September 04, 2018

Ending BC birth tourism: Smart policy or “racist”?

David MenziesMission Specialist

(David Menzies sits in for Ezra Levant...)

One of the more laudable and logical initiatives to come out to the Conservative Party convention in Halifax recently was leader Andrew Scheer stating so-called “birth tourism” should come to an end.

As it stands, with very few exceptions, a baby born in Canada is automatically granted citizenship. Such a policy is an anomaly in most of the developed world. Great Britain changed its rules back in 1983 because the system was being gamed — just like it is in Canada.

In Richmond, BC alone, in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, there were 379 births to mostly Chinese foreign nationals at a single hospital. In the first half of fiscal 2017-2018, foreign nationals accounted for almost 20 per cent of all births there.

And it’s costing Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars per year.

But tonight I'll show you the reaction Mr. Scheer’s proposal has received.

Certainly the Justin Trudeau Liberals have absolutely no political will to change the status quo. In media reports, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen's office noted that the so-called “birth on soil” principle has been enshrined in Canada’s citizenship legislation since 1947.

So... for the first 80 years of Canada’s existence, we didn’t have such a birth on soil citizenship policy. Perhaps post-World War Two there was some motivation to boost the nation’s populace this way given the number of Canadians who died in the war. But that’s certainly not the reality today.

Instead, the Trudeau Liberals are now developing a “national anti-racism strategy” Hey, it’s only going to cost $23 million over two years!

But it does seem kinda odd, doesn’t it, that if Canada was such a boiling pot of racism and bigotry and Islamophobia then why are so many people from so many other countries flocking here in the first place?

NEXT: Superstar musician Drake has helped put his hometown of Toronto on the map around the world. Unfortunately, he got some negative publicity when the Vancouver Sun ran a photo of him wearing a Hell's Angels shirt.

Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington says he's trying to gain "street cred" in the world of gansgta rap, and points out wryly that the Angels aren't exactly known for their "diversity." What do the Raptor's think? What about Toronto's mayor, who gave Drake the key to the city...?

FINALLY: Your messages to me, about my recent report that the Canadian Armed Forces don't even test the new equipment they buy for our troops (with your money...)


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commented 2018-09-05 18:29:22 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented 1 hour ago.
Yes Tammie, I think that this video is one of the most important video’s that I have seen on this subject.
I am glad that You viewed it and appear to agree with me.
commented 2018-09-05 16:55:19 -0400
Keith, good link. Succinct explanation to those who still carry the multi-culti flag.
commented 2018-09-05 12:19:16 -0400
Below is required viewing if you are a real Rebel.
commented 2018-09-05 10:05:11 -0400
Chinese immigrants in Canada are not a problem, for one simple reason….They do not intend to kill us.
commented 2018-09-05 09:26:22 -0400
Regarding BC birth tourism, at least Baby Doc Trudeau’s mother was Canadian. Who his father was is still up for debate – sure doesn’t look anything like Pierre.

Drake better be careful. Hell’s Angles (aka The Choice) have a thing about non-members wearing their jackets, badges, and so on, especially if you aren’t White Christian. Getting beaten up might be the least of his worries. Maybe he should start looking under his car before he turns on the ignition and wearing a bullet proof vest might be good ideas.
commented 2018-09-05 08:07:49 -0400
The scoop belongs to Ann Vandersteel an investigative reporter (Your Voice on YT) , Tracy had her permission to upload the interview, and, then provided commentary.
I agree, Tracy’s commentary was quite excited in places.

The repository is scheduled for opening this Friday, I will be looking for it.
commented 2018-09-05 06:21:30 -0400
Alberta Maga , I still don’t want our country overrun by people we don’t know nor do we know their motives. Your response is a little simplistic. You do realize there are 1.4 Billion Chinese? At this rate the Government of China could take us over by our own stupidity.

Of course our Traitor Tot could have his dream come true about dallying with CHina’s basic dictatorship. Of course they would put him out to pasture in short oder. As in under the pasture.
commented 2018-09-05 02:21:50 -0400
I say let it happen, the left is too arrogant to understand that many Chinese come here to escape commies and the much ideology the left pushes , when they are the majority the left will be in for a surprise.
commented 2018-09-05 00:56:28 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt—1 hour ago—-I finally got through the spectacular story that when verified could be the biggest “GATE” of our times. It would be great to see something stick to Obama and his crooked crew, regarding attempts to nail Trump.

The part that I think is fishy, is why did these two Intelligence people (representing 116 others) not go to someone like Fox News instead of Tracy Beanz, a struggling blogger who seems to be almost wetting herself as she is so excited to get the story. Then she asks for donations, when a story like this could be worth 100’s of millions.

It really is John Cardillo’s type of action story. Please keep us informed.
commented 2018-09-05 00:32:11 -0400
Thank you Nigel Hogarth!… And as I posted several days ago, the Chinese are always “testing the waters” for Canadian stupidity… They are indeed quite capable of filling a 747 each day on a flight to Vancouver with pregnant women!… Does any stupid Canadian politician understand what it is to have a billion plus population ready to “game” the system when Canadians are obviously such accommodating “saps”???
commented 2018-09-04 23:59:24 -0400
Who pays all those hospital bills? Who pays for health care from day one?
We definitely should not enable this parasitic behaviour, I don’t care what ethnicity is doing it.
commented 2018-09-04 23:56:51 -0400
‘Craig James’ – enter Jimmy Duh Sylva.
commented 2018-09-04 23:56:42 -0400
Travelling on a regular basis back and forth from Canada to Asia (for my job) for many years, I always was surprised how many very pregnant young Chinese ladies were on the flights to Vancouver. Quite often they were in business class and usually were in groups being chaperoned by the same older Asian lady. Now I understand why they were on the flights – It is a business run by shady business people who operate birth houses in Richmond and elsewhere in Canada and who are making a living by promoting and profiting from a loophole in Canada’s immigration policy. This needs to be stopped.
commented 2018-09-04 23:53:40 -0400
Ending Birth tourism isn’t racist, its a step towards protecting our country for Canadians, the people already here, not the ones who just stepped off the plane, boat or across the line.

Susan Ashbrook ,I agree 100%.
commented 2018-09-04 23:37:02 -0400
Ron Joseph,
There will be a huge open source repository released later this week re: Spygate
Tracy Beanz uploaded this video earlier today with Ann Vandersteel’s permission – WOW!!

HUGE! Former Intelligence Community Officials speak out about Spygate”
commented 2018-09-04 22:21:08 -0400
John Cardillo—-is an exciting Journalist that loves his job, however I didn’t have an extra hour in my day to hear a repeat of events that never happen.

During John’s time at The Rebel I heard him say many times. " WE HAVE THE SMOKING GUN, HILLARY’S GOING TO JAIL." The same with:
Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Lisa Page, Susan Rice, Weinner’s wife Humaabedin, Eric Holder, John Clapper, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Lorretta Lynch, Lois Learner, Samatha Powell, and many others.

None of them even got a parking ticket.
commented 2018-09-04 22:12:06 -0400
My sister’s grandchildren were born in Saudi Arabia, because her daughter and son-in-law teach at the American International School in Riyadh. They are not Saudi citizens, and need to apply for their Canadian citizenship before they become adults, being born outside Canada.

It seems to me that this is the way we need to do things. Citizenship should not be a right, but something that you gain because of who your parents are… not where you were born.

I agree with the abolition of birth tourism and anchor babies. Why should foreigners have citizenship rights over my sister’s grandchildren, who are technically Canadian citizens???
commented 2018-09-04 21:20:53 -0400
I think Drake is on a power trip. He’s trying to manipulate and control his followers to have them follow him, wherever he leads his naïve groupies. Imagine to have this kind of influence on people. Even if it’s a bad influence.
If he’s endorsing the HA’s, in any way, he’s no good.

NIKE…..are they still around? Dump them, boycott them, LET NIKE HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR………JUST DO IT!
commented 2018-09-04 21:14:57 -0400
I wonder what the NDP Leader’s response to BIRTH-TOURISM would be if the majority scamming the system were Hindus and not Chinese? Mr. Singh would be against the system as Hindus are the enemy of the Sikhs.
commented 2018-09-04 21:05:27 -0400
CAROLE MASSÉ commented 1 hour ago
Where is Ezra and where is John Cardillo?

I don’t think Cardillo is with the Rebel anymore.
commented 2018-09-04 20:50:19 -0400
- Whenever the left doesn’t have an argument, can’t defend a policy or position, realizes the stupidity of their policies or needs to drown out opposing voices – they scream “racism”. It’s become meaningless. This inept, corrupt Liberal government doesn’t have anything else to play except the race card.

- Drake the snake – the great pretender. He’s not looking like a rebel, he’s looking like a phony with no values.
commented 2018-09-04 20:47:59 -0400
Re Birthright Citizenship, If it were to come to a choice between the Orientals and persons of the Islamic faith, I would choose the Orientals anytime. The Chinese are industrious and always find work or start their own business. Did anyone ever see a Oriental on Welfare?

The Muslims…………Hmmm. Well I guess they do have Trudeau and our tax money.
commented 2018-09-04 20:39:20 -0400
Just another excuse to call practically minded Canadians racist.
What isn’t about race anymore?
commented 2018-09-04 20:37:21 -0400
Birth tourism is all part of the Marxist idea of crashing the capitalist system so the government can take everything over. Let’s hope Andrew Scheer grows a spine and starts reversing the globalist damage to our once-glorious land.
commented 2018-09-04 20:14:11 -0400
Where is Ezra and where is John Cardillo?
commented 2018-09-04 20:05:43 -0400
I wonder how many of those asylum seekers that crossed over had kids here.
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