May 09, 2018

Why I'm not voting PC on June 7 (Guest host David Menzies)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(David Menzies guest hosts for Ezra Levant, who returns tomorrow...)

I've decided I won't be voting for the Progressive Conservative Party in the June 7 Ontario provincial election.

Maybe you're shocked.

Or maybe, just maybe, you've watched what's been going on over the last few days and come to a similar decision.

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Catherine Swift of Working Canadians joins me to talk more about my decision; then the Sun's Joe Warmington is my guest, to discuss "Liberal creep" in the PC Party (Meredith Cartwright, anyone...?)

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commented 2018-05-16 05:14:46 -0400

You’re a hoot. You wouldn’t be able to articulate a logical thought if your life depended on it. Your reading comprehension is non-existent. You’re living in la-la land and that’s how you like it. You remind me of the woman played by Diane Keaton in Woody Allen’s move ‘Sleeper’. You should watch it so you can know yourself.

I give your critique of me about as much credibility as I give you for the capacity for rational thought: zero.

‘Stephen’, You have about a hundred times the intellectual capacity of ‘Jack’, but nevertheless, you as a leftist in a leftist-dominated country and culture will never be able to comprehend what a conservative must consider in a system that is now set up to intimidate conservatives to the point that we must talk half in riddles to avoid prosecution for saying the equivalent of what you on the left can freely say without any risk whatsoever. Such is the system we operate in now thanks to two generations of leftists fixing the system for themselves and against us. I frankly don’t expect you to understand that either. It’s just outside your experience and always will be. Sorry if that sound vague, but I didn’t design the system, your leftist forebearers did to make sure we can only speak vaguely. The iron fist of the system that prosecuted Ezra and punished him to the tune of $100,000 for no good reason is operating as I write this and it was designed to keep conservatives from speaking as you are able to speak, i.e. freely and succinctly, in order to ensure the demise of our thoughts and the triumph of yours. And it works. I can’t respond to a lot of what you say because I am simply not free to do so. Congratulations, liberal fascists. You took over the levers of power and used them to shut us up while you destroy our society. And you succeeded. So don’t complain when it all comes crashing down on you because your own tendencies toward dictatorship (admitted in an unguarded moment by your leader) lead you to make stupid mistakes (which I would like to articulate here, but can’t), and we couldn’t make the case in full that would have stopped it from destroying everything you hold dear. Although, even if we could have, you wouldn’t have been able to hear us in any case, because in your own eyes, conservatives are just irrational alarmists, and the brilliant left can never really be in error. Oh, on this detail and that, perhaps, but not in its core message. Such is your form of religiosity, your faith, which is so deeply ingrained that you just know it’s true. Well, the actions of your own leaders will be the undoing of your leftist faith (not to mention our entire society, like so many before it), not for a while yet, but in the not distant future either. And it won’t depend on a “takeover” (I never said it would); it will happen long before that. Take care.
commented 2018-05-15 13:14:12 -0400
“Ted Tadright commented 18 hours ago

I can’t comment as I would like to (i.e. factually) on much of what you wrote in your last comment, for reasons you will find in my comment to ‘Jack’ below. But I will comment on two things you wrote:

First, on (2) and (3): I didn’t claim to be putting forth evidence on these predictions, so your refutation on that basis is just setting up a straw man to know down on that basis, i.e. you’re using weasel words on that. "

You should be able to articulate your opinions without accidentally or deliberately committing a hate crime, if that’s what you’re thinking of (though I have no idea what you mean, to be honest. Talking about weasel words, that sort of response is kinda right up there with the mushiness).

For 2 and 3, in essence, your argument is based upon a “muslim takeover”, which as I pointed out, is demographically implausible, being rather a problem of vague paranoia propagated by sources like the Rebel and its misleading half-truths (LGBTQ vs Islam, since they’re not flying the Pride flag? Never mind that nobody else is either. Because, Muslims!) Further, there’s no real evidence that expanding*their* rights – which are every bit as constitutional as your own – is infringing upon your rights to any great extent. Getting upset about M-103? You never had the rights it purports to take away in the first place. If Canada is truly a free country, then that freedom includes Muslims.

The Bible’s historical accuracies are easily explained by pointing out that it’s a historical document. The writers observed what they wrote about – it hasn’t descended directly and unchanged from its original form. Psalms? Ask the Jews about that one. 30 centuries later and they’re still waiting for that prophecy to come true.
commented 2018-05-15 01:52:56 -0400
BTW ‘Jack’,

You are extremely naive if you think becoming Pope has anything whatsoever to do with knowing the New Testament (it doesn’t), any more than becoming Prime Minister of Canada has to do with knowing the Charter or Rights and Freedoms (it doesn’t, as Socks Clown has proved). It is all just politics. In the case of the Catholic Church, that means internal politics among the Cardinals, all of whom have their own axes to grind, i.e. their own agendas, and who all want their particular agendas enacted by the next Pope, just as secular politicians want theirs enacted by the next Prime Minister. That is what makes a Prime Minister or a Pope.

You’re welcome.

Also, I apologize for getting down on your level of ‘debate’ in the last comment or two. I sometimes get a bit frustrated with the sheer level of ignorance of some leftards and then find it hard to resist responding on their level. But I’ll try to not do so in the future. That will probably depend to some extent on how you conduct yourself. After all, even though I am obviously a lot more mature than you, I am nevertheless still human and subject to a certain amount of frustration when I am confronted by mind-boggling leftard ignorance and uncivilized discourse.

commented 2018-05-15 00:51:40 -0400

Only a nutcase would think that a Pope who claims to be a believer in Jesus Christ and at the same time claims, contrary to the clear teaching of Jesus Christ, that hell doesn’t exist, could win a debate with me or any other Christian who has read the New Testament and knows what Jesus Christ taught. So you have defined yourself. If you knew anything about the teachings of Jesus Christ, you might have some skin in this game, but you’re obviously a complete ignoramus where Christianity is concerned, so why don’t you save yourself some embarrassment and just hang it up and go back to your usual leftard nut case beat, namely pretending to know anything whatsoever about freedom of speech, what real freedom consists of, and other such topics that leftards like you are completely ignorant of? That would waste less of both of our time.
commented 2018-05-14 19:33:38 -0400

I can’t comment as I would like to (i.e. factually) on much of what you wrote in your last comment, for reasons you will find in my comment to ‘Jack’ below. But I will comment on two things you wrote:

First, on (2) and (3): I didn’t claim to be putting forth evidence on these predictions, so your refutation on that basis is just setting up a straw man to know down on that basis, i.e. you’re using weasel words on that.

Second, I also “don’t buy (into) religious texts whose sole evidence of veracity is themselves.” Your implication that the Bible is such a text is based on your extreme ignorance in many areas of evidence that confirms the Bible’s veracity, apart from itself. These include many prophecies that have been fulfilled to the letter, historical proofs, archaeological proofs, etc. If you want to get into a discussion of that, I’d be happy to obliged you. In the meantime, I suggest you read Psalms 2 and 22. I shouldn’t even need to comment on them if you have any knowledge at all about Jesus Christ. But I’ll just mention, for your understanding, that both these Psalms were written about ten centuries before Jesus was born and was crucified. Think about that.
commented 2018-05-14 19:06:07 -0400

You just confirm what an ignoramus you are with every new sentence.

I didn’t become a Christian because I live in a ‘Christian’ country or culture. In fact, I very nearly became a Bah’ai before I became a Christian. I also could have become Muslim or Jewish. Wow are you full of ignorant assumptions. Did you even make it past grade six?

Again, you assume the current Pope is closer to God than me or other born-again Christians. I can assure you this is just another one of your ignorant assumptions, based on your complete ignorance of the teachings of the Bible, the New Testament, and Jesus Christ. If you spent some time getting educated on Christianity, you wouldn’t sound so completely moronic when your comments touch on it. I suggest you get started right away, because the need is patently obvious to anyone reading your comments. Read the New Testament.

There is no longer such a thing as a free country that isn’t conservative. Any liberal country is now a liberal dictatorship in which only your ilk is free to freely express itself without risking prosecution by a either a liberal court or a kangaroo court misnamed ‘human rights commission’, the true purpose of which is to criminalize conservative and Christian thought and speech and thereby restrict it. You might not be aware of this, since you haven’t been and couldn’t be prosecuted in such a kangaroo court, nor would any liberal be, since they were not designed to curtail your liberal speech, only our conservative speech. Ask Ezra about that; he was prosecuted and spent $100,000 defending himself against a bogus charge that was eventually thrown out. But of course, he was effectively fined that amount. That’s the system that liberal fascists have imposed upon conservatives and we are always at risk because of it. So yes, I am unable to express certain views here in response to liberal B.S. that is posted here. So you have freedom of speech and I don’t. And not only me, but every conservative in this effectively liberal fascist country that suppresses conservative speech is under the same threat. Must be nice to be able to trash us and our perspective, knowing we can’t fully answer back, eh?

Are you really so insular and deluded and that you don’t know that that is true? I think you are. Oh, for one day in which you had to live your life in the same constraints that conservatives do. Then we’ed hear some “crazy” (your word for ‘rational’) rants from you, when YOUR freedom of speech was abridged like ours is now.

But of course, that isn’t going to happen, because your ilk is in control of the legislatures, the courts, the media and the education system from K to U. So don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Your agenda is opposition-immune. You just go on your merry way destroying the culture that gave you the freedom to destroy it.
commented 2018-05-14 02:29:23 -0400

You really think 100% of people in the Middle East are Muslim and there is no chance of being anything else if you are born there? Really? Egypt is 10% Christian and Christians have had significant numbers in Syria and Iraq, and even some in Israel, Judea, Gaza and Turkey. But there is 0% chance that anyone in the Middle East could be born into a Christian family and be raised Christian or convert to Christianity? Who are you trying to kid?

It’s lamentable that you think the Pope could claim hell doesn’t exist and know AS MUCH about the Bible or Jesus’ teachings as 99% of born-again Christians (including me) know. And the existence of hell isn’t open to interpretation. It’s one of Jesus’ most plain and open teachings. But you obviously wouldn’t know that. If you don’t believe me, crack open a New Testament and start reading at the beginning, i.e. Matthew. You’ll find out, and by the time you’re finished, you will also know more than the current Pope, apparently. Cool, eh?

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” (Psalms 14:1)

You think there is no God but have no logical explanation for why anything exists, including non-material reality like mathematics. A human invention, you say? Whatever creation story you believe in, mathematics was operating before any human existed, governing the motions of planets around stars, which also were producing helium from hydrogen according the the mathematical formula E=MC2 (squared). Explain that without God. Mathematics is not material, it is pure thought, but thought that governs the workings of the universe. Newton said he was just thinking God’s thoughts after Him. He was right. He knew more truth than most people alive today, including, at the present time, you. You would do well to listen to him.

My concerns about Canada are not a function of my belief in God, but rather a function of my study of history, both ancient and recent. You and Andrew have learned nothing from history, even very recent European history, i.e. Paris, Nice, Cologne, London, Manchester, Barcelona, Brussels, and I’ll throw in Ankara for good measure, not to even mention the ongoing slaughter of Muslim on Muslim throughout much of the Islamic world. Scarcely a day goes by in Pakistan or Iraq or Syria or Egypt or Bangladesh that they aren’t mowing each other down by the dozens or hundreds. Sunni vs Shiite or vice versa. Or mowing down Christians or others. But I digress: I was about to say that my belief in God and Jesus Christ is what keeps me from completely losing my peace in the face of Islam flooding into Canada as it has done in Europe over the last fifty years, with ever more devastating consequences for people there. So you’re 180% wrong. If I believed there was no God or salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, knowing what I know about ancient and recent history, I can’t imagine the state I’d be in. I wouldn’t have the luxury of the consummate ignorance and denial that your ilk lives in every day. Yet, I wouldn’t trade places with you just to get some ‘ignorance is bliss’. That’s not a good way to live.


I could respond to every one of your points (some of which are good and others of which are just weasel words), but it’s late, I’m tired, and don’t have the patience right now, so later. But I will have to omit some responses due to caution that I must exercise because I am aware that I don’t any longer live in a country with freedom of speech for points of view that don’t conform to Socks Clown’s view of the world, and I don’t need the liberal fascist state coming down on me for expressing the truth that they don’t want to hear or want the public to know. So I’m afraid my response will be somewhat abbreviated. If we lived in a conservative free country, I would give you my full thoughts. But we live in a liberal fascist dictatorship, so that won’t be possible. Sorry.
commented 2018-05-13 18:48:03 -0400
Ted Tadright commented 1 hour ago

1) creeping Sharia such as converting part of a public school (in Peel school district) into a mosque on a regular basis with girls segregated from boys and menstruating girls from the rest; demands for girls to be excluded from soccer teams; forced FGM on girls, demands for Sharia law in Canada, and on and on and on…"

My high school converts part of itself to a Church on a regular basis. How is that different? FGM is a sub-saharan Africa thing, endemic in Christian countries like Ethiopia as well, and virtually absent in Muslims countries outside of Africa. Wrong cause. The school complaining about soccer teams were told to cram it. Demanding Sharia law? As long as they keep it to themselves, and respect the Constitution, I don’t care what kind of arbitration they seek.

“2) It has already begun (shooting up a Parliament building meters away from a caucus meeting), and I said increasing “as time goes on, over the next several decades”, not today necessarily. Try to read more accurately.”
Speculation isn’t evidence of anything.

Bibeau got kicked out of his mosque for being insane. Think about that for a second. “Muslim” is probably less of a contributing factor than just general insanity.

3) Yes it would. Over the next several decades, as I said. As surely as night follows day. Try to pay attention.
Again, specualtion isn’t evidence.

Canadian Muslim fertility rates, overall, are about 2.4/woman, which is much higher than Canadian average, but only slightly above replacement, (long term, that corresponds to 10% growth a generation, or about 0.3% natural growth a year – or somewhere around a few thousand people). It falls off the longer they’re here, since, news flash, the ones that are born here assimilate. Amongst women “of Arab descent”, which is to say those who have been here long enough that they no longer primarily identify as a distinct group, it’s 2.2, which is indeed higher than Canadians as a whole, but not something that will ever take over. Most of the growth is through immigration. Over the long term our population might approach the immigrant mix, but they also secularize over time. Muslims in Canada grew from 0.9% to 2.0% to 3.2% from ‘91 to ’01 to ’11, hardly an exponential runaway (1.1% to 1.2% component growth). Their growth isn’t accelerating, it’s about 50k a year then and now, and birth is a small piece of that, mostly immigration. At current growth rates they’ll be 1.5m/38m in 2021, or just over 4%, and 2m/42m in 2031, or 4.7%. Gets harder to project longer term, but it’s hard to see them breaking out of single digits in my lifetime – and that assumes no secularization occurs, which of course is nonsense, because they secularize just as much as anyone else.

Basically, the concept of “takeover” is impossible. Their birthrates, as I’ve pointed out, aren’t high enough to “take over”, and immigration levels have been relatively constant over the last 15 years beyond that one surge related to Syrians refugees in 2016.

I don’t buy religious texts whose sole evidence of veracity is themselves. Without any independent verification it just becomes another complicated mythology, no more real than the various Egyptian or Greek gods.
commented 2018-05-13 16:37:11 -0400

1) creeping Sharia such as converting part of a public school (in Peel school district) into a mosque on a regular basis with girls segregated from boys and menstruating girls from the rest; demands for girls to be excluded from soccer teams; forced FGM on girls, demands for Sharia law in Canada, and on and on and on…

2) It has already begun (shooting up a Parliament building meters away from a caucus meeting), and I said increasing “as time goes on, over the next several decades”, not today necessarily. Try to read more accurately.

3) Yes it would. Over the next several decades, as I said. As surely as night follows day. Try to pay attention.

Your fertility rates are utterly irrelevant to what I was talking about, which is fertility rate difference between Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada. And !00,00 abortions a year (virtually all non-Muslim) plus Socks Clown’s ‘refugee’ immigration added to that will make for a steadily rising Muslim population as a percentage of total Canadian population over the next number of decades until or unless, as I said, Jesus Christ returns fairly soon. I don’t expect that for a while yet, but you’re wrong that it won’t happen. It definitely will happen, and you are simply wrong. This is due to your atheist blindness and religious ignorance, which I will pray about for your sake. I have nothing against you and would like to see you find faith in Jesus Christ and eternal life.


If the Pope was closer to God than I am, he would know that Jesus said a number of times that hell does exist. If he said it doesn’t exist, he doesn’t know the Bible as well as I do and the Catholics should get a new Pope.

It is not arbitrary, as I was raised in an atheist environment and became a Christian anyway. If I had been born in the Middle East, I could very well believe everything I believe now, as Christianity has been there (it began there) for nearly 2000 years and still is there. Also I could have learned from radio or the internet.

You will be just fine if you confess to God that you are a sinner in need of Divine forgiveness, and ask Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to you and give you saving faith in Him and in God. Otherwise, you will go to hell when you leave this world, and I would hate to see that happen, even if we disagree on a few things. So I will pray for you and I hope you will investigate the claims of Jesus Christ, God Son who came into the world to suffer the just penalty of your sins for you (i.e. in your place) and offer you a complete pardon for your sins. You only need meet His very simple condition to receive that pardon, which is to receive Him in prayer as your Lord and Savior. Then, just like that, you will be given the Divine gift of forgiveness of your sins, and the gift of eternal life. Sound like a great deal to me, and I’m glad I found out about it and did it years ago. I hope you will too, one day soon. I think it would be great to meet up with you and Andrew one day in Heaven and chew that fat about the old days on the comments section of The Rebel and also how we escaped the coming catastrophe when Jesus returned and whisked us believers to Heaven just before the worst of it began. That is also in the Bible, which is God’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE). Time is short, do it soon…
commented 2018-05-13 12:10:25 -0400
“1) creeping Sharia, i.e. a bit here and a bit there, but generally increasing its influence in Canada.

2) increasing Islamist terror attacks (using vehicles etc.) as time goes on, over the next several decades.

3) continuing denial by leftard idiots like you as the pace of deterioration of Canadian tranquility steps up. "

1) Creeping sharia, such as what? IF someone else wants to seek Sharia arbitration (which they can), that’s their prerogative. I have no problem with it – I can seek conventional arbitration if I want.

2) No evidence of “increasing terror attacks”. There’s a lot of paranoia out there, which becomes self-confirming. Rates don’t have to rise, and it still seems like there’s more of them, but that’s because you’re noticing them more.

3) Denial of deteriorating tranquility would require deteriorating tranquility, wouldn’t it?

“Ultimately though, it will continue due to ongoing massive abortion rates among Canadian atheists, together with massive Middle Eastern immigrant fertility rates, which will eventually result in the takeover of Canada by Sharia”

Sorry, bud, Jesus ain’t coming back. Don’t waste your life waiting for it, this is your only swing at the bat, make the most of it.

Most of the Middle East is experiencing the exact same demographic transition experienced in the West. Nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with economic status. Urban, developed nations have much lower fertility rates than rural, underdeveloped ones. Saudi Arabia went from 7 children per woman in 1970, to 2.6 as education levels and economic opportunities improved. Unique to Muslims? India, which is not Muslim, dropped from 6.5 to 2.5 in the same period, a virtually identical trend. Both countries, at their current trend, will drop below replacement in a decade or so (The CIA factbook already has Saudi at below-replacement). In a comparable, but earlier period, Canada went from 4 to 1.7 from 1925 to 1970. Iran’s also at 1.7, a lower fertility rate than the US.

Fertility remains high in wartorn Syria and Iraq, but again that’s an economic observation, not a religious one. Very high fertility rates are observed in both Christian and Muslim regions of sub-Saharan Africa, as well.
commented 2018-05-13 02:43:10 -0400

If religion is for the weak, you better get some, and fast, because you are (and I don’t mean to be mean or unkind when I say this) weak. You, like everyone, have a very limited amount of knowledge and are very limited in your physical strength. If you don’t think so, tell me in detail how to build a nuclear reactor, and show me a picture of yourself lifting a car over your head. Not so strong now, are you? Ha! Look who turns out to be weak like everyone else. Kind of hard on the ol’ pride when you realize you aren’t so strong after all, eh?

The blind delusion of your paragraph two really had me laughing. I don’t believe what I was told to believe when I was growing up. If I did, I would be an atheist. But I’m a Christian. Not so arbitrary now, eh ‘Jack’?

So what if the Pope said hell didn’t exist? Jesus Christ said it did. I’m a Christian, not a Popian. And unlike the Pope, Jesus Christ made the entire creation, before His incarnation on Earth (John 1:1-3),so He should know.
commented 2018-05-12 22:51:01 -0400

I may be wasting my time; time will tell. For your sake, I hope not. But with all due respect, I owe it to you as a fellow human being to tell you the truth: you are a weak-minded fool with no historical or religious understanding. So you should be very careful not to disrespect God or His Son Jesus Christ, because they hold your very life (even your next breath and heartbeat) in their hands. Jesus said everyone who doesn’t believe in Him as the Son of God will perish in hellfire, because their sins will not be forgiven. But Jesus paid for your sins on the cross. So if I were you, I would take that seriously, accept God’s terms (faith in Jesus) for forgiveness of your sins, which separate you from God and His forgiveness, and honor God by believing in His Son Jesus Christ. Then you can live the rest of your life knowing you are forgiven and on your way to Heaven. Also, you will be given historical and religious understanding by God so that you don’t babble on as an ignorant atheist and mislead others.
commented 2018-05-12 20:57:42 -0400

Your ability to ignore reality is only exceeded by your determination to stay in that lamentable condition.

First of all, I don’t expect Canada to under total Islamic rule anytime soon, nor have I ever said that. Provide me a quote otherwise. Second, what I do expect, based on Europe’s experience, is three things:

1) creeping Sharia, i.e. a bit here and a bit there, but generally increasing its influence in Canada.

2) increasing Islamist terror attacks (using vehicles etc.) as time goes on, over the next several decades.

3) continuing denial by leftard idiots like you as the pace of deterioration of Canadian tranquility steps up.

Of course, it would never occur to you that Socks Clown, who is obviously as oblivious to reality as you are, will press for increasing ‘diversity’ in the armed forces, so will the next Democratic U.S. President. So by the time the sh!t really hits the fan, they will in all likelyhood by on the side of Sharia, not democracy. Like that scenario?

This will happen no matter who is Prime Minister, unless Christian in Canada, under continuing attack by Socks Clown, wake up and elect enough Christian Heritage Party MP’s to hold the balance of power, in which case the process could be slowed for a time. Ultimately though, it will continue due to ongoing massive abortion rates among Canadian atheists, together with massive Middle Eastern immigrant fertility rates, which will eventually result in the takeover of Canada by Sharia unless Jesus Christ returns within the next few decades. If that happens, all the current trends will cease, as He will begin ruling the world from Jerusalem and judge the nations based on their behavior toward Israel and Christians around the world. Hopefully Canada will have treated Israel and Christians well and will be spared, but if Canada goes full Sharia and works to destroy Israel and Christianity, it will be judged by Jesus Christ and destroyed by God. (Matthew 25: 31-46) And don’t think He can’t do it; He destroyed Sodom and Gommorah, He destroyed the Earth once before, and He will keep His word about future destruction of any nation that treats Israel and Christians badly. So be warned, Canada.

‘Jack’, your best move would be to ask Jesus Christ (who rose from the dead after His crucifixion for the sins of the world, and who reigns with the Father in Heaven today) to come into you life and your heart, and make Himself known to you and give you faith in Him, which will save you from atheist blindness and from Hell after you leave this world. You can’t pay enough for your sins, but Jesus paid for you on the cross at Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. You would be well advised to not despise His sacrifice on your behalf, but rather to embrace Him in faith, which will bring you into complete forgiveness of your sins and into eternal life in the presence of Jesus Christ and the Father. I strongly advise you to consider this more seriously than you have ever considered anything in your life. You eternal destiny depends on the decision you make to either receiver Jesus as your Savior or no. I hope for your sake that you make the right decision and ask Jesus in Prayer to save you. I wouldn’t be saying this to you if I hated you, so believe me, I don’t. I want you to have eternal life where I will be after I leave this world. That might sound like hell to you right now, but in fact it will be in Heaven.
commented 2018-05-12 19:02:51 -0400

Good video for intelligent conservatives, but of course utterly wasted on leftard morons like ‘Jack’.
commented 2018-05-12 18:51:28 -0400

There is none so blind as he who will not see. Enjoy what’s left of your pathetic life living in denial and making completely irrational, laughable and moronic comments that only serve to further delude yourself that there is “no reason to complain” as Canada is being destroyed by Socks Clown while he prattles on about his socks and leftard dolts like you eat it up. Your ilk will be cursed by future generations of dhimmis who will shake their heads in wonder that anyone could have been as blind and stupid as Canada’s moronic leftards.
commented 2018-05-12 18:03:36 -0400
commented 2018-05-12 12:31:44 -0400

Watch David Menzies’ May 11 video “Islam trumps LGBTQ” etc.. It has already begun. I told you so…
commented 2018-05-12 12:18:14 -0400
‘Jack’, that’s yourself you are describing. You’re projecting your own inadequacies onto me. typical leftard.
commented 2018-05-12 02:48:12 -0400

You are quite simply a typical liberal dolt. You live in denial that is inculcated into you 24/7/365 from the echo chamber leftard culture that your ilk has temporarily imposed onto Canada. There is nothing else to say.

When your leftard ‘values’ and ‘victories’ get stomped into the ground in Canada by your new pals (that day is coming, because their ideology is diametrically opposed to yours, and they don’t share that space with anyone else), you won’t be saying “I told you so”. You’ll be claiming that nobody told you about that scenario.
commented 2018-05-12 02:25:57 -0400
I have received a lot of flack on the comment section for my own comment which questioned as to why David Menzies (who I like and respect) would overreact (on Ezra’s show) by saying that he will not vote for the Progressive Conservative party in the upcoming election. While I too would have preferred if Ford had stood his ground harder against the less conservative elements in the party, I stand behind my comment that at this time any intelligent conservative must recognize that the goal is to elect a government that is right of the two alternatives. After they are elected, that is the time for David to put pressure on the Conservative government to stand up for conservative ideals and beliefs. Now is simply the time to come to gather as conservatives and support the party and to stop doing the opposition’s job.
For those who reacted to my comment politely (whether negatively or positively) – Thanks.
commented 2018-05-11 22:21:56 -0400
Muta Ween, as disappointed as many are with Ford, me included, you are absolutely right. Wynne has to be unseated, that is the only acceptable result for this election.
commented 2018-05-11 13:29:57 -0400
The election isn’t about what the PC’s and Ford will or won’t do.
The election is about preventing Wynne from continuing to destroy Ontario or from preventing the NDP under Andrea Horvath from making Ontario another Notley disaster.
commented 2018-05-11 09:44:17 -0400
I sort of agree with Robert Henderson, that woman is an Elliot supporter, and that ‘brand’ of conservative is hardly one. Then again they seem to have successfully co opted Ford’s true conservative values anyway. So, hooped or hooped we’re hooped.
commented 2018-05-11 09:41:04 -0400
Ted, its interesting to me how the left demand we stop denying man made climate warming , saying the proof is there , but refuse to believe the blood on the streets when it happens at the hands of political Islam.

One is a variation of a norm and the other is cold blooded murder, enabled, protected, invited in, and a totally avoidable problem. Their denial seems to grow in unison with the demographic shift, as it grows more and more skewed towards Islam in the west.

The resulting political Islam is a natural result of demographics, ALWAYS. Its a numbers game with Islam. They have only to look at other western countries infected with it to see proof. Apologists in the west are IDIOTS, and the government is counting on their stupidity. Hard as it is to accept — the fact is, this government is not Canada’s friend, and it isn’t a temporary problem. Some things are forever, or at least for a century or two. Islam is one of those things.
commented 2018-05-11 04:39:34 -0400

You’re right, it’s laughable (in a very sad kind of way) that ‘Jack’ and his ilk are blind to where their country is so obviously headed, and so unable to pull themselves out of denial in the face of events that are going on around them and trends that are leading in only one direction over the long term. No doubt there were blind idiots like him spouting their denial in every one of the countries that were taken over by Sharia over the centuries. Ironically, it is their very blindness and denial that makes it all but inevitable that it will happen, since it keeps them pacified and even willing to inadvertently aid the takeover that they deny will ever happen. It is a scenario that has played itself out in many countries, where liberalism and freedom have been squashed into the ground by the brute force of Sharia, and now, thanks to them, it is happening to Canada. When Islamist terror is crushing Canada in 2030, they will still be saying that Canada is the same as it was in 1980. That is, if they haven’t yet been gunned down, mowed down by a truck, or blown to bits by an Islamist terrorist. Actually, odds are that it won’t happen to them, but they will survive to eventually be given the choice of forced conversion or death, as millions of other blind fools were in many other countries over the centuries.

And have you ever heard anything more pathetic than ’Jack’s pitiful hope that America, which almost certainly will be in the same condition (since Trump won’t be in office forever and a Democrat fool in the Trudeau or Obama mold will have become President), will be coming to Canada’s rescue? That’s like hoping that Britain can count on Europe to save it from the same fate. Nope. The U.S. won’t be coming, and even if they did, they would be unable to pacify Sharia Canada. Think Afghanistan. The very sad truth is that the liberal idiots in Canada, blind to the danger of Islamist terror as were liberals in the various countries of Europe, have made their bed and they are going to lie in it, just as they now are in Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, etc. What they are now experiencing is only the beginning of what the Islamists have in mind for them. Just like here. Well ‘Jack’ etc., enjoy your insane liberal delusions while you can, because the clock is ticking, the process of Islamization envisioned by the Muslim Brotherhood for North America has started (actually it’s been under way since the 1930’s), and you don’t have much time left to live blissfully in the peaceful, civilized society that was built by the very people you so despise, i.e. Christians. Soon you’ll see what the alternative is.
commented 2018-05-11 03:41:21 -0400
C’mon Robert, she is a conservative who has no use for the Liberals or NDP. Why not save your vitriol for them?
commented 2018-05-11 02:12:10 -0400
How could the Menzoid listen to that female phony mealymoutth without a stomach ache. Talk about an obnoxious witch, had to hit the mute button whenever her ugly puss began to yap. Love the Menzoid though.
commented 2018-05-11 01:33:18 -0400
The Gatestone Institute International Policy Council.
Here is a link to their ‘about’ page Jack. It is a think tank, President and vice president both being women in fact.
Not a ‘guy’.
commented 2018-05-11 01:27:20 -0400
It is not a ‘hate on’ for Muslims. It is factual information about Islam, in this case Justin’s cosying up to Iranian mullahs. Are you that determined to ignore the truth?
The Gatestone Institute is an entirely reputable source of information, but I guess to someone like you only the cbc and Canadaland’s spin looks like real news to you.

I don’t expect you to read the article Jack, its rather long and may stretch your attention span, but I used you as an excuse to put the link in. Hopefully someone who needs some real news about Trudeau and Islam will look at it and learn some truth. The official narrative from the government broadcaster is incomplete to say the least.