September 13, 2018

Here's what would happen if Trump put a tariff on Canada's auto industry

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday I asked Manny Montenegrino, our in-house NAFTA negotiations commentator, what he thought would happen if the NAFTA negotiations fail.

Let’s start with what experts have already said in public. They are testing Trump’s main threat — of putting a 20 per cent tariff on Canadian-made cars.

Scotiabank says it would the worst recession in Canada in a decade. Plus:

"Significant job losses also result, with roughly 160,000 net positions shed, relative to status quo. Almost all of these losses would occur in Ontario.”

So let get down to predictions:

I think Trump will just let NAFTA expire.

I think that’s what Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau are on track to do, too.

I don’t think Trump would attack Canada with a tariff out of the blue. Maybe he'll wait for a moment where he wants something from Canada. And Trudeau won’t take the call, or Trudeau will insult him. And Trump will slap back with tariffs.

The immediate reaction in Canada will be rage and fury at the evil Trump.

I think you’ll see violence. I know that sounds nuts, but you will.

I think the Canadian stock market will be slaughtered. And the Canadian dollar.

Imagine how real estate prices will fall, especially in Toronto.

The Media Party will be unanimous:

It’s Trump’s fault! Trudeau’s the hero who fought bravely for Canada! He protected us! Or at least, he protected Quebec’s few thousand dairy farmers, and he protected the CBC.

But 160,000 auto workers? And anyone whose retirement savings are now worthless?

I don’t want any of this, by the way.

But Trudeau doesn’t want a deal. He wants a hateable enemy.

And Trump wants his factories.

I think they'll both get what they want. Everyone will — except Canadian workers...

NEXT: Yesterday, posted leaked video showing Google executives' reaction to the election of Donald Trump, and what they revealed exposed the rampant bias at Google, and in Silicon Valley in general.

Tonight, Allum Bokhari, Breitbart's senior technology correspondent, joins me to talk about these damning "Google Tapes."

FINALLY: Your messages to me!



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commented 2018-09-16 12:13:03 -0400
Is there a stronger word than “agree”? Seems “Agree with Ezra” is SUCH an understatement.
commented 2018-09-16 10:43:13 -0400
We are not helpless and don’t have to put up with Americans abuse.
The US imports 40% of their energy.
We allow $100 billion in dividend payments, royalties and bank loans to the Yankees.
We could simply slap a 50% or more tax on this drain. Keep in mind that 90% of “foreign investment” is Canadian money. Our taxpayer incentive and our bank loans to foreign companies. Foreign investment is a massive lie and ripoff.
commented 2018-09-14 18:49:48 -0400
I always enjoy listening to Allum Bokhari when you have him on the show.
Is there anyway when you have him on to try and make his connection better?
His signal is always cut up and difficult to understand.
commented 2018-09-14 17:02:22 -0400
The left never wanted free trade right from the beginning. Under Butts and Trudeau, they see their chance to get rid of it, and install a Marxist tyranny that will quickly turn into a crap hole like Venezuela.
commented 2018-09-14 15:14:14 -0400
Yeah, like I said, scarier and scarier…
commented 2018-09-14 14:51:50 -0400
Dan Mancuso , GOOGLE probably has you and most of us collared for hate speech. They probably have an extension to the algorithm all ready that will send out an UBER taxi to pick us up and take us to the police station for booking.
commented 2018-09-14 11:59:47 -0400
Speak of the Devil, er Google:
I’ve been trying to Google info on the 5 P professionals, ala Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum…nothing.
I even tried on Daniel Pipes site…nothing.
I then tried the above, adding THEREBEL…the only thing that came up was one Twitter post by Ezra!
Is it just me and my computer that are targeted, or is it all conservative, Judeo-Christian dissenters – or is it internet wide now?
It just gets scarier out there every day!
commented 2018-09-14 11:33:41 -0400
I think Jr. is an ideologue, who is so committed to the Obama/Clinton “Resistance”, that he just can’t help himself. If he thinks that all the blame will fall on Trump if a NAFTA agreement is not reached, he is sorely mistaken. There will be more than enough blame to go around come election time.
commented 2018-09-14 11:33:41 -0400
Justin Trudope . . . . never going to be “Ready” . . . .

2015 . . . the Year 39% of Canadians voted themselves Off the Island . . . . who needs Balanced Budgets and Surpluses anyway . . . when you can give Billions to the UN, the CBC and Despotic Regimes around the globe.

Remember when . . . .
World’s Richest Middle Class . . . NY Times
World’s Best Reputation . . . Reputation Institute
Best Wage Growth in G7 Nations . . . 2007-2012
Best Oilfield Salaries in the World . . .
Best Oilfield Enviro Regs in the World . . . Harvard Bus School
Best Country to do Business . . . . Forbes
World’s Best Debt to GDP Ratio , . . OECD

ALL of that is in the REAR VIEW Mirror today Canada . . . . as you wallow towards European Failed State Status.
commented 2018-09-14 10:54:09 -0400
I think the dynamic duo (Trudeau/Freeland) want those tariffs to punish Ontario.
commented 2018-09-14 02:03:44 -0400
Thanks for that reminder Ron Joseph… I now recall that every used car lot from Port McNeill in the north on Vancouver Island, down through Campbell River to Nanaimo and Sydney and down to Victoria, was chock a block full of used pick-up trucks for sale… Big, fat shiny, gas-guzzling pick-up trucks that their owners were no longer able to afford…
commented 2018-09-14 01:00:18 -0400
Dirk Kanis—Totally agree Dirk how fast this Gov’t can put Canada in reverse; I don’t quite imagine Mexico becoming the ideal, law & order Democracy in a short time.
commented 2018-09-14 00:54:03 -0400
Andy Neimers….I remember companies cutting right down to the bone, then cutting more.
I don’t recall prices being so over inflated as they are now, imagine hamburger $3.00 a lb., Its less expensive to go buy them at the fast food place. One thing I did right is buy a small car to go with my van. It saves me a couple thousand a year, where as my friends went back to their big PU’s. Soon you won’t get much for them.

I also remember all the laid-off people that fooled themselves by saying that they were going to stay home and make big money on the net by either day trading or buying and selling. I only remember one success story.
Last of all I remember Forest Product Companies that just made it in good times, shutting down and entire towns going under.
The good news was Provincial Leftist Governments had to clean house and get rid of thousands of useless jobs that they created; many of these positions did absolutely nothing. I believe Kenny will inherit such a situation.
commented 2018-09-14 00:29:59 -0400
Not far fetched Ron, you chase away investment and bring in invaders that don’t work it goes exponentially fast backwards.
commented 2018-09-14 00:13:37 -0400
As to what’s coming down the pike…. Just check the nightly market reports already re the value of the Canadian dollar… The Liberals can’t break the nightly 76 cents vs the African dollar as much as the Bank Of Canada keeps buying up loonies every day… Rational investors can already “smell” what’s coming… I’m trying to remember what it was like when the “Canadian Peso” was down to 68 cents and nobody could afford to buy anything from “across the line”… I do remember it was “hunker down” time, and your family relied on what they already had in stock…. No holidays down south, no big purchases, no spur of the moment buys… Value Villages became the regular supermarkets… Anybody remember anything else?….
commented 2018-09-13 23:20:42 -0400
Rebelation…Your explanation wasn’t there when I started my comment.

Unlike what Canada is getting, the Mexicans don’t have the desire to chop off American heads and take over the Country. They tried that with the US once.
commented 2018-09-13 23:12:19 -0400
REBELATION…re your comment 2 hr ago, "Mexico and Canada will trade places. You watch! "

I assume you mean that Mexico will take Canada’s place at being the RICH partner of the US, and Canada will be the POOR partner, full of untrained Welfare Refugees that never intended to work.

Its a little far fetched, however anything can happen with Trudeau and his boy Scheer at his side for 5 more years.
commented 2018-09-13 23:08:18 -0400
Canada is falling our of favour, and it will hit a tipping point and then increase exponentially, as it becomes “foolish” to invest here. It will be contagious and we’ll drop like a stone.

Mexico however, will be looking up, and since they have an agreement with the US, investment will flow there. If it goes on very long, you will see Canada become the new Mexico and Mexico the new Canada.
commented 2018-09-13 23:01:03 -0400
I find it interesting timing that Trudeau and Freeland are playing hardball with Trump on trade just prior to the US midterm election. It appears to me that the plan is to create as much trade havoc as possible between Canada and the US in order to throw tens of thousands of Americans out of work just prior to the midterm elections, so as to achieve a Democratic House and Senate in the US that will impeach Trump on some trumped-up charge. If tens of thousands of Canadian workers are also thrown out of work, well that’s just an inconvenience in the cause of taking down Trump, eh?
commented 2018-09-13 22:57:04 -0400
But Ezra, the msm wouldn’t see anything wrong with the Google video. They’d be clapping. It’s not news to them, so why would they report it?
commented 2018-09-13 22:52:09 -0400
As Robert Greeley said 1 hr. ago, The Canadian Energy Sector is facing a lack of Confidence and Investment.
That’s not all; according to this new Fraser Institute Report, everything in Canada is at a 40 year low for Confidence and Investment. They even went back to 1970, and things are worse now. What if NAFTA fails? What about the Forest Industry? The US
can get their Lumber from South America. I bought some in Penticton, BC
commented 2018-09-13 22:33:12 -0400
- Hitting the auto industry will be much more devastating than the predictions state. After the way the Trudeau Liberals destroyed the energy sector & drove away investment, botching the NAFTA talks will show that Canada is not a place worth investing in. The CBC can say what they want but the financial markets don’t care. Trump may wait & see if Canada elects grownups in 2019. Canada really isn’t on his radar. I don’t think he takes Trudeau seriously at this point. He could care less about what Canada’s unhinged left says or does – he has America’s unhinged left to deal with. Scheer’s weakness will definitely be front & center. That more than anything will be the best chance for Trudeau’s Liberals to get reelected.

- This Google video is all over the internet at this point. Google & the rest of the far left big tech outlets have been telling everyone that they’re not biased. Nobody has been buying it & now Breitbart has proven the lie. The big tech companies are in bed with far left political parties like the Democrats & the Liberals. Google & their China connection is probably the worst of the bunch. They see populists as being dangerous & Trump as being a dictator & then turn around & help China’s communist government crack down on dissidents.
commented 2018-09-13 21:30:13 -0400
Trudeau is absolutely reprehensible. Nothing but his ambition matters. Thousands of Canadians could lose their jobs but they don’t matter to him. He only cares about people who will further his goal of globalizing Canada while socking it to America. Like Tommy Robinson said, there’ll be a revolution. The only problem is that all the communication networks will be taken over by leftists so people won’t know how bad things really are.
commented 2018-09-13 21:29:24 -0400
Trudeau doing everything he can think of to punish what he thinks are his subjects, the Canadian people.
commented 2018-09-13 21:27:58 -0400
Mexico and Canada will trade places. You watch!
commented 2018-09-13 21:22:33 -0400
Re; Ezra’s reaction to Pope Francis’ lack of empathy for Yazidi Christians, Pope Francis isn’t a Christian. Christianity, like all religions, is defined by beliefs and actions, not by job title, dress, or public persona.