October 31, 2018

Trudeau wants banks to hand over Canadians' personal records — But we're fighting back!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Kudos to my former colleague back at the Sun News Network, David Akin, for his very important scoop:

Stats Canada requesting banking information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge

Documents obtained by Global News show the national statistical agency plans to collect “individual-level financial transactions data” and sensitive information, like social insurance numbers (SIN), from Canadian financial institutions to develop a “new institutional personal information bank.”

What’s more incredible is that this was being done secretly, before Global broke the story.

And the data will be swept up secretly, too. No search warrant. No probable cause. Your bank will not be able to tell you when or why.

It’s obviously against the law — privacy laws.

I don’t trust Trudeau or his wrecking crew. But I wouldn’t trust a conservative, either. I wouldn’t trust any politician, and as the thousands of security breaches already show, you just can’t trust people in government, bureaucrats, clerks, whomever. They snoop, like Revenue Canada did, and Statistics Canada did.

I want to do something about it. Because somebody has to!

So we’ve set up a massive petition at StopSnooping.ca.

(And no, I won’t give your personal details to Trudeau! In fact, I’ll redact your last name...)

But that's not enough. So today I spoke with a lawyer who specializes in class actions. He convinced me that a better approach is to hire a privacy lawyer, and to file a complaint with the privacy commissioner; and that when that is inevitably rejected by Trudeau’s man, to appeal that, for judicial review, to the courts.

We're now trying to recruit just the right lawyer. I’ll keep you posted.

But this is serious: It’s just the thing to drive people underground, actually — to switch to Bitcoin, get a foreign bank account, whatever. Would you want Justin Trudeau, that law-breaking, ethically challenged snoop, having access to your most private business? Not me.

So please sign the petition, at StopSnooping.ca.

And I hope to have a privacy lawyer in place by next week, maybe even sooner.

NEXT: Our good friend, John Carpay with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, joins me with the verdict of a bizarre Human Rights Commission involving a transwoman and a waxing salon.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-11-02 12:48:12 -0400
I heard rumours of this for months. This goes hand well in hand with their plan (if not already implemented) that if banks get in trouble or need to insure bank investor returns that banks can go into private accounts for the funds. Ergo, why would banks say no to the hand that protects them?

Dumber than a rock Baby Doc, our fearless idiot in chief PM, slipped up when he used a word that means anonymous. If so, why does the government need to know our full names and social insurance number? A quick perusal of, say, my file would show that I have a paid subscription to that “far right extremest white supremacist organisation” The Rebel and that I just renewed that subscription; that I pay to receive the “alt right" Fox News; that on several occasions I have given funds toward projects by a “far right extremest white supremacist organisation” (The Rebel); that I have given funds to the “white supremacist Islamophobe” Stephen “Tommy Robinson” Lennon; that we are paid members of a political party that is NOT the Liberal Party; that we have two near identical cars each paid off by a single payment to avoid interest charges (mine pearl, her’s red because red goes faster); et cetera.

None of this is Baby Doc’s business, StatsCan’s business, the Minister of fill-in-the-blank’s business, and none of this would ever be public if my name above wasn’t an alias. On what we spend or how we spend is no one’s business. If I was being investigated for criminal activity, the government would need a court order; puppet Baby Doc Trudeau is circumventing the courts and our rights to privacy. Until his spending especially of our tax dollars on himself – and a whole lot of booze, apparently – and all the details of his trust funds becomes public, then screw him and all those who follow him.

When will the details about CBC’s (public funded) spending be made public? Not so long as there is a Liberal still breathing.

Didn’t Obama use the IRS to go after people who, well, pointed out that that emperor had no clothes (morals, honesty, the people’s interests at heart), or didn’t agree with his politics? I’m certain that PM Gerry Butts, ah… er… Trudeau would do likewise.
commented 2018-11-02 01:00:07 -0400
The newly landed and loosely landed immigrants and the liberal party rule Canada in perpetuity. The cashless society doth cometh as well as the mark of the beast along with them and the liberal govt. ruling as to cast all objection asunder.
commented 2018-11-01 18:50:52 -0400

I have also considered the ‘no election’ scenario. I don’t think it’s very likely though, for this reason: The Canadian military is indoctrinated in defense of a free and democratic Canada, not a dictatorship. I think the most likely outcome if Trudeau did try something like that would be Trudeau’s arrest by the military, or else, a simple refusal to carry out such an order, which would be led by a popular demand for his arrest, followed by his arrest for treason against Canada. So I don’t think Trudeau is likely to try it, and if he did, I think it would fail and result in his arrest and trial for treason. The Canadian military is nothing if not loyal to Canada, by which I mean Canada as it is currently constructed, with elections determining the makeup of the governments at all levels. They won’t ditch that for Groper.

Now as to Scheer, I think he will turn out to be somewhat to the right of his campaign persona, which he has been wearing since he was elected leader of the CPC. He is aware that he needs the centrist vote to win the next election and later elections, so he will continue playing to that script until the next election. But when push comes to shove, I believe he is going to do what is necessary to preserve Canada’s current demographic as much as he can while he is Prime Minister. He cannot help but see the writing on the wall for Canada is that is not done. Certainly Bernier has made him aware of that, and he knows that there is a large constituency that agrees with Bernier, that he also needs to win national elections in Canada. So I think it’s better to just stay with the CPC rather than encouraging voter division going into the next election. Otherwise, it’s all over for Canada as we have known it, i.e. as a country with Constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. Little Fidel will see to that in his second term. He has already begun, alas.
commented 2018-11-01 18:22:39 -0400
TED TADRIGHT commented 2 hours ago.
Ted, have no fear, I shall be watching things closely and if I think that Bernier has no chance at all I will have no problem in voting Scheer. My problem with Scheer is his apparent acceptance of mass immigration by Muslim’s, this is the biggest problem facing Canada at this time and needs to be addressed by a strong leader as soon as possible.

Food for thought…
Just before the next election is due, Trudeau stirs up his Muslim Brothers to start rioting and going on killing spree’s. Trudeau with apparent great surprise and false outrage, jumps up and calls a state of emergency…Bingo. Military control, No Election.
commented 2018-11-01 17:20:04 -0400
Everyone please feel free to replicate the following message on social media:

Dear Marc Garneau,

You have had an honorable career as a Canadian astronaut with flight time in space, and as an MP in the House of Commons. You have a legacy and reputation to honor and guard. It is now in obvious jeopardy, by your continuing participation in a government that has clearly gone off the rails. Your obvious discomfort with the drivel that PM Justin Trudeau has been dishing out recently right in front of you during Question Period in the House of Commons, is becoming difficult to conceal. Now he is defending the violation of Canadians’ Charter right to privacy and security of the person by the federal government, in the form of government snooping on our personal banking transactions and other personal information. Your discomfort at watching him attempting to justify this violation of our Charter rights and freedoms is obvious. I call on you to leave the Liberal government and cross the floor to the Opposition benches, to save your own honor and reputation. I further call on you to denounce the Trudeau government’s outrageous violation of our Charter rights and freedoms in this matter, and to demand an immediate cessation of its outrageous actions in collecting and analyzing our personal banking information. Thank you, and I hope your legacy will not continue to be stained by your continued participation in this government, which has clearly gone off the rails and into the realm of dictatorship.

Your Truly,

Canadian Patriot
commented 2018-11-01 16:43:46 -0400
Of course, I meant PPC, not BCC, in my message below, and just to clarify: Canadian Baby Doc’s traitor government is importing massive numbers of future voters for the Liberal Party that let them into Canada and intends to let their friends and relatives in also, plus even more by the hundreds of thousand per year. Make no mistake: they will be voting Liberal to keep the inbound flow of people like them coming, who will also be voting Liberal. Split the conservative vote now, and watch Canadian freedom and liberty and personal security die under a Canadian Baby Doc dictatorship, just as happened to the people of Venezuela, where they can’t even find toilet paper in stores any more, and they take their lives in their hands if they criticize the Nicolas Maduro socialist government for its mismanagement of their economy and destruction of their democracy. Don’t let that happen to Canada. As much as we might want a better PM than Scheer, we don’t have the luxury of splitting the vote and letting Canada be destroyed by Mini-Fidel. Our #1 priority must be to get Mini-Fidel out of office as PM. Otherwise everything is lost. Realize it!

BTW, just read Canadian Baby Doc’s eulogy to Fidel Castro if you want to know if he knows who his real father is, and if you want to know who his real role model is as a head of government. It isn’t Pierre Trudeau.

commented 2018-11-01 16:23:06 -0400
BTW Folks,

With Canadian Baby Doc’s traitor government importing over 300,000 immigrants every year now and intending to step that up to 350,000 per year, it is more necessary that ever to not split the conservative vote going into the next election. We will just have to put off that luxury until the Groper is no longer in office as PM and therefore no longer a threat to our personal security and liberty. Think it through!
commented 2018-11-01 16:17:07 -0400

We must realize now that the top priority is to get the Groper out of office as PM ASAP. If we have two parties dividing the conservative vote in the next election, that just isn’t going to happen. It just isn’t. We have to make a choice now: divide the conservative vote and let the Groper set up his dictatorship over the next five years while Scheer and Bernier carp at each other in the Opposition benches, or unify the conservative vote and get the Groper out of office before he advances his alt-left dictatorship project any further than he already has. We are in dire straits, and as much as we might prefer to have a PM like Bernier, that just isn’t going to happen with two parties splitting the conservative vote. Realize that now, or watch Canadian Baby Doc destroy what little rights and freedoms we have left. We have to unite behind the Conservative Party of Canada, which, as a recent poll showed, has 99% of conservative support, with the BCC having just 1%. Never mind if Scheer isn’t our ideal PM, at least he will not be snooping into our banking records and weaponizing that info against us like we know the Groper is intending to do. We have to use our heads going into the next election to ensure we don’t lose everything to a Groper dictatorship.


Could you have someone at The Rebel or perhaps someone like John Carpay compile a list of names and addresses of bank executives (CEO’s, I suppose) in Canada that we can write to, to deny permission to the banks to hand our banking info over to the federal government without a proper legal warrant from the government? Also, a form letter to that effect would be much appreciated. Not all of us are lawyers with legaleeze experience.
commented 2018-11-01 16:12:50 -0400
Below……Trudeau’s Canada.
commented 2018-11-01 16:03:00 -0400
commented 2018-11-01 15:54:54 -0400
Off Topic.
As of three days ago Maxime Bernier and the PPC had 31,500 members, this all in the space of six weeks.

I became a member as I am sure other Rebels have done also.
commented 2018-11-01 15:51:00 -0400
This is a real announcement on a real train in China. They really do have a social credit score on their citizens. If you do anything outside of ‘regulations’, " The behavior will be recorded in an individual credit information system". Personal credit scores! Then what? Are you denied heat, gas, access to your bank account? Not yet or all at once of course. Nothing to be alarmed about, they are just setting the stage. Canadian totalitarians getting all their ducks in a row.
Trudeau loves China’s basic dictatorship. He is a damned communist.

Good idea Alan. Time for a Magna Carta review Canada.
commented 2018-11-01 15:48:33 -0400
TED TADRIGHT you might be right about Marc Garneau however I don’t see or hear him doing or saying anything – anything, about the traitorous asshole that is named PM of Canada.
When are we Canadians going to STOP this jerk. He should be hung from the highest branch of a tree in front of the parliament buildings where he continually lies and disparages all Canadians by his traitorous acts.
I can not stand to look at this POS, this poor excuse for a Canadian, this poor excuse for a man.
commented 2018-11-01 15:16:27 -0400
Watching Question Period in the HoC, I have noticed that MP Marc Garneau often seems quite uncomfortable when the Groper is spewing his BS. He seemed particularly so when the Groper was defending his traitor government’s intention to violate Canadians’ privacy in the form of our banking records. I wonder if this will be the outrageous move by the Groper that finally prompts him to leave the Liberal Party and cross the floor to the Conservatives, or at least sit as an independent MP. He, as a former astronaut with a legacy to protect, must be having increasingly queasy feelings about where the Groper is taking the Liberal Party and Canada, and I wonder if he wants his legacy tarnished by any further association with a government and PM as invasive and dictatorial and extreme left as the Groper’s. It will be interesting to watch in the coming days. If he doesn’t cross the floor soon, he risks losing his legacy and being associated with the worst government ever to disgrace itself in Canada. If he crosses the floor and renounces this traitorous government and PM, he could still save his legacy.
commented 2018-11-01 14:40:17 -0400
Liza I laughed when the privacy act came out. The group I least trust with my info is the government but you can’t opt out of their coercive power.

Magna Carta. Maybe its time we have a reenactment and update of it for Lord Groper Justin himself.
commented 2018-11-01 13:13:04 -0400
PAUL MCDOWALL, there is nothing more important than our personal information. The goal is to compile an all in one complete centralized data bank. Big brother at its ugliest.The last long form census asked for some banking information, now they won’t bother asking, and how they will use that and any other information on you is limitless. That’s what they are thinking too. The possibilities for control are limitless. Half a million a year, a fresh five hundred thousand a year, a revolving door, a harvesting machine. This is privacy rape and why they came up with the Magna Carta in the first place. No power should have their noses this much up your touche. We are supposed to be able to protect ourselves from such intrusion. Lawsuits up the wazoo is what they must be served with, in return for this assault against the people of Canada. Stats Can, be damned. Justin, burn in hell.
Everyday I wake up and wonder how much further are we going to be pushed today.
commented 2018-11-01 11:40:49 -0400
Please read to the end…
1. Trudeau will soon have knowledge of anyone’s subscription payment to Rebel or donation to Tommy or donations to CPC.
2. Liberal stalwart Louise Arbour co-authored the UN Global Compact for Migration (signing ceremony in December) which includes clauses 33(d) where signators promise to go after those who partake in “wrongthink”. Here it is paraphrased…
(d) Establish mechanisms to prevent, detect and respond to…instances of intolerance…and all other multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination,…including by tracking (by StatsCan), and ensuring… redress mechanisms (penalties such as fines/jail/audits for “wrongthink).
3. Also 33© where journalists and others who don’t follow the narrative will be “educated” and instructed by gov’t on how to think, speak, and share opinion. Here it is paraphrased…
© Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet based information, including by sensitizing and educating media professionals…investing in ethical reporting standards…and stopping…media outlets that systematically promote intolerance…and other forms of discrimination…(intolerance of the narrative?)
The list of western nations refusing to sign away our sovereignty to the UN is growing. Michelle Rempel is making an effort to have it questioned and hopefully CPC has the courage to come out against it. Maxime Bernier has come out against it.
The GCM focuses on global open-migration, but also includes the aforementioned censorship and quelling of freedom of speech, as well as adherence to the UN climate change dogma (and its tax implications on Canadians).
Full document here:
commented 2018-11-01 11:29:35 -0400
PAUL MCDOWALL commented 2 hours ago
Trudeau doesn’t want this, Stats Can does.
If The Groper doesn’t want this then why is he refusing to do anything about it? Good lord, man. Think.

Trudeau will not use this data, Stats Can will and they have described how it will be aggregated and the personal data removed in the process.
Damned right he will use it. Just like his pal Obama did. Yeah personal info formation will be removed just like the old gun registry was destroyed. I can’t believe that in today’s world anyone is this gullible and trusting of any government. Maybe you hadn’t heard- power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is one power hungry boy who would be king.

It becomes more apparent everyday that The Groper sees himself as king in waiting. He lusts after it since it is his divine right of kings. After all he’s from that family line. His smug arrogance gets worse with each passing day. “I am intellectually and morally superior to you”.

But I think this arrogance will be his downfall since in his supposed divine right of kings he worries not about the idiotic, treasonous and destructive policies he is introducing. Those will be his downfall at election time.
commented 2018-11-01 10:39:26 -0400
DEBORAH GRAUPNER commented 1 hour ago.
I think our globalist rat is going to ensure the invasion of our country turns into a civil war,…………………………………….
Deborah, I agree, there will in all probability, not be another election. Why would Trudeau bother, he has all the Muslim Brotherhood to do his bidding and he will not wish to waste time on things of the past, like Democracy.
Even if he were to go through the motions of holding an election it would make no difference, he has already stated that all Muslims will be permitted to vote, even those with no ID….. How many times will each one vote?

There is only one way to stop Trudeau and that is to do it permanently!
commented 2018-11-01 10:17:48 -0400
It would be interesting to see if Trudeau is targeting specific groups just as Obama’s IRS despite denials went after the tea party as they ultimately apologized for
commented 2018-11-01 10:10:06 -0400
Wow its only been three years and we have one very long year to go I worry about all the damage this tyrant will cause ! Trudeau is the biggest piece of shit ever, his dad would be proud !
This fits in nicely with their platform of dividing conquering and ultimately destroying our western society , this slippery slope they have created has quickly turned into a triple diamond run !
Be very concerned people what we are witnessing and experiencing here can and will turn out very bad for us and I’m sad to say that most Canadians are to complacent and or cucked to do anything about it .
Don’t know what they’ve got till its gone .
commented 2018-11-01 10:08:02 -0400
This is the same thing as you take your bank and credit card statements, write your SIN, sex, address, name, and you go to a government office every month and give it to anybody there. Then hope that nobody will rob you at one point.
commented 2018-11-01 09:31:02 -0400
I think our globalist rat is going to ensure the invasion of our country turns into a civil war, by the time we get to the next election. Why else would he be going forward with this illegal plan? And if this comes true, he will declare a state emergency. I really don’t think we will be having another election. And our globalist rat and his corrupt friends will be judged for it in the not to distant future. Come quickly Lord Jesus!
commented 2018-11-01 09:06:11 -0400
Look, I’m the farthest thing from a supporter of the current liberal government and their destructive ideology-lead policies, but ascribing an operational, bureaucratic decision to the politicians is just dumb. I’ve worked long enough in government to know the difference between the government operations and government policies. Trudeau doesn’t want this, Stats Can does. Trudeau will not use this data, Stats Can will and they have described how it will be aggregated and the personal data removed in the process. Come on, people, let’s be objective about this. There are a lot of destructive policies (e.g. cannabis, immigration, returning ISIS terrorists, Carbon tax,…) that we need to focus on.
commented 2018-11-01 08:45:01 -0400
Sean Lance said, “This alone should be enough of a reason for any Canadian not to vote liberal.”

In a world of common sense, this would be true, but Canada is deep down the rabbit hole. Never under estimate the stupidity of the socialist left.
commented 2018-11-01 08:08:26 -0400
The actions little big man has been taking the last year are alarming at the least. Our freedoms are being lost day by day. Speech, firearms, privacy and thought will be things of the past. China has millions in re-education camps. Trudeau admires China? Say what? Ya he looks like Castro, but lets save the salacious talk for another day. Wonder when little man will suggest we need special summer camps for people who do not think properly? Thought criminals everywhere eh? I wonder how Stalin and Hitler masked their true intentions? Oh ya…they lied over and over. Stealing our personal information is probably just the tip of the iceberg. The useful idiots are in large abundance. Give them the slightest bit of authority and they will turn in their own mothers. There are groups all over this country the authorities already use to spy on innocent people. Its amazing what people will do when told an unsubstantiated lie about others. These are all tactics perfected by communism very long ago. I am afraid that is where we are. That is still peanuts compared to our friends at the new 1.2 billion dollar CSIS spy center in Ottawa. Canada needed a 1.2 billion dollar spy center? For whom? Before Hitler opened concentration camps, he banned and seized all firearms from the Jewish population. He of course knew what his plans for them were and acted accordingly. By the time the camps were running, he had no worries about resistance. Now I am not saying this is all happening right now. Just don’t piss down my back and tell me it is raining. The new firearms bill that passed its third reading targets law abiding gun owners exclusively and leaves the criminal element out 100%. Does this even make sense? Well yes it does, if your goal is to disarm the population. Do you think the criminals would hand in their guns through legislation? LOL! The new firearms bill gives many ways to take firearms away from law abiding peaceful Canadians. We are talking tens of thousands, in case it is not understood what is about to happen. Stealing our banking information may be the least of our worries. Personally, however, it seems like a kick in the nuts from the federal government. A little too close to home.
commented 2018-11-01 06:54:35 -0400
I’ll bet that the financial info Soy Boy Trugrope is trying to get his hands on is anyone who resists his treasonous agenda. Trugrope will try to ruin that individual on a financial level..

VOTE the little turd out come next election or better yet just remove him from office forceably.
commented 2018-11-01 05:37:56 -0400
Undoubtedly the Trudeau Liberal government has a political enemies list, and I would be very surprised if every name on it was not included in the supposed ‘random’ sampling of 200,000 Canadians whose banking records are to be snooped on by this despicable traitor government headed by Fidel Castro’s son. This is an outrageous violation of the privacy of Canadians and a negation of our rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Trudeau wasn’t kidding when he said he admired China because of their “basic dictatorship”. His actions since becoming PM have confirmed the worst fear of Canadians. He is indeed a wannabe communist dictator like his father Fidel Castro or Nicolas Maduro, holding total dictatorial power over the people, and he seems determined to achieve that. If he is not stopped on this outrage and removed from office in the next election, we are done as a free country. We have already lost our freedom of speech and other rights and to a large degree other freedoms supposedly guaranteed by the Charter, but we haven’t seen anything yet if this FAR-LEFT DICTATORIAL MANIAC isn’t stopped soon.

commented 2018-11-01 04:55:56 -0400
Tammie, Trudeau has been consulting Soros and the Dems all along, and ignoring the Canadian people.