September 24, 2018

Police document shows entire Canadian political class lied about Toronto mass shooter

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last month a Muslim man named Faisal Hussain walked down Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood, down the popular Danforth Avenue, shooting everyone he met. He murdered two women — an 18 year old named Rees Fallon, and a ten year old girl named Juliana Kozis, and wounded a dozen more.

Now, I just said Faisal Hussain walked down the street shooting everyone he met. That’s not accurate. He ran into a man named Jaspal Singh, a Sikh. And he told that Sikh man, who obviously has brown skin, and could appear to be Muslim, I suppose, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot you.”

But Hussain “stood on top of a woman and shot her four times.”

How does that make sense?

The quotes I just showed you were from a legal document called an “information to obtain the warrant to search," or ITO. In other words, it’s the facts that police put to a judge, on July 24, the day after the shooting, to get a search warrant for the murderer’s house and belongings. It has just been made public.

It proves that the official alibis served up the family, the media and the federal government were all lies. They were lying about the shooter, and they knew it, but they lied anyway.

Faisal Hussain lived with his parents. He was 29 years old. Let me tell you about his bedroom at his parents home:

“The [police] dog then hit on a sleigh bed that had two drawers under it. The dog indicated on the left drawer. When the drawer was opened the following was located...”

And then the copy was blacked out.

But it was done using a black pen, but I can clearly make out the words that were covered up:

Two AK-47 magazines, fully loaded with ammunition; two 9 mm handgun magazines, fully loaded with ammunition; a variety of handgun and shotgun ammunition.

Look at what’s unreacted: "A white powdery substance." "An Islamic head dress."

Here are police interviewing his twin brother:

He advised that, in the past, Faisal has robbed a store with a gun, called the police to say he wanted to kill himself and has been on anti-depressants.

That’s armed robbery. That’s the stuff that ought to put you away for a decade

Let’s move down to the dad, who was interviewed by cops. His dad:

...took Faisal to Islamabad, Pakistan, about 2-3 years ago to visit family. Faisal was happy on the trip and did not want to return because people left him alone there.

But in this same IOC, the mom says Faisal "has never left Canada.”

Paragraph 35 refers to a PR statement, issued by the family, although it wasn't signed. It was written in perfect English.

But of course we learned that the statement was not actually written by the family, but by a Muslim activist who knew he had a job to do — de-Islamify this. De-criminalize it. Say it was just “mental illness.”

And the Media Party ran with it — because it said what they all wanted to hear.

TONIGHT I'll go into this ITO document in great detail, and raise more questions.

What I do know is that the official story we were told here is a pack of lies.

We know that Ralph Goodale and Bill Blair, Trudeau’s cabinet ministers, immediately swooped in to say there was no terrorist connection. How could they have said so, so quickly?

We also know is that our news media stops being reporters, and started being anti-reporters, spin-doctors.

And I can promise you that no matter what names the Media Party calls us, we’re going to continue to tell you the truth about the Danforth mass shootings — because that’s our job, even if the rest of the media has forgotten theirs...

NEXT: I'm joined by Laura Lynn Thompson, who as we reported, had coffee thrown at her by a Muslim woman in a hijab at the Vancouver Marissa Shen protest.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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commented 2018-09-24 22:13:24 -0400
Zuzana said, " … because people like the “coffee thrower” have the support and backing of our PM."

It every way conceivable it it vitally important to get Trudeau out of the PMO along with his gang of goons, however that will not happen this coming election. Believe me when I say I want to be wrong about that.
commented 2018-09-24 22:06:31 -0400
Liza Rosie,
I’m afraid we WILL have to put up with that kind of aggression in our country, because people like the “coffee thrower” have the support and backing of our PM.
commented 2018-09-24 21:49:39 -0400
The coffee thrown could just as easily been acid. Two acid attacks a day is the average in London UK.
commented 2018-09-24 21:45:23 -0400
I hope that they can find out something about that person in the hijab who threw coffee on Laura Lynne Thompson. We cannot put up with that kind of aggression in our country. Why do they come here if they don’t want to be one of us? We are not doormats, and we won’t allow anyone, group, or religion to have special treatment over the rest of us. If migrants can’t conduct themselves in a civilized manner they should be made to leave. We are paying for people who don’t really like us much and want our country, not want to be a part of it.
commented 2018-09-24 21:43:06 -0400
Big surprise, the Danford shooter was ISIS inspired. I know Ezra didn’t actually say that, but its what everyone who doesn’t have cotton between their ears knew right from the very beginning. If that family was deported, it might be a deterrent for other would be jihadis and encourage family members of extremists to say something before these acts of terror on our streets occur. However, none of that would matter if the police have their hands tied, the msm have orders from the government to omit and spin information, and the judicial system is….well, what ever it is these days.
There is a special place in hell for any government that would put their citizens in danger this way, again and again with out doing anything to stop it.
commented 2018-09-24 21:41:18 -0400
i am sure goodale found out this puke was a liberal, so of course the liberals would give him a pass. bring all the ‘nut balls’ into canada trudeau, because sacrificing a few canadians for your immigration policy is worth it.
commented 2018-09-24 21:22:06 -0400
I wonder if Hussein didn’t get some weapons training when he was in Pakistan. I believe one of the police remarked at how deft he was with his pistol. It’s an acquired skill through training and practice…
Also, Ezra, regarding the coffee throwing hijab wearer, I think it was a woman, looking at the hips, torso and arms as she walked away…the proportions and gait seemed very correct…
commented 2018-09-24 21:19:20 -0400
Time to crowdfund a back-up generator Ezra. Self reliance is a good thing when the government fails to provide the basics.
commented 2018-09-24 21:18:09 -0400
I recall mentioning to Lauren Southern when she had that bottle of urine thrown on her by a male feminist, that she should have people around her filming the crowd, so that in the event that she were to be assaulted in the future, that the perpetrators may be identified for prosecution. I would recommend this strategy to Laura, because this hijab assaulter could have been identified and charged. Maybe there needs to be a reward offered to anyone who can identify this hijab assaulter.
commented 2018-09-24 21:00:20 -0400
I’m glad that Trudeau is offending the Chinese community. The more he offends people, the more likely he’ll lose next year. I’m praying that he keeps opening his mouth and letting stupid statements escape.
commented 2018-09-24 20:58:52 -0400
Hi, Ezra why not do a show on Faith Goldy as you know she is running for the Mayor of Toronto. I like to hear from you to set the story straight. If I am going to vote for her I like to hear your views.
commented 2018-09-24 20:41:45 -0400
SPACE MOOSE commented 15 mins ago
Can the AK 47 banana magazine be used on other rifles as well?

SPACE MOOSE….The magazine is banana shaped in order to accomodate the fact that the ammunition has a rim at the head of the cartridge. The magazines have to be loaded in a sequence that stacks the rounds one rim in front of the other or the feed will jam. This is old and out dated. It is technology nearly seventy years old. It cannot be “double stacked” the way rimless ammunition can…making the magazines twice as long as their modern counterparts.

There are legal semi auto guns that use the same caliber as the AK-47…but the magazines are not interchangeable. The AK-47 is fully automatic (a sub-machine gun) that fires from an open bolt. The legal semi-autos that fire from a closed bolt have different feed mechanisms.
commented 2018-09-24 20:11:11 -0400
Can the AK 47 banana magazine be used on other rifles as well?