June 19, 2018

“Serial slanderers” SPLC apologize, pay $3M+ after being sued — But is The Rebel their next target?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

UK Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz has been outspoken about the cover up of the rape of thousands of British girls by Muslim gangs. He's defended Tommy Robinson.

So a mighty alt-left troll factory, called the Southern Poverty Law Center, issued a liberal fatwa against Nawaz, and against the great Ayaan Hirsi Ali, calling them anti-Muslim extremists.

They literally equated them to neo-Nazis, in their "field guide to anti-Muslim extremists."

The SPLC has an endowment of about US$400 million. You see, you make a lot of money demonizing conservatives. Facebook, Amazon, Google, YouTube and Twitter have all outsourced their censorship to the SPLC in part, letting them decide who gets banned.

But Maajid Nawaz did something new: He crowdfunded a lawsuit against the SPLC.

I didn't think he had much chance of winning.

Yet they just paid Maajid Nawaz more than US$3 million.

But in related news, the SPLC has given a grant to a Canadian colony, run by notorious hucksters Evan Balgord and Bernie Farber, called the "Canadian Anti-Hate Network”. 

(Funny. Because they sure hate a lot of people — namely conservatives who disagree with them. Like us, and our viewers, as I'll show you tonight.)

Balgord has made a name for himself online consorting with violent antifa-types. And Bernie Farber is the chief advocate of censorship in Canada.

I noticed, just this weekend, that Evan Balgord signed up as a premium member of The Rebel. 

That means he's probably watching this now.

So hello, Evan, you foreign-funded censor! The world now knows that you work for a corrupt organization that calls anyone they disagree with “racists,” just for fun and profit.

We know you’re liars; your U.S. master just admitted it.

We won’t be reluctant to sue you for your smears, either. 

And we’ll do our best to encourage other conservatives to stand up to the slanders of the alt-left, especially those who would bring disreputable foreign tactics to Canada...

NEXT: Sheila Gunn Reid recently reported that a Muslim hate preacher has received one of those federal summer jobs grants that many Christian groups are being denied. 

We've launched a new campaign called PayItBack.ca to push back against this Liberal government decision, and tonight Candice Malcolm and I talk more about this imam's disturbing public statements.

THEN: I discuss US/Canada trade wars with Ian Lee, Associate Professor at the Sprott School of Business.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-06-23 18:15:17 -0400

I managed to do it, in two main parts and a bit more. Just read my comments in upward order from your last comment. Thanks again for the copy/paste instructions; I’ll give it a try sometime today. I wouldn’t mind knowing how to import video links onto The Rebel comments section also, if you can explain that. Many thanks. Ted
commented 2018-06-23 05:05:43 -0400

I forgot to mention that the video ‘Young Earth Creation’ is found on Youtube. Do a search on Youtube to find it. If it doesn’t come up in the search, play a few creation science videos and it will come up eventually.
commented 2018-06-23 01:13:14 -0400

The video I referenced is called ‘Young Earth Creation’ (no wonder I couldn’t remember the title!). It’s 3 hours and forty minutes long and is a very good place to start. You can watch it in one go (better have some pop and chips on hand) or in segments of about an hour each. It will give you hard scientific evidence that Earth is about 6000 years old as a close reading of the Bible indicates, not billions of years old as flawed radiometric dating techniques have claimed. You will see how those methods are flawed and provide ages that are inaccurate, unreliable and even inconsistent with one another. This has been known by the atheist science establishment for decades, and they have kept the public largely in the dark about it. The new dating technique of using diffusion of Helium atoms in zircon crystals in granite was discovered by creation scientists, who make their presentations in this lecture conference. I know you will find you time well spent watching this video.
commented 2018-06-23 00:44:43 -0400

Okay, here is the second part, which is focused on the issue of why it is important to get the truth about this settled in one’s mind. First, it is a matter of not having an equivocating mentality for our own sake where God’s Word is concerned. I think the importance of that should be self-evident. Our individual salvation is based on our individual faith in Jesus Christ as the eternal, crucified, Risen Son of God. Second, is the matter of the effect that equivocation has on people who haven’t yet found the truth. If we as Christians don’t stand up for the Bible as Immutable Divine Revelation that says what it means and means what it says, why should non-Christians take it seriously as that? And if we equivocate on the literal validity of one point of clearly spoken doctrine in the Bible, written in clear, unequivocal language, then why should we be taken seriously when we speak of subjects like Jesus’ Resurrection? I think you take my point: we either stand for the literal veracity of the Bible, or we don’t. If we won’t defend the account of creation given in Genesis 1-11, which Jesus quoted unequivocally, then where do we get off defending any other part of Scripture as literally true, particularly the Resurrection, on which the entire New Testament and Christian faith are based? And why should we expect anyone else to believe it? The practical effect of giving away Genesis 1-11 as poetry, is giving away the real historicity of Jesus Christ and of the Resurrection. That, we cannot tolerate as Christians. Never.

Of course, there are passages in the Bible that are clearly poetic and should not be claimed to be literal. But Genesis 1-11 is not such. It is the beginning of a continuous historical narrative that is clearly real history as we know it, without question, by say, the time of the Roman occupation of the Holy Land in Jesus’ time on Earth. And I would argue, much earlier than that, say, Joseph in Egypt, based on recent archaeological finds. Or even earlier, say, the division of the Earth that you mentioned, which is likely referring to either the separation of Asia from the America’s by rising post-ice-age seawater, or the separation of the original nations at Babel. There is no interruption in the narrative, say after Genesis 11, that would indicate the former chapters were written as poetry or fiction, and the latter as real history. It is all written as one historical narrative. And this is exactly how it was taken by scholars and laypeople alike for many centuries, until Lyell and Darwin began chattering about long geologic ages and evolution. Suddenly we are supposed to believe that everyone prior to them was deluded, that God has left His people in a state of having a deluded worldview for many centuries, based on His supposedly unclear (is this God we are talking about?) revelation, only to finally be clued in by a couple of amateur unbelieving pontificators like Lyell (who was a lawyer, not a geologist) and Darwin (who was a failed theologian, not a biologist)? That just doesn’t add up for me, nor should it, I submit, for any Christian. So I hope you will look into this matter more. There are also some excellent videos of creation science lectures by very qualified PhD scientists on Youtube these days. ‘Northwest Creation Network’ is a good place to do a Youtube search for a wide variety of creation science sub-topics. If you would like to really sink you teeth into the latest hard geophysical evidence for a 6000 year old Earth, I suggest a three hour video entitled ‘Creation (I forgot the rest of the title; I’ll let you know after this message). God bless.
commented 2018-06-22 23:33:41 -0400

Just below, I wrote some of what I lost before to the time glitch. I just wrote non-stop so as not to let it happen to me again, and stopped about halfway through to make sure I didn’t lose it again due to the time glitch. I’ll now try to do the same for the rest of it, or rather a paraphrase, since I can’t remember it word for word.
commented 2018-06-22 23:30:27 -0400

Thanks but it doesn’t seem that simple; I’ll experiment with it and see. Anyway, here goes a shortened version:

I believe the Bible is crystal clear on God’s creation of the world, the universe, life, mankind etc. No Christian had a problem understanding what the Bible says in Genesis 1-11 before Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin foisted their deluded beliefs onto the world. Four hundred years ago, Bishop Usher, who Gould called an accomplished scholar, calculated the Earth’s approximate age, based on the Bible’s chronology, at about 6000 years. Do we really think God was unclear in what He was telling us, and left Christians in a state of delusion on the issue of creation for centuries? I don’t buy that. I think he was crystal clear, and laid it out exactly as it happened, and did not play around with double meanings of words like ‘yom’ (day). I will never believe that he left it to the likes of atheists like Lyell and Darwin to tell us what He supposedly did not, when He went into detail on the subject at the outset of Scripture that Jesus verified as authentic, quoting from Genesis on creation and on the Flood, affirming the reality of both. God later doubled down on the matter, in Exodus 20:8-11, telling the Israelites that they were to observe a Sabbath every seventh day because He has laid out creation in six days, resting on the seventh. So He was saying they were to follow a pattern that He had set in His creative acts. God is not deceptive and nowhere did He say, either in Genesis or Exodus, that the days were really billions of years or ages or eons. The complete absence of any such qualification of His language would seem to be powerful evidence that He was saying exactly what He knew we would understand from his words if we took them literally: that six days meant six days, and one day of rest meant one day of rest. How then do we take upon ourselves the authority to deny the clear meaning of His words simply because a couple of atheists, having little or no scientific knowledge as we understand it today, put forth creation accounts that clearly contradict His account of creation? We either believe God or the atheists who defy His Word. There is no wiggle room. The only reason some Christians have equivocated on this is that they have been culturally conditioned to believe in Lyell and Darwin before they believed in Jesus Christ, and carry this baggage with them for a while, as I did years ago, before I realized my error. Since then, I have spent much time researching creation science and am convinced God’s account of creation in Genesis 1-11, Exodus 20 and other passages of Scripture is 100% true as written. And that there is now sufficient science to back up that view, in fact to the point that Lyell and Darwin can be written off as crackpots who didn’t know what they were talking about, as indeed their followers do not either. For more info on this, I suggest you check out creation.com and other such websites. God will bless you.
commented 2018-06-22 20:17:05 -0400
Ted, its simple. Even for a Latter Day Ludite like me.
Open a word processing program like “Word”. Type your your article and save it in the pull down “File” menu. It will ask you to save it somewhere- usually it will be in “Documents”. Once it is saved somewhere highlight the whole thing and left click on the highlighted area. Click “Copy”. Go to The Rebel and click on where you want it to appear. Left click again and click “Paste”. Done.

I use a Mac so I’m guessing you are using a PC. I’m going from memory since I haven’t used a PC format in a few years.
commented 2018-06-22 05:53:27 -0400

That is beyond my meager computer abilities. Email, websurfing and commenting here is about it. I’ve been focused on other things for years and just never got around to learning much in the way of computer skills.

I’ll try to get myself up for doing a shortened version of my ‘disappeared’ comments sometime tomorrow.
commented 2018-06-21 20:17:30 -0400
TED TADRIGHT commented 2 hours ago

I just spend well over an hour writing another one-page essay in response to your other comment, and it also disappeared into cyberspace when I hit ‘Post Your Comment", which I did three times to ensure it would get posted. The ’Post Your Comment’ function must malfunction if you take more than a certain amount of time here writing your comment.
Ted, maybe type it up in a document and then copy the whole page to the site.
commented 2018-06-21 20:04:23 -0400
Whoops, I should have addressed my last comment to Ezra, not the Menzoid, as it was on this thread that I experienced the problem.

Ezra, can you have one of your tech people check this out? Problem posting comments that take more than an hour to write.

Thanks, Ted
commented 2018-06-21 19:08:11 -0400

I tried to post two comments on this in the last 24 hours that disappeared into cyberspace after I hit ‘Post Your Comment’ and refreshed. I had to refresh because the ‘Post Your Comment’ button flashed left to right like it used to do a lot before it was fixed, and then, on the second comment (see my latest comment below for an explanation of that), I posted three times and then refreshed because the auto post didn’t work on each attempt, and then the page came up with the comment not there. Both comments were lost, and I had spend over an hour writing each one, so possibly it might be the the ‘Post Your Comment’ function malfunctions if you take more than a certain amount of time to write it? Can you have one of the Rebel’s tech people look into that, and also see if my comments were auto-saved at The Rebel? It’s pretty irritating (even more than the Rebel-hating troll who posts here) to spend an hour or more on a comment and then have it disappear into cyberspace when you try to post it.

Thanks, Ted
commented 2018-06-21 17:49:55 -0400

I just spend well over an hour writing another one-page essay in response to your other comment, and it also disappeared into cyberspace when I hit ‘Post Your Comment", which I did three times to ensure it would get posted. The ’Post Your Comment’ function must malfunction if you take more than a certain amount of time here writing your comment. Needless to say, more than a little frustrating to spend so much time and have it disappear into cyberspace, but I will take one more run at it (later), because there are some important issues involved, for both Christians and non-Christians. Right now I have to go bang my head against the wall again for a while…
commented 2018-06-21 09:58:49 -0400
TED TADRIGHT commented 8 hours ago

I have so far provided three examples of scientific facts that contradict a 4.6 billion year old Earth, and you of course couldn’t refute or offer an intelligent comment on a single one of them.
He sure did, Ted. He clearly stated, “It is the official position of the scientific world today”. What more do you want? Like hard evidence or something? You have to realize it was the voice of a god and not of a man.
commented 2018-06-21 03:56:58 -0400
OK Allan,

Here goes. This won’t be as good as the last one, because it was one of the best short ( 1 page) essays I had written in years, and I can’t get it all back. I suspect Matthew 7:6 explains (in reference to ‘Daniel’) why I lost that essay into cyberspace. It was the darn strangest thing. Just refreshed and it was gone- instead of being there. Anyway (sigh) here goes; bare bones compared to last time but I guess it’ll have to do, I’m not up for more. On second thought, I’ll do it tomorrow. Just don’t have it right now, too tired. See you on Thursday.
commented 2018-06-21 02:23:55 -0400

I just wrote you a response about a page long that disappeared into cyberspace when I hit ‘Post Your Comment". The ’Post Your Comment’ started flashing like it use to do, and when I refreshed, it was gone. I didn’t want to hit ‘Post Your comment’ again because it was a somewhat lengthy reply, and if it had gone through, I didn’t want to post it twice. I’ll give it another go if I can get it all back into my mind, but that is doubtful. Maybe a shortened version later. I have to go bang my head on a wall for a while right now…
commented 2018-06-21 01:29:37 -0400

I have so far provided three examples of scientific facts that contradict a 4.6 billion year old Earth, and you of course couldn’t refute or offer an intelligent comment on a single one of them. The atheist science establishment loves ignorant deluded people like you who know nothing and will just faithfully believe whatever they tell you while you grovel at their feet and check your brain at the door. What incredible irony that is!

You want to talk about effing dumb, that’s it. LOL!!!
commented 2018-06-20 22:55:15 -0400
You are an idiot Pond Scum and as per usual you side step the point. Canada is under siege from within, as is America. Those American economists you speak of are Republican and Democrat deep state, who have hated Trump from the get go and their opinion is squat. They are traitors to their country just as the liberals and cino’s are traitors to ours. You are just too far behind to get it. Justin will not come out on top of this one, and I pray he pays the ultimate price for it. Thanks to Justin there will be a lot of resentful voters come 2019 and they are going to want some of the prosperity that slid down south due to his incompetence and misplaced omnipotence. Trudeau’s got nuthin, so talking big won’t get him anywhere.
commented 2018-06-20 21:16:12 -0400
Drive-By and Ted. I’m open to either position. Neither one affects by faith in any way. One has to go by all the evidence, not just what suits one’s presuppositions.

The Bible is not a science text book. That is not to say that it is unscientific. It just is not trying to make authoritative statements about science. The Bible is theological history. It is explains selected history from a theological standpoint. It is like a case study. Where it contacts science it is consistent with it. It acknowledged that the earth was hung on nothing thousands of years before that was known scientifically.:

Job 26:7 “He stretches out the north over empty space And hangs the earth on nothing.."
“Date of the Events: Probably pre-Mosaic, even patriarchal from the second Millennium B.C.”

There is also a curious reference to the earth being divided. Was it referring to continental drift?
“Two sons were born to Eber; the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.” Genesis 10:25
Obviously it is made in a passing and is not trying to establish anything as a main point.

And again in 1Chronicles:
1 Chronicles 1:19: Two sons were born to Eber, the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided, and his brother’s name was Joktan."

Hundreds of between those two statements. Hard to say what it meant. But both mentioned it in passing as though the reader would know what they were referring to. Common knowledge at the time.

It was the biblical world view that allowed modern science to flourish under people like Issac Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Bacon, Pascal and many others. They understood that since God created the world and that it was not a chance occurrence it could be known and would be predictable and consistent. There was some scientific a knowledge under islam but it did not develop much since that world view did not value it or promote it since it was fatalistic. Most other times and peoples did little more than plot the movement of celestial bodies.

At the end of the day I do not work very hard to support what the Bible is not clearly trying to say.

I’m open to all evidence from all sources. As we said in seminary, “All truth is God’s truth”.
commented 2018-06-20 20:06:46 -0400

Don’t be conned by the atheist science establishment that has been snowing the public for years. The vast bulk of scientific evidence shows an Earth only thousands of years old, not millions or billions of years.

Here’s another one I’ll give you right now: Natural gas in oil and gas deposits is under pressure and it wouldn’t be, if it has been there for millions of years, because it gradually dissipates into surrounding rock over time. The fact that it is still under pressure today is consistent with it having been formed only a few thousands of years ago in the Genesis Flood, when the original supercontinent Pangea broke up into the present-day continents, and thousands of feet of churned-up sediment were laid down in layers that form the Earth’s surface today, trapping organic material (flora and fauna) in various places under tremendous pressure, forming oil and gas deposits that remain today under some (although less) pressure. This is just one of many such examples of geophysical phenomena that I will be sharing here over the next while, to refute ’Daniel’’s nonsensical atheist worldview that so corrupts his thinking. It turns out the Bible is true and accurate in its description of God’s creation of “the heaven, Earth, the sea, and all that in them is” in six literal days (Exodus 20:11). I’ll be showing how real science (not “science falsely so called” – 1 Timothy 6:20 that ‘Daniel’ believes in) verifies the Bible’s account of creation and history, and refutes the false ‘science’ of today’s atheist science establishment, that has duped much of the public into a false worldview of a fantasy universe and solar system and Earth of billions of years that never existed, as time is measured on Earth.
commented 2018-06-20 19:19:23 -0400
Here’s a bit of science that most people are unaware of: the Earth’s magnetic field is decaying with a half-life of 1400 years. At that rate, if you wind it back in time only 25,000 years, the magnetic field would have been so strong that Earth would have been molten rock. Kind of puts the kibash on an Earth millions or billions of years old. I have already cited Helium diffusion in primordial granite that shows a 6000 year old age of the Earth. There are many more such geophysical phenomena that show a recent creation of Earth and the entire solar system, i.e. only thousands, not billions of years old. Many secular scientists are aware of this, and are not, shall we say, going out of their way to inform the public of it, since they are unable to reconcile these facts with their atheist theoretical worldview. They are now in the position of having to defend their worldview against a massive body of evidence that contradicts it. So rather than honestly admit the scientific untenability of their situation, they go into denial and keep parroting the same mantra by which they have brainwashed ‘Daniel" and much of the public over the years: i.e. 4.6 billion years and just believe us, we wouldn’t lie to you. Well, it’s about time they had to defend their theory that is based on flawed science rather than just expecting the public to take it on faith. The fact is that their ‘evidence’ is flawed and scientifically invalid (this is the view of many PhD scientists) and the scientific evidence for an Earth only thousands of years old is now overwhelming. I’ll be happy to share more of that evidence in the days and weeks to come, while ‘Daniel’ just keeps parroting the official line that he has been programmed by the atheist culture to believe in by faith.
commented 2018-06-20 18:34:06 -0400
It is the official position of the scientific world today.
Perhaps but scientific fact isn’t arrived at democratically. It is arrived at by scientific method of hypothesis, testing hypothesis, modifying hypothesis etc. One scientist could be correct even though a million others disagree with him. Much of this area quickly moves into historical evidence as much as scientific evidence. You can’t test history. It just is.

So I ask you – how old do you think the Earth is?
Probably many millions. Billions? Who knows? Lots of it is lost in history as I said. The ancient earth makes sense since it was created by The Ancient of Days. But it may have been created in stages- not an uncommon position among theologians.

But this is not the right avenue to disprove the existence of God. You will do far better to hit at the core of the Christian faith- the resurrection. Disprove that and none of the other stuff matters. Of course you do seem to like to argue more than arrive at truth. If so, stay the course.
commented 2018-06-20 17:33:40 -0400

You are just a windbag of hot air. You just repeat your phony ‘science proves’ mantra but you I have explained that that is based on your medieval view of science. I have also explained how you can easily check out Helium diffusion science that provides hard evidence that Earth is 6000 years old, but your response is to hide behind this or that opinion that agrees with yours, based on the same ignorance of science that you exhibit. So pardon me if I can’t take you seriously when you behave so stupidly. Either check out the subject as I suggested, or admit you are a science illiterate, which you clearly are, and stop making your false claims. And stop lying when you know I have told you how to check what I claim. That doesn’t do your non-argument any favor, it just reinforces that fact that you are a science illiterate (even more than I am a computer illiterate) who can’t bring himself to honest about it. But that’s the lefty way, isn’t it? Hide your ignorance behind various ruses and obfuscations rather than honestly searching out a matter. I have to say you’re definitely a master at that.
commented 2018-06-20 16:21:06 -0400
DANIEL OCEAN commented 7 hours ago
Ted Tadright,

Prove it. You have not done that. Science says the Earth is round and 4.6 billion years old. Post a source/link that negates science’s position on Earth’s age.

Your blathering doesn’t count and neither does your belief or faith.

If you can’t respond with anything that can be fact checked, you lose and you have ZERO credibility.
Once again the pot is calling the diamond black. Most of the “facts” you refer to have zero substantive evidence. You just keep “blathering” your opinion. I know you think that your opinion qualifies as divine revelation but it does not. Saying that science proves something is not the same as actually showing the evidence to back up the claim. But of course you don’t because you would have nothing to post about.

When someone does prove you wrong you just stop posting. And change your name for the 100th time.
commented 2018-06-20 15:38:33 -0400

You haven not proven Earth is 4.6 billion years old. You just keep trotting out your faith line that “science has proven…etc.” that’s because you have been culturally brainwashed to believe that whatever the current atheist ‘science’ establishment claims is true is ‘science’. But it isn’t, any more than the claims of the ‘science’ establishment five hundred years ago that Earth was at the center of the universe were science. Well, actually, by your definition of science, they were. the point being that science is an ongoing investigation, not a set of dogmas, as you have accepted it to be. Part of that ongoing investigation is a search for rock dating methods that don’t have the demonstrated flaws (which I have listed for you) that radiometric dating has. that search has turned up a new rock dating method which is based on the rate of diffusion of helium atoms out of zircon crystals in primordial granite in the Earth’s crust. That scientific dating method has produced a date of 6000 years for primordial granite. Now, you may not like that, but that is what the data shows. I would be happy to provide you links for that, but as I explained before, my computer skills don’t include importing links to this site, i.e. I don’t know how to do that. That’s why I suggested you do a web search of Helium diffusion in granite, where you can find sites that argue for and against the data, procedure and conclusions, just as you can for radiometric dating. In the meantime, your claim that science claims this or claims that just indicates you have a medieval view of what science is, i.e. whatever the ‘science’ establishment claims it is, as opposed to what research, data and conclusions are actually being conducted in the field and in laboratories. So your blathering doesn’t count and neither does you touching faith in the current ‘science’ establishment as the arbiter of truth, which it most definitely is not. Until you recognize that and realize that science isn’t a set of dogmas that arbitrate truth vs fiction, you have zero credibility. There is good science that indicates Earth is 6000 years old, not 4.6 billion years old, and it is only your cultural brainwashing by the atheist education system and the atheist media that has heretofore prevented you from knowing that. Lucky for you, I am here to inform you of scientific research that they have hidden from you. So do a web search on Helium diffusion in primordial granite, and get back to me. Then we might discuss something substantive. Go!
commented 2018-06-20 13:55:13 -0400
- The left hates White people almost as much as the Nazis hated Jews. Come to think of it, the left hate Jews as well & the Nazis were far left, big government, socialists. The left always needs an enemy to blame the failures of their policies on – Jews, kulaks, counterrevolutionaries, etc. A while ago George Soros poured another $18 billon to his “causes” (what’s a few billion when you’re looking at stealing trillions). I wonder how much of that money went to SPLC.

- Trudeau keeps finding new ways to fund Muslim extremists. The summer job grant, payouts to convicted terrorists, funding terrorist front groups. Palestinians will never be free. There is no freedom under Sharia. This imam denounces free countries. Palestinians living in Israel have freedom. Those living anywhere else in the middle east do not. The Liberals own everything this jackass says. Petition signed & shared.

- Trudeau doesn’t care about trade wars or the Canadian people. He cares about what far left elitists think. He’s locked in his leftist echo chamber. This whole thing happened because Trudeau thought he could score some points with his leftist pals by backstabbing Trump. Trump wasn’t all that interested in going after Canada, his main targets being Mexico & China. This is another Liberal created disaster.
commented 2018-06-20 13:09:58 -0400
Did someone on here say Trudeau has balls….I should point out to this person that eunuch’s don’t have balls. One of the reasons he sits like a girl!
commented 2018-06-20 11:28:45 -0400
Equal or no tariffs, whats your argument with that Pond Scum? More trade is good trade and it would mean more trade for everyone and less gov’t interference. Win win. I am waiting to hear a cogent alternate argument.
commented 2018-06-20 11:25:27 -0400
No you are wrong Pond Scum Ocean, Canadians are being lied to by their own government. It is fair. What is not fair about equal or no tariffs? Its the Canadian government that is being protectionist. Our gov’t think they have an advantage and they do, an unfair advantage and they want to keep it. Everyone would prosper if it was truly fair trade. Justin, Red dress et al don’t want that. They feel they are entitled to their entitlements at the expense of not just the U.S but Canadians as well. It is WRONG HEADED.
commented 2018-06-20 11:12:56 -0400
There’s a very special place on this planet for the communist leftists that troll this site.
commented 2018-06-20 10:40:50 -0400
I can hear the distant sucking sound of the swamp beginning to drain. A lot of those swamp dwellers are focused on Canada since they know Trump won’t go down easily. Canada is easy pickings, with Justin at the helm, he is a very willing traitor.