June 07, 2018

G7: Trump's finally coming to Canada — and Trudeau is doing his best to make him uncomfortable

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It’s pretty shocking when you think about it — Donald Trump has been president for more than 500 days, and he hasn’t come to Canada yet.

In fact, no-one of note comes to Canada under Trudeau.

But Trump is finally coming, for the G7 summit, even though he is obviously focused on bigger things, like his upcoming meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, in an attempt to fulfill the audacious scheme of de-nuclearizing that country.

And Trump isn’t much for a G7 anyway — he wants a better trade deal for America, and thinks that can better be done in a bilateral Canada-US deal, and a Mexico-US deal, because they’re so different.

Even if Trump is wrong, isn’t it in our interest to go along, so we’re not collateral damage if Trump and Mexico have a fight, which they surely will?

Anyways, things have been falling apart between Trump and Trudeau. My book Trumping Trudeau predicted a fight between the two leaders, but I actually didn’t think it would take this long.

So, Trudeau and Trump were talking on the phone the other day, because Trump has put steel sanctions on Canada, saying it’s about national security. As in, the U.S. wants its own steel industry domestically, in case of war.

Trudeau made a big fuss about that the other day, pretending that he deeply cared about our military alliance with the U.S. — this is the same Trudeau who withdrew our CF-18 jets from the war against ISIS as the first act after he was elected.

And on the phone, apparently, Trump made a joke about Canada sacking the White House in 1812.

Trump isn’t still mad about the war of 1812, some 200 years later. You know that’s a joke, right? And it’s actually pretty funny. That’s the Trumpy style.

But Trudeau — who, if you think about it, doesn’t have the light-heartedness or the subtlety or the self-critical nature to even tell jokes — he either didn’t get that it was a joke, or deliberately mischaracterized it, and he leaked that part of their private conversation — to CNN.

Trudeau can’t help himself. But these personal attacks on Trump are going to backfire on the whole country.

TONIGHT I'll give you a little more insight into how the Liberal Party truly feels about Trump — and show you a particularly interesting place to look for these clues...

I think a trade war, a personal war of words, with the U.S. president will hurt Canada badly. But if it gives Trudeau an easier enemy to campaign against than the Conservative Party, and make him the toast of the town at the United Nations?

Well, that almost sounds like it was a plan all along...

NEXT: Joel Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News, joins me to talk more about US/Canada trade wars.

THEN: Yesterday we reported on military equipment shortages being caused by Liberal policies. Tonight, T. Lee Humphrey
Founder of Veterans for the Conservative Party of Canada, comes on to talk about a shocking development in this story.

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commented 2018-06-08 19:17:58 -0400
Trump can just ignore them and they will come grovelling.
commented 2018-06-08 18:47:54 -0400
- Ontario election results: PCs – 76 seats, NDP – 40 seats, Liberals – 7 seats, Greens – 1 seat. PCs get just over 40% of the popular vote. Liberals lose official party status.
commented 2018-06-08 14:40:13 -0400
- Trudeau is a joke. World leaders know it. Trump isn’t interested in wasting his time on him. Trump is a businessman at heart & time is money. So to get attention Trudeau does the equivalent of acting like a child going through his terrible twos. The media party marches in lockstep with him, of course. So now we’ll see the contrast between world leaders & angry children. Canada is screwed for at least one more year when it will be up yo voters to decide rather we’ve had enough of this pathetic goat rodeo in Ottawa or not.

- I don’t think Trump is out to punish Canada but he won’t let Trudeau undermine his plans. Trump has real plans & real goals. Trudeau just sucks up to the UN & acts as an anti-Trump. Trudeau is following George Soros plans. His main goal now is rigging the next election.

- If the forces are to get equipment it must all be done within the mandate of a Conservative government. Anything long term will be hacked apart by the liberals – helicopters, jet fighters, frigates, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if military equipment is being handed over to illegals.
commented 2018-06-08 13:42:08 -0400
According to military historian Donald Graves this song dates to the War of 1812. This is the best recording of it I know, but it’s very hard to find. It’s from Canadian Folksongs Centennial Collection, produced by the CBC, but never commercially available. Apparently the song was widely sung in Ontario in the 19th century, but wasn’t actually published until the 1920s, if I remember correctly.
commented 2018-06-08 13:38:29 -0400
The song is “The War of 1812” by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie
commented 2018-06-08 12:03:30 -0400
Wynne is gone. Next on the list is Justin (diversity is our downfall) Trudeau, and his unmerry band of immoral, vacuous, post-modern, multi-cultural, jihad lovin’, peoplekind.
Spread the word at every hockey rink, hardware store, bowling alley, bar, gas station, garden party etc. across our land.
Trudeau and his Leftists have to go. He is the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.
commented 2018-06-08 12:03:30 -0400
Wynne is gone. Next on the list is Justin (diversity is our downfall) Trudeau, and his unmerry band of immoral, vacuous, post-modern, multi-cultural, jihad lovin’, peoplekind.
Spread the word at every hockey rink, hardware store, bowling alley, bar, gas station, garden party etc. across our land.
Trudeau and his Leftists have to go. He is the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.
commented 2018-06-08 11:04:43 -0400
The Canadian patriots, our own government call racists and Nazis, being held hostage in their own country,the silent majority, had better show their pride in their heritage and the sovereignty of their True North Strong And Free this election. Time to take our country back from the globalist cabal, and start enjoying the fruits of the prosperous, free country we are meant to be, not the Venezuelan style Utopian nightmare we are being dragged into. Trump is going to be odd man out at the G 7, and the only ‘good guy’ there aside from Japan. You have to respect Japan’s sense of self. Canada could use a bit of that.

Robert wait until victim number two shows up. There is always more than one. Justin’s day is coming.
commented 2018-06-08 11:03:24 -0400
Everyone is ridiculing Trump’s ’ Didn’t you guys burn down the White House’ comment. Our Liberals are proving they have no sense of humour aside from no brains, by PROTESTING TOO MUCH about how outrageous and insulting it is to suggest that America’s ‘BEST’ ally, Canada, could ever be a threat to the U.S. However the fact of the matter is, by virtue of the worlds longest shared border and the unfiltered garbage we are allowing and indeed bringing into our country, we WILL be a threat. By virtue of what countries and nefarious players like Soros and Obama, Junker etc, who mentor the Justin/Butts/Telford trio, we already are a threat to the U.S. Justin has made it clear who’s side he’s on and its not the side of good.
commented 2018-06-08 10:51:51 -0400
The Daily Caller now has picked up on the Girl Groper story. If Doug Ford was involved it would have been wall to wall 24/7 coverage from the time the story broke.
commented 2018-06-08 10:10:25 -0400
Justinbutts is emboldened by his new Euro friends, fellow globalists in crime. If he thinks he can give the shaft to America and get away with it he /they are much more manically insane than we initially thought.
Prisoners in our own country, and the new enemy of the U.S., if Justin has his way. We are seeing the worst leadership this country has ever experienced.
commented 2018-06-08 07:48:25 -0400
Bonokoski, of the Toronto Sun: “Shocker: Resurfaced Editorial Slams Justin Trudeau as a Groper”. How much longer will the biased, left stream Canadian media ignore this story?
In the States, the Comments sections of the articles covering this story are hilarious.
commented 2018-06-08 06:31:49 -0400
I am certain that the queer who leads Canada will sit there with his legs tight together and his hands folded gently into his lap as he whines about gender to the leaders of the “not so free world”. His feminine stature and his feminine style show how limp wristed he truly is.

In the meantime Christians are being killed in most islamic countries. China and in some parts of India – and he is refusing to allow them to enter Canada as refugees.

The present leader of Canuckistan is not only an islamic – he is a confirmed killer of Christians.

He is a serious murderer of those who worship at the cross.

Most would never say that – but IMO – Trudeau has killed thousands of Christians by simply refusing to allow them to enter Canada in any significant numbers.

In the meantime the evil islamic threat grows in many Canadian cities as they are invited to come to Canada by the man who will soon officially make it illegal to say anything against evil islam.
commented 2018-06-08 05:53:35 -0400
@ Jerry Raketti Raketti commented 6 hours ago
How would you feel as a Soldier that has slept on the ground; to come home & see some Welfare Case Migrant wearing you Rucksack’?
I did, I have and it pissed me off. It still does.

Then I realized it was Canada – and only a very, very few Canadians give a damn about their military or their Veterans. Most Canadians “might” give their Veterans 2 minutes in November – but only if they think someone else might be looking at them – otherwise they carry on as if it was another day.

The first time I lost a brother in the military I had only been serving for a short time – I watched it as it happened and could not do a damned thing to stop it – made me realize that we are playing for keeps.

But Canada and most Canadians would rather give billions to evil, despotic, islamic nations while their own people suffer.

After all it is the “new Canadian way”.

The best part?

It will only get worse over time. I hope I am wrong but suspect I am correct – Canadians will re-elect the POS who leads Canuckistan today and he will have an additional four years to destroy the country.
commented 2018-06-08 05:47:52 -0400
On the bright side, Wynne’s Liberals are on the cusp of losing official party status in Ontario, delicious is it not?
commented 2018-06-08 05:46:00 -0400
The Boy Blunder is out of his league with Trump. Trump will come to Canada, do a quick drive-by, and leave Jr. a crumpled mess in the ditch. Sad.
commented 2018-06-08 03:46:53 -0400
If Justin and the other Globalists have their way it will be the G1.
commented 2018-06-08 03:46:14 -0400
Robert Hewgill i saw that as well, Trump will own both of them as he needs neither of them for any important reason.
commented 2018-06-08 00:25:43 -0400
Hopefully Trump throws Mohammad Trudeau straight into Guitanemo Bay where he belongs
commented 2018-06-07 23:15:51 -0400
How would you feel as a Soldier that has slept on the ground; to come home & see some Welfare Case Migrant wearing you Rucksack’?
commented 2018-06-07 23:06:53 -0400
It wouldn’t surprise me if President Trump informs the G7 leaders he has a few hours only, leaving shortly… Trudeau thinks he and Macron will convince the President to repeal tariffs on steel and aluminium……not going to happen. The Soy Boy brigade will have absolutely no influence.

The government of the day can be described as traitorous; not serving Canadian interests or protecting it’s citizens. We have a low IQ narcissist in office, who is fully supported by a power hungry communist named as Principal Secretary, along with a caucus which has been infiltrated by Islamists.

I always enjoy hearing from Lee Humphrey, thanks for asking him to weigh in on this matter. Trudeau’s attitude toward the military is absolutely infuriating.
Ezra, I agree, please look into this recall of equipment to get a better sense of what’s going on.

Conservative majority in Ontario, so happy!
commented 2018-06-07 23:03:21 -0400
I truly hope Trudeau continues on his trend, digging his own tomb, this week in Qc. Canadians who voted for him need to be as much ridiculed as him. That’s what I have started doing, just laugh at those people in general, too stupid or lazy to comprehend the consequences of electing that pot-head traitor. Let me just say that it’s quite effective.
commented 2018-06-07 22:48:37 -0400
Rebelation Rebelation commented
“Ezra – you should go back into the msm prior to the last election, and pull some stories about how Harper was cheap with the military and the Liberals were going to spend tons of money and upgrade.

Trudeau is sneaky, like all communists!"

Leftwing propoganda:
Aug 24, 2015

Reality check:
“The Trudeau government — like all of its predecessors — refuses to take responsibility for the affairs of veterans. They aren’t dealing with the bureaucratic mess. They aren’t taking responsibility for the wait times for injured Canadian Forces members — times which continue to increase despite the Liberals throwing money at the problem. They refuse to work with veterans who won’t hold their tongues, not matter how useful their participation would be. Despite bold announcements to study veteran suicides, the Trudeau government is refusing to investigate the murder-suicide of the Desmond family. The Liberals have completely ducked a key plank from Election 42 — one that got the Liberals a lot of reluctant support from veterans — a promise to restore life-long pensions to injured veterans. Last budget, the Liberals used a bait-and-switch instead. And they continue to hold to the most offensive, and patently untrue, legal strategy ever launched at veterans: that Canada doesn’t owe veterans a thing.”
commented 2018-06-07 22:45:05 -0400
Joel doesn’t understand Trudeau at all, bless his heart.
commented 2018-06-07 22:42:32 -0400
Less than a year to go and Alberta gets RID of their mistakes and then we can vote to get rid of the sorry prime minister Tuedope and his useless government
MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2018-06-07 22:38:55 -0400
I live in Hamilton and true to force Hamiltonian’s shot themselves in the foot by electing a bunch of COMMIES. Not one Tory to sit at the table and press for Hamilton’s development. THE HARD WORK BEGINS TO UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN FORCED ON US.
commented 2018-06-07 22:38:37 -0400
ROBERT MCCLELLAND, Being from BC, it was fantastic to see that lying Liberal Financial Minister Sousa get taken down. That man lied more about numbers than Trudeau; the difference being Sousa knew that he was lying, while Trudeau never had a clue about numbers.
commented 2018-06-07 21:39:41 -0400
As far as the Canadian Army is concerned, Justin Trudeau is the enemy within. As far as the Canadian public is concerned, he is the enemy at large.