March 16, 2018

Celina Caesar-Chavannes might be Canada's most racist MP

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Celina Caesar-Chavannes is a first-term Liberal MP from Whitby, Ontario.

She immigrated to Canada from Grenada, and she’s been a great success: A bachelor of science degree, then an MBA. A success in business, and now an MP — and a parliamentary secretary to a cabinet minister, no less.

But she sees racism and sexism everywhere.

You may have heard that, earlier in this month, she and Maxime Bernier, the Conservative MP from Quebec, got into a Twitter battle.

David Menzies reported on this at the time, but in short, Caesar-Chavannes told Bernier:

"Please check your privilege and be quiet."

Bernier didn't back down. Conservatives are too easily scared into shutting up when someone calls them “racist,” so bravo to him.

This all happened on March 6.

And the next day, Caesar-Chavannes gave a speech at the Empire Club in Toronto.

She tweeted about it:

"I have heard individuals say that I might be a one-term MP because I continue to speak up about issues, and I accept that. I accept that because #MyFeminism requires me to be bold... It requires me to smash and challenge the status quo."

Then she shared a video clip. There's one line in particular that stands out:

"Black coffee, no sugar no cream.”

That's a very specific reference. It was in a speech given by Malcolm X, the U.S. black activist who was contrary to Martin Luther King. Malcolm X didn’t want blacks to integrate. He was the mirror image of the KKK, in some ways.

As I'll show you, Malcolm X was saying: White people are like milk in coffee — they ruin it, they dilute it, they are the enemy of black people.

So this angry, grouchy, chip on her shoulder politician, who came to Canada with nothing, who is now at the highest heights of privilege — speaks at the Empire Club, as a parliamentary secretary — she copies the language of Malcolm X?

And whatever else you say about Malcolm X, at least he was addressing a real problem.

What’s Caesar-Chavannes’ excuse?

She’s a disgrace, and you need to know it.

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THEN: With Steven Crowder the latest conservative commentator to be de-platformed on social media, Brandon Morse of and I talk about the censorship of ideas.

FINALLY: Your letters to me!

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commented 2018-03-16 23:41:37 -0400
Great that Maxine Bernier stood up to these ‘progressive’ social justice warriors. Indicates that Conservatives chose the wrong leader for the Conservative Party of Canada. I can’t imagine Andrew Scheer, the declared feminist, standing up to this.
The attendees at the Empire Club, seemingly unaware that this was borrowed from Malcolm X, seemed to appreciate her comment as being ‘clever’.
commented 2018-03-16 23:41:37 -0400
Celina Caesar-Chavannes – if everything in Canada is not to your liking, you can take your privileged hiney & your gender confusion, & racism – pack your bag & LEAVE! Don’t let the door hit you in the hiney. The Lieberal party has all the gender confused, lunatic racist, terrorist lovers that Canada does not need. As for your 1 term thing – that is way more than a racist like you deserves.
commented 2018-03-16 23:29:59 -0400
Harold Hoff: Thank you for your excellent observations. We share the same feelings, as I trust thousands of other Canadians do. What a National tragedy Trudeau and his handlers and the other fools like him, have thrust upon our Country with, as you describe their “toxic hate and discrimination foisted on people under the absurd banners of “inclusiveness, diversity & tolerance.” It is similar to a growing cancer that will soon destroy our Nation unless, like a tumor, it is quickly removed. Unfortunately, I see no strategies or plans suggested for this to happen, other than to wait until the next election. Too bad we have no real leaders in the Country with the intelligence, integrity and courage required.
commented 2018-03-16 23:12:19 -0400
I was raised to embrace Liberty..Democracy…and Freedom to all People that can understand and embrace the same…

The old saying goes…you don’t know what you had until it’s gone…
commented 2018-03-16 21:21:06 -0400
So now I will share an honest feeling. I believe that millions of Canadians feel the same but haven;t recognized it yet. I grew up in Canada. I’m white, I’m male, I was a Christian. In the environment I grew up in, we never saw sex of colour or anything else. We simply treated people and befriended them based on the wonderful HUMANS that they were.

All this has apparently changed. Exactly because of this toxic hate and discrimination foisted on people under the absurd banners of “inclusiveness, diversity & tolerance”, I have become acutely aware of people’s colour, sex, religion, apparent gender, etc. And now, my interactions with them has consciously changed. I can;t treat people as regular normal people anymore, for fear of saying something that might offend their category.

This now has a real chilling effect, I’d rather avoid them – not because they’re not great people (they are!), but I just want to avoid the potential of inadvertent problems. As a self-aware person, I recognize this and am sure there are millions who do the same but don’t know why.

It’s so sad that we’re dissolving the unity, safety and cohesiveness that once was Canada, and using empty words to foment the opposite.
commented 2018-03-16 21:16:40 -0400
Excellent monologue Ezra.
MP Caesar-Chavannes is truly a regressive & a perfect fit for the LPC, very divisive and promotes group think. I think she is hypersensitive and neurotic. It is evident she hasn’t spent enough time in Canada to recognize her statements about Canadians are false. I hope the people in her riding remember her ideology when they go to the polls….and, see to it she is not re-elected.

Maxime Bernier handled her ridiculous statements with the truth and diplomacy. She is a racist, no doubt in my mind.

Great interview with Robbie Picard, looking forward to his future reports.
commented 2018-03-16 21:13:48 -0400
- It’s amazing that so many people want to come to this racist, horrible country & actually live here. Yet they flock here for some reason. Listening to the Caesar-Chavannes statement I’m convinced that it’s a combination of serious exaggerations & outright fabrications. Only in Trudeau’s Liberal cabinet could this disgrace of a woman get a cabinet position. Maxime Bernier has elevated himself as far as I’m concerned. Is the coffee comment a race thing? of course it is. She sees everything through the lens of identity politics.

- These environmental activists are not environmentalists. They’re bought & paid for OPEC thugs. As for the CBC, we shouldn’t expect anything of value to come from them.

- I’ve been following Crowder since his days at PJTV. I’m also a Mug Club member. Social media sites need to be regulated as utilities. Your phone company can’t cut your service because they don’t like what you’re saying. I’m generally against government regulation but this has gotten out of hand. Looking at Gab for example – Twitter censors conservatives. Conservatives go to Gab. Gab is then declared far right, alt right, Nazi, whatever. So now Google Play & Apple Store won’t carry the Gab app. If we don’t end this crap the only voice on the internet will be the far left.
commented 2018-03-16 21:10:39 -0400
This link belongs on this thread also…

BRUCE ATCHISON commented 2018-03-16 20:55:46 -0400
I hope that the Internet won’t be totally taken over by the big-monied leftists. If it is, we’ll have to go back to using CB radios. That would be the only way to get past the government and corporate censors. 10-4?

Copy that good buddy…10-4
commented 2018-03-16 21:10:38 -0400
I think it’s all a ruse, just like any of these movements. Mandela was supposed to be so big on reconciliation and yet, an generation later, the Blacks are dancing and singing on stage to “kill the Boer” in South Africa or, even gays in Canada just wanted equal rights and protection under the law, then Kathleen Wynne institutes a school program to teach and normalize gay sex to children in schools. People want equality until they get it. After that, their agenda is a complete take over of the system that gave them rights. It doesn’t matter that Caesar-Chavannes was treated well in Canada. That’s not enough and it will never be enough until her particular group runs the place.
commented 2018-03-16 21:01:33 -0400
Amazing she comes to Canada and soars to the top and then knocks the people and country that gave her everything she would never have back home . Hope this racist is voted out , Canada does not need people like her.
commented 2018-03-16 20:55:46 -0400
I hope that the Internet won’t be totally taken over by the big-monied leftists. If it is, we’ll have to go back to using CB radios. That would be the only way to get past the government and corporate censors. 10-4?
commented 2018-03-16 20:27:34 -0400
She cannot be racist.

She is black.

Did you not know that only a white Christian can be racist?

The media tells us that.

The social media crowd tell us that.

Those so called “educators” tell us that.

Lieberal politicians tell us that.

All non-white groups tell us that.

The islamics tell us that.

Cowards who will not stand up to be counted tell us that.

Modern day educated snowflakes tell us that.

Even the police often tell us that.

So in essence it goes like this…………….

“You can only be a racist if you are white. All others get a cultural free pass.”

Yeah, it is sarcasm – yet sadly it is promoted exactly the way I stated it.
commented 2018-03-16 20:19:28 -0400
There are a number of new MP’s who rode into office on Jr.‘s coattails. Whitby doesn’t seem like a place that will put up with her nonsense and Jr.’s coattails are getting shorter all the time. With any luck both Ms. Caesar-Chavannes and Jr. will be one term wonders.
commented 2018-03-16 20:17:18 -0400
HEaring the check your privilege line gets old fast.