March 19, 2018

Trudeau's “feminist war” in Mali “is going to get women killed”

Rebel Staff


Have you heard of Mali? I think I’m pretty smart, but I’d have trouble finding it on a map.

It's in Africa. A Sahara desert kind of place. One of the worst places in the world.

Their per capita income is $874. 90% of the population is Muslim.

There's sharia law in parts of it. Plus "terrorism and banditry," according to the latest Government of Canada travel advisory. And a tribal civil war.

There are 200 countries in the world, and Mali is one of the furthest away from us, geographically, culturally, linguistically, economically, strategically, socially.

We have no interests there, other than to stay away.

But on Friday, after the close of business, when politicians and the media had gone home the Liberals leaked the news:

Justin Trudeau is sending up to 250 Canadian troops to Mali, "possibly for a one-year deployment.”

They call it "peacekeeping," but is no peace to keep. It's the next Islamic State, or at least the Muslim rebels want it to be. In the last few years, 162 UN peacekeepers have been killed there, making it by far the deadliest UN peacekeeping mission around.

That’s as large as the death toll Canada paid in the war in Afghanistan.

When we were in a tough, hot war in Iraq, to fight ISIS, Trudeau abandoned that — even though, when I was in Iraq, Pershmerga generals told me that the western air forces made all the difference. And they specifically mentioned that they knew that Canada abandoned the mission right before the final push to drive out ISIS.

Whereas Mali is not worth a single Canadian soldier’s life.

This mission is just virtue signaling by Justin Trudeau:

"The Canadian military’s upcoming foray into Mali is expected to include a marked female presence as the Trudeau government looks to have Canada lead by example in the push to have more women on peacekeeping missions.”

When the body-bags start coming home, Trudeau wants to be able to say there’s 50-50 equality, because it’s 2018, or something like that.

He’s about to send 250 women and men into the deadliest peacekeeping mission in the world, where there is no peace to keep, where Canada has no interest whatsoever, and all to make a feminist point...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Toronto Sun Columnist Candice Malcolm has more on NDP leader Jagmeet Singh's radical ties; then Climate Depot founder Marc Morano talks about the NYT's hypocritical reporting on Easter Island — and about his new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.

FINALLY: Your letters to me!


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commented 2018-03-20 21:02:47 -0400
Thank you Candice Malcolm, for your breaking news on Sikh separatists. I am so sorry that you have received such violent and vulgar threats from some of the extremist Sikhs. When our family came to Canada several decades ago, we were shocked at how the Canadian government allowed these extremists to raise money and openly support terrorism. These extremists do NOT represent the peaceful Sikh founder and the majority of Sikhs. Many Sikhs helped Hindus fight Islamic violence against Hindus, even to the point of being tortured to death. The fact that you are a conservative woman is why Twitter didn’t take the threats against you seriously. And the accusations of racism are ridiculous. I am sure the fact that you are intelligent, brave and beautiful drives the leftists and pro terrorists bananas.
commented 2018-03-20 18:12:43 -0400
We should send all those liberal MP women there first, a long with the feminine clown that is our PM, and see how that goes. Maybe they’d change their minds about sending these women to their deaths. And these men too! I doubt it though, they don’t seem to have a whole brain between them.
commented 2018-03-20 17:32:53 -0400
… What could be less noble, less chivalrous, or less virtuous than sending woman to a dangerous war front?
… The twisted perversion of Trudeau, and his fake “feminist” agenda could not be more clear.
… Shame, shame, shame on Trudeau and every Liberal MP for supporting this.
commented 2018-03-20 15:58:48 -0400
Hollow people speak hollow words, defending nihilism becomes their focus.
Sad and pathetic….it doesn’t have to be that way.

Al Peterson, thanks for the link.
commented 2018-03-20 15:47:58 -0400
Al Peterson – that’s an amazing list of remarkable Christians who have changed our world!
commented 2018-03-20 15:16:37 -0400
Space Moose here is fine video on the effects of the Reformation on modern life. Watching the whole series would be well worth your time if you want to understand western history at all. Be careful though.
Be careful not to though:

“In reading Chesterton, as in reading MacDonald, I did not know what I was letting myself in for. A young man who wishes to remain a sound Atheist cannot be too careful of his reading. There are traps everywhere — “Bibles laid open, millions of surprises,” as Herbert says, “fine nets and stratagems.” God is, if I may say it, very unscrupulous.”

― C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
commented 2018-03-20 15:00:46 -0400
Well said, Ron Shea.
If one merely takes a quick look around the world thrones that came out of a Judea-Christian world view and in particular the Reformation ones of Northern Europe are the only ones worth living in. There are a few exceptions such as Japan but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.

The nations that have turned their backs on Christ are rapidly becoming, oh.. whats that term Trump used..??? Oh, yeah, she-it holes.
commented 2018-03-20 14:15:23 -0400
SPACE MOOSE, it’s incredible how you are convinced that your religion, humanism, the religion of the far left, is what makes a country successful.
commented 2018-03-20 13:28:24 -0400
I would argue that Christianity is exactly what has made Western democracies, especially Canada successful. Travel across this country East to West and North to South and the oldest and generally largest structures you will find in every village, town and city are Christian churches. Back in the late 50’s early 60’s before multiculturalism was implemented, 95% of this country identified as Christian. We were a technologically advanced society that was prospering , in the black economically and the crime rate was low.

“For the normative self-understanding of modernity, Christianity has functioned as more than just a precursor or catalyst. Universalistic egalitarianism, from which sprang the ideals of freedom and a collective life in solidarity, the autonomous conduct of life and emancipation, the individual morality of conscience, human rights and democracy, is the direct legacy of the Judaic ethic of justice and the Christian ethic of love. This legacy, substantially unchanged, has been the object of a continual critical reappropriation and reinterpretation. Up to this very day there is no alternative to it. Christianity, and nothing else, is the ultimate foundation of liberty, conscience, human rights, and democracy, the benchmarks of Western civilization. To this day, we have no other options. We continue to nourish ourselves from this source. Everything else is postmodern chatter.” Leading German sociologist and historian Jurgen Habermas, 1999

Our great Canadian painter Norval Morrisseau, many of whose paintings hang in the government buildings in Ottawa, a full blooded Ojibwae Indian, and member of the Order of Canada, said back in the 1980’s that Jesus Christ was the greatest of all the shamans. He converted to Christianity because he understood the historical native North American concept of the Great Spirit, was best expressed in the Christian Holy Spirit and as he would have read in the New Testament, God is Spirit.

I would also argue that it is Christ and those who believe in Him who are the only things blocking the complete takeover of the West by Islam. Why? Because fundamentalist Islam is not going to stop trying until they do. Atheists aren’t going to stop it and in fact, the left/Marxists, of whom most (if not all), are atheists, are in fact joined at the hip with Islam because both belief systems despise Christianity and also Judaism from which Christianity sprang. If you do not believe that, read up on true history of Islamic conquest.

1) Leftists are relativists and hate Christians because Christians believe in absolute truth.

2) Leftists do not want anyone to say that immorality is immoral.

3) Leftists are selfish and are more interested in their “feelings” then they are with what is right for others.

4) Leftists misunderstand what Christians really believe.

5) Since Leftists see themselves as the superior enlightened ones, they do not recognize that taking a position against their position is not automatically hate.

6) Leftists do not want to listen to their intellect, they would rather listen to their senses or feelings.

7) Leftists ignore the clear evidence of the result of their philosophical positions influence on the last 50 years. It had been a social disaster and they do not want to hear it.

8) Leftists see Christians as intellectually inferior.

9) Leftists see Christians as wanting to impose their religion on them when in truth it is the leftist/neo-Marxists, who have used the courts system to impose their secular humanism religion on all of us.

10) Leftists are spiritually lost and blind to the truth of the Gospel.
commented 2018-03-20 12:09:14 -0400
It is incredible how some of you bible thumpers are convinced that your religion is what makes a country successful. No superemacy thinking there going on.
commented 2018-03-20 11:01:39 -0400
Canada has been a Terrorist Haven for a long time. Now, we are and will face the consequences of allowing all this in the first place. This what you get with insane immigration policies pushed and supported by ALL parties of government in this country!
Praying for safety for Candice! She is doing a great job!
commented 2018-03-20 10:53:03 -0400
How’s the PTSD going Space Moose? You got it licked yet bud or is it all in your mind?
commented 2018-03-20 10:33:42 -0400
So Space Moose you are really a Liberal with concern for finances? Our Christian values are what made this country that it once was and what the leftists are now destroying. So if you don’t care about our Christian values you are gonna love the Muslim ones. Enjoy.
commented 2018-03-20 09:49:21 -0400
What will Canada send as equipment?
The Ross rifle?
Used jets from Australia?
How about some antiquated subs bought from Britain?
Ah, bows and arrows!
We can have our indigenous friends manufacture them, have serial numbers printed on each bow and each arrow to ensure that it can they can be kept in some kind of multi billion dollar registry managed by some illegal immigrant liberal hacks.
Meanwhile our soldiers will have to make do with very little support if any at all!
This is a massacre just waiting to happen and who will pay the price. What freakin threat is Mali to Canada anyway?
If they want to be ruled by their religion of peace, let them do it.
If they don’t want the religion of peace then it is up to the citizens of Mali to get rid of it.
Canada has NO business in that part of the world.
commented 2018-03-20 08:51:10 -0400
We need to send nut bar PM from QUE.G.Butts and G.Soros to fix Mali that’s all.
commented 2018-03-20 08:02:23 -0400
Where are all the young men and woman of this country Mali to fight their own battles.
Send our brave men and woman to die for what.
Why must turdo be ordered by the UN to send troupes. Put it to a referendum turdo.
Our people are being sent into a combat mission. Make no mistake
I also see we are sending Saudi fighting vehicles Why cant they build their own, we send them enough
Carbon tax free, gender free, No up-stream down stream carbon foot print, Canadian money.
commented 2018-03-20 06:57:15 -0400
Let Bono worry about Mali…he loves Africa…maybe some of his ONE Foundation money can help them…
commented 2018-03-20 04:21:53 -0400
Good news is, Ford will lilely win the election.
commented 2018-03-20 03:40:33 -0400
I really do not care about your christian values.
commented 2018-03-20 03:27:37 -0400
Space Moose, handling taxpayers’ money is important, of course, but if “more money in your pocket” is all conservative values are about, we might as well stop worrying about preserving our civilization right now, because it would soon degenerate into the kind of horror we are seeing in Syria right now. Not good!

What about freedom? What about the value of human life? What about proper relationships between human beings? Jesus gave some good counsel on that: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” That is a huge part of the legacy of our civilization that has been passed down to us and which is definitely worth preserving. Should we just forget about that and focus solely on making and holding onto money? Would that make us good conservatives? Not in my book, nor that of any of the others here, I would think.
commented 2018-03-20 02:24:20 -0400
Of course it is about money. I don’t want to send troops to fight in some stupid war. I don’t want a carbon tax. And I don’t want to shell out money for residential school reparations. More money in your pocket is what conservative values are all about.

And no, I did not bother to click on Tammie’s link.
commented 2018-03-20 02:04:42 -0400
The looney tune left are becoming more extreme every day. It would actually be funny if they weren’t politicians. Pretty soon Justin is going to need a vacation to recover from all his vacations.
commented 2018-03-20 01:44:21 -0400
David Heinze i think they know they are hypocrites , they just do not care.
commented 2018-03-20 01:15:39 -0400
Funny, I learned about Marc’s book from a post on Donna Laframboise’s site yesterday, and immediately bought the Kindle version. I am looking forward to reading it.
Here is Donna’s post:

On a similar note, those on the Private Jet virtue signalling need to take my " Are You a Climate Change Hypocrite? challenge. But they won’t:
commented 2018-03-20 01:07:09 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,001 Attacks, 227,198 Killed, 306,955 Injured that we know of.