October 05, 2018

Ezra LIVE: Feminist attacks men with bleach, ISIS in Greece, & more PLUS your comments and questions!

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commented 2018-10-08 02:22:33 -0400
Damn, Ezra is still fuming at Faith.

If I lived in Toronto, I would still vote for Faith. Even though she and Laura are just a pair of trolls.
commented 2018-10-07 23:12:30 -0400
Liza Rose- YOU WIN! I will reveal myself.
Please laugh at that link. I’d rather make everybody laugh than scowl.
commented 2018-10-07 23:08:27 -0400
Peter Netterville-See? Its not very nice, is it? :)
Liza Rose-There are meds for your level of paranoia. Please calm down.
I wish everybody well though I am forward.
Thanks for the chat.
commented 2018-10-07 21:47:06 -0400
You were here then Peter. I’m sure she will reveal herself.
commented 2018-10-07 21:46:03 -0400
I do have a pretty good idea. I guess someone let her out. Pity.
Not worth it Peter. Don’t go there.
commented 2018-10-07 18:27:44 -0400
“To push your viewpoint on someone after they explain why they won’t is discourteous.”

Just curious, but isn’t that what you are doing with me, pushing your viewpoint on me?
commented 2018-10-07 18:25:12 -0400
“I cordially disagree.”

(Shrug) okay.
commented 2018-10-07 14:00:45 -0400
Peter Netterville- I cordially disagree. To push your viewpoint on someone after they explain why they won’t is discourteous.
commented 2018-10-07 10:59:09 -0400
Having an edit button would be a boon.
commented 2018-10-07 10:58:26 -0400
" … and to expose her abuse by the main stream media just as he would for anyone else."

is better written as …

“… and to expose her having been abused by the main stream media just as he would for anyone else.”

That’s a bit more accurate.
commented 2018-10-07 10:56:19 -0400
Karen, you certainly are passionate about condemning those who are asking Ezra to interview Faith especially when you said, “Insults galore! No compassion. Just insults.”

I don’t think I insulted anyone here, or am I misunderstanding who that comment was meant for?

Don’t misread my intentions. I like Ezra. I like his political views. I have been with Rebel Media since day one and have contributed since day one.

I just would like him (or one of his team) to cover the Toronto mayoral election and that includes Faith Goldy, and to expose her abuse by the main stream media just as he would for anyone else.

Is that “Insults galore! No compassion. Just insults.”?
commented 2018-10-06 23:30:01 -0400
Here are some questions for the next battle ground so everybody doesn’t go to sleep.
A) Who would win a wet t-shirt contest? Scheer or Mad Max?
B) How many bouffants is in Jagmeet Singh’s turban? (I’ve seen some awesome turbans but never a tower!)
C) Mariam Monsef- boxers or briefs?
D) What gender does Nikki Ashton identify as?
E) Would Omar Algebra feel type casted if he played a banker in the wizzardly world of Harry Potter?
F) Can Celina Caesar-Chavannes kick a toaster 100 yards? (More likely my ass at that distance then some) Sorry. This is just supposed to be light hearted humour.
I barely touched the Conservatives because its too spicy.
Feel free to insult me as anything, any time just don’t lie :)
Please make your next episode of battleground LESS BORING Mr. Levant.
Thank you.
Je suis finito.
commented 2018-10-06 22:58:31 -0400
Liza Rose-I’m on target. That’s the scary thing.
Yes, Mr.Levant can cover the Toronto Mayoral race.
No, he doesn’t have to cover anyone his editors decide not too.
Doesn’t matter what you & I think.
That’s the truth.
You are BEATING A DEAD HORSE for the sake of nothing.
Its an insult to Mr. Levant to try and force a repaired public image with Faith Goldy for the sake of your entertainment.
He doesn’t have too. She doesn’t have too.
Nobody has to listen.
commented 2018-10-06 22:01:35 -0400
You are way off base lady.
Who is this scold?
commented 2018-10-06 21:31:53 -0400
Insults galore! No compassion. Just insults. “Go interview the anti-semite” “Because he’s a Jew he acts like this” is the meaning I am construing from your posts. Not “He’s an average a-hole because…”. Mr. Levant may have the worst of character flaws of which I know nothing about but you don’t judge HIS Judaism as a character flaw. God Judges Levant in that department. God Judges me as a Catholic and God judges you as whatevers but don’t judge another’s personal interests or their belief in God. Draw the line somewhere. Have some decency & decorum if you can manage it just because he’s a human… From what I understand.
I’m now glad The Rebel keeps everything in print so you never forget what you judged him as one day. I’ll face my own judgement.
P.S. NDP Sucks is a little (expletive-expletive-expletive). I hope they aren’t grounded by their mama. You guys could use some sense!
commented 2018-10-06 15:21:05 -0400
commented 2018-10-06 15:15:32 -0400
I don’t think anyone is asking Ezra to support Faith and I don’t think he could do an objective interview with her anyway, given the history. I still think someone else could do it or at least report on the crap Tory is pulling. I simply cannot imagine voting for any candidate that would agree to a debate which was excluding the third place peoples choice, private property or no. Its disgusting and unethical. For a ‘white supremacist’ Faith sure has the backing of huge multi racial bunch of supporters. I mean seriously. I really have to marvel at the redefinition of words these days for branding purposes. In this day and age even the Chinese have been called ‘white supremacists’ for defending their reputations, their communities, and the free country they have adopted and are now born into. I wonder if the Chinese community for example, know that they are ‘guilty’ of racial preference, or that it is even indeed something to feel guilty about considering how absolutely natural it is. Ask any race. It is a remarkable feat that multiculturalism has been as successful as it has been in Canada, and is a testament to our tolerance of others; right up until mass Islam was imported and allowed to seep in from our unprotected borders by politicians with globalist ideas and foreign loyalties.

The line has been crossed alright, but it has been crossed by our government, not by any loyal Canadian patriot regardless of their race. We all want the same thing. To protect our country.
commented 2018-10-06 11:34:24 -0400
I do, however, agree with Karen that there should be a comment section that has an edit button.
commented 2018-10-06 11:33:15 -0400
Well, it should be no surprise that I agree with Ted about Faith Goldy. Although, Ted said it much better that me.

However, I also understand that Ezra is a Jew, and when you read through the Bible, you see that the Jews are a very stubborn and stiff necked people. Ezra is the quintessential Jew in that regards. Love ya, Ezra, but it is true.

I suspect he will not give in on this point. He would rather lose revenue than interview Faith.

Am I correct, Ezra?
commented 2018-10-06 10:29:52 -0400
I think there should be an edit button or a right to delete your post, frankly!! But nooo. Etched in the internet forever to pin yah in case you make a mistake.
commented 2018-10-06 10:28:33 -0400
Nay sayers" but, that could be a pun too.
commented 2018-10-06 10:27:39 -0400
Ted Tadright,
I read your posts.
It was a accumulation of posts that I was refferring too and you can still cover the Toronto Mayoral race without Faith Goldy.
And Mr.Levant has in the past but it did not appease people like you that just want to see their star, no matter how arrogant she actually might be.
You’re looking for hope in Toronto?
The lying media still has a few neigh sayers and yes, you can go ask Faith Goldy about it. She os a former journalist.
Do a little digging. Don’t be so reliant in The Rebel.
Good luck.
Remember, the lying media always tell 2 stories when they report the facts.
commented 2018-10-06 03:35:51 -0400
Karen, I’m not criticizing The Rebel, but I would like The Rebel to cover the Toronto mayoralty election, because Toronto is in a real mess with John Tory as Mayor, and there is an alternative to him, namely Faith Goldy, who I believe would be a vast improvement over Tory as Toronto Mayor. So I would like The Rebel to invite the top running candidates for interviews, and that includes Faith Goldy, who is running third with no traitor media exposure except negative stories and comment. Torontonians are faced with a steadily worsening situation, that is rapidly getting worse, not better, and we need these issues and the candidates aired out in public so Torontonians can make an informed decision as to who to vote for, as opposed to one based on ignorance of the alternative candidates and their platforms. Who better to do that than the Rebel, since the traitor media won’t do it?

As for being stuck on one subject, did you actually read my previous comment?

Is that question funny enough for you? Or that one? Or that one? Or that one?

We have serious issues to deal with that affect all Canadians and we need them dealt with seriously. I know Ezra knows that and is doing his best to do it. But the Toronto campaign need the Rebel’s input because the traitor media just can’t be trusted to give the public or candidates like Faith a fair shake. The Rebel is the only media outlet I trust to do the right thing and invite all major candidates for in-depth interviews.
commented 2018-10-05 18:16:42 -0400
Honest to GOODNESS,
You guys can ask Ezra ANYTHING and you’re all about one topic.
At least ask funny questions to see if Ezra can keep a straight face.
THAT would be premium content right there.
commented 2018-10-05 18:09:32 -0400
Holy moly.
A decision has been made about Faith Goldy.
A rational one.
Stop pressuring people when they say “No” to get what you want.
Follow Faith Goldy on twitter.
Tell her to get her own web site.
Go support her directly.
Critize The Rebel for real things please.
You should all feel ashamed and I’VE GOT A LOT to feel shameful for my online fights in the past.
Cough Sun News *Cough*Cough*.
I wish The Rebel was more like the glory days of Sun News without the internal scandal & bankruptcy.
But, C’est ça.
commented 2018-10-05 17:46:18 -0400

Thank you for explaining where you are coming from regarding Faith Goldy. I agree with you that she should explain herself regarding her appearance on the ‘Daily Stormer’ and subsequent issues you raised. What better forum for her to do that, than in a Rebel interview, where the matters you raised can and should be put to her, and she can give her answers. No one can do it better than you, and voters can see where she is coming from on these issues and decide what they believe about her. So I suggest you interview her, asking her to clarify where she is at regarding these matters, as you would any other public figure or candidate for public office. Or if the matter is too personal for you, let David or Sheila do it. But we need to know the truth about her on these matters, one way or the other, and I don’t trust any media outlet but The Rebel to do an objective and fair interview with her. So despite your own understandable feelings with regard to her, I hope The Rebel will do it in the public interest, not to support her, but simply to let the public know where she is at with respect to these matters. Thank you again for your explanation, and for all the work you do as Rebel Commander, which I consider essential to Canada’s survival.

I hope the British judiciary won’t jerk Tommy around again. He is worth any thirty of them and day of the week. If the UK had any sanity, he wouldn’t be facing any court at this point. He would be carried on the shoulders of millions of British patriots through the streets of London every day of the week for the next thirty years. What the insane immigration policies of successive traitor politicians have done to the UK is beyond criminal. They are the ones who should be facing trials, for treason and for the mass rapes of British girls. And for putting their greatest patriot, Tommy Robinson, through hell for standing up for them. Godspeed as you lead a group of real journalists to the UK to report the truth, as opposed to the despicable lies of the traitor media. Long live Tommy and The Rebel!
commented 2018-10-05 17:16:28 -0400
where can we find an unbiased media in any country. nowhere. funny though, when someone goes after them for their lies they cry freedom of the press. can’t have it both ways. simple. tell the truth, and be as unbiased as you can be in your reporting. do that and you will have our support. until then you will get support only from a few fanatics out there like yourselves. freedom is only deserved if you fight for it. try it again, you might like it.
commented 2018-10-05 16:08:00 -0400
Ezra, I see that later in the show you talked more about Faith and specifically addressed why you would not interview her.

You mentioned you did not want to “support” her because of her supremacist views for the past year.

You have interviewed people before who’s views you did not support.

This thing with Faith is personal for you and that is the whole reason. You cannot hide behind the “I do not support Faith’s views so I will not have her on The Rebel” excuse.
commented 2018-10-05 15:15:27 -0400
Ezra, when you were talking about Faith Goldy, you mentioned that Faith should be (maybe by law) included in public forums but when it came to private forums, you did not say anything about you inviting Faith to be interviewed on The Rebel.

We all understand that the private company can invite who they want and The Rebel is a private company

The point of the question you read from your chats was whether you will be inviting Faith to make an appearance on The Rebel.

Can we assume that you are doing the politician’s dance and avoiding the question about interviewing Faith on The Rebel?