March 28, 2018

New outbreak of “Rebel Derangement Syndrome” strikes Liberals, Media Party — and Andrew Scheer

Ezra LevantRebel Commander


There's a full-scale outbreak of "Rebel Derangement Syndrome" going on in Canada right now — it’s infected Justin Trudeau’s office, and it’s seeping out, through the CBC, into the rest of the media.

I’ll give you really startling examples in just the past few days.

First, the National Newspaper Awards for 2018 have been announced.

And nominated for the best long form journalism of the year is that really long, boring front page article the National Post published about me and The Rebel last year.

Every single letter to the editor in response said it was awful.

But I bet you right now it’s going to win.

Next outbreak: CBC's Wendy Mesley got an interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, who, among other things, has best-selling book in the whole world right now. He's possibly the real life "world's most interesting man."

But what is her first question in a ten minute interview? Why does he hang out with The Rebel?

The same at Macleans, the decrepit government subsidized magazine.

Paul Wells, Trudeau’s Facebook friend, asked Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer "the number one question" Wells says "everyone wants to know":

Why is Andrew Scheer involved with people who used to be involved with The Rebel?

Justin Trudeau's principal secretary, Gerald Butts, literally uses the word "Nazi" to describe The Rebel, as we've told you before.

He's at it again, calling us "alt-right" on Twitter yesterday.

And again this morning: He says his critics online are all Rebels or something. I checked — none of them work for us.

There are more examples...

But the worst of all was Andrew Scheer’s reply to that weird question from Paul Wells.

WATCH as I show you what Scheer said — and tell you why it matters.

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Our own John Cardillo has more on the revelation that the father of the Orlando nightclub terrorist was a long-time FBI informant; then Prem Singh of Alberta Can't Wait joins me to talk about the latest on Jaspal Atwal, the convicted attempted murderer who went to a fancy dinner in India with Justin Trudeau.

PS: CLICK HERE for the petition Prem Singh told me about on the show.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!



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commented 2018-03-31 20:54:30 -0400
Here is a pleasant surprise. Not that I doubted she would become red pilled, but its nice to hear her say that she definitely does not identify with the left any longer. Good on ya Lindsay.
commented 2018-03-31 20:50:55 -0400
I don’t have it at my fingertips, but he basically just said he talks to everybody and said a bit on his stand on free speech. He wouldn’t let her get hung up on the Rebel so he didn’t say much, except he wasn’t going to be intimidated to shun anyone at the behest of the left.
commented 2018-03-31 18:01:03 -0400
I really want see Prof. Peterson’s response to Wendy M rebel Question
commented 2018-03-31 11:38:46 -0400
Even a single small candle will light up a dark room, Ezra. They are trying to snuff you out. That is how fragile freedom of expression is. Keep fighting. More Canadians than you think are on your side.
commented 2018-03-30 19:39:21 -0400
Cheers Rebel Media!! When the competition and supporters of the same resort to boos and insults….ya gotta know you’re on the right path to victory as winners!! It’s in our sights…BUT!!! It’s not done until they are in their demented death throws of defeat….put the boots to them in a metaphoric symbolic way Rebel Media…Don’t back down…
commented 2018-03-30 18:43:19 -0400
David Small, awesome! I have a feeling this next year is going to be a big one for the Rebel and any other news source brave enough to colour outside the lines.
People are tired of the party line and tired of being scolded for not towing it.
commented 2018-03-30 16:44:47 -0400
Apart from being subjected to various forms of behavior modification techniques for most of my 50 year working career I truly did not awaken to l’esmet until subjected to a front page photo of a Muhammadan women disgusted by an alt-right poster! Hate speech, Islamophobia etc over a piece of paper stating that an alternative viewpoint exists and that all interested to feel free to attend talks and discussion! My disgust snowballed as everywhere I looked, words took on alien meanings, louder equaled the moral upper hand and cultural anarchy somehow is evolving into tyranny and totalitarianism! I, like most others in their quest for truth, are desperate for facts! Facts that are not evident in shoutfests with family and friends. How do you argue against the contention that the land of the Palestinians has been stolen by the Jews when an Arab Palestinian nation never truly existed! I presume history didn’t start until 1948!
In anycase, the Islamic world hatred of Israel is a fact! is my choice for ferreting out fact from fiction and the more pressure exerted against Ezra and crew, the more I, for one, disassociate myself from mainstream machinations!
commented 2018-03-30 12:18:44 -0400
“liza rosie commented 1 day ago
The Rebel is still here, and guess what, the Rebel will still be here next year.”

Depends on when his sponsors get tired of him. His recent expansion into the private equity market suggests he may be reaching the bottom of those pockets. As for Youtube, 900k subscribers sounds like a lot, but it’s only slightly more than it had last August (873k) before the meltdown and when most of their content went behind the paywall If you know Youtube dynamics, that’s actually pretty bad, essentially stagnant.

Sun TV had the same problem – Ezra Being Angry About Things (today’s headline: detailed analysis of the colour of the PM’s socks) just isn’t a growth market, and his attempts to circumvent this via international expansion hasn’t really worked. The Australian Bureau is what, one guy who files irregularly a few times a month?
commented 2018-03-30 02:18:45 -0400
Edward Jobin—Thanks, that’s quite a response. You even have new fans following you.
commented 2018-03-29 22:29:11 -0400
EDWARD JOBIN, absolutely right, and the left wing media and government ‘s use the ignorance of the masses like a weapon against us. Any opportunity to blow any story out of all proportion and brand it to suit their agenda. They know most won’t notice the flaws in their narrative. It never stops.

A few years ago when this nonsense started I was so offended every time it happened. Being called racist and nazi, Islamophobe etc. really disturbed me
at first because it was so wrong. I knew I was none of those things. Now we are becoming hardened, and unpleasant as the attacks are, I think we are getting better at deflecting whats thrown at us and sending it right back at them. The fact that they drop a line of attack so quickly when they see it didn’t take us to our knees and come up with the next attack is proof to me that we are giving as good as we get. We are battle hardened and will take what ever they dish out and turn it back on them.

I think your comment explained the events and tactics perfectly.
commented 2018-03-29 19:06:59 -0400
Gerald Butts is an ardent student of Goebbels. We see you for what you are Gerald!
commented 2018-03-29 17:48:53 -0400
Bob Rock the difference is that i do not want sites like Canadaland or the Rebel to be silenced or wiped out, the left wants the Rebel gone or silenced as they do not want their BS to be exposed. That is what liars and dictators desire.
commented 2018-03-29 17:47:20 -0400
Bob Rock i would trust any side of independent media over the MSM , left or right. As much as i disagree with Canadaland i respect them more than any MSM garbage.
commented 2018-03-29 17:46:06 -0400
Gharab Aswad do you ever have any facts to bring? LMAO! Of course not, you lose when it comes to reality.
commented 2018-03-29 17:45:11 -0400
Bob Rock i never did that, you are the one who brought Alexa to the table , not me. And the MSM is ignorant about the Rebel , that is the truth. Meanwhile they lie all the time. And Mcleans got a free boost from taxpayers.
commented 2018-03-29 17:19:24 -0400
They’re afraid. Independent media HAS a place in Canadian society. Hence the focus on The Rebel. Keep moving forward Rebel. They’re on the run!
commented 2018-03-29 15:57:52 -0400
Those suffering from Rebel Derangement Syndrome continually stop in to post….take a Midol or the male equivalent & give your weary fingers a rest!
commented 2018-03-29 15:52:58 -0400
Ron Joseph: It is kind of difficult to explain some of the issues to the public without going into some amount of detail and I’m not sure the MSM has the interest having a serious conversation when it is so much easier to run with a smear campaign in . It seems the media and liberal government are content to use the incident in Charlottesville to define the rebel media viewers as Nazis which is totally unfair. Ezra had told Faith Goldy not to go and she went anyhow. Telling her not to go was a wise decision considering the climate of this situation and the eagerness for the media to interpret any situation or any misspoken word as fodder and for safety reasons. I don’t think her wanting to go and cover the issue was wrong in itself after all it is a news issue that was prominent and the desire for getting a great story is understandable. However being seen laughing and receiving support form white supremacists was a terrible optic although I can understand being so close to getting run down could leave someone in an emotionally vulnerable position. But this was a no win situation. The media was interested in driving their narrative when Trump chimed in that there was bad and good people on both sides of the issue. For most of the media it was you had to choose one or the other which to me is overly simplistic. Why cannot I reject both the evils of white supremacists and the evils of communist/anarchist masked covered thugs who came armed with bats to bust heads? Similarly why cannot I also believe that there were people present who had nothing to do with either organisation and were either for preservation of national historical monuments or were protesting their existence for what they felt they represented? But the media had no interest in handling this issue in a mature and balanced manner. Not when there was Donald trump to discredit and an opportunity to once again play the race card. Like I said the media and probably most of the voting public doesn’t have the time and interest you and I might have to hear the details as their attention span is often a little greater than a school child who grew up watching the flashing lights and spinning colors they grew up on in Pee Wee’s playhouse.
commented 2018-03-29 12:11:19 -0400
Edward Jobin—Good explanations as to why the Opposition Politicians go along with Government lies where you say Politicians don’t want to be called racist etc.. I have to disagree here, at least in Scheer’s case.
Andrew Scheer is more of a DISPUTE SETTLER than a fighting Politician, and he was good at being neutral; that was his job as House Speaker.
For anyone to say he is Racist or a White Supremacist is just not believable by even his Liberal enemies. It would be like saying that Vice President Mike Pence dated a Porn Star. No one would believe that.
Edward, I believe the answer regarding Scheer going along with the Liberals is that Andrew just doesn’t like controversy.
commented 2018-03-29 11:22:36 -0400
When KP isn’t around for the next nine to ten months, Trudeau, Butts and Telford will have to work the s__t storms Trudeau creates out on their own.
Maybe Trudeau can learn a new dance for the pending G7.
I’m sure they already have his wardrobe picked. Scottish kilt, Various colored Turbans and Burkas, to depict the Canada’s new multiculturaliam,i.e.;Talibanis, ISIS, Sikh extremists, Islam terrorists. Cowboy attire complete with holster and water pistol. Indian Chief headress complete with face paint. A woman’s skirt or dress. Farmers and oil workers overalls and work boots. A 1780’s wig, brocade and a lace cravat. Finished off with an assortment of multi colored socks. Oh and lets not forget the proven standby standard navy blue with red tie business suit attire for the evening galas.
commented 2018-03-29 11:19:34 -0400
I wasn’t addressing you Bob Rock. You self identified as a triggered teenage girl on her period. I guess you recognised yourself.
No, I was describing the politicians who are supposed to be running this country. So afraid of the other side calling them a bad name that they run and hide. I’m afraid it is reminiscent of a freaked out rabbit shaking in the corner after being chased. This has served to empower the liberals. What do bullies do when they are stood up to? Time to stand up. That goes for the cowards in the media also.

Having said that, there are dedicated conservative MPs doing their best to counter the liberals totalitarian crap and a small handful of people in the media who are fair and recognise the tactics of the left for what they are. My hat goes off to them.

Our politicians need to familiarize themselves with Alinsky’s Rules, the other side has. A balanced education on Islam (from ex Muslims and the books themselves) wouldn’t hurt either.

There is only one way to unseat Trudeau and we all know what it is.
commented 2018-03-29 10:55:43 -0400
Justin obviously inherited his father’s (Fidel’s) personality. We can only have one party, state media and there can be no opposition.
commented 2018-03-29 10:48:57 -0400
I do not believe that Andrew Scheer was the real winner of the election. The elites were endorsing him and that, right there, is a red flag. I do not know one person that voted for Andrew Scheer and found it very strange that he won. I think the backroom boys chose Andrew Scheer. He will be easily controlled!
Don’t forget the goal of the Globalists is to have New Worlders in Both parties!
commented 2018-03-29 10:04:41 -0400
Harley McCartney commented…blah…blah…blah

Harley, you provide an excellent analysis of content on Rebel, botulism inducing fecal matter. Very well done of you.
commented 2018-03-29 09:42:06 -0400
Please Do Not feed the trolls.
They become habituated to this site. The food here is not their proper diet and causes serious brain damage. It can also cause them to loose bowel control and crap all over the place. Said trolls will then point to this crap and claim it is not theirs. The way to tell this is troll feces is by the redness and small letters can be found L,C,B,and sometimes whole words like turdo.
commented 2018-03-29 09:18:07 -0400
There is a silent war that has been going on for a long time. The take over of anything Conservative.It picked up steam when Mr Harper was elected,and now its moving at a furious rate now that J.T. has been elected. Rebel is the last voice in this long war. Who ever shuts down the Rebel gets the gold ring so to speak. And the fixation is in overload.
commented 2018-03-29 09:16:33 -0400
Dear Rob Rock

You’re carpet bombing this site, that’s a clear indicator to everyone that you’re new to the trolling game.

Ask your mom, Noob.


(PS. Hillary lost and Justin is a pansy)
commented 2018-03-29 09:01:27 -0400
Don’t forget Sebastian Gorka and Katie Hopkins make regular appearances on Fox News the number 1 cable news network in the States.
commented 2018-03-29 08:28:18 -0400
I have read stories on the CBC that you know have triggered back lash . You know the Liberals don’t like the story and try to minimalize the damage because the comment section is always disabled . Not like the Rebel .
commented 2018-03-29 08:25:41 -0400
Jill and John Ward,

That’s the point – I don’t want to be surrounded by people who just agree with me. That’s what you want, because you can’t handle opposing views. The Rebel gives you the circle jerk you need after Ezra has told you how to think.