March 20, 2018

Trudeau's new election rules: More censorship, no voter ID

Rebel Staff


Scott Brison, the Liberals' temporary Democratic Institutions minister, says he’s going to fix the election system. Did you know it was broken?

Under the Conservatives, new rules required people to show ID in order to vote. Literally dozens of kinds of ID were deemed acceptable.

But one of the first things Trudeau did was rip out ID requirements.

In the 2019 elections, you literally do not need to have any ID on you. None.

According to Brison, the real election threat is foreign “bots.”

Which is more likely to tip an election? Someone in Moscow tweeting mean things about Trudeau, or thousands of non-citizens who now can vote? Like, say, the 40,000 Syrians the Liberals brought here two years ago.

In the last election, more than 100 so-called "third party groups," some based in foreign countries, poured millions of dollars into advertising. And only one of these third party groups was pro-Conservative.

Conservative Senator Linda Frum has introduced a bill to ban foreign funding of campaigns — not foreign “collusion” or foreign “Facebook pages.”

Liberal Senators have blocked her bill. They won’t even debate it.

Trudeau has already threatened Facebook:

If they don’t censor political pages he doesn’t like, in advance of the election, he’ll censor them himself.

Justin Trudeau does not want to protect the integrity of the Canadian electoral system.

He wants to weaken the rules, so his friends can tip the balance for him — and to ban his enemies from even disagreeing.

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