March 12, 2018

Doug Ford to lead Ontario Conservatives — Why that's important, no matter where you live

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

In seven weeks, the PC Party of Ontario has been transformed:

From supporting a carbon tax to railing against it. From supporting wind turbines to threatening to rip them out of the ground. From bending the knee and submitting to the mainstream media’s idea of what an acceptable conservative is — to bashing the media and ignoring them, Trump-style.

From Patrick Brown to Doug Ford.

I can’t believe it. And I’m so hopeful, for a bunch of reasons that I’ll tell you

It was a hectic leadership contest. Patrick Brown was the leader just seven weeks ago — and then a CTV attack on his alleged sexual misconduct — some allegations of which have been recanted; and Brown says he’s going to sue them — Brown was leader less than two months ago, with a boring, soft-left, Red Tory platform, including a carbon tax.

What’s the point in having a Conservative Party that is indistinguishable from the Liberal Party on all core ideas?

Sure, Kathleen Wynne is corrupt and has ruined the economy. But that was true before. Running another focus-grouped, artificial candidate against her, and her Big Labour war machine, doesn’t work.

Well, that’s gone now. And I think Doug Ford's got a real chance to be premier, too.

The media is hostile — of course, but I don’t think that works as well as it used to.

So are other groups. I'll show you an outrageous attack ad, published by... the Canadian Civil Liberties Association! An allegedly non-partisan charity, and they're campaigning against Ford.

But that’s a good sign — the degree with which Ford’s enemies hate him shows the degree to which they think he is a real force for change.

NEXT: Our own David Menzies comes on to talk about being barred from covering the leadership election on Saturday — and who was behind that decision!

THEN: Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey and I look to the future: Does Doug Ford really have a chance of beating Wynne in the upcoming election?

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-03-12 21:26:38 -0400
Tammie, that’s just too damn funny.
commented 2018-03-12 21:11:13 -0400
I too am optimistic that Doug Ford can beat Wynne. The best thing of all is that the media party only have eighty-seven days to attack and distort the truth about Doug Ford and the conservative party. And given that it was the real conservative members that have pulled the conservative party of ON back on track, I can’t help thinking that he should run under the banner of Doug & Slugs. We need the people of ON to get out and vote, and rid ON of Wynne and her corrupt gang once and for all.
commented 2018-03-12 21:09:48 -0400
Bobby… You have a history of not only your inaccuracies and inconsistencies but out right failure with your predictions.!!
commented 2018-03-12 21:05:59 -0400
It kind of looks like a hate vote that is moving around the world. Hate meaning that the public are tired of the lies the secrecy and the ideology of the left, the people do not like or want. Brexit and Trump election and Sebastian Kurz of Austria and M5S leader Luigi Di Maio shows Change is possible
commented 2018-03-12 21:05:50 -0400
Great show Ezra.
Doug Ford’s win has breathed new life into the party membership; as you pointed out, the fake consensus has been thrown out. Finally!!!
commented 2018-03-12 21:05:47 -0400
Bob Rock… You remind me of one of those little monkeys that I saw on tv… when he didn’t get his own way he would act out while losing his mind… He would bite pieces out of himself and lick the glass and jump up and down while enraged banging his head on the wall… honestly… That sounds like typical behaviour from the left when they don’t get their own way… Now personally I am a creationist and I don’t believe in evolution but sometimes I do when it comes to behaviour exhibited by people who act like the creatures they claim to be evolved from. Evolutionists are truly the funniest people around because they believe that all life evolved from some green slime on a rock Wayback in the beginning… Who knows maybe they’re right maybe some of them did… LOL
commented 2018-03-12 21:03:31 -0400
Doug Ford would have got some more votes if my wife and I were allowed to vote. I never got my PIN. The wife got hers, but didn’t end up getting the ballot.
commented 2018-03-12 21:03:16 -0400
I’m glad to hear the hopeful news this evening regarding Doug Ford. Let’s hope he drops the P and changes the party to a pure conservative organization. This gives me hope too that we Albertans can turf Rachel Notley next year. I was going to resign from the local United Conservative constituency but I think I’ll stay on to help fight the NDP’s insanity. Jason Kenny is too far to the left for me but he’s much better than Notley.
commented 2018-03-12 21:01:12 -0400
Bobby, you’re back. How’s that butt hurt coming along?
commented 2018-03-12 20:55:16 -0400
I know you are all excited, but it means fuck all if he doesn’t beat Wynne. You act as if he’s running Ontario now.
commented 2018-03-12 20:53:57 -0400
Look out Smiln’ Andy, the grassroots are coming for you next.
commented 2018-03-12 20:52:22 -0400
I can’t wait to hear Doug Ford’s detailed plan (not talking points) on how to pay for everything without the carbon tax.
commented 2018-03-12 20:50:18 -0400
I nearly fell over this morning when I read that the Red Star had commissioned a Forum Research Poll that showed that Ford would win a provincial election with 44% of the vote “despite” Doug Ford. Who would of thunk it?
I very much enjoy this new positive approach, that gloom and doom stuff was getting old. Hoorah!
commented 2018-03-12 20:39:16 -0400
Yes, and I’m glad the good guy won too!
commented 2018-03-12 20:28:50 -0400
Meanwhile here in Manitoba, it is budget day. The stupid conservative party has just announced the carbon tax pricing.
commented 2018-03-12 20:28:06 -0400
Disruption, distraction and dysfunction, what the CBC means for Canada.
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