October 05, 2018

One of Trudeau’s “fake” refugees to face immigration hearing — in the year 2030

Rebel Staff


If you saw my interview with immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann last week, you’ll recall he described what happens to those fake refugees who just walk across the border illegally from the United States.

And, it’s illegal, not “irregular.”

There’s a big sign there at the unguarded border between Canada and the United States at the end of Roxham Road, with Quebec on one side and New York on the other, and it says STOP.

It says crossing there is illegal, not irregular.

It’s also illegal to claim you’re a refugee if you’re coming from America because of something called the Safe Third Country agreement. In a nutshell, the treaty between Canada and the U.S. says you can’t be in Canada and claim refugee status in the United States; and you can’t be in the U.S. and claim refugee status in Canada because both countries recognize that if you’re in the other country — you’re already safe.

Yet, not only have tens of thousands of people walked across claiming to be refugees who had already applied in the U.S. and been rejected, and many who were worried they’d be deported, so they came up here knowing they’d have a better chance under Trudeau than Trump.

But actual criminals come up here too, and for the same reason. They know Trudeau is soft on crime.

We’ve got convicted criminals, “slipping” into Canada. Convicted criminals, some of whom are actually American citizens seeking refuge.

These guys I’ll tell you about tonight, sound like perfect guys for Trudeau’s immigration policy.

But if you think these things are a joke, well here’s the biggest laugh of your day about one of those fake refugees.

It’s from the leading French-language newspaper in Quebec, published by our friends at Quebecor, the Journal de Montreal.

In English, the headline reads: a demander of asylum receives his hearing summons for 2030.

As in, the year 2030.

As in: he has to come back to court, which will decide if he’s a legit refugee, but he’ll be allowed to just kick around in Canada, on welfare, in free housing, maybe in one of Trudeau’s refugee camp hotels — for a dozen years.

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