May 22, 2018

Antifa thugs assault a conservative journalist: Police stand by, Media Party laughs

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tonight, I'll show you video of a group of left-wing men (and some women), wearing masks, attacking a conservative woman. In public. Not just in public, but with national TV news cameras capturing every moment.

Police were there too.

And not one of them lifted a finger to stop it — in fact, they had a good laugh about it.

Let me set up the story first:

Last year, we did an undercover investigation into the sophisticated human trafficking going on at the border between New York and Quebec. Our reporter was Faith Goldy — we parted ways with Faith last August, but her journalism here speaks for itself:

She showed taxi and bus companies built around smuggling foreigners across this illegal border crossing. But the word smuggling implies something secret. That’s what was so shocking about Faith’s report — it was all pretty much out in the open.

Over the weekend, Faith went back to the same border crossing. Since her visit last year, it’s become a veritable refugee camp, with semi-permanent structures. It's the new normal.

There were protesters against open borders there too, many wearing masks.

And a ton of mainstream media, and police, some in full riot gear.

I'll show you what happened:

Faith Goldy was assaulted and battered, and chased her off a public street.

You can see police, so close they could almost just reach out. And yet none of them lifted a finger.

The CBC’s Jonathan Montpetit was there, too, and tweeted:

"Border demo all done. Highlight for me: seeing Faith Goldy get scolded by an SQ officer for using her cellphone while driving.”

Yeah, I’m guessing she was trying to call someone who cared about her, or just about the rule of law. Because no-one on the scene did — not the male feminist reporters, not the police who stood there like potted plants.

And his tweet was "liked" by all kinds of journalists, including the CBC's feminist political boss, Rosemary Barton.

But oh my God if you so much as insult a CBC reporter — we need a national man-hunt, and you’ve got to go to jail. If you think I'm making that up, just watch...

Again and again, conservative women reporters like Lauren Southern and Sheila Gunn Reid are physically attacked; again and again, the media ignore it, or cheer along.

Because really — to the mainstream media, and to too many police forces: conservatives deserve to be punched, don’t they?

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Joel Pollak, Breitbart News Senior Editor at Large, joins me to talk about Trump's call for DOJ investigation; then Joseph Humire, Executive Director for the Center for a Secure Free Society, provides details about the sham election in  Venezuela.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-05-23 10:17:30 -0400
BILLY HOWARD commented 12 hours ago, “How is Canada different than 1930’s Nazi Germany where the Hitler brown shirts (Trudeau’s Antifa) attack people at will without consequence?”
Indeed and the “useful idiots” are cheering today’s brown shirts on.
commented 2018-05-23 10:09:45 -0400
Right wing newsflash: Right wing troll walks into crowd, says inflammatory things, and is somehow the victim when the inevitable happens.

And, this is supposedly the side that is pro-personal responsibility. Anybody with so much as a gram of common sense would know better than to do that, unless you’re specifically looking for the sympathy.

Next up, Faith Goldy opens container of gasoline, plays with matches, complains that insurance company must be run by leftists when they refuse to pay to rebuild her house. When asked to comment, Rebel mumbles something about cultural Marxism, or possibly how great a job Trump is doing.
commented 2018-05-23 10:03:55 -0400
It looked like just one cop walked over after watching several minutes of the assault before making any move whatsoever. It was a disgusting lack of professionalism on their part. A little birdie tells me there will be a law suit.

Our dufus troll was the spitter.
commented 2018-05-23 09:45:20 -0400
So, D MCDOUGAL, why did the cops not arrest and charge these pukes for assault? If I did that to someone on the street you can be damned sure I would be charged. I wonder if the tater Tot in true dictator fashion ordered a stand down against “Rebel Magazine” and they mistakenly thought Faith was part of it.

I sure would like to see Faith back on the masthead.
commented 2018-05-23 08:49:51 -0400
The resident troll is like a city bus.It changes its route names but it’s still the same bus .
I wonder if he changes the name on his doctorates degree.?
Doctor Folly ?
commented 2018-05-23 08:45:12 -0400
I don’t see how Ezra’s commentary and headline, that the police just stood by, is consistent with his video?? I mean, you can see one of the two policemen originally standing in the background run up to, and into, the melee, just before Ezra cuts the video, can’t you?? So what does Ezra mean the police just stood by?

Also, is Faith the one that Ezra fired last year or so because she committed some “unforgiveable” sin last year down South? If so, he should remind his viewers of that, rather than saying they parted ways and that she left. That seems like he is trying to sweep something under the rug. Not that that justifies Faith getting physically attacked…it most certainly does not…but full disclosure from Ezra is better for reporting credibility on Ezra’s part.
commented 2018-05-23 07:11:50 -0400
Jack Foley, (A.K.A Jimmy DaSalva, etc.) nice to have you back. Where have you been? Have you been off on a well-deserved vacation to rest up after all that exhausting trolling? I don’t know about anyone else, but I really missed tour mindless drivel. I particularly enjoy it when you play the low IQ card. That, of course, is your most recognizable signature catch phrases. That’s how we can single you out from all the other trolls. I always find it good for a laugh. Anyway, I just thought I’d welcome you back. Enjoy your stay, and don’t be a stranger.
commented 2018-05-23 05:15:08 -0400
Jack Foley commented
“While violence is never the answer, I do feel like Faith Goldy has made her bed and now she has to lie in it, which is the very reason why Ezra fired her.”

So the resident troll has a new moniker yet again, not surprising. One does wonder how a person like this troll can live with himself, sadly the answer is obvious.
commented 2018-05-23 04:11:08 -0400
Here is a thought. What would the rebel do if these leftist thugs showed up to protest and disrupt rebel events? If these leftists showed up at rebel live or at a anti carbon tax rally, how will the rebel respond? If I were in attendance, I would hate to have the fire alarm pulled on me.
commented 2018-05-23 02:38:30 -0400
In an ideal world violence is abhorrent and totally unnecessary and I am certain that everyone would agree with that. Unfortunately the world is far from ideal and history has proven that violence is only ceased by the return of greater violence. Merely look at the infidel death toll from ONE WEEK of ramadan and then tell me that pacifism works vs islam. It does not and in fact is a weakness in dealing with muslims and similar.
commented 2018-05-23 02:24:33 -0400
What kind of men gather together, wearing masks and gang up on a woman, striking her and spitting on her? Better yet, what kind of police stand feet away from a woman being assaulted and do nothing? This clearly puts the Antifa Thugs and the fixed in position, shy police in the same category. They are both heartless, cowardly, lawless and misogynistic. The thing about witnessing the police abandoning their job and demonstrating who it is they do support. It generates the question. What do we pay you for? Now the police have exposed themselves for the traitors that they are. Their willingness to stand idle while an assault was committed in front of them, was a betrayal of all citizens. They should all be charged with at least dereliction of duty, it’s on video people, it’s uncontested. They should be ashamed and their families should watch the video footage and be ashamed as well. Those Antifa were not Men and those Police are even lower than the thugs.
commented 2018-05-23 01:54:58 -0400
Allan, he has an ally named Tom Bradly…..
The warped thinking always amazes me!
commented 2018-05-23 01:49:51 -0400
I wrote these comments on an earlier about the Faith Goldy/Antifa conflict but it fits here as well. So the comments below are a repeat of what I posted earlier:

One thing I might add. What the hell ever happened to real men? I don’t get around too well anymore, but when I was younger if ANY man treated a woman like that in my presence he’d be leaving in an ambulance. Even today, I’m 70 years old and can’t walk more than about 100 yards without stopping to rest, but if that punk attacked Faith Goldy, or any woman, in my presence, he’d at the very least get a knuckle sandwich. I might take a good beating after that, but I’d get off at least one good shot. It looks like chivalry is dead… killed by PC culture and the rise of the tofu-eating girly man. Sad.
commented 2018-05-23 01:49:05 -0400
Weasel Jack, you have shit the bed and are trying to sneak the laundry away…just like in Trainspotting.
Ask yourself why you chose the words you did in earlier posts…you blamed Faith for the violence and it seemed to me you took pleasure in it. I don’t particularly care if you don’t like to be reminded of your words on this thread…you posted them.

Take you own advice and look into the mirror. Additionally. take your cheque book out and donate to a Women’s Shelter to make up for your misogyny and left wing hatred.
commented 2018-05-23 01:40:59 -0400
Drive-By-Jack is at it again. What Jack giveth (violence is never the answer) and Jack taketh away( she got what she deserved). The voice of a god and not of man!
He started out as he usually does under his new pseudonyms- civil and reasonable but it never lasts long. This time may have set a record- 4 posts before the personal insults started.
commented 2018-05-23 01:05:26 -0400
Jack Foley this is not nature, these are pathetic twerps who would not stand against a real man for one second. If you think of this as nature you are just as pathetic as they are. And i bet the cops would step in if a well trained woman started to kick the shit out of one of the losers.
commented 2018-05-23 01:03:15 -0400
Gotta laugh at these loser pussies always acting tough with women while wearing their moms panties they grabbed from the hamper on their faces. And they wonder why they are virgins.
commented 2018-05-23 01:02:06 -0400
Jack Foley well if they bring violence then i will answer it the same way. Does this not show you how pathetic your peers are? What if this was your wife? Please tell me you do not respect these dickless cowards?
commented 2018-05-23 01:01:49 -0400
Whats the difference between MS 13 and Antifa?
The tats, and the murders, to date at least, that we know of.

What do they have in common?
They both act like animals.

What is the difference between Antifa and the msm?
Only the equipment.

The true deplorables and that is clear for everyone to see.
commented 2018-05-23 00:53:00 -0400
Venezuela burning as its socialism once again fails. All the socialists are running to Nordic socialism to prove their point while their celebration of Venezuela goes up in flames. Nordic countries made their money with capitalism and through a few bucks at social programs and will soon be bankrupt. Not the socialist plan They too will fail to be proof socialism is awesome. It always fails.
commented 2018-05-23 00:51:17 -0400
Weasel Jack, Faith’s attack didn’t phase you. Actually, you made excuses for her attackers. For that, you fall into the category of aiding and abetting.

You like to call people moronic when they call you on your obvious hypocrisy and posts which are really out there. So, you think by prefacing “violence is never the answer” erases your appalling comments that follow on this thread "" she made her bed and there isn’t much sympathy for her….."
Weasel words Jack….you are supporting woman abuse.

As for cops, I know many….stand down orders in situations like this goes against the grain of education and training.

Trudeau wasn’t attacked…why bring him into the conversation. A real woman was attacked, and you are bringing our Eunuch in Charge front and center? Why?
commented 2018-05-23 00:43:03 -0400
Weasel Jack quote:" Violence is never the answer". Says an idealist who lives in his own little ideal world. In actual fact dear jack, VIOLENCE is the ONLY thing that stops violence in the real world as opposed to your leftist fairy tale world where it seems violence is only committed when someone becomes tired of being bullied/harassed/attacked and strikes back(as opposed to being the bully). You are far too typical of the problem that society now has and which is destroying the west.
commented 2018-05-23 00:41:44 -0400
Trump is doing great. Better than the narcissist socialist Obama anyway.
commented 2018-05-23 00:38:45 -0400
The antifa thugs seem like fat, entitled white guys slapping at your cell phone and they are so scared about loosing their trust funds they wear masks so daddy (and the police) can’t see them. It is assault though. and against a woman. I hope they loose both their trust funds and their freedom for a while to think about their stupid crusade. These wimps who have no skin in the game need to be scared straight.
commented 2018-05-23 00:27:52 -0400
Weasel Jack, you were hiding behind the “people” reference. This is a common tactic.
You like to hide by using generic terms, you can’t hide here. Your comments show you were taking a sick pleasure in what happened to Faith.
commented 2018-05-23 00:22:57 -0400
Street cops don’t like the order to stand down when crimes are being committed right in front of them. These orders undermine their authority and the rule of law.
commented 2018-05-23 00:19:05 -0400
Weasel Jack, you don’t know enough cops….they do not like getting orders based on neo-marxist , social justice ideology…they prefer to apply the law.
commented 2018-05-23 00:15:13 -0400
I wonder if they didn’t feel like investigating Antifa when they destroyed some businesses in downtown Hamilton would be an acceptable response?
commented 2018-05-23 00:13:14 -0400
Weasel Jack, please make a substantial donation to the nearest shelter for battered women, maybe this will make up for the " she made her bed and there isn’t much sympathy for her…..
Hiding behind the “people” concept fools no one. Again, go away!
commented 2018-05-23 00:11:57 -0400
jack Foley: There were claims in North Carolina that police stepped back and let the two groups have at it and it resulted in deaths. Riot police and more than capable of addressing these situations. John Cordillo of the rebel is a retired trainer of such riot police and this kind of behaviour goes against protocol.