March 26, 2018

Media (and Trudeau) praise anti-gun teens — facts and “boring statistics” be damned

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Over the weekend, there was a huge rally in Washington, DC calling for a ban on guns.

USA Today claimed that 800,000 people were there. Except that’s not true. Experts consulted by CBS News say it was 200,000. Still a lot. But the fact that the organizers, and the media, exaggerated that statistic tells you not trust them without verifying what they say.

They called this protest the "March for Our Lives." There is already an annual protest in Washington called the March for Life, a pro-life march. It was three times bigger than this anti-gun rally. But it got a sliver of the media coverage.

What’s weird about this protest is that organizers clearly made it an international protest — foreigners telling the U.S. to change their laws.

Justin Trudeau tweeted his support. He loves to lecture America about guns. There is more violent crime in Canada, per capita, than in the U.S. More property crimes, too. But don’t bother Trudeau with those facts.

By the way: Do you know haw many Americans are killed in any given year by rifles — including the dreaded “assault rifles” which are just rifles painted black, with plastic scary parts. Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?

WATCH and I'll tell you...

The media went along with the idea that a bunch of teenagers organized protests around the world.

Really? Does any teenager you know have the ability to organize anything bigger than a house party?

This movement has adopted the phrase “never again,” which for decades was used for Holocaust remembrance. A shooting at a high school is an atrocity, a tragedy and a crime. But it’s not a Holocaust.

In fact, the Holocaust happened, in part, because Hitler seized all the guns.

Hitler also knew the power of getting teenagers on board. Mao had the Red Guards. The Soviets idealized Pavel Mrozov, a boy who turned in his parents to the secret police.

But all the media cares about are that today's anti-gun kids are exciting. And they lived through a high school shooting — so you can’t question them.

And if you do, you're like... Hitler.

NEXT: To talk more about the many absurdities surrounding the March For Our Lives, and who's really behind it, I'm joined by Breitbart Senior Editor Joel Pollak.

THEN: Tony Bernardo, President of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, comes on to talk about how the Liberals are using American issues to change our firearms laws.

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Anybody here catch the news that Remington has filed for bankrupcy?