May 18, 2018

More rapes in Halifax by Muslim migrants, as rape culture invades our high-trust society

Rebel Staff

We’ve told you before about the rape problem in Halifax.

It’s often Muslim cab drivers attacking young Canadian women who hail a cab. Today, it’s a Muslim migrant raping a hotel cleaning lady.

I won’t describe the assault on the cleaning lady, which was presented in graphic detail in court, and in the newspaper. I will point out, though, that although Mostafa Hussien, 30 years old, was convicted, the judge is letting him out on bail. I’m sure he’ll show up for sentencing, right?

(Just a few days ago, two Syrian migrants in Fredericton, who had been convicted of repeatedly threatening to murder their own daughter for her “honour crimes” or talking to Canadian men, were let them off without a day in jail, other than what they had served since their arrest. And they won’t be deported. Because, the court was told, that’s just the Syrian culture — we’ve got to get hip to it...)

TONIGHT I'll remind you of other stories we've covered, about other Muslim migrant cab drivers in Halifax — where feminist judges (male and female) side with the attackers.

There have been more than a dozen rapes like this — that have been reported. How many more haven’t?

Because the judges have made it clear. So have the police, who have stopped describing these men as Muslim migrants, because that’s racist. That's their official policy now.

See, in our high trust society, we let unaccompanied, uncovered women out into the world, without a male guardian. In Saudi Arabia, though, you can’t leave the house, as a woman, without being fully covered, and without a guardian.

But look at it from their point of view — it’s the only way to keep women safe, in a low-trust, rape society culture.

If a man hears a woman call out in North America saying, “Help I’m being raped”, he either helps, or calls for help.

In Islamic societies — other men join in.

And it’s coming to the west now.

Even the official men we charge with protecting women — the police — they’d rather not.

Because it’s racist, you see...

NEXT: Yasmine Mohammed, author of Confessions of an Ex-Muslim, joins me to talk more about "honour violence" in Canada.

THEN: Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, lays out Canada's "all pain, no gain" climate change plan.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-05-18 20:15:27 -0400
Rebel needs a reporter in the Maritimes. Is the rebel Muslim snitch line that Faith Goldy set up still running? Perhaps more people in the Maritime provinces need to call it.

On a side note, where did that Muslim refugee get a hockey stick? Did some kind neighbor give him the stick?