September 17, 2018

Citizens outraged by murder of Chinese Canadian girl by “refugee” — and Media Party calls this reaction “unexpected”

Rebel Staff

Last week, Ibrahim Ali, one of Justin Trudeau’s Syrian "refugees," was charged with the first degree murder of a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl, Marrisa Shen.

But the Media Party have decided that Ibrahim Ali, and Syrian refugees, and the cause of mass immigration, are the true victims.

Here’s CTV:

“Accused killer of BC teen described as new to Canada, normal guy”

Local media coverage, from Shen's province of British Columbia, did the same thing.

A local Syrian activist named Mohammed Alsaleh told the media all over Vancouver: this has nothing to do with the accused being a Syrian refugee, and if it does, Syrians are just as mad as the Chinese community.

A quick Google search will show you that Alsaleh is a professional immigration propagandist, but no matter. The Vancouver Sun website published a video advertising Alsaleh's rally of Syrians in support of Marrisa on their main page. (That’s a hundred grant worth of PR, minimum.)

But by the time he showed up at court, all the reporters outnumbered his promised Syrian rally of... only four people.

And to the media’s surprise, some actual Chinese Canadians were there, too.

Global News actually called the Chinese protest “unexpected”. Really?

But give Global News credit — they actually allowed a very brief criticism of Justin Trudeau to go to air, as I'll show you — but I'll also show you how they manipulated even that.

By the way, a lady named Laura Lynn Thompson was there too, in solidarity with the Chinese community. And at one point, what appears to be a Muslim woman in a hijab walked by and threw coffee at Thompson.

That's assault. On the tape, you can even see the CBC microphone. The rest of the media were there filming.

But not a minute of that made it to TV.

Speaking of hijabs, do you remember when a young Muslim girl in Toronto claimed that a Chinese Canadian man cut her hijab with scissors? It was an obvious hoax. But Trudeau put out a national statement condemning the attacker.

Who didn’t exist.

Once the hoax fell apart, Trudeau didn’t correct the record. The mainstream media ignored the facts, but we didn’t. As we reported at the time, hundreds of Chinese Canadians marched in protest of Trudeau, criticizing him for blaming them. They also condemned the CBC for promoting the anti-Chinese lie — and they praised The Rebel.

And now this: A real murder of a real girl.

And where is Trudeau’s tweet? Not a peep. Because it’s against the narrative.

Trudeau likes Chinese Canadians — on voting day. The other 364 days a year? Well, they have to know their place in the pecking order...

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