May 25, 2018

Tommy Robinson sentenced to a year in prison: The shocking facts UK authorities are trying to keep secret

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tommy Robinson was arrested today in Leeds, in the UK, outside the court.

A few hours later he was sentenced to 13 months in prison.

I’ve never heard of that before.

Normally, there’s an alleged offence; then an arrest; then the lawyers get involved; then a first court appearance; and maybe bail; and then disclosure of documents; then a trial; then a conviction; then a sentence. Normally that takes months; maybe years.

It happened today in a few hours.

And while Tommy Robinson is the man who was condemned, I think the UK courts committed murder of their own reputation for liberty and law.

TONIGHT I'll show you exactly what happened. There is a publication ban on this story in the United Kingdom. But the Rebel Media is based in North America, which is why I’m free to talk about it.

Tommy was arrested for causing a disturbance. But in fact, he had just been talking into his cell phone, doing a Facebook video livestream, for one hour.

He was doing journalism — standing outside a court house where a Muslim rape gang was on trial.

Tommy had asked a few tough questions of two Muslim men who were on trial, and who were in court today to hear the verdict on their trial for raping white girls and forcing them into prostitution.

The entire interaction was very brief; it was aggressive, sure. But the men went away quickly — they were just walking into court. There is no rule against hollering at an accused rapist.

And Tommy was very careful throughout his broadcast to call them only accused or alleged criminals. And he was careful about where he stood, because he was held in contempt of court a year ago for doing what every other journalist does: reporting from courthouse steps.

So he was very careful this time. It didn't matter.

The court docket says he's charged for contempt of court — not the breach of the peace that the cops said when they arrested him.

On the court docket I'll show you, you can also see Muslim names — that’s the alleged rape gang members. Apparently the names were subject to a publication ban — but it is a fact that other media had published these names in public.

That’s what they used to arrest Tommy for: For saying those names.

Tommy's long-standing lawyers were not notified of his arrest. Instead, Tommy was rushed into court that moment; given a court-appointed lawyer who was neither an expert in contempt of court law, nor familiar with Tommy or his legal history.

And the hearing was held in a matter of minutes.

Tommy got a longer sentence for reporting on rape gangs, than many rape gangs themselves receive.

What scares me most about this is that sentencing Tommy to a year in prison in the UK is really like a death sentence — most prisons are run by Muslim gangs, any of which would take it as a religious duty to murder Tommy.

There are literally 23,000 jihadis, that is, holy warriors, suspected of being terrorist sleepers — that are known to be in the UK. So the authorities are paralyzed by fear — afraid of being called Islamophobic, and even more afraid of violence from the 23,000 enemies within.

Not Tommy. He speaks truth to power; he’s motivated by a big heart.

But he’s inconvenient.

So he was thrown away today.

And you know what?

It’s almost just as well that the mainstream media were censored — because all they’d have done would be to celebrate, to cheer. On Twitter, the jubilation of Tommy’s opponents was unrestrained. And they were thrilled that he will surely be killed in prison.

Tommy doesn’t work for us anymore, but I spoke to his family and his lawyer, and I’ve offered to help them crowdfund his legal fees, even though we don’t have a formal connection.

I’ll let you know what they say — when I last spoke with them, they hadn’t actually even had a chance to talk with Tommy yet, not even his lawyer.

If they want our help, we’ll help them — even though he’s not with us anymore.

Because he is still the biggest rebel in the whole of the UK.

And he’s not just fighting for his own freedom — he’s fighting for all of ours.

Whether he takes our financial help or not, we’ll be doing our best journalistically to support him.

I just wish the mainstream media would too — and mainstream conservatives.

It’s Tommy today — it’s them tomorrow...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey on Toronto's plan to turn college dorms into refugee centres; then Catherine Swift of Working Canadians, about union support for the NDP.

FINALLY: Your messages to me.


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commented 2018-05-27 09:16:46 -0400
Ron, that is excellent news.
I imagine these numbers will grow exponentially… lots of people are sharing the petition on-line.
commented 2018-05-27 09:15:13 -0400
Robert McClelland, an interesting tweet in that PJ Media report:
A man we can’t name not being arrested for an offence we can’t name for reasons we can’t disclose.#TommyRobinson

— Frank Puffin (@fpuffin1) May 25, 2018
commented 2018-05-27 09:06:15 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented 8 hours, “Ron, when I signed the petition the numbers were approaching 126 000. Now approaching 169 000 and climbing pretty fast. I’m glad to see it growing.” It is now at 228,000.
commented 2018-05-27 08:54:13 -0400
Whatfinger News has posted a story “Media Blackout after Anti-Islamist Activist jailed in England for Reporting on Muslim Rape Gang Trial” by Megan Fox of PJ Media. It includes comments on the news blackout and British publication ban law.
commented 2018-05-27 05:25:31 -0400
Fox News has the story “Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial”.
commented 2018-05-27 03:38:17 -0400
Even the story of Tommy Robinson getting thrown in jail got onto the Scott Adams podcast. It is talked about at the end of Episode 80.
commented 2018-05-27 02:34:02 -0400
If Tommy dies in jail the powder keg could blow
commented 2018-05-27 01:22:22 -0400
The Star Chambers are back in session:

“Although the court could order torture, prison and fines, it did not have the power to impose the death sentence. Under the Tudors, Star Chamber sessions were public.

The power of the Court of Star Chamber grew considerably under the Stuarts, and by the time of Charles I it had become a byword for misuse and abuse of power by the king and his circle. James I and his son Charles used the court to examine cases of sedition, which, in practice, meant that the court could be used to suppress opposition to royal policies. It became used to try nobles too powerful to be brought to trial in the lower courts. Court sessions were held in secret, with no right of appeal, and punishment was swift and severe to any enemy of the crown. "

Encyclopedia Britannica:
commented 2018-05-27 01:05:55 -0400
Ron, when I signed the petition the numbers were approaching 126 000
Now approaching 169 000 and climbing pretty fast.

I’m glad to see it growing.
commented 2018-05-26 23:20:09 -0400
commented 2018-05-26 23:19:24 -0400
It’s obvious that this is a venal political act, not one of proper process of law. An articling law student could have this appealed need overturned. It bears repeating that Tommy is also suing the police for the last fraudulent arrest and that case was to come to trial soon. So it now becomes obvious whoever the black hearted villain is who has orchestrated this civil abomination upon Tommy has intent to put Tommy’s life at risk in the short period they have him before real justice intervenes.

Freedom minded Brits should be in full national strikes protests and if need be occupation sit ins. This is Britain’s Lexington and Concord.
commented 2018-05-26 23:05:48 -0400
commented 2018-05-26 23:02:42 -0400
Another for Tommy..
commented 2018-05-26 23:01:36 -0400
commented 2018-05-26 22:57:03 -0400
liberals are all alike….trust me..
commented 2018-05-26 22:54:29 -0400
Robert, no updates that I can find at the moment. Hopefully by the morning there will be news of an emergency hearing. Just before Tommy was loaded into police van, he asked his camera guy (George, I believe) to contact his solicitor. He was not represented by his own lawyer and this swift star chamber hearing & sentence has to be a record in recent history.
He’s not just in jail with liberals…muslims who want to kill him too!
commented 2018-05-26 22:44:27 -0400
Is there any updates?… This is utter bullshit from the liberal Goofs..Tommy is in a fackin bullshit jail full of liberals…
commented 2018-05-26 22:18:41 -0400
This link shows the gathering clouds over London as crowds gather in The Mall and at the gates of Downing St. One of Alex Jones better video’s.
commented 2018-05-26 22:05:41 -0400
George that petition is up 40,000 since this morning. Awesome!
commented 2018-05-26 22:01:17 -0400
“JUDGE GEOFFREY MARSON, QC should have allowed Tommy his own lawyer. Sticking in a court appointed one meant they could say he had representation when it was really no representation at all. Surely that should mean something when it was clear Tommy wanted his own solicitor.

Thanks for the name of the Judge Bravo Zulu and this is what the ‘good fellow’ looks like.