September 27, 2018

Trump gave a magnificent speech at the UN. How did Justin Trudeau do?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Donald Trump did a lot of business at the UN this week. But it was mainly taking the opportunity to meet one on one with other world leaders who happened to be in town. He had specific deals to do, and he did them, meeting with the leader of South Korea and the presidents of Egypt and France.

So where’s Canada, in terms of deal-making?

Besides playing footsie with China (and wearing weird t-shirts) what were we doing, while the Mexicans and Americans were getting their deal?

Well, we were working on this:

This is the logo for Canada's campaign to win a seat on the UN Security Council in 2021-22. It was inspired by the colours of the #2030Agenda and the @UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals and values are at the heart of Canada's priorities! #Together #CanadaUNSC

So we were basically doodling a flag (in Liberal colours), while the other kids were doing math.

And the room was mostly empty when Trudeau spoke the UN.

There was also a lunch for the leaders. And every single one of them wanted a moment with Trump.

Trump is polite enough, but he’s the big dog, and he has his own priorities. As you saw, that included South Korea, Egypt and France. But no time for Trudeau. Trudeau tapped Trump on the shoulder. Trump looked up; sees who it is, doesn’t get up; doesn’t talk. Trudeau shakes his hand for literally one second and then walks away.

The Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, pointed out that Trump refused to have a bilateral meeting with Trudeau, even though, according to them, Trump had five hours to do so. He just didn’t feel the need to be scolded about carbon dioxide or male privilege or whatever Trudeau wanted to talk about. He had grown-up stuff to do.

But Canada has big plans, too!

Liberals to create new ambassador position for women, peace and security The new ambassador would help champion feminist-based aid programs and advocate for more female participation in peacekeeping and conflict resolution

Hey, that sounds really, really good. So many logos to colour. So many exciting trips. So many opportunities to show fancy socks to new people who haven’t seen them yet.

We’re in the best of hands, folks...

NEXT: Minister for Border Security Bill Blair was forced to apologize after announcing that the “overwhelming majority” of illegal "refugees" who have entered Canada over the past 21 months have left the country.

Immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann joins me talk about what's really going on.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-09-29 21:08:06 -0400
commented 2018-09-28 21:48:32 -0400
George Zvanitajs Woodwards book is garbage and not well researched.
commented 2018-09-28 21:47:08 -0400
George Zvanitajs sorry for misunderstanding the Justin part of your comment. Also Trump was not there to impress his audience, he was there to tell them the the US will no longer be there whipping boy and that the people mater more than their globalist garbage and their elitism. He does not care if they laughed ,he is not there for them, he is there for his country. The UN is corrupted beyond repair. They better listen and get their stuff together, that was what he was saying.
commented 2018-09-28 20:07:20 -0400
- Trump is a leader who cares about what happens to his country. Trudeau is a trust fund kid who wants to be a celebrity on the world stage – where people don’t seem to think much of him it seems. There is no price Trudeau isn’t willing to make Canadians pay to get that worthless seat on the UN security council. Other than that, what amounts to a 6 month long coloring book program, says everything we need to know. He’s a joke & the world knows it.

- They created this backlog of illegal border crossers so they could eventually use it to justify a full amnesty – count on it. The fact that Bill Blare doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in his own department is par for the course for Liberal cabinet ministers.
commented 2018-09-28 11:24:57 -0400
Alberta Maga Appreciate your link to Trudeau’s speech at the UN. It wasn’t hilarious it was BLOODY ridiculous. To focus as he did on Mandela defies reason. Contrary to popular opinion Mandela was no saint. He was a hard core communist and his legacy is a South Africa now committed to the genocide of the white farmers which will eventually lead to its ultimate failure as a nation. Check out Katie Hopkins recent full length video on this if you haven’t already seen it.
commented 2018-09-28 10:52:10 -0400
I always find those interviews with Guildy very stressful. The realities of immigration and the migration crisis we are facing, because of Justin Trudeau make me break out in a sweat every time. In the sane world there is only one way to deal with illegals – send them packing as they step over the line. There is also only one way to deal with immigration – small numbers, well vetted people who want to SHARE our values. There are many signs, often visual ( as in hooded women and men with multiple women/wives) which could be utilized when discerning whether or not to refuse consideration for entry instantly, which would be a fail on the Canadian values test.

There are no asylum seekers from the U.S. Don’ t let anyone walk into our country. We need a leader who understands the threat, not one who welcomes it or one who tries to satisfy both the globalists and nationalists (I am taking that word back from the post modernist, revisionist neo marxist word police) thereby effectively doing nothing but postponing the inevitable. Its just not good enough. No time for vacillation, we need a decisive leader in order to protect the stability and sovereignty of our nation. It is our right.
commented 2018-09-28 10:26:34 -0400
I watched the speech in full and it sure didn’t look like the packed room was laughing. They were actually filling their boots. I heard lots of applause at the end though. I was a bit surprised at that. I wonder if the five people who stayed for Justin’s speech, gave him a hand of applause at the end of his speech on gender fluidity or equality or something.

That was one heck of a speech the U.S. President gave. He carried no papers to the podium. He spoke without hesitation, smoothly and with determined meaning. I didn’t see his eyes move to any teleprompter, is it possible that speech off the cuff? I mean he must have prepared his talking points, but it didn’t look like he was reading it from anywhere. I think the world has a growing respect and concern for Trump as they know he will not play their little globalist game.
commented 2018-09-28 09:39:13 -0400
Alberta Maga, Mark Krachnak, I guess my reference to Justin Trudeau ’missing in action at the U.N." was too subtle for you so let me say it in language you may understand. I agree that Trudeau was generally ignored at the U.N and world leaders are getting tired of being lectured to by this virtue signalling, single agenda popinjay.. However, I stand by my comments about Trump. He totally misread his audience. He was not talking to his adoring fan base, he was addressing pragmatic world leaders who clearly saw through his BS and reacted in a way that should have been expected. After the speech, Trump was too thick to realize that they were laughing AT him not WITH him. As for reality, I have not swallowed Trump`s suggestion not to believe what I see or hear. What I saw was the world chuckling at a narcissistic blow hard who couldn`t contain his self praise. For another taste of reality, I highly recommend Bob Woodward`s well researched book about the Trump administration and the dysfunctional White House. Happy reading.
commented 2018-09-28 08:46:27 -0400
Well, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: their dickhead is a LOT smarter than our dickhead.
commented 2018-09-28 03:42:38 -0400
Well, Brazil and Canada have had their beef in the past. Litterly. There was a trade war between Brazil and Canada over beef and frankly, Brazil and the USA do not get along then hit up Canada for being automatic trade partners with the USA.
Then this.
What is gender based analysis anyways?
Well, its this.
Its about pressuring women to work around the world. Is women’s rights fundamental? Absolutely. Do we need economic freedom? Absolutely.
Do entire cultures need to learn how to spend and become 2 income dependent households? No.
The Mercosur market is hugely under developed.
Canada and cronie capitalists can do what they want to that market and ours, apparently.
Then CHINA!! The red dragon.
Trade with the USA is too unstable according to the Liberals bc of the USA’s high standard of living and huge debt to China.
So if the Liberals ruin our standard of living by crashing the USA trade deal, that leaves the door wide open to Chinese investments & harsher social policy for the rest of us.
They just want the cost of living high and the dollar low for social control & to reap in taxes like any communist country would also do.
Thanks Liberals.
Get bent.
commented 2018-09-28 03:40:18 -0400
George Zvanitajs WRONG! Here is Justin being ignored like the impotent buffoon he is. Try reality some time, you might like it. Justin is a joke.
commented 2018-09-28 00:02:13 -0400
“UN will eventually be dismantled”
Tammie I hope you are right.
commented 2018-09-28 00:01:41 -0400
Those migration numbers are not fine, and Canadians do not want to see it happen under any circumstance. We cannot wail until the sleepers in this country wake up and snap AFTER it happens. We have to do something now. I cannot believe this government. Damn Justin Trudeau all to hell.
commented 2018-09-27 23:16:24 -0400
Also, the fancy flag is hilarious but worse than that, is when you hear the words sustainable anything, that is code for you are about to be removed of your personal wealth.
commented 2018-09-27 23:12:08 -0400
Trudeau reminds me of that oddball, geeky kid at school whose parents put on the swankiest birthday party for him….and no one comes. Sad I guess, but much sadder for the rest of Canada.
commented 2018-09-27 23:04:21 -0400
Georgezee…..The only laughter at the UN was directed at the sock boy and you know it. You are fooling no one troll!
commented 2018-09-27 22:45:12 -0400
While Trudeau was missing in action at the U.N.the world was laughing at Trump. The poor leadership in both Canada and The United States does not bode well for either country or for the future of our kids. Sad!
commented 2018-09-27 22:10:39 -0400
When RCMP assist these ppl across the border – before charging them – they’re actually aiding and abetting. You tell me they couldn’t rush a construction trailer over to Roxam Rd and hang a sign on it to make it an official entry point? Of course they could’ve, they didn’t want to. But failing to do so is a second count of aiding and abetting!!
commented 2018-09-27 22:05:35 -0400
Obviously, Ron, Bernier is vastly the better politician than any other in Canada, with Trost a close second.
commented 2018-09-27 22:02:34 -0400
I watched Trump’s UN speech. Excellent. But I would never watch Trudeau’s speech, the dunce that he is.
commented 2018-09-27 22:00:33 -0400
It was nice to see Trump sticking it to all those globalist cucks and right to their treasonist faces . PRICELESS . We have a similar type of politician now in Canada but I’ll let fellow Canadians figure that out for themselves so I don’t offend anyone . Lol
commented 2018-09-27 21:57:22 -0400
How many times did Mohammad Zoolander Trudeau apologize this time in front of that corrupt joke of an organization ?
commented 2018-09-27 21:54:54 -0400
I bet that colorful leaf cost us two million dollars
commented 2018-09-27 21:47:12 -0400
UN will eventually be dismantled- unelected and corrupt organization. Research it, and, you will be shocked at what you will find.
Trudie had a low attendance during his speech,and, those who were there, were too busy to listen to his purple prose.

Bill Blair doesn’t have a clue, he is putting forth a false narrative for the government. Blair is paid well to do so. Get ready for the invasion.
commented 2018-09-27 21:40:27 -0400
Ezra needs to start a Country wide Referendum regarding Trudeau’s ability to run Canada, it should include the immigration of peoples who are not civilized and pose a threat to normal human beings and who all believe in the Jihad, that will cause the death of all white people.
People who vote against Trudeau can be called……… ‘Trudexiteers’.
commented 2018-09-27 21:22:20 -0400
We should have given Trudeau to the USA when they wanted him to be their president. Perhaps we could have gotten Trump in exchange!
commented 2018-09-27 21:06:16 -0400
Peter N.. He is any type of Lump that’s out there in the world…I can’t take credit for that term either..It came from a good friend of mine that passed away.