June 20, 2018

Learn how much you REALLY paid for Trudeau's India trip — Why is the Media Party ignoring this?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

How much did Justin Trudeau’s trip to India cost? Well, that’s the crazy thing. The bills are in — partial bills, more are yet to come — and it’s over $1.5 million. But not a peep about it in the any English language media.

The Quebecor newspaper Journal de Montreal published a story on it today.

It wasn't a scoop, or even revealed by an Access to Information document. It was an order paper question in Parliament.

But every single media outlet in English Canada — including, of course, the CBC — simply declined to do a story about the cost of the greatest wreck of Trudeau's prime ministership so far.

(By the way, The Rebel submitted an Access to Information request about all of Trudeau’s costumes. But the government says they won’t answer that question in the 30 days required by law. They want a 300-day extension — they won’t answer until 2019 — because they say telling us how much they spent on costumes for his dress-up party would disrupt their operations...)

Tonight I'll read you excerpts from the Journal de Montreal story, like this one:

"During the nine-day stay last February, the government paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rental of rooms and meeting rooms in hotels, nearly $60,000 for chauffeur-driven car rentals, and even $17,000 for a Canadian chef's trip to India to prepare a meal at a party."

Because I guess India doesn’t know how to make Indian food...

(I’ve got an idea for Canada’s wounded military vets. They should re-train as Indian chefs. Maybe Trudeau would have a few bucks for them then.)

There's a lot more.

This is unacceptable from a government that is telling the rest of us to live smaller, to “make better choices” about energy and travel, telling veterans they’re asking for too much.

But really:

Given how the CBC and the rest of the media is just fine with it, what possible incentive does Trudeau have to stop?

NEXT: The left is suddenly outraged by the treatment of illegal alien children, but immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann joins me to point out that Canada does the same thing.

THEN: I discuss the big news that Trump has pulled the U.S. out of the UN Human Rights Council with Claudia Rosett, Foreign Policy Fellow, Independent Women’s Forum.

FINALLY: Your letters to me.

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commented 2018-06-20 21:22:09 -0400
Oops, pardon me, he worked for 1 day, not half a day.
commented 2018-06-20 21:18:41 -0400
He worked for half a day, vacationed the rest of the time with his family, pulling costumes from his tickle trunk and created a diplomatic crisis…and, the troll thinks this is acceptable!!! Take a break from your Zombie trot for Trudeau.

During his morning of work, he told Indian audience Canada had recently celebrated 100 years of Confederation. How is this possible that he couldn’t remember it is actually 150 years….he had
Canada 150 on absolutely everything across Canada.
commented 2018-06-20 20:44:16 -0400
Protect the prime minister and his evil cronies at all cost.
commented 2018-06-20 20:40:24 -0400
Like buying a new Jet Airliner because of a broken signal light is reasonable…trudeau has a constant agenda against honest to goodness Canadians and decent People in general in the west..