October 25, 2018

The Left pretends to care about “The Handmaid’s Tale” coming true — but it’s already here, and they’re silent

Rebel Staff

Why does the left — especially in the United States, but I think it’s percolating up here in Canada and over in the UK too — why does the left keep dressing up as characters from that dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, called The Handmaid’s Tale?

It’s become a symbolic way of saying: You’re a sexist who would want to make women live as sexual slaves in a Christian theocracy.

Except sexual slavery isn’t a Christian concept; Christianity’s moral arc has been towards the protection of women. Compare that to the Koran’s permission to take rape slaves from conquered people, for example.

Margaret Atwood, the Canadian socialist, wrote The Handmaid’s Tale in the wake of the Iranian revolution, when women were forced to wear face-obscuring veils. But she lacked the courage to take on Islam — or maybe she, like many other leftists, who hate the west, always side with its enemies, whether they were the Soviets in the Cold War, or the Islamists today.

Instead, The Handmaid’s Tale demonizes Christianity. This work of fiction has also been weaponized against Trump, to imply we’re just moments away from the novel's dystopian future here in North America, if Trump gets his way.

Meanwhile, evidence of real life theocracy isn't hard to come by...

Quebec has responded by electing a new government, in no small part on the strength of their call to ban many religious symbols, including ostentatious Islamic symbols like the chador, hijab and niqab, from civil service.

What a tiny law — it only applies to a handful of people, government employees, at most. The Globe and Mail hates that law, but of course they also hate Christianity in the public square, whether it’s on a flag, or a coat of arms or in our Constitution:

Globe editorial: By defending a crucifix, Quebec crosses the line into hypocrisy

The crucifix, a spokesman argued, is nothing but a “heritage object” that is “part of our history” and, as such, it should not be included in the larger argument about religious symbols in the public sphere.

I’d agree if we were living in Saudi Arabia or Iran. But this is Canada, and the history of our country, indeed our civilization, is Christian. The word "Catholic" appears in the Quebec constitution four times. Others are welcome to join us. But that doesn’t undo who we are, or our history or our culture or our past.

The Globe and the Trudeau Liberals want that past undone, but the people seem to disagree:

A recent poll asks if the niqab should be prohibited; discouraged but tolerated; or welcome.

Nationwide, 48 per cent say ban the niqab, and 29 per cent say discourage it. Only 23 per cent say welcome it.

In Quebec, 70 per cent want it banned; 72 per cent of Ontarians agree, along with 78 per cent of Albertans.

Who will be the next politician who realizes the obvious fact:

Respecting Canada’s traditions of secularism and the equality of men and women will give you huge support on election day, no matter what the Media Party thinks?

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