March 29, 2018

German school tells Christians girls: Wear hijabs to deter Muslim harassment. How long until this comes to Canada?

Rebel Staff

Here’s a story in Bild, the largest newspaper in Germany:

"On Monday, BILD reported on religious bullying in the schoolyard and in the classroom. Berlin mayor Michael Müller (SPD) said in the "Tagesspiegel" [another German newspaper] that it "was hopefully only an isolated case". Unfortunately, no! (...)

"BILD reported to [sic] parents from all over Germany, who reported [sic] full of anger and bewilderment of their own experiences. Out of fear for their children, they did not want to be named."

A parent talked about her daughter, who was bullied by Muslim girls:

"The reasons: She has blond hair, no headscarf, has a German-Hebrew name - and we are Christians! My daughter broke down nervously in fifth grade. She had cramps and massive fear of going to school. She was beaten and verbally attacked on the way to school. The Headmaster said only: 'Your daughter does not have to say that she is German. Besides, you can give her a headscarf! ' We've changed schools now and luckily things are going better now."

A Muslim school would force girls to wear hijabs.

And this German-Christian headmaster — well, that’s his solution, too.

Bild also reports that:

"Schoolgirls were bullied for eating 'impure' Gummy Bears. The sweets contain pork gelatin."

There's more, as I'll tell you tonight.

Why is any of this surprising?

This is the culture that has been imported to Germany, en masse. Two million Muslims brought in, with no vetting, no cultural fit.

Have you read the Koran? Have you read its views on infidels?

Do you think this sort of thing is happening here in Canada?

Well, we know it is, because we've told you about it already.

By the year 2023, do you doubt that there will be schools in Canada where Christian and Jewish and Hindu and Sikh girls are being bullied by Muslim girls — and even liberal Muslim girls are being bullied too — and the principal’s advice will be, well, just put on a hijab, and stop eating pork, and the bullying will stop?

I don’t just think it’s a possibility.

I think it’s a certainty...

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commented 2018-03-29 20:37:51 -0400
Ontario has lost 300,000 Manufacturing Jobs…while at the same time the Ontario Government has grown by 340,000…and now the Government will grow even more if Wynne is re-elected…

The Provincial Debt is 320 BILLION now(was 150 BILLION when McQuinty came into office)…and would grow by anther 100 BILLION if they are re-elected to another 2 terms…

By comparison…the Federal Debt just past 1 TRILLION under Trudeau…

I remember when Jim Flarethy paid it down to 650 Billion and was Chastised for it by the Left…

Then came the Recession of 2008…and the Conservatives had to Borrow & Spend to save their Minority Government…

And now with Liberal Party…all bets are off…
commented 2018-03-29 20:28:19 -0400
This is excact what the Zoolander idiot “Mohammad” Trudeau wants in Canada , it will prove to everyone how “inclusive” he is.
There is almost no terrorist or mosque in Canada that he has not grovelled to or taken a selfie with.
Easily the biggest idiotic joke of a politician in the Western world