March 02, 2018

Trump starts a trade war over steel — while Trudeau “dances his way through life”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday Donald Trump announced that he's going to war — a trade war, one he’s been talking about for decades:

"Trump says US will impose steel and aluminum tariffs"

But what about us, here in Canada?

The New York Times reports:

"China is the main target of possible tough new United States trade measures against low-priced imports of steel and aluminum. But the sanctions threaten to ensnare America’s closest allies, particularly Canada."

That article ran a week ago, when Trudeau was dancing his way through India in his own Bollywood fantasy. (And of course getting himself embroiled in a terrorism issue...)

Meanwhile, this headline from yesterday:

"Foreign direct investment in Canada plunges to the lowest in eight years; And for the first time in a decade foreign companies sold more Canadian businesses than they bought;

That’s mainly Trudeau and Notley’s war on oil and gas and pipelines.

But now Trump is coming for steel, and after that, do you doubt he’ll be coming for cars, for Ontario’s industrial heartland?

Trudeau's budget this week shows he’s in denial.

His bizarre feminist approach to trade deals shows he’s in denial about NAFTA.

We’re about to be smashed by Trump — and it was all so unnecessary.

I wrote about this in my book a year ago — called Trumping Trudeau. I hate to say it, my pessimistic predictions in that book are coming true...

NEXT: Candice Malcolm of the True North Report joins me to talk about Trudeau's Minister for Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, running away from reporters asking how a convicted terrorist got invited to one of the prime minister's official dinners in India.

THEN: I sit down with Ontario PC Party leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen to talk about the issues facing the province, and how she'd tackle them if she wins the leadership race.

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commented 2018-03-03 08:36:55 -0500
Business is all about relationships.

Trump – in my opinion – was prepared to give the islamic prime minister a chance.

Now President Trump has seen and come to realize there is absolutely no reason to respect the islamic prime minister of Canada – and in fact I fully believe President Trump despises the islamic prime minister of Canada – and for good reason.

Trade will be tougher.

American business taxes are lower.

American personal taxes are lower.

American unemployment is lower.

American stock market is up.


Well, it is still failing – despite having given the islamic prime minister a balanced budget to take over and start the job with.

Companies will move south of the border.

Jobs will be lost.

Debt will be increased.

Deficit spending will go through the roof.

And “irregulars” crossing the border will continue to receive benefits outweighing those who paid taxes in Canad for their entire lives.

Do not blame the islamic prime minister for his evil ways – for those with a brain knew he was an evil man.

Blame the canuckistan voter who put him in to power.

And wait for the start of the 1.2 million welfare recipients to arrive.

All supported by lieberal canadians.

That should tell you the quality of the canadian of today – they have become very much the person who would love to live in the EU and be told what to do every day.

Canadians of today – granted not all – but many – if not most – are so weak dicked, limp wristed and pussified that they are simply getting what they deserve.

No pity any more.
commented 2018-03-03 07:39:39 -0500
Well, well Jr.’s favourite basic dictatorship has joined his campaign to censor the internet. Frances Martel of Breitbart has a story called “China announces national campaign to clean up internet”.
commented 2018-03-03 07:02:51 -0500
Don’t worry about that meanie Trump, the Boy Blunder has things well in hand. He’ll just make a deal with his favourite basic dictatorship, China, and we will all be living high just like Jr.. What is that? China told him to take a hike? Never mind, I guess I’ll have to get back to you on this one.
commented 2018-03-03 03:56:09 -0500
Thanks for stating the obvious Drew Wakariuk… “Money For Nothing” is obviously trying to ignore the years of hosing the US has taken by “free trade” that has been anything but “free trade”… The trade imbalance with China, for instance, saps the US of millions of dollars each day, while the Chinese also steal US intellectual property… Canada and Mexico have also profited from NAFTA as have certain companies in the US deliberately “milking” the system… No more…
commented 2018-03-03 03:46:36 -0500
Either Ford or Allen would be an excellent Ontario Premier, but I think Ford probably has wider voter appeal at this point, so I would suggest Ford for Ontario PC leader and Allen for future education minister, where she can take her tractor to the Wynne lunatic sex-ed child brainwashing program and restore sanity there.

I would also suggest making Allen energy minister, so she can take her tractor and start yanking out Wynne’s money-wasting, bird-killing, groundwater-contaminating, quality-of-life destroying wind turbines.
commented 2018-03-03 03:32:13 -0500
The Chinese gave Trudeau a cutesy nickname, that was really something of an insult. I wonder what the Indians are calling Trudeau? I know what we call him here, I just want to know how it compares.
I like Tanya, the way she thinks reminds me of the way regular Citizens of Ontario think. I don’t trust Elliot and I sure as hell don’t trust a Mulroney. This country will never get from under the Gene Pool of the Trudeau’s and the Mulroney’s. It’s like their family legacy to rule Canada and all taking their turn at the job of government. It’s like the Kennedy’s, Clinton’s and Bush’s in the USA, as if it’s their right to rule, same deal here. We need a poor man/woman to rule but they are disqualified because they can’t afford the entry fee. That’s why Politics is essentially, only for the elite.
commented 2018-03-03 03:04:27 -0500
Money for Nothing sorry but selling out your country to SJW insanity is a bad idea. Trump is doing what is right for HIS COUNTRY , not for what the left wants.
commented 2018-03-03 02:46:38 -0500
Trump is wrong on protectionist tariffs and hundreds of major US companies are encouraging him not to screw up NAFTA. They didn’t ask for this renegotiation.
Free trade enables companies access to cheap inputs so they can produce cheap stuff. The cheaper it is, the more they sell, thus creating more jobs. Wanna pay more for that vehicle in your driveway?
Didn’t think so.
commented 2018-03-03 01:10:47 -0500
4 opinion pieces today in one popular newspaper in Qc bashing Trudeau as a disguised clown who is putting the country in debts that millenials will pay back until they reach 50, and having regrets of not having Harper, yep Harper, in Qc. Keep being yourself Justin. I don’t agree with you Ezra on this, canadian voters need a lesson, the left of today may kill you and your family with their agenda.
commented 2018-03-03 00:56:48 -0500
Hopefully it will all be over for Trudeau in 2019. He could be voted out so we can get back to a normal government. All he’s got are his socks and his hair, so when he gets enough negative feedback about his failed attempts at leading the country, he’ll tire of the position and he may even quit on his own.
commented 2018-03-03 00:19:50 -0500
Good for Granic Allen to be willing to be interviewed by the Rebel, not throwing the Rebel under the bus like ‘conservatives’, Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer.
commented 2018-03-02 23:48:54 -0500
It is passing strange that Jihadi Justin, who has made a career of apologizing to all and sundry- teary eyed and all, will not apologize to Canadians or India for his incompetence, bungling, lying, self-absorption, terrorist and tyrant loving and scheming. But then he has always refused to answer questions of any kind- even in the house. Perhaps the bloom is finally off of the leftist rose of Camelot.
commented 2018-03-02 23:30:37 -0500
This is one of the rare times that I disagree with Ezra. He said that he didn’t want anything to go wrong in Canada like our Ambassador kicked out of India, just to make Trudeau and the Liberals look bad. Ezra was responding to Maurice’s letter.
I know many Liberals, they know practically every Hockey and Baseball Player in the big leagues, but they know nothing about Politics except what CBC and CTV tells them. These guys would have to hear really bad news like 40% of Southern Ontario Businesses moved to the US before they would not vote Trudeau.
The attached comment from Bruce Atchison is exactly what we need to win the next election:

Bruce Atchison Atchison commented 2018-03-02 21:15:00 -0500
I must admit that I’m glad Trudeau is making such a jerk of himself. Teriffs, like the one India imposed on Canadian Chic peas, might just get the liberal media realizing what a disaster Trudeau is for our country. And with Trump’s steal and aluminum teriff hurting companies across Canada, it might be that cold bucket of water which wakes up citizens to the stupidity of Prime Minister Sock Boy.
commented 2018-03-02 22:47:44 -0500
If Allen is controllable, she seems like a great right hand man (people) to help the new Premier get things done. Lots of spunk!
commented 2018-03-02 22:39:11 -0500
MARTIN ASHFIELD commented 2018-03-02 21:52:32 -0500
I like Doug Ford, but listening to Tanya Allen I must say that I like her too,

I see they’re gona fish in one more time.
commented 2018-03-02 21:52:32 -0500
I like Doug Ford, but listening to Tanya Allen I must say that I like her too, and although I am no longer in my home province and love the west, I still have concerns for Ontario and have hated the last few years that Ontario has suffered under the disgraceful leadership of Wynne. I was also very disheartened by Ontarioans that voted for the despot Wynne and went further and reelected the witch. BTW, I believe that the same morons that voted for Wynne also voted for the lead despot Trudeau.
Tanya is definitely my type of people in as much that so far she is not shy to say the right things, she is not shy to oppose the despicable education curriculum written by a pedophile and embraced and pushed on everyone by a fool premier.
She is also not afraid to go up against the Wind Turbine issue that should never have been pushed in the first place.
And of course she also condemns the Carbon Tax.
Good for her on all counts.
I will wait and see how Doug and Tanya fare in the up coming debates before making my choice.
commented 2018-03-02 21:47:46 -0500
Wow its nice to hear Allen stand up for true Conservative values. I think it will be a tight race between Allen and Ford. Conservatives in every province are sick and tired of having their Conservative Party act like the Liberal Lite Party. The time has come for Conservatives leaders to find their voice, grow a backbone and take Canada back one province at a time!
commented 2018-03-02 21:38:02 -0500
- From what I’ve seen on Trump’s tariffs on steel & aluminum it will be weighed against what US products are taxed at going into the various countries involved. The US has an $800 billion trade deficit & Trump is going to do something about it. So which environmental activist or public service union hack will Trudeau send to negotiate with Trump’s people when it comes to trade & the NAFTA agreement? Trumping Trudeau is a great book BTW. Suggested reading.

- The cost to the Liberals for Trudeau’s Mr. Dressup trip to India just keeps on rising. I wonder how big a price the Liberal party is willing to pay to protect their idiot man-child leader. How bad is it when the media party turns on the Liberals? If Trudeau had manned up he could have avoided this nightmare but that is beyond his ability. Great job Candice.

- I would back Doug Ford or Tanya Granic Allen as leader of the Ontario PC party. I absolutely will not back or vote for a party led by Elliott or Mulroney – I do not trust them. It’s Ford, Granic Allen or Trillium party as far as I’m concerned. I disagree that Wynne is a great campaigner. She has never been challenged by an actual conservative. She was strong against weak leaders. Tanya made a great case for herself here. I find it amazing that about 6 weeks ago I thought Ontario was screwed if the PCs, Liberals or NDP won. Now there’s hope. (I joined the PC party so I could vote for the leadership back in January. As of yet I haven’t gotten my registration letter. I’ve been e-mailing the Ford team about it & have been told to keep them informed. The deadline was extended to Monday March 5th at noon. If I don’t get it by tomorrow it will likely be too late unless they extend the deadline again.)
commented 2018-03-02 21:36:13 -0500
your site wasn’t working for a while I see it is now
commented 2018-03-02 21:20:50 -0500
Jr.‘s Honeymoon with the press and the public is over. Check out “The Rebels on Twitter” section. Ezra has retweeted a Ken Whyte tweet which contains a link to a Global News story. The story indicates the Liberals would lose to the Conservatives if an election were held tomorrow. Maybe that’s why Jr.‘s hitting the bottle (or something). The going is getting a little tough and he just can’t handle it.
I believe, the people who post here, other than our friendly neighborhood trolls, are not suprised to discover the Boy Blunder isn’t up to the job of dealing with Trump over NAFTA. Most of us predicted this.
I think Jr. is naïve about just how dangerous terrorists are. I don’t think he understands the level of conviction and determination these people have.
commented 2018-03-02 21:20:06 -0500
Trudeau is afraid of this US President and he realizes all of his antics doesn’t hold any water with Donald Trump.
commented 2018-03-02 21:18:13 -0500
Trudeau does not care about Canada. Oh he spouts off about helping the middle class and people that are trying to move up to the middle class. But does he really care? It did not show in his budget , and I bet when you get your new tax form you will see your federal taxes have jumped. Trudeau cares little for this country.
commented 2018-03-02 21:15:00 -0500
I must admit that I’m glad Trudeau is making such a jerk of himself. Teriffs, like the one India imposed on Canadian Chic peas, might just get the liberal media realizing what a disaster Trudeau is for our country. And with Trump’s steal and aluminum teriff hurting companies across Canada, it might be that cold bucket of water which wakes up citizens to the stupidity of Prime Minister Sock Boy.
commented 2018-03-02 21:14:35 -0500
Tanya Granic Allen would be my first choice if Doug Ford was not running. Great interview with her Ezra she will make the party stronger and will draw more votes for Doug in the general election in June. Doug would be wise to take her on the campaign trail with him. My vote will be #1 Ford, #2 Allen. The Ford train and its team is now none stop to Queens Park…all aboard.
commented 2018-03-02 21:04:56 -0500
Looks like the Canadian media is finally getting red pilled. Keep on swallowing those red pills guys, got a ways to go to catch up to us conservatives. Perhaps now more voters will be red pilled to and we can actually give Justin the heav ho.
commented 2018-03-02 21:00:23 -0500
Oh good. Conservative politicians are returning to the rebel. I thought Ezra had scared them all off after that back stabber incident.