March 06, 2018

“Islamophobia” defined at last, and more (Guest host: David Menzies)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Tonight, David Menzies guest hosts for Ezra Levant.)

One of the biggest concerns regarding M103 — the Liberal government motion that condemns "Islamophobia" — is that, incredibly and inexplicably, a definition of "Islamophobia" was never provided.

Yet, various virtue-signalling groups are cooking up with their own definitions.

And you want to know something?

It’s not good...

NEXT: Besides being our Rebel Community and Campaign Manager, Eitan Gilboord is a political insider.

He brings this expertise to bear in his new column about Doug Ford's request to extend the Ontario PC leadership race.

We talk in-studio about how that race is going, and the possible outcome. Political junkies won't want to miss this conversation!

THEN: Brandon Morse of comes on to discuss that "ratings disaster" known as this year's Oscars:

From the inevitable anti-Trump posturing to the movies themselves.

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commented 2018-03-06 22:21:06 -0500
Islamophobia is knowing more than you should about Islam; we are expected to parrot “Islam is the religion of peace” and dismiss reality. The globalists want us to submit to slave status and Islamic dhimmitude is the first step in the process.
commented 2018-03-06 21:57:42 -0500
Bruce, remember Iran?
commented 2018-03-06 21:17:10 -0500
Stop the world please. I want to get off. I certainly don’t get off on these lunatics defining what is hate speech against Muslims while calling Christians every dirty name they can think of. Hypocrisy is something those leftists just don’t understand. What a shock it’ll be to them when Sharia law takes over and they’re suddenly being executed. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that but I’m afraid it will.
commented 2018-03-06 20:57:14 -0500
David, while you say Khalid did not give a definition for Islamophobia when she introduced M-103, my recollection is that when she appeared before the Heritage Committee she gave a definition that it constituted an irrational fear of Islam. Since she was the author of M-103, I don’t know why everybody didn’t lock onto that definition as the official definition.
commented 2018-03-06 20:50:43 -0500
Space Moose, did you get a premium content subscription?
commented 2018-03-06 20:32:30 -0500
Speak out against evil islam and go to jail.

Rape a Christian 13 year old and walk because of cultural differences.

I will let you decide who was who in the zoo.

If you cannot figure it out let me know so I can explain it to you.
commented 2018-03-06 20:18:40 -0500
I would like to see more of Eitan. He seems more than qualified to do videos.