 2018-06-06 20:50:10 -0400
I’m looking forward to reading Sheila’s new book. Suzuki is a smug snake oil salesman…
I am told he smells like grampa needs a bath.
His attitude toward Alberta is infuriating. I hope U of A Alumni continue to cancel their financial support moving forward.

Great interview with Candice Malcolm.

As a side note, Ezra, I like your paisley tie.