August 29, 2017

Missiles over Japan: How Trump the deal-maker can fix North Korea, Iran

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

North Korea has fired a long-range ballistic missile that flew over Japan.

This is terrifying — to Japan, to South Korea, to any western power in the region — including Taiwan.

So what happened in reply?

Donald Trump says that “all options are on the table” for North Korea. He’s said that before. China issued a cryptic statement about “more talks.”

In other words: North Korea has proved it can, once again, push around its neighbours.

So what to do? Is America really going to go into North Korea on its own? How many South Korean casualties are acceptable in Seoul?

I have no solutions to that problem. Sorry, I’m not that smart. But I do have something else. I can learn from North Korea, and apply those lessons to Iran, before it’s too late.

The current situation in North Korea can be traced back to Bill Clinton’s “deal” with that dictatorship. Then Obama made a similar “deal” with Iran.

But now Donald Trump — the art of the deal, the tough negotiator — is in office.

I don’t know what he can do about North Korea, other than drop some bombs in the Nevada desert and write angry tweets.

But I know what he can do about Iran, because it’s not too late…

NEXT: Our B.C. Bureau Chief Christopher Wilson joins me to talk about his contention that Jagmeet Singh could pose a serious challenge to Justin Trudeau in the next election.

Is Singh just the current “media favourite,” or does he have genuine grassroots support among NDP voters?

THEN: The Canadian branch of the European anti-Islamification group PEGIDA wanted to hold an event in London, Ontario, but the municipal government banned them from holding it in a public facility.

John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms comes on to explain that this decision was “completely illegal.”

He also warns that in terms of free speech in Canada, “We’ve got some tough years ahead of us.”

FINALLY: Your messages to me about this week’s news — and our request that you please



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commented 2017-08-30 14:46:26 -0400
If you want to punish North Korea disarm it’s easy ban all North Korean from air travel that includes diplomats ban all flights into and out of North Korea, inspect all ships entering or leaving North Korea. Freeze all bank accounts of North Koreans.
If that doesn’t work target all North Korean artillery North of the 34 th parallel for immediate destruction.
commented 2017-08-30 12:00:14 -0400
- North Korea with a bomb is bad enough. Iran with a bomb is 1000 times worse. People being driven by religious zeal may very well be willing to unleash a nuclear war. North Korea needs to be treated as though it’s an extension of China & China needs to know it. China is currently in a border dispute with India. Perhaps there is some leverage there.

- The Block Quebec seems to be the ones that are undermining the Liberals in Quebec. They have been open in condemning the illegals crossing the border. If the Conservatives had a leader with a backbone they could be gaining ground in Quebec right now.

- Governments throughout the West have been using Islam to undermine basic rights & freedoms. If we don’t push back now we will end up like Sweden.
commented 2017-08-30 11:41:19 -0400
Edward Jobin commented 1 hour ago Shock of all shocks. Nancy Pelosi denounces Antifa. Maybe a smart move before any ties to her party are connected and solidified.

When newspapers like The Washington Post that are normally on the Left start calling Antifa thugs and criminals, it’s time for the Democrats to do a 360 degree turn.

Headline Aug 30: Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis

Last weekend in Berkeley, Calif., a group of neo-communist antifa — “anti-fascist” — thugs attacked peaceful protesters at a “No to Marxism in America” rally, wielding sticks and pepper spray, and beating people with homemade shields that read (I kid you not) “No Hate.” The Post reports how one peaceful protester “was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself.” Members of the Berkeley College Republicans were then stalked by antifa goons who followed them to a gas station and demanded they “get the [expletive] out” of their car, warning, “We are real hungry for supremacists and there is more of us.”
commented 2017-08-30 09:51:19 -0400
How much worse could Canada get than with dear Justin and his Liberal gaggle of virtue signalers…the NDP!
commented 2017-08-30 01:55:51 -0400
Phffft. North Korea is just a cowardly lion. They won’t be blowing up anything any time soon.
commented 2017-08-30 00:55:04 -0400
Maybe Trump should draw lines like Obama, that proved a lot.
commented 2017-08-30 00:54:35 -0400
John Williams well said. CBC is garbage and they have little substance. Funny how so many quote the Charter only when it suits them,that section can somehow be ignored when the left desires it.
commented 2017-08-30 00:52:23 -0400
Liza Rosie Donald Mosher has never commented before,which means it is a left wing twit who made a new account trying to make the Rebel look bad with ignorant comments. Just wait for one of the trolls to point the comment out, that is probably who made it.
commented 2017-08-30 00:31:17 -0400
I’m sticking with the rebel. There is more meat on the bone in one episode of the rebel than one year of watching the CBC. Three major issues were covered tonight, North Korea and Iran, the influence of the NDP in the next election and free speech in a Canadian municipality, and I’m dizzy trying to think of comments to them all. The issue that stands out for me is, however, like the breaking bad episode, “gliding over all” and that is freedom of speech. Perhaps it is time that we, with no reason other than to educate our political locals, respectfully go to city hall to quote our constitution, charter section 2B that enshrines our right to free speech. Though the local municipal politicians may not have heard of it, perhaps its time we go to city hall and educate them. Just so they know we are watching and a force to be accountable to.
commented 2017-08-30 00:07:05 -0400
…but James, there won’t be any North Koreans to set free if the “USA should unleash the biggest darn bomb that Kim Jung Ding Dong has ever seen.” There won’t be any South Korea either.
commented 2017-08-29 23:55:29 -0400
How Trump the deal-maker can fix North Korea, Iran?

Here is a suggestion that just might work.
He should do absolutely nothing. No more Tweets. No more comments. No more idle threats. No nothing….. From this day forward. Cut the BS. Trump should put his energy into building the wall as he promised and was elected to do.

But the very second that little sawed off piece of tyrannical crap uses any kind of weapon or arsenal against the USA or any other country, the USA should unleash the biggest darn bomb that Kim Jung Ding Dong has ever seen. And repeat the process until he and all his socialist/communist leadership pals are pushing up daisies. Set North Koreans free from the house arrest they have been living under for decades, thanks in part to Mr. Bill Clinton.
commented 2017-08-29 23:51:07 -0400
You asked John Carpay if he thought we were losing our free speech rights.
I’d say it’s too late, they’re pretty much gone.
Just look at how often and how much people already self-censor…and why.
commented 2017-08-29 23:47:08 -0400
William Elder—Your plan of the US shooting down NK Satellites is risky, however it might work if Kim were a rational person.
Can you imagine the left condemning Trump if Kim were to launch an offensive and kill masses of S. Koreans, all over these satellites.
The leftist news would run 24/7 that Trump started World War lll, and killed thousands, all for two antique Satellites that were worth nothing.
commented 2017-08-29 22:27:33 -0400
Yvon Bolduc, what is considered ’trustworthy in Quebec?
commented 2017-08-29 22:25:31 -0400
DONALD MOSHER, I would rather have a Sikh politician than an Islamic one. Sikh’s are on our side to keep prayer rooms and Islamic sermons out of public schools. They have assimilated really well compared to Muslims and don’t make demands as if they are the only group in the country to be accommodated. They don’t hide their identity and expect us to accept it and they don’t demand their ‘religion’ be forced on the rest of us. (Submit or….) They also don’t push a parallel legal system on us and the majority of Sikhs have come here to live in peace and enjoy what the west has to offer, not change it into the homeland they left. They appreciate what the west has to offer.

However, this is not about that. If the NDP keeps and takes votes from the Liberal’s, the vote will be split, giving the conservatives a fighting chance to oust Trudeau.
commented 2017-08-29 22:20:25 -0400
Visible religious and political signs in Quebec are seen as questionable or untrustworthy.
commented 2017-08-29 22:10:11 -0400
Canada’s msm, sjw’s and our opportunistic governments are absolutely copy catting and capitalizing on what is going on in the U.S. Manufacturing a new ‘industry’ an hour to grow government, push ahead their social engineering agenda and force Islam on Canada. It is has nothing to do with reality so they are manufacturing a scenario and calling it reality. Like Iqra Khalid and her lie about ‘systemic racism’ in Canada. All manufactured. It is a disgrace. Can they really get away with ignoring our rights under the Charter? Race baiters the bunch of them!
commented 2017-08-29 21:57:08 -0400
@ MICHAEL J GREENVILLE commented 1 hour ago
- you’ve been watching too much CNN & CBC HAVEN’T YOU? DemonCrats & Lieberals aren’t a very well informed group.
President Trump, despite all the bullshit rhetoric, has accomplished more in 6 months than that POS Obumer did in 8 years!
THAT IS A FACTLIBTARD. Accept some facts for a change … CNN & CBC CRAP is not to be repeated here on this forum.
commented 2017-08-29 21:28:13 -0400
Re North Korean threat: I would hope for Japan to once again become a normal self respecting, sovereign state willing and able to defend itself. The Article 9 of their so called Peace constitution requires amendment.
commented 2017-08-29 21:23:00 -0400
Seniors , don’t forget , seniors pay day today
Even if it’s 10 bucks

Great guests tonight
I don’t think it maters , ndp or libranoes , they’re not going to collide , they’re going to collude
commented 2017-08-29 21:21:52 -0400
Thank you for the legal clarification re the London City’s ban of Pegida demo. I have participated in Pegida demo several times when it was held in Toronto, so can attest to their peaceful nature. As you mentioned, the group is quite small in Canada but it represents a good cross section of our Canadian mosaic – real diversity like it or not – and I believe there are more online supporters. Pegida Canada has a FB page open to public if you wish to get in touch with them for more info or obtain some of their thoughtful speeches, you can do so by messaging them.
commented 2017-08-29 21:19:58 -0400
There is one good relatively option open to trump – we have seen when the NorKs are backed into a situation of crapping or get off the pot, as in the Guam saber rattling, they back down. There are 2 NorK satellites that pass over the center of America a few times a day – they say they are “communications sats” but what is Kim’s word worth on anything. They could be spy sats, or space weaponry, or signal beacons to direct incoming NorK missiles, or they could be EMP devices.

On their next orbit Trump should shoot them down – it’s sends a strong message that any NorK metal in US or its allies air space is an act of committed aggression and war – put up or shut up Kim. After that the rest of the world will certainly not sit in fear of global nuclear war sparked by this psychotic lard sac Kim and join a nuclear coalition to disarm the Norks – China will capitulate if it wants to keep selling its shoddy junk to the rest of the world.
commented 2017-08-29 21:18:51 -0400
God help Canada if the NDP formed our government especially if they elect a Sihk leader. Remember the Lockarbe aircraft bombing. We need an old stock Christian Canadian to lead Canada not a clown with turban.
commented 2017-08-29 21:16:54 -0400
John Day, thanks for posting additional info about this.
commented 2017-08-29 21:06:55 -0400
Clinton and Obama’s Secretary’s of Appeasement (and their entourage) have much to regret, if they look at their involvement honestly. When the elite favour feelings over history, they are walking the same path as those before them & with blinders on. Ezra, while you were reporting on this, I was thinking of Chamberlain and his severe case of willful blindness. Churchill was warning Parliament against the appeasement strategy well ahead of time, and, he was mocked.
I am nearly finished reading a book titled Churchill and Orwell, The Fight for Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks 2017 This is a dual biography, and, the author has delivered an exceptional book.

Great interview with John Carpay. Ezra, please keep us posted on the situation in London. City council overstepped and I fear it will keep happening.

Harold Hoff, you make a very interesting point.
commented 2017-08-29 21:02:09 -0400
Pigeda in London did not want to rent anything, they just wanted a peaceful march (with about 30 people) in front of city hall.
The local media, and city hall promoted them as white supremacists for 2 weeks before the march with outrageous statements. This encouraged 500 people to organize against 30 people.
City hall said nobody who doesn’t share thier “ideologies” should be permitted on city property.
Andrew Lawton did several great radio shows against this crap on AM980, (The Andrew Lawton Show) and nailed it very well. This was a bunch of councillors virtue signalling, big time.
One (black, muslim) councillor even proclaimed that he came from a country where people could not speak openly, then denounce Pigeda for wanting to speak openly.
These clowns need to go! The mayor is caught having an affair with deputy mayor. What next, animal sex? Londoners had so much hope for these clowns, but the show is over.
commented 2017-08-29 20:39:48 -0400
Opportunity lost and dealing with “the Bully”

One thing we know about bullies is that they do not respond to appeals, logic, reason, placating … it simply emboldens them and intensifies the bullying. In fact, as unsavory as it sounds, the most effective way not become a long-term victim is by whacking them as hard as possible as soon as it starts.

Japan lost an opportunity here, which the world would have publicly denounced and quietly supported. If North Korea sent a nuclear missile at them or over them, that was easily an Act of War, and Japan would have been in their full right to retaliate, perhaps sending off a response to level North Korea’s capital. China would not have liked it but there would be little could do about it: they would surely recognize the world would back Japan’s right of defence, thus eliminating any chance of escalation beyond these two countries.
commented 2017-08-29 20:23:38 -0400
So far, Trump the deal maker, is all bluster, and nothing more. 😎