September 26, 2018

Interview with Maxime Bernier about his new People's Party, immigration and the politically correct media

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

You know Maxime Bernier: He’s the happy warrior from the most conservative place in Quebec, a riding called Beauce. Maybe it’s easy for him to be happy — in every single election he’s run as a Conservative MP, he’s received more than 50% of the vote.

Add in his energetic style and he was a shoo-in for Stephen Harper’s cabinet, where he made a name for himself as a libertarian voice — a voice for smaller government.

Of course, he ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party against Andrew Scheer, and was the favourite to win. But in the 13th round, he was edged out by Andrew Scheer, 49 to 51%.

They never clicked; Bernier was demoted from shadow cabinet, for publishing a book at odds with Scheer, including about the dairy cartel — a lobby group that is widely acknowledged as responsible for mustering the votes to put Scheer over the top.

In the weeks before this year’s conservative convention, Bernier became more voluble — about issues that traditionally make Andrew Scheer and other timid conservatives run and hide. Extreme multiculturalism. Mass migration. Ethnic ghettos.

The CBC didn't like that! Tonight, along with my interview with Bernier, I'll show you clips of his quarrel with the CBC — and why I think it was so clarifying, and so important.

I know a lot of Rebel viewers really appreciated Bernier, but were surprised and disappointed when he left the party to start his own, the People's Party. It looked impatient and impractical — why start a new party, from scratch, especially when so much effort had been put in to unite the right?

If polls are correct, Bernier’s party is already in the double-digits. I’m interested in who can win and who can beat Justin Trudeau. But I’m also interested in knowing that whoever can win will be a change, more than just a change in the team colours from red to blue.

What does a party stand for? What is their philosophy, their focus, their style? That’s what I want to ask Bernier about. And we want to hear what you think of his answers.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-10-04 18:16:13 -0400


commented 2018-10-02 12:01:08 -0400
I’m sure the Shia community will be glad to hear that they are not falsely being accused of aligning with the brotherhood. I’m sure Max will be relieved as well.

Since you are such a stickler for principles such as free speech can I assume you will soon be taking Ezra to task for not reporting on the censorship of Faith Goldy? According to your standards Ezra is compelled to report so strike when the iron is hot and you can’t say it is not an issue. Ezra is trying to be a champion for free speech and he lives in Toronto.
commented 2018-10-02 10:54:19 -0400
I didn’t endorse them NDP I was pointing out that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t have an arm of their organization actually IN the Shia community. Thats all.
commented 2018-10-02 09:57:38 -0400
Liza. Iran is Shia and look how friendly they are. You are on a path to helping the Liberals by supporting a vote split. I hope you sleep well with reality instead of your hopeful dreamland of a sweep by max who can’t even issue a tax receipt.
commented 2018-10-02 00:59:18 -0400
The other thing is there is a difference between Sunni and Shia . Ismali are Shia. Sunni are the Muslim Brotherhood. Shia and the Muslim Brotherhood are said to be only frenemies.
commented 2018-10-02 00:45:18 -0400
Ndp sucks. act like a grown up for crissakes. I didn’t scroll down so I missed that pic and it concerns me also, please not, that pic was taken in 2016 and a lot has happened since then.

1godlesswoman asks Bernier on his twitter page if he will denounce political Islam. I don’t know if he will outright yet. I wish he would. What he has said is, only those who will respect Canadian values, will be welcome and any immigration will be focused on Canada’s needs not just the ‘invited’ and he is cognisant of numbers. He understands that demographics is destiny.

Here is a little more on the Muslim Brotherhood connections.

This vid explains very well the connections all our politicians need to be educated on. It is time to accept what the NCCM’s intentions are for Canada.
commented 2018-10-02 00:24:39 -0400
NDP sucks, act like a grown up for crissakes. I didn’t scroll down amd I
commented 2018-10-01 23:07:19 -0400
Ted Tadright. My motto is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I have a large stockpile of candles.
commented 2018-10-01 22:55:36 -0400

I know there is little if any chance of that happening. Nevertheless, when faced with a looming catastrophe, I would rather light one candle than sit and curse the darkness. How about You?
commented 2018-10-01 21:33:30 -0400
Teddy Tadright. Too bad Bernier isn’t thinking about Canada first but I’m sure you will sort him out in short order and he will listen to and follow your plan to the last detail. Dreamer.
commented 2018-10-01 20:00:47 -0400

Scheer having bungled his most important job as CPC leader (i.e. his relationship with Bernier) and the fallout from that, It’s highly unlikely that Scheer will ever be PM (it will depend on Bernier’s PPC not running outside of Quebec), but nevertheless, unlike you, I am hoping for that, because (a) I know Bernier doesn’t have a shot at it, and (b) I don’t want it to be Trudeau, and © I understand the consequences to Canada if he isn’t the next PM, albeit in a minority situation or a coalition with Bernier calling the shots. That’s why I am talking up this ‘Quebec only’ strategy for Bernier. Not for Scheer’s sake, and not for Bernier’s sake, but for Canada’s sake. Maybe you should start thinking along those lines instead of trashing the people who are. You really aren’t living up to your moniker very well, except that you seem to like to dwell in the negative instead of constructively working for a positive outcome for Canadians. Maybe study up on the history of the Chretien-Martin relationship and then you will understand instead of spouting ignorance and misinformation, when what is needed for Canada’s sake is positive thought and action.
commented 2018-10-01 18:50:16 -0400
Teddy you criticize Scheer in one breath and then exhale and hope that he forms government? Got a little cognitive dissonance going on there Teddy? Why are you addressing your note to hypocrite Liza? She thought that she was being cute by doing a little digging and found a photo of Scheer with some muslims. Well little Liza should have scrolled down a little on her own cute little file and she would have found a picture of Bernier with some ismali muslims of Ontario. Then she has the nerve to say Scheer is playing footsie with the muslim brotherhood but gives Max a free pass. Typical hypocrisy layered on top of stupidity while trying to be cute.
commented 2018-10-01 17:31:12 -0400

NDP SUCKS is a Red Tory who gets bent out of shape over Trudeau keeping the price of milk inflated, while failing to see that his country is being literally destroyed by Trudeau’s extreme multiculturalism policies. With this level of awareness and intelligence operating in the CPC today, it shouldn’t be surprising that they would ban the one media outlet (i.e. The Rebel) that is reporting the truth and connecting with Canadians to try to save this country. Scheer has doomed himself to permanent opposition status and his fans like NDP SUCKS cheer him on for it. The irony is that the people NDP SUCKS attacks, like you and me, are the people without whom Scheer wouldn’t even have a seat in the House of Commons. I can only hope he and others like him in the CPC wake up and either chuck Scheer out as leader or else get on board a strategy to elect a CPC/PPC coalition government in 2019. Neither the CPC under Scheer nor the PPC under Bernier is going to be able to win a majority of seats in the HOC while running against the other across the country and splitting the conservative vote. The only winner in that scenario is Trudeau’s Liberals, who will without question win a comfortable majority of seats, just as Chretien’s Liberals did several times in the same situation in the 1990’s. We have to somehow convince Bernier not to run outside of Quebec, otherwise he and Scheer will be running for opposition leader, not PM. But if Bernier runs in Quebec only, we will have a conservative coalition government (or a CPC minority government) that will be kept conservative by Bernier. That would be a better outcome than a CPC majority government, and would relegate the Liberals to permanent or near-permanent opposition status, with its base in Quebec gone and enough seats elected between the CPC and the PPC to form a permanent or near-permanent coalition conservative government. This, I am convinced is the only war forward now for the conservative movement in Canada. The die is cast with two conservative parties now, and it is either electoral disaster going head-to-head across the country, or electoral victory with the PPC running in Quebec and the CPC running across TROC.
commented 2018-10-01 17:11:31 -0400
Ted Tadright. I have voted conservative my entire life since 1976. Because you refuse to answer a simple question then don’t expect anyone to answer you on anything.

CPC is getting more funding than the Liberals. Check it out. Do you think everyone has the same attitude as you? How much is Bernier getting and who is donating? Bernier can’t even issue a tax receipt and you have him forming a coalition with Scheer. Dreamer.

Chretien didn’t reach out to Paul Martin. They both hated each other with a passion. WTFU Teddy.
commented 2018-10-01 16:57:37 -0400

If I have to define extreme multiculturalism for you, then you must be a Red Tory (i.e. a moderate liberal) That would explain your hostility to The Rebel, your inability to read and comprehend plain English, and your slavish devotion to Scheer, who couldn’t even keep the conservative movement united until the 2019 election, thereby blowing his chance to become PM. And make no mistake, unless Bernier can be convinced to run only in Quebec, Scheer will never be PM. He has sealed his own electoral fate. I hope he likes living at Stornoway, because that is his permanent residence now until he is replaced as CPC leader. That is ultimately his own doing, as much as you try to make it Bernier’s. He could have reached out to Bernier as Chretien did to Paul Martin, and found common ground and worked out a deal with him, but he blew it. Apparently that no problem for you, even thought it means the end of Canada as we know it, with Trudeau laughing at Scheer as he carries on with his program to destroy Canada as a cohesive nation. We have one chance left to prevent that, but you are too busy worshiping Scheer to even think about it. Well, enjoy your new fragmented country and society, wracked by terrorist attacks and moving steadily toward total leftist dictatorship under Trudeau and his traitor government. Don’t bother thinking about how to prevent that; that would distract you too much from your pathetic fanboy pastime of worshiping an incompetent CPC leader who thinks like you do.
commented 2018-10-01 16:36:09 -0400
I have been through the drama of the Reform party morphing into the Conservative party and like many of the Reform supporters, I had my reservations about the Conservatives. Like many others, I feel my fears are justified. The new Conservative party looks an awful lot like the pre-Reform party and I am giving Maxine Bernier’s party a serious look. I refuse to give Mr. Scheer unquestioned the unquestioned support that the Conservative leaders expect from its grass roots. I think if someone would create a website dedicated strictly to dissatisfied Conservatives, it would do well.
commented 2018-10-01 12:23:16 -0400
Trudie just closed the NAFTA (USMCA) deal and he supported supply management. Yet he also lost and conceeded on supply management. Canadians will continue to pay high consumer prices while the American producers get more access to a bigger share of sales at higher Canadian prices. The Canadian dairy industry takes an income hit and Canadian taxpayers will pay an additional subsidy to compensate, plus this is on top of already forced high prices. Well done Justin. Rebel viewers should not forget to blame Scheer for this. We can’t have any criticism allowed against Justin.
commented 2018-10-01 11:04:59 -0400
Liza. Trump told Jim Acosta from CNN to sit down and then called him fake news. So does that make Trump anti free speech? Scheer told the Rebel they were not allowed inside the policy convention and that makes Scheer anti free speech? Is it possible that Scheer thinks Ezra is presenting opinion as fact? Is it possible that Scheer was concerned that the Rebel would create more division within the CPC instead of unity?

Your inability to provide examples to support your opinion is glaring. What did Scheer say on the CBC that dissed Rebel viewers? He insulted his base? He has no respect for the people who voted him in? He told me he didn’t want my vote? You have provided no examples or you are very poor at presenting your facts.

I have asked you several questions and you refuse to answer. Take them one by one might help. And you talk about comprehension. You are just another little Rebel bot operating inside your safe little Rebel bubble, always looking for mutual support.

Answer my questions as your credibility is starting to smell.
commented 2018-10-01 10:43:36 -0400
Ted Tadright. Apparently you too have a comprehension problem. I asked you a very simple question and since you didn’t answer I will ask again. What is your personal definition of extreme multiculturalism?

“I am not a big Bernier fan. I have made it clear that I consider him and Scheer to be responsible for the mess conservatives are now in, in Canada.”
“Scheer had his chance to fold Bernier into the CPC brass going into the next election, and he blew it.”
“And all because Scheer wasn’t competent enough to reconcile with Bernier.”

So you are saying it is Scheer and Bernier who are at fault. Then you say Scheer is at fault because he did not put Bernier into a high level position and Scheer is at fault because of incompetence to reconcile with Bernier.

You do realize that Bernier published a book that contained his opinions on topics such as supply management. You do realize that Scheer told Bernier these opinions were not to be posted on the internet. You do realize Bernier failed to comply with this direction. You do realize that Bernier continued to shoot off his mouth after being told to shut up. Why would Scheer want Bernier as deputy leader when he refuses to comply with these demands by Scheer? Do you think Bernier is trustworthy when he cannot or refuses to follow direction from the leader? Do you think it possible that Scheer was concerned Bernier was going to continue to ignore Scheer and continue to speak about his own opinions and not CPC official position? Do you think this would be good for CPC image or create division and present an opportunity for the media to capitalize? Can you consider the possibility that it was Bernier who did not want to reconcile? It was Bernier after all who departed in a huff and openly criticized the entire party yet you want to hang that albatross around Scheer’s neck. Bernier is responsible for Bernier’s actions but just like many other people you think it is the fault of Scheer.

Kelly Leitch has also been silenced. Brad Trost is being forced out of the party. I am not happy about issues such as these. Leitch was vocal about extreme vetting which I happen to support. Trost is an anti abortion advocate which I happen to support. Trost was actually my second choice as leader. This doesn’t mean I am willing to throw in the towel. There is only one viable option and that is currently to support the CPC. Bernier damaged that option but people want to make Scheer accountable for Bernier’s decision. Maybe Bernier doesn’t yet understand the consequences of his words and deeds. Maybe you shouldn’t support Scheer in any way if you think he is incompetent.
commented 2018-10-01 09:50:16 -0400
Scheer would not allow the Rebel inside the convention. No he does not believe in free speech. He also dissed the Rebel viewers on the cbc. He insulted his base, NO he does NOT support free speech and he has no respect for the people who voted the prick in. I supported him I was going to vote for him. He told me he didn’t want my vote. Re read my post I listed several of the flags that went up which made me move away from Scheer.

Ted, I think you are right, NDP cannot read.
commented 2018-10-01 04:18:18 -0400

You continue to misread what I write here. I am not pinning any hopes on Bernier, as I made very clear to anyone who can read and comprehend what is written. I am pinning my hopes on people who can read and comprehend what is written, which apparently is not you. Did you just skip over 90% of what I wrote? I am not a big Bernier fan. I have made it clear that I consider him and Scheer to be responsible for the mess conservatives are now in, in Canada. How many times do I have to say that before you get it? But you are pinning your hopes on Scheer, who couldn’t even keep the conservative movement united in the run-up to the next election, and now, unless Bernier restricts himself to Quebec, we will have another Trudeau term of office, thanks to Scheer and Bernier. You need to get your Scheer fanboy head out of the sand and realize what a total screwup Scheer has managed to accomplish (dividing the conservative vote in Canada once again) since he became CPC leader. His incompetence as CPC leader has set up Trudeau for four more years of destruction of Canada, and all you have to say about it is, ‘Get off Scheer’s back’. Pathetic. And what is your great solution to this catastrophic situation for conservatices and for Canada that Scheer’s incompetence has engineered? I haven’t seen it yet, other than to worship Scheer and hope for the best. Good luck with that! For Canada’s sake, get your head out of the sand and start thinking about what has happened, and understand that Scheer has inadvertently put Trudeau into office for another term, which Canada will pay for dearly, unless Bernier can be convinced to not run candidates outside of Quebec. That is where our efforts should be focused now. That is the only thing now that will put Scheer into 24 Sussex, which I am trying to do, while you seem intent on leaving him in Stornaway.
commented 2018-10-01 03:25:15 -0400
Ted Tadright. You have not been crystal clear on your personal definition of extreme multiculturalism. If you are talking about muslim immigration then you should have been freaking out 10 years ago when Harper and Kenney started the process to bring in over 500,000 muslims.

Bernier couldn’t control himself and his opinions which were published after being told not to do so by Scheer. Disobeying your boss is a no no in every walk of life. Bernier paid the price for not following orders, shutting his big mouth, sucking it up and bucking it up for the team. Even Harper called him a poor loser. That is the type of individual you are pinning your hopes on. The PPC is not even registered yet and you are talking about a coalition. Good luck with that hopeful approach.
commented 2018-10-01 02:57:45 -0400

Re: your comment just prior to my long one: Please, try to read me more carefully. I am proposing a way out of the mess that Scheer and Bernier have created for conservatives, but I think it will depend on a lot of conservatives putting a lot of pressure on Bernier to restrict the PPC to Quebec, an idea which I suspect runs counter to his ego. So I’m hopeful, but not actually optimistic. But neither am I resigned to the idea that it couldn’t happen, if enough people get behind the idea. Scheer and Bernier may not want to cooperate with one another, but if they find themselves with a choice between coalition and opposition, coalition would look a lot better to them. Time will tell. I do know one thing: it’s either that or a Trudeau second term due to vote conservative splitting in 2019, which will serve neither Scheer, Bernier, or Canadians in general. So if it makes logical sense to you, please talk it up on every thread.
commented 2018-10-01 02:32:22 -0400

Thank you for the video, which I have watched before. It’s good as far as it goes, but doesn’t address extreme multiculturalism, which is threatening to tear Canada apart. With all due respect, you have completely misread where I am coming from, which is hard for me to understand, since I have been crystal clear about that. Far from trashing Scheer (except for his extreme timidity on discussing extreme multiculturalism), in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been arguing against Bernier running PPC candidates outside of Quebec, i.e. in the vast majority of ridings that the CPC is most likely to win if they are not opposed by PPC candidates. This is because I do not want to see Canada destroyed by a second Trudeau term as PM, which I know will happen if the conservative vote is split outside of Quebec. But understand this: Scheer had his chance to fold Bernier into the CPC brass going into the next election, and he blew it. In blowing it, he blew the most important thing he could have done prior to the next election. Now we are faced with the prospect of a split conservative vote across the country and a second Trudeau term as PM, because Scheer wasn’t competent enough as CPC leader to prevent that. And what has he done since Bernier left to rectify this disaster? NOTHING. So now the ONLY was to prevent another electoral disaster for the CPC is to hopefully get Bernier to run only in Quebec by making it clear to him that that is his only path to participation in a post-election government, as opposed to sitting uselessly in the opposition benches watching Socks Clown proceeding to flood Canada with people from the Middle East, many of whom have their own ideas of what government and laws should consist of, and who don’t want our system of government and laws; in other words, not what you might call ideal immigrants for Canada. And why is this going to happen, if Bernier doesn’t restrict the PPC to Quebec? Because Scheer couldn’t be bothered to make him part of the CPC brass, despite the fact that he won nearly half the votes in the recent CPC leadership contest. So make no mistake: If the worst happens, it is on Scheer as much as it will be on Bernier. So don’t make Scheer out to be some conservative hero, because he has, by his sheer incompetence as leader, created this awful situation for conservatives in Canada. I would like to see him replaced as leader with someone who could heal this division in time for the next election, but since that isn’t going to happen, I am talking up the logical strategy of hopefully getting Bernier to not run against the CPC outside of Quebec. In other words, saving conservatives from having to divide their votes and allow Socks Clown another term. If, by some miracle, Bernier should do this, Scheer will be Canada’s next PM, with Bernier’s PPC holding the balance of power. If Bernier doesn’t do this, Scheer and Bernier will be watching from the oppositon benches as Socks Clown continues destroying Canada. And all because Scheer wasn’t competent enough to reconcile with Bernier. So you better hope the Bernier is smart enough to run only in Quebec, because if he isn’t, he and Scheer will share responsibility with Trudeau for Canada’s coming societal catastrophe, not through their intention, as with Socks Clown, but through sheer ego and stupidity. Let’s hope both of them are smart enough to work something out to prevent that. Short of Bernier being offered deputy leadership of the CPC and him accepting ( not going to happen), the only option I see to avoid catastrophe is avoiding conservative vote division and post-election power sharing. They surely don’t like each other now, but that is now the only possible path to power for either of them. And for Canada’s sake, they both better take it.
commented 2018-10-01 02:31:07 -0400
Ted Tadright. Bernier left the CPC a couple of weeks ago and on the way out called them morally corrupt. Now you think that there will be a quick reconciliation and a possible coalition government with the CPC/PPC. What makes you think Bernier will flip flop so quickly? What makes you think Scheer will accept a coalition with an individual who obviously wants nothing to do with the CPC? What makes you think this coalition would work and stand the test of time?

I am not on any meds but I feel like I need some to understand your thought process.
commented 2018-10-01 00:50:38 -0400

You must have a reading comprehension problem. I didn’t pin multiculturalism on Scheer, not even close. I said he won’t talk about extreme multiculturalism to the traitor media, and invited you to refute my assertion with evidence if I’m wrong. You haven’t done so. What part of that didn’t you get? And I did pin it on PM’s from Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau. Also, I never said Scheer and Rempel weren’t talking about immigration, just the opposite. And I’m supporting Scheer for CPC leader in a CPC/PPC coalition government with Bernier. What part of that didn’t you get? Honestly, are you off your meds, or what???
commented 2018-10-01 00:18:51 -0400
Who cares about blame? Rebel commenters do, that’s who. Have you not been reading? What results do you want from Scheer? You are like all the rest of the Scheer complainers who can’t get it into their head that Scheer is not the prime minister. Justin is the prime minister and he is the one who is producing results. What are Scheer’s priorities that are not the priorities of a great many Canadians? What are the negative flags that have gone up?

Scheer supports free speech therefore he must appear on the Rebel? Are you actually serious? There is nothing compelling Scheer to appear on the Rebel, absolutely nothing. As for not allowing the Rebel at the policy convention well obviously Scheer has that option and why would he when he knows Ezra is there to criticize anything and everything. Maybe Scheer didn’t like Ezra calling him a sell out to the globalists. Why don’t you ask Scheer, you know, the direct approach since it is important to you.

Scheer is vacillating on the carbon tax? Another laughable comment. Scheer is against carbon taxation and it is in the CPC policy. It is actually in writing so what more do you want? Scheer doesn’t say he will get us out of the climate accord? Scheer whipped the members to vote in favour of the agreement. Scheer knows the agreement is bogus. This is not a binding agreement despite what some people say. China signed the bogus agreement and is building coal fired power plants for 20 years which will increase their emissions. The US opted out of the bogus agreement with no legal or financial penalty. Scheer did not want to waste time and resources fighting the bogus climate change science in the house of commons because it would achieve nothing except get ridiculed by the liberals and labelled climate denier while having to fight a losing war with the media. There is better things to do with their time. Scheer supports cleaner and less emissions without a carbon tax. He will probably announce during the campaign that he wants to fix/upgrade sewage treatment plants that are flushing raw sewage into river systems. Harper transferred money for this exact reason but the municipalities wasted the money on vote buying schemes. This was mainly in Quebec. Scheer will promise to do the same thing only make the fixes/upgrades mandatory.

The dairy cartel protection has existed since Pierre Trudeau. All of a sudden it is a big issue with you. Why? Because Trump made it an issue? Let me remind you again Scheer is not prime minister so his support of supply management carries very little weight but don’t let that stop you from criticizing Scheer and not mentioning Trudeau who also happens to support supply management and is actually in control of NAFTA negotiations. And you say who cares about blame. Look in the mirror.

The CPC is playing footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood? Another laugher. Yes the CPC is pandering to muslims for their vote but playing footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood? I think you have things mixed up with Trudeau who is actually in deep with the brotherhood. You do realize Trump had a group of muslim leaders invited inside the white house? You going to send him to the scrap heap too? What about Bernier who is also photographed in the twitter link you provided? Are you willing to lump him in with Scheer as playing footsie with the brotherhood or is Max exempted from your criticism for the exact same thing?

Scheer does not recognize anyone who supports the Rebel? Really? Come on now, he didn’t really say that crazy talk.

I have seen several comments that Bernier and Scheer could possibly form a coalition. Bernier recently left the CPC and called them morally corrupt. Why would Bernier want to form this coalition with these morally corrupt people? Why would Scheer want to form a coalition with Bernier? It seems to me a far fetched idea whose time has not yet arrived but you never know.

I asked several questions. Let’s see if you can answer some or all.
commented 2018-09-30 22:47:02 -0400
Ted, I just don’t know yet.