October 03, 2018

Quebec wants less immigration, Ontario wants a stop to illegals. Will Justin Trudeau listen?

Rebel Staff


Yesterday, we showed how the relatively new Coalition Avenir Quebec crushed the incumbent Liberal Party, pushing them down to their lowest result in that province ever.

And we showed you how Francois Legault, the party’s leader, wasn’t shy about calling for a modest reduction in immigration.

From 50,000 down to 40,000 souls a year. It’s almost comical. It’s still an absurdly large number, and by the way, how do you even do that, when Justin Trudeau controls the border?

When someone walks across the border from New York State into Quebec, and the RCMP are nice enough to carry their bags for them, and after filling out a few forms, and being coached on exactly what to say and giving a “pinky swear” that they’ll show up for their refugee hearing three years from now, they’re allowed to just go.

No-one tracks them. They’re not held in a detention facility; they’re not tracked in any way. They can travel anywhere in Canada — legally!

Quebec has no cops there. And other migrants, if they’re in Toronto already, say, they can just get in a car and drive to Quebec if they want. Get on a bus.

We don’t have checkpoints within Canada — you can travel from province to province freely. Not that most migrants go from Ontario to Quebec — it’s actually the other way. Pretty much everyone wants to go to Toronto. And they are.

And that’s the news of the day. “Ontario struggling to pay for irregular migrants: minister”

Did Lisa Macleod, Doug Ford’s cabinet minister, really call them “irregular migrants”?

Someone who breaks into your house is not an irregular guest — they are a trespasser, a home invader. A bank-robber is not making an irregular withdrawal.

That’s just mangling the English language, to obscure, which is the main purpose of the media, when it comes to any controversy, don’t you think?

But, putting aside that terminological inexactitude, let me read a bit of the story to you: "The Ontario government says costs to social services are ‘escalating’ as irregular migrants continue flocking to the province’s biggest cities.Let’s be very clear: There is a failed border policy in Quebec that’s having an impact in Ontario,” said Lisa MacLeod, minister of children, community and social services. “Right now, we are $200 million and counting. We are asking the federal government to come to the table.”

We’ve known for years that this would be a problem since Trudeau brought over 50,000 Syrians without language skills, without job skills, most without a high school diploma, no cultural skills, no plan. He just brought them over.

And now the entire world knows we’re suckers and we’re actually a magnet for the worst people in the world, since you have to break the law and game the system to come here.

And it’s getting worse. So, what on earth is the solution?


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