May 08, 2018

MORE sexual misconduct by powerful feminists in politics — and one of them is a Canadian woman

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The left loved Eric Schneiderman, especially feminists. He was the attorney general for New York, until last night:

Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse Eric Schneiderman has raised his profile as a voice against sexual misconduct. Now, after suing Harvey Weinstein, he faces a #MeToo reckoning of his own.

That's right: Schneiderman isn’t just a super feminist and abortion activist. He was showily suing Harvey Weinstein, making himself the hero of the #MeToo story.

"[Four] women with whom he has had romantic relationships or encounters (...) accuse Schneiderman of having subjected them to nonconsensual physical violence. (...) They allege that he repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent."

These are prominent, credible, successful women. They’re not suing, or trying to shake him down. They’re not like Stormy Daniels, milking the celebrity, cashing in. They’re just fed up by the hypocrisy.

Listen to what some of the victim’s friends told her:

"After the former girlfriend ended the relationship, she told several friends about the abuse. A number of them advised her to keep the story to herself, arguing that Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose.”

Do you doubt Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and the rest of them said exactly the same thing?

(It wasn’t until the seventh paragraph that Schneiderman was identified as a Democrat, of course.)

But now let me tell you a story from Canada:

Christine Moore, is an NDP member of Parliament from Quebec, who also keeps complaining about sexual harassment, to the extent of getting at least one male MP kicked out of Parliament.

Today there was a truly remarkable story in the CBC by one of the few independent thinkers over there, Neil Macdonald.

It's about Glen Kirkland, a soldier in Afghanistan who was ambushed by the Taliban in 2008. Three of his fellow soldiers died, and he nearly died too. The attack left "his pancreas smashed, his vision and hearing impaired and his mind badly injured. (To this day, shrapnel he took in the rocket attack works its way to his skin's surface.)"

Kirkland later testified before the House of Commons standing committee on defence, about his treatment by the military following his injuries. Then, Macdonald reports:

As the committee dispersed, committee member Christine Moore handed him her card, asking him to come to her office for further discussions. (...) Kirkland says when he arrived at Moore's office, she offered him gin, and persisted even after he told her he was taking antidepressants and painkillers, and was not supposed to be drinking. "She's a nurse," he says, "and I thought I suppose if she's a nurse and says it's OK, it is."

There were a few more drinks, and it became clear Moore's intentions went beyond a professional interest in his case. That night, he says, she "followed" him back to his hotel, where he says she spent the night. "Look, I'm not crying rape," says Kirkland, who is now a Realtor in Brandon. (...) But what she did was inappropriate. Was I a willing participant? I guess it depends on your definition of willing. There was a power imbalance. There was a level of authority there.”

Sorry, that’s a predator.

How many times has this MP, Christine Moore, done this? I asked her. I’ll let you know if she answers.

Today, the NDP kicked her out of caucus. 

Eric Schneiderman and Christine Moore. Two sides of the same feminist coin...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Barbara Kay on the first Canadian to be issued a "non-binary" birth certificate; and John Cardillo on Trump pulling out of Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-05-11 02:57:51 -0400
Let’s be honest, Christine Moore is not the best looking woman in the world and it appears that she is not a very nice person. Possibly the only way that she can get laid is to intoxicate an ex soldier who was struggling with the results of his service. Normally it would not be a big deal – probably they both derived some pleasure form the incident and I hope he did since he deserved it. However, given that she has ruined the lives of three men who she reported for similar advances, she is an incredible hypocrite – the classic entitled feminist as opposed to the feminists that we should admire who got where they are by talent and hard work as opposed to getting there because of gender ratios.
commented 2018-05-09 13:25:50 -0400
Keith Barnes,

Ezra does spend a lot of time on international issues, for example the genocide being waged against Christians in the Middle East. So I’m sure the sheep farmer in Alice Springs has plenty of food for thought along those lines. And bear in mind that for him/her, Canadian news about a “grubby little socialist politician” is international news, not to mention being applicable in his/her own country, given the similarity between Canada and Australia. I’ll bet that sheep farmer in Alice Springs is more interested than you might think. But either way, Ezra needs to cover Canadian news and issues as well as international news and issues.
commented 2018-05-09 11:00:47 -0400
Phillip Dampier—-You sound like another Girly-man that feels men should automatically be fired or jailed without proof of impropriety.
Trump’s paid accusers were found to have made up the stories, especially the one on the airplane where an eye witness said that Trump never even sat near the woman.
As far as Bill Clinton goes, there was proof that he lied. (the stained blouse)

Phillip, I just read the biography of the worlds most famous comedian, BOB HOPE. After a show, he would go to his hotel room to relax. Within minutes there would be knock on his door, with no less that six Chorus Girls or fans standing there. Bob would pick one and spend the night with her, sometimes with his wife in the next bedroom. This was in the 50’s and 60’s. President FDR also had a fake wife.
As long as it is consensual, men and women have ways of enjoying themselves that some of us may not approve of, however it doesn’t mean that they are criminals.
commented 2018-05-09 10:45:19 -0400
Ezra, as the Founder and Leader of Rebel Media, You have the right to express your thoughts on any subject You choose. Myself, I would think it would be better if you comments were more international, in scale.

I doubt very much, that a Sheep Farmer in Alice Springs is really interested in the sex life of some obscure, grubby little Socialist Politician, in Canada. I am, of course assuming that the comments, that I read, are the same in all Countries.

Just a thought.
commented 2018-05-09 09:57:05 -0400
When the revelations about Mr. Schneiderman were made public, he was out within three hours. Ms. Moore was suspended when the allegations resurfaced. Even Al Franken was out, thanks to a push by Democratic senators like Kirsten Gillibrand.

On the right, Mr. Trump has more than a dozen accusers (and a tape where he openly admits sexual assault) and Roy Moore was on area malls’ “no fly lists” in Alabama because of his well known underage predatory behavior. Neither resigned and both attacked their accusers (with the help and encouragement of their defenders and political supporters).

If you are arguing the left is somehow hypocritical on this subject, then you open yourself up to reviewing the facts that showing these days those on the left, regardless of how beloved they might have been, are out in short order thanks to the #MeToo movement.

Casual observers will also note that Mr. Trump and Mr. Moore, among others, did not suffer the same fate and were free and clear to engage in this behavior and can depend on people like you who make this an issue of politics, not inappropriate conduct and assault. They can also depend on a culture that will “rally for the team” in these instances, attacking victims while trying to protect perpetrators — giving them cover.

Anyway you look at this, your argument is non sequitur. You are attempting to label sexual abuse as a cheap partisan political issue when it is not. All should be held accountable, whether it is Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.
commented 2018-05-09 08:45:13 -0400
Space Moose, please enlighten us. Not sure why you brought Brian Lilley into the conversation.

Are you saying Trudeau is smart and full of wisdom?
commented 2018-05-09 08:37:16 -0400
@ Space Moose
And Brian Lilly is correct … why?

Many people have knowledge, and lots of it, but are still stupid. They are stupid because they lack wisdom, something that in today’s world is scoffed by many.

Knowledge is meaningless with wisdom.
commented 2018-05-09 02:20:49 -0400
Why make a comment about Trudeau having a low IQ? Do you remember the video that Brian Lilley did on Trudeau and intelligence? Lilley was very explicit in telling us that Trudeau is not stupid.
commented 2018-05-09 01:35:10 -0400
Liza Rosie said," I feel sorry for the people of Iran who are being forced to live under a worsening extremist Islamic rule. "
Liza, these people like living in a cage as they feel protected. It is true that Iranians were some of the smartest Muslims, but those people left 50 years ago. Since then Iran has been linked with terrorism all over the world. Osama Bin Laden is said to have visited Iran many times around 9/11, even though Saudi Arabia and Iran are enemies. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend.)
Muslims will be Muslims, just as a zebra never loses his stripes.
commented 2018-05-09 01:10:55 -0400
Where are the resident trolls? Conspicuous by their absence for sure.

Oh come on, you oh so up with times leftist regressive trolls, give us your take on this one.
Please all knowing Andrew, we need to be enlightened……..and the sociopath who can’t remember its last lie, we know what to expect from that clown…..sweet FA on substance, that’s for sure.
What fake name is that loser going under today?
commented 2018-05-09 00:25:03 -0400
Good for Trump. I think it is the absolute right thing. Rouhani and his mullahs are going to be a problem if not hobbled. I feel sorry for the people of Iran who are being forced to live under a worsening extremist Islamic rule.
commented 2018-05-09 00:24:19 -0400
As soon as a real war occurs all of this cr*p will fly out of the window and besides kicking the hell out of all that we know to be enemies, this, in itself could be a good reason for such. For those who will call me a war monger for saying this: just look out of the window as it is coming anyway.
commented 2018-05-09 00:12:47 -0400
I can’t keep up with all the crap the left keep crapping about how we need to do accommodate their “oppressed” ones. Their political need to have “oppressed” people is part of their game. Gays and Blacks aren’t disadvantaged anymore so now they need cross dressers who think they are 6 different genders. Once they are accepted, it will be men over 50 who like to pretend they are babies who will be their “oppressed” class. I’m hoping once that happens normal people will have 50 years of peace while the marxists rethink their strategy.
Suggestion to the Rebel. Don’t have your spell correct capitalize the word marxism because it doesn’t deserve it. Granted if I go back it will allow me to spell it with the lower case it deserves.
commented 2018-05-09 00:10:58 -0400
Christine Moore would not be the first woman with a face that could stop a clock who has sexually exploited men in compromised circumstances. Female “aid” workers world wide are known for doing the same…especially those who work for the United Nations; who are notorious for sexually abusing the very people they are supposed to be helping.
commented 2018-05-09 00:00:50 -0400
Its crazy how the demands of few lady boy women-men with trans bio-gender euphoria have provincial governments and “journalists” doing cart-wheels to accommodate them with a X on their paperwork and endless articles on how we need to do better while millions of normal conservatives are ridiculed, called names in order to silence, and are demonized as racists when in the real world they just normal people with well informed opinions and traditional beliefs who see through the marxist nature of todays political climate.
commented 2018-05-08 23:42:52 -0400
Follow the money, Joe Biden’s & Kerry sons are both involved in big business in Iran. John Kerry & Joe Biden are traitors
commented 2018-05-08 23:26:31 -0400
When I first heard about Christine Moore, this morning on your Battleground live show, I could not stop laughing. It is so rewarding to see the SJW’s get what they deserve.
What a guttersnipe.
commented 2018-05-08 23:22:06 -0400
Barbara is spot on. Why are they forcing a THEORY on our kids ,with this early indoctrination in our public schools? Why does the government think it has the right to be doing this?
commented 2018-05-08 22:55:23 -0400
What happens when these trans whatever look in the mirror and see their reflection of who they really are? Now they can’t cope with it they just realized how stupid they have been. Some will commit suicide. It’s called growing up with out guidance and forced into misery by teachers shoving crap down the throats. The gullible children are at the mercy of the institution…stop the madness.
commented 2018-05-08 21:40:11 -0400
Neil MacDonald an independent thinker? I don’t think so Ezra. Better take a closer look at him. He is a very smart and experienced liberal journalist and know how to spin a yarn.
commented 2018-05-08 21:38:31 -0400
Oops, the meme I thought I posted earlier is not the right one, sorry. Now I can’t find it…
commented 2018-05-08 21:29:05 -0400
I truly feel for the victims of these pigs, especially our own soilder. However I have to admit, this story is political gold. I just love it so much to see the hypocrisy of the left exposed. It really makes my day.
commented 2018-05-08 21:16:27 -0400
Regarding male feminists, me thinks they doth protest too much. Maybe it’s like in the song by David Bowie called “God Knows I’m Good.” They close their eyes to keep their conscience blind. The loudest protests appear to come from those who are guilty.
commented 2018-05-08 21:15:00 -0400
I wouldn’t go so far as calling Moore a predator, but rather a typical horny cougar. I’ve known women like her back in the day, and while her actions were uncouth, they aren’t unusual or deserving of criminal charge. However, she is a public figure, and as such is expected to be better. If she is severely punished politically, I don’t feel sorry for her. But “Metoo” is out of hand.
commented 2018-05-08 21:04:20 -0400
When will men calling themselves feminists finally be relegated to the dump? I have never trusted a man who expressly drops this into a conversation, it’s cringe worthy. Our PM constantly tells the world he is a proud feminist…given his low IQ, I think he means to describe himself as feminine – which goes without saying! Look at all the photos of him sitting…his posture and leg position reminds me of how my Gran used to sit. (no pants in her wardrobe, she wore dresses and skirts her entire life)

Came across this meme which sums things up re: Iran

I enjoyed hearing from Barbara.
commented 2018-05-08 20:55:41 -0400
- I love it when leftists get caught in their own traps. Call yourself a feminist & it’s a get out of jail free card, or it’s supposed to be it seems. We just saw this with environmentalists. Call yourself an environmentalist & you can trash the planet all you want. No limit on your carbon footprint. Kanye West was raked over the coals by the usual crowd for his comments about slavery. Will Schneiderman’s slave comments upset the same “outraged” crowd? I’m betting no. Now we see feminist Christine Moore is gaming this system herself & it does just seem to be a game to these people. Never let these leftists pretend to claim the moral high ground.

- Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal was the only thing Trump could do & I’m thrilled he did so. Kerry is panicking. The former Obama administration is panicking. It was a horrible deal. I don’t doubt they have some nuclear skeletons in their closets that they don’t want the world to know about.

- A “non-binary” birth certificate? Government is trying to normalize mental disorders. The end game is to normalize pedophilia. Better to grow a backbone now & fight them.
commented 2018-05-08 20:23:40 -0400
Regardless of who is involved, I am not a big fan of shooting first and asking questions later.